November 2020

Welcome to your November Cosmic Weather Report. Remember – in the United States Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1st, which means we adjust our clocks back by 1 hour! 

Below you will find the Moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations for the month ahead. Please pay particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur, whether for your personal natal chart or your business natal chart. This will ensure that you have a more accurate representation of how the upcoming astrology will show up for you.


Waning Moon: Leo (16°) on November 8th at 5:46am PT
New Moon: Scorpio (23°) on November 14th at 9:07pm PT
Waxing Moon: Pisces (8°) on November 21st at 8:45pm PT
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Gemini (8°) on November 30th at 1:43am PT


  November 1 – Mercury retrograde in Libra (26°) square Saturn in Capricorn (26°).
  November 3 – Mercury goes direct in Libra (25°).
  November 6 – Mercury in Libra (26°) square Saturn in Capricorn (26°).
  November 8 – WANING MOON in Leo (16°) at 5:46am PT.
  November 9 – Venus in Libra (15°) opposes Mars retrograde in Aries (15°), Sun in Scorpio (18°) trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces (18°).
  November 10 – Mercury enters Scorpio.
  November 12 – Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (22°).
  November 13 – Mars goes direct in Aries (15°).
  November 14 – NEW MOON in Libra (23°) at 12:31pm PT, Sun in Scorpio (22°) sextile Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn (22°).
  November 15 – Venus in Libra (23°) square Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn (23°).
  November 17 – Mercury in Scorpio (7°) opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus (7°).
  November 18 – Sun in Scorpio (27°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (27°).
  November 19 – Venus in Libra (27°) square Saturn in Capricorn (27°).
  November 21 – WAXING MOON in Pisces (8°) at 8:45pm PT, Venus moves into Scorpio, Sun moves into Sagittarius.
  November 23 – Mercury in Scorpio (18°) trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces (18°).
  November 27 – Mercury in Scorpio (22°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (22°), Venus in Scorpio (7°) opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus (7°).
  November 28 – Neptune goes direct in Pisces (18°), Mercury in Scorpio (25°) sextile Jupiter in Capricorn (25°).
  November 30 – FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Gemini (8°) at 1:43am PT. Mercury in Scorpio (28°) sextile Jupiter in Capricorn (28°). 


The first week of November features an ongoing conversation between Mercury and Saturn. Mercury rules our thoughts, communication, and learning while Saturn covers authority/ government, contracts, discipline, and karma. We may find we have a more discerning eye for assessing opportunities/obstacles, an easier time negotiating agreements, and a desire to learn things that stretch us out of our comfort zone during this week. 

On November 3rd – Election Day in the U.S. – Mercury goes direct. It will have no more retrogrades for the rest of the year!

On November 8th is the Waning Moon in Leo. This marks a week of knocking off the tasks on your to-do list more easily and circling back around to your ‘why’ (dreams, goals, desires). However, be mindful of your ego and compulsion to take things personally during this time. You may be a bit more sensitive, so try not to take things to heart unnecessarily!

On November 9th, we have two transits: First, Venus opposes Mars, and then the Sun trines Neptune. The Venus-Mars opposition gives us an opportunity to focus on important one-on-one relationships. We continue to have to be very clear about our needs and wants in order to develop healthy interdependence with one another. This transit gives us a chance to put our projections aside and focus on our true inner world so that we may show up 100%. The Sun-Neptune aspect brings healing, an opportunity, or both, depending on where this occurs in your natal chart. As we are in the final weeks of Neptune’s retrograde, the Sun can bring new insight or fresh inspiration if you still feel like something’s “missing” or are looking for a creative spark. 

On November 10th, Mercury reenters Scorpio and retraces ground that it initially covered before its retrograde. The upcoming 3-week period heralds a time of comfortably going deep to the root of issues, shifting mindset around power, clarifying hidden motives (whether conscious or subconscious), and creating a new relationship to money. With the Sun in Scorpio as well, expect personal ambition and drive to be at an all-time high. Plan accordingly and commit to making significant headway on your strategy while the planetary fuel is present.

On November 12th, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto for the third and final time this year. Their new 20-year cycle began in April, and due to their previous retrogrades, they have continued to circle the same area of the zodiac. This has been giving us time to consider what healing and transformation of longstanding patterns, structures, organizations, and government looks like to us. In a bigger context, we’ve had to look at what we can’t control individually yet requires our active participation in order to influence change as we see fit. In a personal context, we’ve been having to face where we’ve been called to heal our relationship to power and exercise its use more regularly. Jupiter is ultimately a planet that serves liberation of mind & heart to expand into new horizons. It will amplify the power of Pluto and what is agreed to by our communities. Will you join in the creation of new systems and organizations or will you maintain what is there? What, if anything, needs to change?

