December 2020

Below you will find the moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations of each for the month ahead. Please pay particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur, whether for your personal natal chart or your business natal chart. This will ensure you have a more accurate representation of how the upcoming astrology will show up for you.


Waning Moon: Virgo (16°) on December 7th at 4:36pm PT
NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE: Sagittarius (23°) on December 14th at 8:17am PT
Waxing Moon: Aries (0°) on December 21st at 3:41pm PT
Full Moon: Cancer (8°) on December 29th at 7:28pm PT


▪ December 1 – Mercury enters Sagittarius.
▪ December 5 – Venus in Scorpio (18°) trine Neptune in Pisces (18°).
▪ December 7 – WANING MOON in Virgo (16°) at 4:36pm PT.
▪ December 9 – Sun in Sagittarius (18°) square Neptune in Pisces (18°).
▪ December 10 – Venus in Scorpio (23°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (23°). Sun in Sagittarius (19°) trine Mars in Aries (19°).
▪ December 13 – Mercury in Sagittarius (18°) square Neptune in Pisces (18°).
▪ December 14 – NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius (23°) at 8:17am PT. Venus in Scorpio (28°) sextile Jupiter in Capricorn (28°). Mercury in Sagittarius (19°) trine Mars in Aries (19°).
▪ December 15 – Venus in Scorpio (29°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (29°). Venus enters Sagittarius.
▪ December 16 – Saturn enters Aquarius.
▪ December 19 – Jupiter enters Aquarius. Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius (29°).
▪ December 20 – Mercury enters Capricorn.
▪ December 21 – WAXING MOON in Aries (0°) at 3:41pm PT. Sun enters Capricorn (WINTER SOLSTICE). Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (0°).
▪ December 23 – Mars in Aries (23°) square Pluto in Capricorn (23°).
▪ December 24 – Mercury in Capricorn (6°) trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus (6°).
▪ December 27 – Sun in Capricorn (6°) trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus (6°).
▪ December 29 – FULL MOON in Cancer (8°) at 7:28pm PT. Venus in Sagittarius (18°) square Neptune in Pisces (18°).
▪ December 30 – Venus in Sagittarius (18°) square Neptune in Pisces (18°).


On December 1st, Mercury enters Sagittarius and remains there through December 19th. Mercury moves fast in this sign. If you’re into tarot cards, this correlates with the 8 of Wands and signifies an uptick in all things related to communication, analysis & processes, skill development, networking, travels, writing, etc. If you’ve been waiting for the intense energy of Scorpio season to wear off, then you’ll definitely be feeling this shift that kicks off the month.

On December 5th, Venus trines Neptune. This is the second beneficial conversation between these two planets in 2020, and the surrounding days are wonderful for emotional healing or the deepening of a bond in a romantic relationship, creativity, writing, spiritual development, and activities related to the media. This can also be a time when you see an increase in income, the resolution of a debt, or an uptick in an investment.

December 7th is the Waning Moon in Virgo. As this transit happens on a Monday, this is perfect for kicking off a week of completing tasks that you may have fallen behind on. This is also a great time to consider what shifts you’ll need to make related to food, exercise, and sleep habits with the coming season change (winter in the Northern Hemisphere, spring in the Southern Hemisphere). Plan ahead so that you have an easy transition! Nutritious foods that are season specific are particularly important!

On December 9th, the Sun squares Neptune. This is the ‘Waning Moon’ transit of the journey of the Sun & Neptune cycle this year. Just like the Waning Moon of the lunar cycle, this day is good for looking at your ‘harvest’ (i.e., reaping the rewards of the work done), assessing what worked and what didn’t to get you here, adjusting strategy, and prepping for the future. In particular this aspect asks us to look at our belief systems and our vision. What has changed? What has remained the same? What has strengthened? What has evolved in depth and complexity? Make no mistake: This is very much about what you stand for and what you do not. This clarity is important as we prepare to head into 2021!

On December 10th, the Sun trines Mars. Our physical vitality gets a boost today. This would be a great day to pack with events or meetings where you need to be in top form for extended periods of time. And if you are in the remaining days of enrolling participants in programs, panels, conferences, etc. – either for later in the month or in January – then use this day to increase your marketing presence. Show your face and take up space!

Venus sextiles the planets Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn on December 10th, 14th, and 15th, respectively. Sextiles are beneficial transits just like trines but have more of a ‘lazy river’ vibe to them, meaning it’s best to choose the path of least resistance that is in alignment with your current strategy. These sextiles are the final ones of the year for Venus with each planet and signal a time of these cycles coming to a close. Let. It. Be. Easy. The new cycles will happen late Jan./early Feb. of next year. Take your time and be measured in your approach until then.

On December 13th, Mercury square Neptune. This is also a Waning Moon-like transit, the same as all the other squares happening with the planets this month. That assessment push of today helps tremendously in preparing for the eclipse happening the next day….

