September 2020


September is a packed month of transits with planetary activity happening almost every single day, a marked change from the relative quiet of August. One thing that makes September stand out is the number of beneficial aspects given by the Sun and Venus after several weeks of oppositions and squares. Expect this month to fly by and plan ahead to make the most of it. You can set yourself up nicely to have a strong final quarter of 2020. And be ready for some new ‘wins’!

Below you will find a list of the month’s astrological aspects. Use this information to track what houses these particular transits are occurring in to see where it will affect you specifically (i.e. the house in the natal chart). Here’s an online resource you can use for a quick reference on what the houses mean:


Full Moon: Pisces (10°) on September 1st at 10:22pm PT
Waning Moon: Gemini (18°) on September 10th at 2:26am PT
New Moon: Virgo (25°) on September 17th at 4:00am PT
Waxing Moon: Capricorn (1°) on September 23rd at 6:55pm PT


  • September 1 – FULL MOON in Pisces (10°) at 10:22pm PT. Mercury in Virgo (22°) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (22°).
  • September 2 – Venus in Cancer (25°) opposes Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (25°). Sun in Virgo (10°) trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus (10°).
  • September 3 – Mercury in Virgo (25°) trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (25°).
  • September 4 – Venus in Cancer (27°) square Mars in Aries (27°). Mercury in Virgo (25°) sextile Venus in Cancer (27°).
  • September 5 – Mercury moves into Libra.
  • September 6 – Venus moves into Leo.
  • September 9 – Sun in Virgo (17°) trine Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn (17°). Mars goes retrograde in Aries (28°).
  • September 10 – WANING MOON in Gemini (18°) at 2:26am PT.
  • September 11 – Sun in Virgo (19°) opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces (19°).
  • September 12 – Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn (17°).
  • September 14 – Sun in Virgo (22°) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (22°).
  • September 15 – Venus in Leo (10°) square Uranus retrograde in Taurus (10°).
  • September 17 – NEW MOON in Virgo (25°) at 4:00am PT. Mercury in Libra (17°) square Jupiter in Capricorn (17°). Sun in Virgo (25°) trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (25°).
  • September 20 – Mercury in Libra (22°) square Pluto in Capricorn (22°).
  • September 22 – AUTUMN EQUINOX (Sun moves into Libra).
  • September 23 – WAXING MOON in Capricorn (1°) at 6:55pm PT. Mercury in Libra (25°) square Saturn in Capricorn (25°).
  • September 24 – Mercury in Libra (26°) opposes Mars retrograde in Aries (26°).
  • September 27 – Mercury moves into Scorpio.
  • September 28 – Venus in Leo (25°) trine Mars retrograde in Aries (25°). Saturn goes direct in Capricorn (25°).
  • September 29 – Mars retrograde in Leo (25°) square Saturn in Capricorn (25°).

September 2020 COSMIC WEATHER 

On September 1st, we have both Mercury trine Pluto retrograde and the Full Moon in Pisces. This is a day where we can be supported in deciphering hidden agendas, subconscious or unconscious patterns, and discerning our power dynamics. The focus will be on getting down to the facts, strategizing, and making sure we are in integrity with our path forward. Additionally, the Full Moon marks the halfway point of our Leo lunar cycle. We should definitely be expressing ourselves more confidently and from an empowered place with our choices, actions, and creative endeavors.

On September 2nd, we have two important transits: Venus opposes Saturn retrograde and the Sun trines Uranus retrograde. This is the third Venus opposition in a row; the first two were with Jupiter and Pluto in August. The Venus-Saturn cycle began on December 11, 2019, at 18 degrees Capricorn–in which house of your natal chart did this occur? As the planet that rules money, Venus (in conversation with Saturn) is centered on setting up the necessary infrastructure to ensure you have long-standing financial stability, which then also leads to growth over time. This also is focused on reshaping your beliefs around money, wealth, personal value, and the like. Acknowledge where you’ve had significant positive changes in your relationship with self & money and commit to working on the places that still need a bit of attention- take it one step at a time. This day is also the first of FOUR trines that the Sun makes this month. Trines are always extremely beneficial, supportive, and forward moving, and with the Sun in particular, this brings blessings or opportunities our way. Pay attention to where both the Sun & Uranus are transiting your natal chart to see where this might pop up for you!

On September 3rd, Mercury trines Saturn retrograde. This is a fantastic day for interviews, planning, and/or negotiating. After the ego boost of Mercury having gone through Leo, you may find you are more likely to establish more mutually beneficial agreements, so make sure to take up space and advocate appropriately for yourself and your values.