On November 13th, Mars goes direct in Aries. The 2-month retrograde is finally over, and we can look forward to an increase in physical vitality, motivation, self-esteem, and personal drive! Hopefully, we also have a healthier & more balanced ego, are able to handle ourselves more diplomatically in the midst of conflict, and are more direct in expressing our boundaries (instead of compromising and building resentment towards others). While this has definitely not been the easiest retrograde – filled with tough square transits to Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, & the Sun – the weeks ahead as Mars slowly retraces its steps give us a chance to show what we’ve learned. The shift into Taurus won’t happen until January 2021, so we’ll still be working with the energy of Mars in Aries for a while. Get comfortable!

November 14th is the New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon kicks off a new lunar cycle in a fixed sign, which means we are supported in two ways: 1) continuing to build up the new things we started in the last lunar cycle, and/or 2) creating a new goal based on the topics associated with Scorpio – such as money (real estate, investments, debt, taxes), sex, and transformation. Also on this day & the 18th, we have sextiles between the Sun and Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn, which provide a welcome beneficial flow after weeks of heightened activity – one last ‘push’ before the seasonal slowdown starts to take a stronger effect. There are still benefits coming in from all the hard work this year; remain consistent. However, it will be time to switch gears soon, so begin to retract focus on the ‘busy work’ or short-term projects so that you may begin holding space for the new.

On November 15th & 19th, Venus joins in conversation with Jupiter, Pluto, & Saturn in a series of squares. These transits are waning squares, which signify three areas of attention for us: 1) a time of harvest, 2) a time of assessment, and 3) a time of preparation (clearing & gathering resources) for a new cycle. It will be well into 2021 before Venus begins new cycles with these three planets, so that means for the rest of 2020, money and organization remain the focus. How much progress has been made in setting up the necessary infrastructure to ensure you have long-standing financial stability & wealth-building over time? How have your beliefs around money, wealth, or self-worth changed? Acknowledge where you’ve had significant positive changes and re-commit to working on the areas that still need attention. There’s still plenty of time to reorient yourself…and you’ll have even more time the more you say “No.. 

On November 17th, Mercury opposes Uranus. This is a great day to use for brainstorming new ideas or for breaking through any creative blocks. You might also have unexpected communication around money, or a way out of a tough spot may quickly open up.

November 21st is a packed day featuring the Waxing Moon in Pisces, Venus’ entry into Scorpio, and the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius. The Waxing Moon signals the increase in motivation and openness to new things for the current lunar cycle. You may find there’s also a strong desire to enjoy more creative expression, delve deeper into spirituality, or find additional support for your mental/emotional health. Venus transits Scorpio today through December 14th. This is a time of knowing what you want and being unapologetic about it. With that kind of clarity and laser-sharp focus that is not second-guessing itself, you’ll be able to manifest things much more quickly than normal. This serves as an affirmation to you of the speed of your ability to create when you give your undivided attention to something. Your decision-making skills are enhanced, communication is clear & precise, and you’ll find that there are no current obstacles to creating what you want during this transit. Finally, the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius brings some much-needed vitality and hope for the future during these autumn months and tough political times. This transit supports our efforts in deciding where we want to go and how we want to get there.

On November 23rd, Mercury trines Neptune. This can be a day used for the healing of the mind, better understanding of emotions, or tapping into the creative flow. This would be a great day for knocking out a bunch of writing or brainstorming ideas, whether alone or in a small group.

November 27th through the 30th Mercury sextiles Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. This signals our final week of “harvest” and “assessment” for the autumn season relating to the the year-long themes of these outer planets in Capricorn. Now the focus can shift to wrapping up plans, closing the door on new ‘opportunities’ for the rest of the year (your schedule is already packed), and slowing down. Winter approaches.

On November 27th, Venus opposes Uranus. This day can bring unexpected opportunities, money, sales, or a spark of romantic love. As this is holiday season in the U.S., make sure to say yes to opportunities to expand your network as invites come in around this time (where you feel comfortable, of course). Abundance flows through our relationships with others, and if this is something that you’ve been cultivating – particularly over the past month – then this may be an especially rewarding time.

On November 28th, Neptune goes direct. Expect nostalgia to be high this day (and the surrounding days), but be sure not to get carried away with it. Neptune in Pisces has been really making us explore our inner world and get crystal clear on our “why” and the vision we hold for the future. Neptune will be in this sign for a few more years, so we’ll have more time to work on this, but definitely in 2020, which has centered squarely on the archetype of Capricorn (power, structure, organizations, government, contracts, laws, ambition), we’ve been forced to look at this in our careers and relationship dynamics.

On November 30th, we have the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini! This marks the end of the 6-month container for manifestation that was anchored with the New Moon solar eclipse on summer solstice. That eclipse was both a beginning and an end: 1) an end because it marked the final emphasis on balancing the Cancer/Capricorn archetypes, and 2) a beginning because it kicked off a 6-month period for achieving a short-term goal related to wherever 0 degrees of Cancer is in your natal chart. These eclipse containers give us an opportunity to work on a bigger goal than can be achieved in a month or season.With the Full Moon eclipse on this day, we have an ‘end date’ for the ambitions of the past 6 months. Celebrate your success on whatever it is you accomplished and give yourself a bit of a breather. A new eclipse cycle will begin in 2 weeks, and it will be time to think about what you want to focus on as a bigger goal for the next 6 months.

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