December 14th is a busy day featuring 3 transits: 1) the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 2) Venus sextile Jupiter, and 3) Mercury trine Mars. The biggest and most important is the solar eclipse as it marks the beginning of a 6-month period where we can focus on accomplishing a goal related to the house this occurs in. Where is 23 degrees of Sagittarius in the chart for you? The associated areas of life related to that house are where to pay attention and to determine what – if anything – you’d like to develop as a goal that can be accomplished within the next 6 months. The Venus and Mercury transits help you to dream big for this goal and stretch outside of your comfort zone, which is what Sagittarius is all about!

On December 15th, Venus enters Sagittarius and remains there through January 7th. Venus rules over love and money and being in the sign of Sagittarius means that one and/or both of these (depending on the house in the chart) will see a lot of activity. Sagittarius is a fast-moving sign that, at times, can be addicted to the chase, to the newest thing, to what’s contrarian. Exercise extreme patience with the opportunities that come your way. There will be lots of options – and most will be beneficial – so the way to figure out which way to go is to trust your intuition. Not only must it feel good, but it must also be aligned with your long-term strategy. If you fall prey to just your emotions, then you risk wasting some of your hard-won harvest for a temporary gain.

On December 16th, Saturn enters Aquarius where it will remain for approximately 30 months. With all that is available to create, transform, and solidify, Saturn’s journey through this sign will force us to see where we must shift our approach to seeing where Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others intersect. Expect more exposure of the motivations behind decisions, companies, laws, etc., at the micro (individual) to macro (global) levels – regardless of whether you perceive these as positive or negative. This transit brings the focus of our humanity front and center to us… Is this a part of the equation or not? Where does wellness for a human being get addressed, if at all? Where does it need to be amplified? Essentially, Saturn’s transit through Aquarius asks us to become conscious architects of culture. (This will be mildly stressful and anxiety-producing because we will realize how much responsibility we have in the matter. Don’t let this stop you from making a change – you have more mastery here than you realize.)

December 19th marks Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius where it will remain for a full year through December 27, 2021. In parallel to the Saturn cycle, Jupiter’s journey through this sign will force us to look at our interpersonal relationships and see where boundaries and/or separation must occur. Jupiter is not a planet that tends to be associated with boundaries or separation, preferring instead to be open to all (it used to be the ruler of Pisces – the ocean – before we discovered the existence of Neptune). However, the exacting nature of Aquarius calls for transformation in this area of life. There is a vital lesson here around not making oneself perpetually accessible to others, especially if it has already been established that there is not a healthy interdependent dynamic. It might feel selfish to put yourself first, but it’s actually an act of self-love. A choice to put up a boundary or completely separate from another is not an act of aggression but rather self-preservation, the first rule in Nature for survival. Some relationships must die (separation). Some transformations can only happen without your getting in the way (boundary).

On December 20th, Mercury enters Capricorn and remains there through January 7th. This transit supports the work of planning out our goal(s) and thinking about our legacy. What are we bringing to the tapestry of our family lineages? What can be passed on to others?

December 21st is another busy day in the month featuring 3 big transits: 1) the Waxing Moon in Aries, 2) the Sun’s entry into Capricorn, which marks the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere), and 3) Jupiter conjunct Saturn. The Waxing Moon provides a boost of motivation coming out of the New Moon the week prior. We should be feeling good about what we’ve set out to do and affirmed in our capabilities to accomplish our goal. The Winter Solstice marks an externally “quiet” yet internally active time. Rest and deep nourishment for the body takes precedence. The answers you seek are proportional to the amount of space you allow to exist. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is a very special one. These two planets have essentially been in conversation since they both entered Aquarius last week (the 16th & 19th), but today marks the ‘official’ day of their conjunction. This begins a 20-year cycle that we haven’t seen since the last time there were in Aquarius back in 1405 – the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe! Yes, that’s a LONG time ago. Expect these next 2 decades to be overflowing with creativity, innovations, and reimaginings of society.

On December 23rd, Mars squares Pluto – the last of its squares for the year, thank goodness. The squares of Mars to the outer planets can be tough times for interpersonal conflict. With this final pass, keep your wits about you, take a breath before responding, and don’t pick fights you can’t win.

On December 24th, Mercury trines Uranus. This is a great day for creative inspiration, writing, and all things communication related. If you’re worried about family dynamics for the holidays, then know that truths may be brought to light with this transit. These revelations would be necessary for healing and growth – whether that brings people together or creates healthy distance apart – and have been ‘unspoken’ or ‘unresolved’ for a long time. Regardless of the context, the outcome will be best for all parties involved.

On December 27th, the Sun trines Uranus. This is a very beneficial transit that can bring a blessing related to the houses in the natal chart but especially as related to business and/or money. Think back to this week in December of 2019, which was the last time this trine occurred. What happened in the time leading up to that which created a boost for you in January? If you’ve been remaining consistent, then this is a great day to spend celebrating your hard work and being open to the new possibilities opening up for you in 2021.

December 29th sees both the Full Moon in Cancer and Venus square Neptune. This is a day for reveling in ALL the nostalgia…emotions, emotions, emotions. This is a beautiful energy to end the calendar year with as we look back on how far we’ve come in 2020 and hold deep gratitude for how we’ve walked ourselves through it all. This is a tender time and a wonderful day to reaffirm your vision for 2021!


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