On September 4th, the divine lovers meet again with Venus squaring Mars while Mercury sextiles Venus. Venus’ emergence to the ‘morning star’ portion of its cycle has given us all an opportunity to get clear about what our self-esteem really looks like at the subconscious level. Venus is much further ahead of Mars in the zodiac and is very much taking the lead in centering the feminine principles foundational to love, money, and possessions. Personal confidence should be much higher and you may also find a greater comfortability with saying “Yes” to more. With Mercury’s help, you may see an easier time communicating your needs, wants, and desires from the personal to the professional. And because Mars is slowing down at this time–in preparation for its upcoming retrograde–there is a greater receptivity of the masculine principle, which brings a much-needed balance between these two polarities and in our relations.

On September 5th, Mercury leaves its home sign of Virgo and ventures into Libra where it will remain through September 26th. The Libra archetype of balance and neutrality is a welcome container for the planet that rules communication, thought processes, our mind, learning, and skill building. Because this entry in Libra is happening before the solar and lunar cycles–Autumn Equinox & Libra New Moon–we may find that we can get ‘ahead of the curve’ in terms of planning for the month ahead and the autumn season in general. Use this uptick in mental agility to your advantage! (This 3-week Mercury-in-Libra period would also be a great time for training, teaching, or education in general.)

On September 6th, Venus leaves emotional and intuitive Cancer and heads into Leo where it will remain through October 2nd. Turn on the charm! This 4-week transit amplifies magnetism and that “It” factor to the house(s) where Leo resides in your natal chart. This is not a shy energy so expect the inner fortification that the previous transit through Cancer gave to now shift to shining within a group or industry (not just in one-on-one relating). Venus in Leo is independent, loyal, expects blessings & recognition, and in general is one you always want to be around. The more you lean into embodying these qualities, the more the benefits of Venus will be able to flow to you.

On September 9th, we have two important transits. The second of four beneficial Sun trines occurs with Jupiter and Mars going retrograde. Sun trine Jupiter days are incredibly auspicious and always bring a blessing. This is one of those transits that you should always be on the lookout for–better yet, plan in advance for–because it’s that good. See where this is occurring in your natal chart to get an idea of where you will see an extra boost. This is also the day that Mars goes retrograde, which will be in place for about 2 months. To be quite honest, this will be a tough transit because Mars rules our physical vitality, ambition/motivation, and how we handle conflict. Because it’s in its home sign of Aries, it is the least ‘mature’ expression of Mars that I predict will be what we battle with internally, interpersonally, nationally, and internationally. We may find we struggle with maintaining that ‘get up and go’ in our bodies or that we need new ways to work through stagnant physical energy. We may see a push to ‘make things happen’ regardless of whether it is practically appropriate to do so (i.e., an increase in reckless or risky behavior). We may also see tempers flare up and conflict ignite significantly….and yes, unfortunately, this transit coincides with the U.S. presidential election cycles. With that said, make it a point to increase the time you take to respond (so that you don’t react in a damaging way), be willing to adjust your sleep/exercise schedule (be adaptable), and minimize your engagement with the election fanfare (although remain engaged in practical ways).

On September 10th, we have the waning Moon in Gemini. Given the retrograde of Mars that just occurred, this could easily be a day that triggers misunderstandings, miscommunications, and frustrations. If you can avoid any big meetings or decision-making at this time, then you’ll find you see things more clearly and can navigate your relationships with minimal collateral damage.

On September 11th, the Sun opposes Neptune retrograde. What was going on in your life around March 8th? That was the last time the Sun and Neptune were conjunct (1 degree away) and so you may find that a repeat/do-over occurs here. Due to Neptune being retrograde there is a higher probability that you can navigate whatever ‘it’ is without the cloud of emotions or old belief systems. The practical nature of the Sun in Virgo will see to it!

On September 12th, Jupiter goes direct! Finally, the planet of blessings, growth, abundance, healing, and spiritual/personal development is shifting back to its forward motion (from our perspective). While it will take a little while for the biggest planet in our solar system to get back up to speed in its direct motion, this signals the beginning of the end for the retrogrades of the outer planets. Jupiter leads the way! The retrograde essentially retraced our steps back to the 3rd week of February, giving us a chance to pick up or take advantage of opportunities that we may have missed beforehand in whatever house this occurred in your natal chart. If you did so, then the Jupiter transits in the months ahead may be relatively uneventful for you; if you didn’t, then don’t miss this (third) chance to make different choices and course-correct.

