September 2019

Coming off of a powerful New Moon, September offers rich opportunity to excel in business. Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Sun all traveling in fastidious, get-it-done-Virgo, early September ushers compelling opportunities. The two weeks between the New Moon in Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces are incredibly ripe with cosmic support. Now’s the time to commit to your entrepreneurial goals!

Much can be accomplished.

More specifically, on September 2nd, the Sun and Mars conjoin at 9 degrees in Virgo. The Sun represents our identity and life force energy, while Mars represents our ability to take action. When the Sun and Mars conjoin like this, they bring ferocity. Even more so since after the New Moon in Virgo just a few days prior, the Moon waxes crescent, providing a surge of energy. In the USA, this robust transit happens on Labor Day. However, you can still use it to your advantage. Take time to think, visualize, and plan your activities for the month ahead. If you have school-aged children, the back-to-school momentum likely feels full tilt, and this jolt of Virgo supports organizing and preparing for the transition to schedules. Since Mars rules action, you may feel extra enthused to move your body too. So please take time for exercise. A spin class, vigorous hike, long run, or any other cardio activity proves fruitful now. And, yes, sex counts too. If you feel full of lust and ready for a physical release, please do seek sexual pleasure—no partner required—for stress relieving orgasms.

On September 3rd, Mercury catches up with the Sun and Mars at 10 degrees of Virgo, adding even more detail-oriented momentum to the mix. Mars and Mercury combined give your communications extra oomph. So be sure to do some marketing—think about sending your newsletter on this day or posting to your social media accounts. With summer vacation season winding down, and business in full throttle, the cosmos is throwing you precisely the aspects you need to thrive. Planning and execution of more significant projects are well-timed at this moment. You can get so much done right now.

Come September 4th, Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. This combination of Venus opposing the planet of dreams puts extra emphasis on tuning in to your most desired goals. Virgo represents practicality, while Pisces represents spirituality. This cosmic moment asks you to think about how you can be in service to the biggest desires in your life. Pay close attention to your dreams upon waking. Write them down. Also, stay mindful of making big purchases now. Venus opposite Neptune can create difficult circumstances. When in doubt, leave it out. Now’s not the time to commit to pricey indulgences unless you are confident they are right for you!

On September 5th, the waxing quarter Moon in Sagittarius, asks you to review the goals you set with the New Moon one week prior. Pay attention to curveballs. What are they teaching you? How can you become more focused and present on your goals? What do you need to adjust or shift to accomplish your desires? How can you ask (and allow) the Universe to support you even more? Fortunately, Mercury, the planet of communication trines Saturn, helping you to commit even more deeply to the success you most crave. So, recommit to your goals. Also, if you got taken off track, you can (and will) regain your focus now. Forgive yourself and get back to work.

Come the 6th, the Sun perfects its manifestation trine to Saturn. Yes! This helps you even more. Take action on behalf of business goals now. Even with Mercury in an awkward angle to Jupiter, (which can create a wee bit of drama), you can persevere and make incredible gains.

On the 7th Mercury moves into an opposition with Neptune. Please stay mindful of alcohol at this time, as well as any mood-altering substances. Mercury rules how you think, and Neptune can lead to disillusionment. Anything mind-altering can have a negative impact at this time. On the upside, though, taking time to visualize your desires bodes well. Consider making a vision board or spending time writing out your wishes for what you are conjuring in your life. (With so much emphasis in Virgo now, writing proves especially fruitful.)

Sunday, September 8th, has power day written all over it. Holler. This is an incredibly fruitful and productive time as Mercury makes a good-luck trine to Pluto, Mars makes a good-luck trine to Saturn, and the waxing Moon moving through Capricorn makes positive aspects all day too, including a waxing gibbous trine to the Sun. Whatever you put your mind to today, you can (and will) accomplish it. Choose wisely and stay positive.

On Tuesday, September 10th, the Sun opposes mysterious Neptune. Please stay sober and conscious of agreements made now. On the upside, spiritual practices bode exceptionally well. But on the challenging side, you might lack the discernment to make objective decisions, especially if you engage in any mood-altering substances. Get and stay grounded. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut above anything else. If something doesn’t feel right, say no.

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th at 12:32am at 21 degrees elicits spiritual powers. (So, mark your calendars on the 13th because this is when you will feel the Full Moon most.) Also known as the Harvest Moon, this Full Moon indicates an incredible capacity to cultivate the fruits of your labor. The Pisces influence expands psychic and intuitive gifts. Meanwhile, the Sun and Moon are both in a perfect angle of support to Pluto. Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, and both square Jupiter in Sagittarius. This mutable T-square might feel both confusing and agitating. However, with a disciplined mind, you can find tremendous gratitude in your heart! Focus on the positive and take time to move your body. (It will make all of the difference in the world. I promise.)

Shortly after the Full Moon perfects, Mercury and Venus both leave detail-oriented and service-driven Virgo for Libra, the sign of balance. With harmony and beauty coming into stronger focus, work begins to take a backseat to your relationships. So please prioritize your most important work goals during the first two weeks of the month. This will allow you to give your presence to your relationships, children, and family more harmoniously as the month progresses.

On the 19th, Mars in Virgo forms a perfect trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect provides massive momentum. This powerhouse connection amplifies energy, determination, and resilience, expanding the capacity to achieve goals.

Come the 21st, on the waning quarter Moon in Gemini, the universe asks you to consider how you are doing with regards to the goals you set for yourself this month. How are you doing? What can you consciously release? Think about your calendar. What are you saying yes to where you need to say no? Consider your people-pleasing tendencies or anything you do to be liked by others as opposed to being accepted by yourself. This is especially important because, on top of it being the waning quarter Moon, it’s also the final Jupiter square aspect of the year. Since January, Jupiter (the planet of good luck and good fortune) has traveled in a tight square to Neptune, which illuminates growth points. Now they have their final square, asking you to own the lessons you’ve learned this year. How are you more capable and confident of setting boundaries and staying committed to your dreams than you were just nine months ago? What can you do to strengthen your boundaries?

On the 23rd, the Sun moves into the cardinal air sign Libra, initiating a new season. In the Northern Hemisphere, this change of the Sun’s position brings us into fall, the season of cultivation. On the other side of the globe, the Sun’s entrance into Libra commences the season of emergence. Regardless of where you are in the world, honor the equinox, the phenomenon of the light and dark being in equal proportions.

Come the 24th, Mercury in Libra makes a harmonious sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Connoting good luck, now’s the time to ask for a specific need or desire. Are you trying to close a sale? Stay committed and follow up! Don’t be shy when it comes to posting to social media, either. Part of being in business means promoting your services, so please do! Even with Venus making a square to Saturn, which indicates that you might not get the result you most desire, you will indeed learn valuable information. So, don’t hold back. Go after your dream!

The New Moon in Libra occurs on September 28th. Happening at 2:26 pm Eastern at 5 degrees, this New Moon, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all align in the sign of the scales, highlighting the energy of justice, equality, and balance. With Chiron opposing this New Moon, healing looms. Further, given that both Venus and Mercury square Pluto, this New Moon contains sobering aspects. Set intentions as they relate to desires for harmonious relationships (with self, society, and others) and allow any darkness to help you feel into places within that still need healing. You are growing, blossoming, and blooming. Let this New Moon support your growth trajectory.

The month of September provides fertile soil to plant seeds and is sure to bring a few crops into harvest, too. I am so excited to see how the month unfolds for you.

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