October 2020

Welcome to your October Cosmic Weather Report. Below you will find the Moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations for the month ahead. To ensure you get the most out of this material, please reference your business natal chart paying particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur. This will ensure you have a more accurate
representation of how various areas of life will be affected.


  • Full Moon: Aries (9°) on October 1st at 2:05pm PT.
  • Waning Moon: Cancer (17°) on October 9th at 5:39pm PT.
  • New Moon: Libra (23°) on October 16th at 12:31pm PT.
  • Waxing Moon: Aquarius (0°) on October 23rd at 6:23am PT.
  • Full Moon: Taurus (8°) on October 31st at 7:49am PT.


▪ October 1 – FULL MOON in Aries (9°) at 2:05pm PT.
▪ October 2 – Venus enters Virgo.
▪ October 4 – Pluto goes direct in Capricorn at (22°).
▪ October 7 – Mercury in Scorpio (9°) opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus (9°).
▪ October 9 – WANING MOON in Cancer (17°) at 5:39pm PT. Mars retrograde in Aries (22°)
square Pluto in Capricorn (22°).
▪ October 10 – Venus in Virgo (9°) trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus (9°).
▪ October 11 – Sun in Libra (18°) squares Jupiter in Capricorn (18°).
▪ October 12 – Jupiter in Capricorn (18°) sextiles Neptune retrograde in Pisces (18°). Mercury in
Scorpio (11°) sextiles Venus in Virgo (11°).
▪ October 13 – Sun in Libra (20°) opposes Mars retrograde in Aries (20°). Mercury goes
retrograde in Scorpio (11°).
▪ October 15 – Sun in Libra (22°) squares Pluto in Capricorn (22°).
▪ October 16 – NEW MOON in Libra (23°) at 12:31pm PT.
▪ October 18 – Sun in Libra (25°) squares Saturn in Capricorn (25°). Venus in Virgo (18°) opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces (18°). Mars retrograde in Aries (19°) squares Jupiter in Capricorn (19°).
▪ October 19 – Venus in Virgo (19°) trines Jupiter in Capricorn (19°). Mercury retrograde in
Scorpio (9°) opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus (9°).
▪ October 21 – Venus in Virgo (22°) trines Pluto in Capricorn (22°).
▪ October 22 – Sun moves into Scorpio.
▪ October 23 – WAXING MOON in Aquarius (0°) at 6:23am PT.
▪ October 24 – Venus in Virgo (25°) trines Saturn in Capricorn (25°).
▪ October 25 – Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (2°).
▪ October 27 – Mercury retrogrades back into Libra (29°). Venus moves into Libra.
▪ October 31 – FULL MOON in Taurus (8°) at 7:49am PT. Sun in Scorpio (8°) opposes Uranus
retrograde in Taurus (8°).


October 1st is the Full Moon in Aries. Your output for this current lunar cycle will be at its peak today – expect both heightened physical energy as well as increased motivation to achieve your goals. (Remember – this is a part of the Virgo Moon cycle which began on September 17th.)

On October 2nd, Venus enters Virgo where it will remain through October 26th. This is one of the most financially auspicious transits for Venus because not only does it support an increase in money, but it also heightens your ability to strategize and propagate that money to create even more wealth. These next few weeks are a good time to consider your financial goals for the 4th quarter and beyond. Questions to ask yourself: What adjustments can I make to have a greater return on the plans already in place? Where can I open up new streams of income? How far along am I in achieving my financial goals? What more do I need to learn?

On October 4th, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Finally the last outer planet in Capricorn is no longer retrograde, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief as all “systems are go” from here on out. Pluto rules over transformation and power and can sometimes be a lot to handle because it forces change. But over the course of its retrograde these last 5 months, we’ve had the chance to integrate our relationship to adaptation, releasing what doesn’t work, pivoting into what does, and not letting fears sabotage our power. We’ve certainly gotten that lesson in a big way this year! Hopefully, you find yourself better equipped to handle change and have proven to yourself that you can make it through tough times. Of course, it will still be a few years before Pluto leaves Capricorn, so we’ll continue to get more practice!

On October 7th (and again on the 19th), Mercury opposes Uranus. These are great days to use for tackling problems that require out-of-the-box thinking and innovative solutions. You may find you discover the root causes of issues that, once known, make them much easier to deal with.

October 9th is the waning Moon in Cancer. This marks a week of knocking off the tasks on your to-do list more easily. However, watch those emotions! You may be a bit more emotionally raw during this time so try not to let that derail the final days of the lunar cycle.

On October 9th (and 18th), Mars retrograde squares Pluto and Jupiter, respectively. This continues the series of squares to the outer planets in Capricorn since Mars came into the latter degrees of Aries in August. YES – we’ve been dealing with Mars squaring Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn since August. The difference now is that we’re experiencing the squares while Mars is retrograde. Any time Mars has a “tough” aspect to an outer planet, the advice is always the same: Do not get into power struggles, do not give into reactivity, and do not push to get more, or you will experience a loss.