On September 14th & 17th, the third and fourth Sun trines occur: with Pluto retrograde on the 14th & with Saturn retrograde on the 17th. This 4-day period is a very important window because the last time these 3 power-players–Sun, Pluto, Saturn–were in conversation was during the potent full moon lunar eclipse in mid-January. Not only did we have the intensity of that eclipse, but it also marked the beginning of a 33-year cycle of Saturn & Pluto (truly generational change!). Looking back we may now get a sense of how powerful that time was and the marked shift that it was a harbinger for–even though at the time we might not have quite been able to ‘put our finger on it.’ Nevertheless, the Sun trines bring positive change and will overshadow any particular negativity from Saturn or Pluto since they are both retrograde.

On September 15th, Venus squares Uranus retrograde. This is the ‘first quarter square’ or waxing aspect of the current Venus-Uranus transit. Their cycle began a conjunction back on March 8th–take note that this is the same day that the Sun was conjunct Neptune and we already had a reminder of that time from just a few days ago Sep. 11th. Since this is a Taurean cycle, the focus is centered on money, possessions, pleasure, and the body, and that can play out any myriad of ways depending on the location in the natal chart; however, it is a cycle of growth into new territory. Uranus brings breakthroughs and revolutions into new arenas that promote advancement and evolution, and Venus is one of the planets for blessings associated with money, love, and self-esteem. This can be an important turning point into even more abundance and/or development (yes, there’s more… and it will continue being more throughout the entire 7-year journey of Uranus through Taurus).

On September 17th, we have the New Moon in Virgo. A brand-new lunar cycle begins centered on relationships, fairness, and balance–plus since the Moon rules our emotions, we get to experience the benefit of having Mercury in the Virgo sign for a few weeks, first laying the groundwork which can make for a more even-keeled emotional life.

On Sept 17th, 20th, & 23rd, we have three ‘waning’ squares for Mercury with Jupiter, Pluto retrograde, and Saturn retrograde, respectively. These days and through the remainder of the year mark ‘harvest’ time in the cycles of Mercury–reaping the rewards of the hard work that’s been done since the beginning of the year. So much time and effort has been invested in developing skill in consistency, discipline, and strategy as it relates to the places of mastery in our personal and professional lives. You may find a greater openness to new business endeavors or even an easier time handling the challenges of personal relationships (familial, platonic, or romantic).

September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox! The Sun moves back into Libra. This marks both a time of equal day and night as well as decreasing exposure to light from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere. A shift into a more contemplative time through the remainder of 2020 while the astrology simultaneously revs back up gradually. It will be an interesting juxtaposition of increasing external activity and internal quiet. This day is also an important day for indigenous cultures and for some marks the ‘new year.’ In what way would life be different if today was the new year instead of January 1st?

On September 23rd, we have the waxing Moon in Capricorn. Moon transits through earth signs always bring a deeply grounded and focused energy. This means the remainder of the month gives us an extra boost of motivation to end September strong and develop healthier relationships with others.

On September 24th, Mercury opposes Mars retrograde. This may be another tricky day for
communication similar to earlier in the month on the 10th. More likely than not, this will be ‘closer to home’ in our personal relationships; however, depending on where these two planets are transiting the natal chart, this could be in our work spheres. I do not suspect it will be as volatile, though, and ultimately I expect cooler heads will prevail.

On September 27th, Mercury moves into Scorpio. This 3-week transit marks a time of willingness to do a deep dive, getting to the root issues of things, find and exercise true power, discover and unpack hidden motivations (within self or others), and develop a perspective more focused on propagating resources from many avenues. This can be very supportive in contract negotiations as the Scorpio archetype will take its time to make sure the terms are acceptable for them and can sniff out if there’s an imbalance of power present. This in addition to the influence of Venus’ current transit through Leo will ensure you advocate strongly for yourself.

On September 28th, Venus trines Mars retrograde and Saturn goes direct. Venus comes into conversation again with Mars to bring a bit of reprieve from the frustration of its retrograde. The fierce grace of Venus overshadows the impatience of Mars to bring a healthy approach to whatever obstacles you may be facing. Of course, this may be more of an internal experience rather than an external one, but regardless, a needed boost of patience is given. This is also the day that Saturn goes direct, signaling the final stretch of its time in Capricorn–at least for the next 3 decades. From now through mid-December, we will very quickly have yet another pass through similar areas of life from January through March. How have you grown under the exacting eye of Saturn? Are you ready now to start showing up as ‘future you’–i.e., making decisions and taking actions from the place that you’re stepping into rather than where you are now? You still have some time to make adjustments!

We close the month on a potentially tough day: September 29th when Mars retrograde squares Saturn. The elder, mature archetype of Saturn can take precedence today even in this hard aspect to Mars, but watch out for power struggles or retaliatory behavior against authority (or something/someone perceived to be in authority)! This could be a day for losses if you PUSH for more; instead be measured in your perspective and let things resolve as they need to…it will be fair even if you think you’re not getting what your ego wants (Saturn is always the stronger influence compared to Mars).

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