October 2019

The month begins with the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra, emphasizing a focus on fairness, justice, harmony, and balance. With the season having recently shifted, allow yourself to soak up the beauty this month offers.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Libra means autumn. Beautiful colors and local foods are available in abundance. Fresh cool air nurtures a sense of flow in business and in life. While the month begins with relatively equal lengths of day and night, inviting equanimity, it ends with the Sun setting earlier and days growing shorter.

The nighttime correlates with our inner world of emotions, subconscious needs, and dreams, with the duration of both in equal proportions. These equal parts of day and night invite you to take time to find the balance between your outer world and your inner needs. Let yourself soak up the yin energy associated with this time of year.

And, if you are on the other side of the world, you find yourself in the season of resurrection and waxing light. Allow it to motivate you. With the sunlight growing in the Southern Hemisphere, adjust your rhythm to this ample supply of warmth and light. Prioritize spending time with those you love, and getting outdoors. Say yes to the rejuvenation of spring.

Regardless of where you are in the world, on October 1st Venus, the planet of love and beauty and ruler of Libra, squares Pluto in Capricorn. This harsh angle can feel a wee bit angsty. Couple it with the fact that Venus simultaneously opposes Eris, the dwarf planet of feminine discord, and the cosmic weather packs a punch. But here’s the deal, you can tune in to these challenging aspects and use them as an opportunity. If you feel the angst, let it fuel your growth. Learn from it. What is it teaching you and how is asking you to change?

Speaking of change, October 3rd, Mercury completes its stay in Libra, entering into deep-thinking Scorpio. Mercury will travel in Scorpio for an extended period of time due to its upcoming retrograde journey. (Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween and won’t wrap up its time in Scorpio until December 9th. So, get ready: We’ll have the planet of communication in secretive Scorpio for more than two months!)

Pluto, the planet of shadow, stations direct on October 3rd. Having been retrograde since April 24th, Pluto awakens at 20 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto stationing direct can feel intense so do incorporate radical self-care into your routine. Get a good night’s sleep. Keep your blood sugar balanced. Exercise and meditate if you can, too.

On Friday the 4th, Mars, the planet of action switches signs as well. Leaving fastidious Virgo, Mars enters into team-oriented Libra, a sign it will stay in until November 19th. With Mars in Libra, the sign of relationships, you can make large strides in your business now by paying attention to partnerships. Are there colleagues who can support you in expanding into new audiences, or clients you want to nurture? Connect with them. Remember that reaching out to old or past clients can support you, too. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, is there a promotion you can run that creates a sense of community in your business? Nurture relationships now.

On the 6th, the Sun squares the Nodes of Fate. This is a highly evolutionary aspect that asks you to navigate the distance between where you are and where you want to be. It’s shining a light on places you’ve been or stayed stuck in the past while teasing you with where you wish to go next. If you find yourself navigating a liminal space of no longer and not yet, stay compassionate. What can you do to self-nurture?

On October 7th, the Sun makes a sharp angle known as a square to Saturn, while Mercury (the planet of communication) opposes Uranus (the planet of revolution). In English? Do not force anything today. The Universe asks for both humility and curiosity instead of headstrong ambition.

On October 8th, Mars in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries. Old relationship dynamics that no longer serve you become exposed. If a relationship leaves your life now, surrender it with love. And, more importantly, evolve. How can you show up on behalf of your goals and life with a deeper sense of commitment to yourself? If you have betrayed yourself in any way, forgive yourself. Then, make a commitment to you. And if you can improve dynamics with others, the Universe urges you to do so. Remember, relationships are a two-way street. Stay kind and do the work.

On this same day, Venus leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. Venus travels in this sexy sign until December 1st. Now’s the time to dig deep and find your turn-on. Yes, I am talking about sex. Pleasure, intimacy, and good old-fashioned orgasms are great for your spiritual and professional development. After all, your second chakra rules both sex and money. Venus in Scorpio correlates with both.

On the 9th the Sun in Libra forms an inconjunct (i.e., a quincunx) to Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions. On a practical level, if you feel tired now, blame Neptune and get to sleep. On an esoteric level, listen to your intuition; she’s urging you to hear what she has to say.

