January 2021

It’s the first month after a cosmic shakeup of a year! We have lots of work to do to pick up the pieces we want to keep and recycle or compost back what needs to be made new again.

January’s cosmic weather supports the energy of change and breakthrough where we get to:

  1. Decide what success means to us.
  2. Understand the sustainable practices that allow us to succeed with our unique energies.
  3. Choose the role and the tools we want our businesses to take in bringing in this new world.

This month we see:

  • A creative tension that desires technical equitable progress where we bring in spiritual and technological tools (Jupiter square Uranus)
  • Personal planets moving into new signs giving us fresh energy (Mercury, Venus, and Mars)
  • Powerful lunar events packed with cosmic alignment to help us release and manifest

New Moon in Capricorn where you’ll get to clarify success and how to achieve it more easily in 2021

Full Moon in Leo that illuminates all you need to release and all that prevents you from showing up confidently and leading your business

Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies we all get to use. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of, so get curious about how to work with the energy. 
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift. 
  • Any natal planets near those meeting points will add their voice to the shift.

January Power Date

January 1, 2020 in the morning

If you are ready, this is one of the best dates to open your carts for memberships or long-term programs that promote building communities, fostering larger networks, friendship, and healing. 

What’s a power date? 

It’s a special date that takes into account a time that has the least amount of tension for bringing something new into the world. 


  1. There are no perfect dates.
  2. Dates only matter if you are ready.
  3. Certain tasks noted are better suited than others.
  4. 2021 has many challenging dates, so if you’re ready, trust your intuition to make your own power date! 

Other dates

There are other dates below, highlighted in purple with suggested business tasks. 


A great day to share an empowering message.

Mars leaves shadow zone

Full drive ahead

How have your shifted motivations and priorities settled in? 

Where does your leadership flow and feel easy?

Mars is in its final days of Aries, its home sign, which it’s been in for 6 whole months vs the usual 6 weeks. From September through November 2020, Mars appeared to go backwards in the sky, allowing us to reaffirm our motivations. 

Today, Mars steps out of this shadow zone and moves full speed ahead, so we can take easy initiative on our true motivations in our business. We are the leaders of our own destiny, and it becomes easier because we are clear with what we want and desire.

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Words have power.

What words of empowerment can you share?

Mercury in Capricorn is fully blended with Pluto in Capricorn. When Mercury is in Capricorn, our thoughts are straightforward and focused on getting things accomplished. And when blended with Pluto, which is still working on bringing up all the shadows, we can transform the old into light. 

Use words as mantra or affirmation to crystallize and empower yourself and those you serve. 


A peaceful loving day to get cozy with some friends.

4Q Moon Libra 16°17′

Relax + Socialize

What is being asked of you to integrate all that you have learned?

With the Libra 4Q Moon, spend some integration time relaxing with those you love most, even if it’s a quick phone or vox message exchange.

The last Quarter Moon phase is an integration phase in our work, a time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

Mars enters Taurus

Action requires patience.

A great season to lead with patience.

What do you want to take your time in doing and initiating?

Mars enters patient, earthy Taurus until March 3rd. Mars is ready to move forward, but in Taurus, our desires require patience and tenacity. For some of us, this may feel uneasy because Mars wants to move forward and explore. But we are being asked to take our time, be patient, be peaceful, and savor our work.


A great day to receive intuitive downloads and plan your year (+ beyond) as well as aligned business partnerships

Uranus stations direct Taurus 6°47′

You need to break free.

What can you do to calm your nervous system?

Uranus is so far out that we don’t normally feel this energy on a personal level. But as Uranus changes gears to move forward in the sky, it will focus, appearing to come to a halt at this degree. As Uranus is in place, we will begin to get the sense and the need to be free, to evolve, and to shake things up over the next week.

Look to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius of 6°. If you have any planets in those signs, those energies are going to want to revolutionize your business and life.

Mercury enters Aquarius

Future thinking

A great few months to come up with that new social strategy.

What intuitive downloads about the future are you now easily recognizing?

Mercury enters Aquarius until March 16th, an extended time in this future-facing sign. When Mercury is in Aquarius, our thoughts, mindset, and the way we understand information has a technical edge, is quick, and is for the greater good. All the downloads you get about the future may feel like a download of pure knowingness because Aquarius rules our nervous system.

While Mercury is in Aquarius, at the end of the month we will have our first retrograde cycle of 2021, so we get to really rethink all the Aquarian ideals like social equity, humanity, and our larger networks and community.

This would be a great time to get clear on what you want to contribute in your communities and larger networks on social. 

Venus enters Capricorn

Connect through projects.

A great time to partner and build something together.

What co-creative projects do you want to create this season?

Venus is in Capricorn until February 1st. Venus in Capricorn loves connecting more than building things and projects. Such a great season for entrepreneurs building and co-creating with their ideal customers and business partners. We are meant to work with others; it makes work so much easier when we share. 


An easy buoyant day to get tasks done and commit in writing. 

Venus trine Mars

Values driven experiences fruit.

What feels so wonderfully aligned in your business?