On October 10th, 19th, 21st, and 24th, Venus makes trines to Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, respectively. Venus trines are always beneficial, just like Sun trines. (Remember the back-to-back trines the Sun had September?) The benefits of these aspects are exclusively in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. This can show up as new or deepening love/connection, more money as well as a tendency to spend(!), support for the physical body, and the accumulation of things (food, clothing, electronics, etc.) that enhance your experience of wealth and abundance. These are great dates to schedule meetings, pitches, workshops, events…or whatever to make the most of this “lucky” vibe. Enjoy this easy flow because next month, Venus will have squares that will force us to stretch!

On October 11th, 15th, & 18th, the Sun squares Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, respectively, and all are in Capricorn. These are “waning” squares, just like the waning Moon of the lunar cycle. This signals three things: a time of harvest, a time of assessment, and a time of preparation (clearing and gathering resources) for a new cycle. For the remaining quarter of 2020, this is to be your focus. Pay attention to what house(s) these degrees of Capricorn are showing up in your chart as your work in these areas remains a place where further breakthroughs out of old habits must occur. Hopefully, you’re not struggling with making changes as much anymore. [FYI – The “waxing” squares–which are just like the waxing Moon aspect of the lunar cycle–occurred in mid-April. This was when growth was just beginning to happen!]

On October 12th, Jupiter sextiles Neptune. This is the final of the 3 sextiles between Jupiter and Neptune, the two biggest planets that have been in conversation all year. They won’t “speak” again until they begin a new cycle in 2022. With Neptune being retrograde we’re less likely to make decisions based on our emotions (and possibly fears) and instead make them based on logic: What’s actually occurring? What are the facts? What needs to happen? Sextiles provide a nice support for work that is already in progress. Use this clear thinking to make the best decisions! Also on this day, Mercury sextiles Venus. This is beneficial for any negotiations involving money!

On October 13th, we have two tough transits. Mark this as yet another day this month to watch out for conflicts. That’s because we have both the Sun opposing Mars and Mercury going retrograde. As mentioned before, tough Mars transits bring up potential for fights and heightened emotional reactivity. Add that to Mercury, the planet that rules communication, going retrograde on the same day… well, this can be a recipe for disaster. You will not get your way if you push. Better to use the Mercury retrograde to get to the bottom of whatever issues there might be, so all parties are operating in a fair and balanced way. Now, for those where there is not an external force to reckon with, this can be useful for getting to the root of deep personal issues. Regardless, times like these require putting the ego in check and resolving to make
better use of personal power.

October 16th is the New Moon in Libra. This kicks off a new lunar cycle in a cardinal sign that has relevance not only for the next 4 weeks but also the next 90 days because it’s the Autumn New Moon. Pay attention to where this New Moon is occurring in your natal chart and set a goal based on that area of life. This can also tie into a larger goal you may have for the final quarter of this year. If nothing comes to mind, your important one-on-one relationships can be a focus. Libra is associated with balance, and while you may think this is a static, “50/50” thing, it is more of a challenge to develop healthy interdependence with another and have mutually beneficial agreements. In order to do that, we have to be very clear about our needs and wants, so we can meet another in the middle.

On October 18th, Venus opposes Neptune. The theme for this cycle is for the amplification of feminine principles and approaches to life–for example, working with natural rhythms, tuning in to intuitive wisdom, creativity, receptivity, and emotions. Today’s transit is like the “Full Moon” aspect of their cycle. Questions to ask yourself on this day: What has come to fruition for you in these feminine areas? Where can you revel in them more yet in a grounded way? How can you give more concerted effort and focus?

On October 22nd, the Sun moves into Scorpio. The Scorpio archetype is associated with ancestors and death, money (investments, debts, taxes, etc.), sex, deeper emotional intimacy, the occult, power, and our subconscious. Instincts will be strong for everyone–it will be uncanny what you can “know” before being told, as will your ability to assess truth or lies within your interactions. Of course, depending on where Scorpio is in your natal chart, this will reveal what parts of this powerful archetype would show up in your life. Regardless, it is a zodiac month that can stir up a lot.

October 23rd is the waxing Moon in Aquarius. This signals the increase in motivation and openness to new things for the lunar cycle. You may find there’s a strong desire to increase your social circle or expand your strategic network. Reach out and create new connections. Your relationships are an avenue for abundance.

On October 25th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde. This is another great day for gaining deeper insights or having inspired thoughts for creative projects.

On October 27th, Venus moves into Libra and remains there through November 20th. Venus rules the sign of Libra, and so this is a time of “coming home” for the planet. A shift in focus to the importance of aesthetics is the theme now. Questions to ask yourself: Where can you bring more beauty into your life? What can be presented more beautifully? What is the story being communicated by the aesthetic of your look (personally and professionally)? These next few weeks are very supportive for shaping an overhaul of advertising and marketing efforts as well to make sure your business is alluring as possible.

On October 31st, we have a powerful day that sees the Full Moon in Taurus conjunct the Sun-Uranus opposition. Of course, in the U.S., this is also Halloween–a day that is to be used to venerate our ancestors, to contemplate the impermanence of life, and to celebrate our loved ones. Let this be a day where you consider your relationship with death and dying. Questions to ask yourself: What am I able to pass on (e.g.,assets, business, etc.)? What is my legacy? Are practical affairs in order for myself and my loved ones at the time of death? What support system can I create to honor the journey through the death process (e.g., death doula)?

Once you’ve read this month’s Cosmic Weather Update, be sure to comment in the Facebook thread with any questions and aha moments you have!