As the energy builds toward the Full Moon on the 13th, the 12th brings cosmic potency. Venus opposes Uranus, awakening you to new frequencies and possibilities within relationships, and fortunately, Mercury trines the North Node of Fate, helping you bring your vision into reality. Align your thoughts with your most desired outcome.

On October 13th, we’ll experience the Full Hunter Moon. This Full Moon occurs at 5:07pm Eastern at 20 degrees of Aries. The good news is that Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, trines this energetic Full Moon in Aries while sextiling the Sun in Libra. YES! Meaning, this Full Moon brings high-vibe energy (it’s an Aries Full Moon, after all). So, use it to your advantage. The challenging news is that Saturn and Pluto create a cardinal T-Square with the Sun and the Moon, meaning there might be a high level of conflict this Full Moon, too. The best way to work with this energy is to prioritize physical movement, assuming that aligns with your body’s constitution and needs, and to witness how things unfold. Allow yourself space to ask the following questions: How can I productively work with my stress? What am I holding onto that I no longer need? Lean into the challenges in your life and work with them! (Ultimately, they are there to help you.)

October 14th might unleash a Full Moon hangover, but keep this in mind: Saturn and Mercury sextile, too. Putting your mind to your desired outcome proves incredibly fruitful now. Simultaneously, Mercury also forms a grand trine in water with Neptune in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer. This combination illuminates your intuition, dreams, and psychic knowing, so tune in. As a matter of fact, this grand trine in water dominates the whole week ahead. It can be really very magical and profoundly healing.

When it comes to business, use this halfway point of the month to check in on your goals. Are you closing enough deals? How’s your marketing plan unfolding? Check in and course-correct if needed. How can you elicit your spiritual prowess to unlock your instincts and compassion even more?

On a positive note, the weekend of October 19th and 20th brings even more magic; Venus sextiles Saturn while Mercury sextiles Pluto. Yes. This combination supports your efforts and will likely bring highly productive potential. This also a very romantic weekend, too.

Speaking of highly productive potential and romance, on the 21st Venus perfects its trine to Neptune. This combination may feel super dreamy. Visualize an outcome you want to bring to fruition. If prayers or ceremony feel aligned for you, doing so now bodes well. But the bottom line is this: trust.

Come October 23rd, the Sun leaves air sign Libra, entering into the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio season calls our attention to our sexuality, asking you as an Empresses to own your desires for both pleasure and intimacy. Go for it! Scorpio season also unleashes a sense of ferocity, determination, and drive. When it comes to business, it asks you to be and do your very best. With 2019 quickly coming to an end, and the holidays dangerously close, use this moment to get into action on behalf of your dreams, hopes, and wishes. On a more practical note, look at your Profit & Loss statement. Go into these final weeks of the year with financial sobriety.

To that point, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs on October 27th at 11:38 pm Eastern. (Depending on your time zone, this New Moon may arrive on the 28th, so please adjust accordingly.) The Sun and Moon will align at 4 degrees of Scorpio while Venus and Mercury also travel in this deep-water sign. This fertile New Moon asks for you to sow the seeds of desire and stake a claim for what you deeply desire. With Mars, one of Scorpio’s ruling planets, squaring Saturn at the time of the New Moon, Saturn (the planet of karma) provides a boundary. Honor it. Saturn asks that you acknowledge both your desire for growth and the obstacles that stand in your way with equal reverence. This is a great New Moon for planting the seeds of desire for expanded prosperity.

Further, this New Moon directly opposes Uranus, a planet that inspires both innovation and the disruption of the status quo. Consider what life is asking you to break free from. Where can you find liberation in your life? (Warning: With Uranus afoot, this might feel optional.) Journaling proves extremely fruitful now, too. Explore your thoughts, visions, dreams, and intentions by writing. You are becoming the most authentic and powerful version of yourself. Enjoy the process. Stay brave and courageous.

Come the 30th, Mercury perfects its conjunction with Venus in Scorpio. This is the perfect time to recommit to your New Moon intentions. (Especially if they are financially related.)

On October 31st–Halloween–Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde. (How perfect that Mercury “the trickster” goes retrograde on the day of trick-or-treating.) With Mercury commencing its final retrograde spin for 2019, the next three weeks will provide the perfect opportunity to revisit and review all of the efforts you’ve put in for this year! Simultaneously, the veil between worlds is the thinnest. Stay curious and open-minded.

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