Venus in Capricorn is in flow with Mars in Taurus. What you love and what you love doing feel so easy-breezy today. Revel in this grace and show your appreciation.

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Say more with less.

What boundaries need explanation and in what kind way?

Mercury and Saturn blend together at Aquarius 2° a bit after Venus and Mars trine. You may have more impact with saying less. Or you may be asked to draw the line in expressing your boundaries. Be sure to say no to things that don’t bring you joy or feel difficult. 

Where does Aquarius 2° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where in your life and business are being asked to draw the line.


One of the better days to launch a marketing campaign or list builder

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Declare your dreams.

What vision do you want to share with the wider world?

Mercury and Jupiter blend together at Aquarius 5° a few days after we were being asked to state our boundaries. Now we are being asked, within those boundaries, how we want to expand, how we want to reach and live our vision through our work.

Share this future-facing vision with the world. Your capacity to hold this space is as big as you believe is possible. It doesn’t need to feel hard. It needs to feel light. 

Where does Aquarius 5° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where in your life and business you are being asked to state your vision.


New Moon Capricorn 23°

Today I redefine success and my ultimate mission in my business and brand.

What does success now mean to you?

What does sustainability feel like?
How can you make success simpler? 

What thoughts of change and innovation support your success? 

Look back to this time a year ago. The world as we knew it began to unravel and come to a standstill. And now we are ready to move forward, ready to continue to dismantle the difficult while putting in the new framework for a shared future.

This is where your business comes in. The cosmos wants you, entrepreneur, to reinvision what success in business means to you. You get to decide the impact you want to have, the structures and systems for easy growth, and the future-forward vision you’d like to live in your business.

You are the creator of your ultimate mission.

The day of the New Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus creates friction, adding the need to change your thoughts and messaging to support your success. 

Where does Capricorn 23° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to redefine your version of success and ultimate mission.


A day to simplify and notice hidden gifts

Saturn in orb square with Uranus

Strains on systems

What limits can you create so you can work with more ease? 

What needs simplifying in your business? 

What can you pare down or delegate? 

Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will square exactly in a month on February 17th, but the energy starts now. Your boundaries and frameworks start to feel stretched. Innovation is needed to be more effective and sustainable. In our businesses we can feel this as the need to simplify, to focus on the things that will make the biggest impact, and to work in a way that feels sustainable. We are all past the need to hustle. And in 2021 we get to choose how we repair the system, integrate the things we need to evolve and keep, and say goodbye to the outdated.

Mars square Saturn

Slow down to shore up structures.

What does this discomfort want you to understand about your limits?

Mars in Taurus creates friction with Saturn in Aquarius. You may feel like you’re stuck: Mars wants to drive forward and Saturn can put on the brakes. What does this discomfort tell you about your limits and your drive? Similar to a 1Q Moon phase where experiences may drive you to take action, notice here. Be easy on yourself and others. We are all in this together. Breathe into any frustrations.

Venus trine Uranus

Manifest up-leveled resources.

What have you manifested and can you recognize its value?

Venus in Capricorn flows with Uranus in Taurus. Things earlier may have felt difficult, but by the end of the day gifts may appear. Venus can represent our ability to attract the right people and the right resources. And when Uranus, the energy of innovation and surprise, is in harmony, unexpected surprises can manifest, especially with your values, what you value, and your relationships. Can you recognize this gift?


A great day to empower yourself and others

Uranus direct Taurus 6°43′

Notice the breakthroughs.

What breakthroughs and awakening have you witnessed in society, your community, and in yourself?

Uranus is so far out that we don’t normally feel this energy on a personal level. But as Uranus changes gears and now moves forward in the sky, you’ve had some revelations. How you are meant to share your unique view and help bring in the new through your work and business?

Look to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius of 6°. If you have any planets in those signs, those energies are going to want to shake things up in your newly created position.

Sun conjunct Pluto

Vital power to transform

What superpowers of yours are being transformed and awakened?

It’s a big day energetically. The Sun and Pluto blend their powers. You feel free of past conformity and recognize your expertise and ability to easily make change. Get clear on your super power and work effectively with ease, so you can create more opportunities to work and make a bigger impact.


A good time to reflect and notice themes coming forward

Mercury enters shadow.

Notice your thoughts about the future.

What comes up that requires rethinking your role in your communities over the next few weeks?

As we are facing the future and rethinking our role in bringing a new ideal, you are rethinking your part and the part you want to play in the future. Over the next few weeks before Mercury appears to go backwards, pay attention to ideas that don’t fit you anymore and reflect into themes that want to be reorganized in your life and business.


A good time to strategize your tech

Jupiter square Uranus

Cultivate technical progress.

What (technical) upgrades do you need to initiate in order to cultivate ease of manifesting your vision?

One of our big events of the year, Jupiter in Aquarius creates tension with Uranus in Taurus. When these planets engage, they symbolize technical progress. And sometimes progress is simplifying and streamlining. Or choosing technology for your business that does a specific thing, versus an unruly platform that has way too many options. Sometimes progress is saying goodbye to the shiniest new tech in favor of ancient tech, aka spiritual tools. With an energy like this, you are being asked to notice what isn’t working, make it easier, and bring in new tech if it will allow you to do more with less in your business.


