October 2018

With the Equinox behind us and the Sun cruising through cardinal Libra, October kicks off with an emphasis on balance, justice, and harmony. Libra, after all, represents the sign of the scales. This beauty-driven, fairness-seeking sign asks us to hold the light and the dark in equal proportions, with the same respect.

October is a month that begins with the excitement of change and takes us through the beauty of autumn foliage straight into the post-harvest decay (hello Sun in Scorpio). Starting with gorgeous light and colors and ending with Halloween, October asks us to embrace change and prepare our psyche, soma, family, and businesses for the intensity of the upcoming holiday season and winter months. (For those in the southern hemisphere, October readies you for the return of light, rather than the dissemination— an equally exciting adventure.)

The month kicks off on the heels of Pluto stationing direct. Pluto, which is technically a dwarf planet, packs a punch. Its forward movement might feel a bit like a hotrod sports car peeling off—there’s a certain rumble that occurs when Pluto stations direct, and we will explore this on the first of the month. One day later on the second of October, Mercury, which rules communication, squares Pluto. Connection with others might feel a wee bit cranky; however, you have the power to get to the bottom of what’s going on. So stick with it and stay discerning. Be mindful with your words at home. Your kiddos could be melting down— they are kids after all—but you don’t have to. Use the probing intensity of this aspect to stay determined about the outcomes you most seek, while remaining calm with your family. (You don’t want to add fuel to the fire!)

On October 5th, Venus, Libra’s ruler, stations retrograde, a position it hasn’t been in since April of 2017. So please mark your calendars. Venus’ retrograde period occurs between 10/6-11/16, making the next six weeks an imperative time to dive beneath the surface and work productively with Venus’ retrograde cycle. Venus stations retrograde at 10 degrees of Scorpio, traveling all the way back to 25 degrees of Libra. During this time Venus will move from its more resourced version of self, the evening star position (meaning it rises at night), into its more aggressive form, the morning star position. This shift from evening star to morning star is significant as it represents Venus’ symbolic transition from a goddess of love into a goddess of war. The Divine Feminine has multiple sides, after all!

Venus’ retrograde station bridges to the New Moon in Libra which falls on 10/8. This New Moon, occurring at 11:46 pm ET (please adjust for your time zone) happens at 15 degrees of Libra. With Mars in Aquarius (a fellow air sign) resuming its normal speed after its recent retrograde, this New Moon benefits from a strong trine from the planet of action. However, on the challenging side of things, Pluto makes a harsh square to the Sun and Moon, revealing secrets—encouraging you to move beyond tactics of manipulation to get what you want. (If you find yourself victimized by someone else’s manipulative spin, extricate yourself—get Dr. Christiane Northrup’s most recent book, Dodging Energy Vampires.) This New Moon encourages you to set intentions for how you wish to grow as a business owner, mother, and partner. But beyond that, it asks you to take a stand for what you believe in and go after what you most want. It also provokes you to get really clear on a diversity and inclusion stance in your business. Again, Libra, the sign of justice, is cardinal air. So even though Libra represents love, beauty, and balance, it’s one of the most robust signs of the zodiac. This New Moon encourages you to fight for what you believe in concretely—this becomes even more palpable with Venus in its retrograde period, getting ready to transition from evening star to morning star.

Interestingly enough, this New Moon offers zero planets in fire. With Chiron, the asteroid that represents cosmic healing, having retrograded back to Pisces late last month, the sky completely lacks any significant planetary action in the element of fire. Meaning, you may feel tired and in need of rest come the New Moon. If so, take it! Please. A well-rested mother and business owner is a resourced woman. Please resource yourself.

On the 9th, Mercury exits Libra and enters into Scorpio. This transition helps us prepare for the Sun’s next transit into Scorpio later in the month. However, on the 10th Mercury opposes Uranus while retrograde Venus squares Mars. As one of the harsher days of the month, schedule this day lightly. This is not the time to make a considerable pitch or exert yourself massively. (Cue the fort tent!) Avoid traffic if you can and keep your schedule as low-key as possible. On October 11th, the Sun’s square to Pluto perfects. This tough aspect encourages an in-depth look within. Take space from antagonists. Now is not the time to go toe to toe.

With Mercury making a sextile to Saturn on the 12th, the week closes out with a more productive aspect. Save big decisions until Friday. You won’t regret it.

The next week kicks off with Venus conjoined to Mercury on Monday. Take time on this day to journal—dig deep and do your best to discern how you are feeling, what you need, and maybe even what Venus’ retrograde thus far is teaching you. When it comes to your household, prioritize deep and meaningful conversations with your children and partner. If you have a service-driven business, use this day to check in with your clients. It’s also a great day to look backward and ask old clients how they are!

Come to the 18th of October, Venus will no longer be visible in the sky. The planet of love will reach its “underworld” journey. This profound moment commences one of the most reflective periods of 2018. If connecting with your feminine power ranks high on your priority list, this symbolism of the goddess (Venus aka Aphrodite) descending into the underworld encourages you to channel your energies and prowess productively. If you feel “off” in any way, use this as an invitation to go deeper. Explore your sexuality. Explore your shadows. Solicit support from a healer or therapist if needed. Do the work!

On the 19th Mercury squares Mars while trining Neptune. These aspects are a mixed bag. But the opportunity is to use your intuition to KNOW. (Hello, Feminine Power!) Trust your body. Listen to your gut instincts. Protect your energy, time, and space and allow yourself to commit to your top priorities.

The weekend brings upbeat lunar energy. With the Moon waxing full, and Mercury moving into a productive sextile with Pluto (finally), a lot can get done. Channel your power wisely and use it well.

On the 23rd, the cosmic clock bids farewell to the Sun in Libra and hello to the Sun in Scorpio. At this same moment, the Sun will oppose Uranus, promoting you to shake loose that which is not meant to be. With the 24th’s Full Moon in Taurus quickly approaching, energy runs high. So be certain to incorporate mindful movement into your day.

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th happens at 1 degree, conjoining Uranus, the planet of revolution, change, and innovation. While this Taurus Full Moon might suggest grounding and sensual delight under normal circumstances, given its proximity to Uranus, this Full Moon may feel more electric than grounded. With Taurus’ ruling planet of Venus in retrograde, this Full Moon beckons a deep look at your inner landscape. Who are you? What do you want? What do you value? Because this Full Moon has some startling aspects too, now’s not the time to slack on self-care. Move your body. Drink water. Nourish yourself and your family. Don’t run on coffee alone. (Please don’t.) Stay blood sugar balanced, and breathe. This Full Moon asks you to move beyond limiting beliefs and paradigms (hello, patriarchy) and honor who you are as a leader. Now’s the time to release what historically has limited you.

On the 27th, Saturn in Capricorn sextiles the Sun in Scorpio. Score! This is a great day to make decisions and commitments.

October 29th brings Jupiter in Scorpio conjoined to Mercury. Holla! One of the absolute best aspects of this month, this day offers real opportunity—write, speak, promote, and sell. The cosmos supports you.

The month closes out with Halloween. With retrograde Venus back in Libra now, opposing Uranus, keep a close on eye on your children when trick-or-treating. Retrograde Venus in opposition to Uranus can require careful oversight. So have fun and stay connected with your children!

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