Sun enters Aquarius.

Create tomorrow for social impact.

What do you want to create in your community and society?

It’s Aquarius season! A time to manifest the future now. A time to call in your communities and to strengthen your commitment to social impact in your business.

The Sun will be joining Jupiter and Saturn already in future-facing and humanitarian Aquarius.

We have clarified our structures and sustainability (Saturn) with the last New Moon, and now it’s time to create with our larger communities in mind.

A harmonious season for Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) and a productive season for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).


Inauguration Day in the US

2Q Moon Taurus 1°02′

Take steady patient action

What is one step in your business you will take to build peace?

The United States has quite a bit of rebuilding to do, and today a new office begins. It’s an evolution in leadership, one that feels more representative of the population. 

For you individually on Quarter Moon, you are all being asked to take peaceful action with the Moon in Taurus.

On the same day…

Mars conjunct Uranus

New motivations for evolved resource management

What initiative will you take for resource management in your environment?

Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus, blending drive and change. But the drive needs tenacity and patience in Taurus. We are being asked to motivate in sustainable ways. Taurus represents the health of our land’s physical resources. In your business it’s your money earned and value-add of your offering. If you have a physical offering, maybe it’s time to look at eco packaging. Or if you have a digital offering, what can you do to lessen your carbon footprint while saving costs in your business? 


A great day to take a stand with your business values

Mars square Jupiter

Slow down to see social impact possibilities.

What peaceful protest can you make that will have impact in your life and business?

Mars in Taurus creates friction with Jupiter in Aquarius.

You may feel motivated to take action, and Jupiter is expanding that desire.

The best way to motivate now is through peaceful protest.

You will be asked to take a stand and share your peaceful vision. Have your brand values polished up and at hand, so you’re ready. 


Schedule rest.

Sun conjunct Saturn

Focus and sustain your energy.

What can you do to take a little break to rejuvenate?

Your creative vibrancy has limits. Sometimes the best way to continue is to rest, so you can rejuvenate your energy. You’ve been working hard.

Taking a break to re-energize can do wonders for your creativity.


Sun square Uranus

Act upon creative energies to break through.

What happens if you are flexible to shift as necessary?

Sun in Aquarius creates tension with Uranus in Taurus. A surprising experience and shift can change your plans for the better. Be open to changes.


A great day to let the past go 

Full Moon Leo 9°

Today I celebrate how I impact others and grow confident and passionate while I release past ideas of being an outlier that hold me back.

What thoughts about being an outsider do you need to let go, so you can see that your uniqueness is actually your powerful relationships?

Our first and oh-so-powerful Full Moon of 2021.

This Full Moon is all about unlocking your confidence and joy, so you can impact others to shine brighter. You are meant to lead a heart-driven life and partner with your most aligned co-creators. 

The Moon will sit opposite the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn Aquarius cluster, with Mars and Uranus halfway between to form a perfect triangle (aka T-Square). Venus is cozied up to powerful Pluto.

What holds you back from leading in a heart-centered way? 

The Full Moon will illuminate this for you.

Can you easily be confident?

Can you lead from your heart and empower others?

Can you shine brightly while allowing others to shine brightly, too?

YES, you can.

Notice what is being illuminated in your role of transformative relationships. (Venus / Pluto conjunction)

Notice what energizes you and cultivate that inspiration as your creativity expands. (Sun / Jupiter conjunction)


A great day to clear your calendar

Mercury stations retrograde.

Miscommunications intensify.

What can you do to make space in your day?

Mercury steps on the brakes and appears to come to a stop before shifting backwards. The degree to which Mercury puts on the brakes will feel intense for this day or two. Get curious with this intensity; it’s giving you a clue to what needs to be reorganized.

Clear your day to make space for things that may go astray. You will have lots to keep you busy with creation, even if your calendar is free of back-to-back appointments. 


Mercury Retrograde Aquarius

Rethink equitable success.

What needs shifting and rethinking in your business about social equity?

Our first of three Mercury Retrograde cycles in 2021.

From January 30, 2021 – February 20, 2021, Mercury will highlight Aquarius 26° – Aquarius 11° so that you can rethink equitable success and your role in creating this new future.

This is a time for reflection so that you can redo, rethink, reorganize, and refine parts of your life and business.

What does social equity mean to you?

How do you use your privilege to empower others?

What role do you want your business to have in your circles?

How are you helping your community to achieve their dreams?

What does success and sustainability mean to you?

This starts the three-week period that Mercury appears to move backwards, retracing its steps. Time to re-examine, rethink, and reorganize.

Notice what needs reflection in your business around the theme of Mercury and Aquarius. Look at your chart between Aquarius 11° – 26°. Energies or planets you may have in this area of your chart will want to add their voice to your reorganization. The house(s) that contain this area of your chart is where in your business you are being asked to rethink and reorganize.

Once you’ve read this month’s Cosmic Weather Update, be sure to comment in the Facebook thread with any questions and aha moments you have!