November 2018

As the season of harvest transforms into the season of darkness, the opportunity for our inner wisdom, fortitude, and resilience to deepen expands. A month primarily dominated by Scorpio, a sign that represents transformation, brings incredible opportunity. Despite the noirish and demure overtones, November, rippled with retrograde activity, holds astonishing potential.

And if you live in the Southern Hemisphere where you are gaining light– lucky you. The astrology of the month promotes growth. Use it to your advantage.

The month kicks off with Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, making a trine to Chiron in Pisces on November 1st. This favorable transit invites healing and encourages you to recommit to your dream.

If you’ve recently lost faith or hope, revisit the values that prompted you to begin your journey. Why did you start your business in the first place? How about your family? If you’re a mother, what inspired you to want to become one?

Use this transit of Jupiter trining Chiron to feel into who you are as a healer. (Even if you don’t think you are a healer, you have a healing presence.)

Given that November 1st is also the Day of the Dead, a time when the veil between worlds is said to be the thinnest, the month commences with the auspicious opportunity to remember those who have come before us, our ancestors. Consider making an altar to honor those who’ve come before you. Beyond that, though, tune in to your dreams and visions– you may feel more prophetic than usual.

Speaking of dreams, with the Sun starting to set earlier and Daylight Saving Time for those of us in the USA ending on November 4th, now’s the time to settle into the rhythm of late fall. Early to bed and early to rise, syncing up even more to the Sun’s rhythms, and making the most of the nights. By prioritizing sleep, you stand to gain deep rejuvenation that will likely fuel creativity long-term.

Come the 6th, the Sun trines Neptune, further igniting your intuition, creativity, and imagination. Your imagination and creativity are limitless. Pay attention to how you are sleeping. Important messages can be resourced through your sleep. You may even want to consider sleeping with a pen and paper near your bed to jot down notes upon waking.

On November 6th, the day before the New Moon, Uranus, which has been retrograde since August 7th, moves from Taurus back into Aries. This slow-moving outer planet known to shake up the status quo forces innovation even if it creates chaos first. Given the lack of predictability when it comes to this planet’s transits, it’s hard to say how we may feel this one. It’s imperative to note this is happening and to expect a wee bit of disruption on this day.

One way we could feel the impact of this retrograde movement back into Aries is in our weather. Given the lack of predictability, go slow and stay mindful.

To review, Uranus traveled through Aries from May 27, 2010, through May 15, 2018. After some months in Taurus, Uranus revisits Aries November 6 until March 6, 2019. We are going backward to move forward with this transit. With Uranus retreating into Aries, it’s asking us to wrap up unfinished business in the get-it-started sign of Aries. Pay attention to the nuances of the day. They matter.

One day later, on Nov 7th at 11:01am ET, we’ll experience the New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon occurs at 15 degrees of Scorpio. With the Sun and Moon in a sextile to powerhouse Pluto, while Venus and Mars trine, this New Moon holds a lot of possibilities—especially when it comes to both finances and creativity. So dig deep and get clear. What has 2018 brought to fruition for you? What hasn’t yet materialized? What do you want or need now? Consider these questions before you craft your New Moon intention. Despite the heavy retrograde period we’re currently in (remember, Venus is retrograde, and as soon as that planet stations direct, Mercury goes retrograde!), you can get a lot done this lunar cycle. The year isn’t over yet. Choose your goals wisely.

On November 8th, one day after the New Moon, Jupiter (the planet of good luck and good fortune) exits Scorpio, a sign it has been in since October 10th, 2017. Jupiter rules growth, and since it has traveled in Scorpio, we’ve seen a tremendous movement erupt as it applies to sexual misconduct– hello, #metoo. (Scorpio rules sex and secrets.) With Jupiter now entering into Sagittarius, a sign it will stay in until December 2, 2019, we can expect to see a massive fight for democracy and politics that support all people, not just the top 1%. Sagittarius, after all, represents freedom and philosophical pursuits. I believe we’ll also see an uptick in the wellness movement, too, as Sagittarius is closely connected with fitness. Jupiter returning to fire sign Sag– the sign it rules– is auspicious for everyone, and it’s most promising for the Sagittariuses amongst us. Tune into this shift and see how you feel.

Come November 9th at 11:11am ET, Venus will trine Mars. This cosmic connection supports you to rediscover your passion and your heart’s desire. Dig deep. On this same day, Jupiter trines the North Node of Fate suggesting you have extra support to go after your dreams, desires, and goals. Use this day to your advantage.

On the 11th, the Sun in Scorpio makes a sextile to transiting Pluto. Ladies, if ever there was a moment to go after your sexual desires, this transit supports you. With Venus now in its Morning Star position—which represents its fiercest position—and just a few days before it stations, let this transit support you in having your desires met. Whether you are coupled or single, connect with orgasm as a tool to tune in. Oxytocin, after all, provides powerful stress relief.

On November 15th, we experience the Waxing Quarter Moon in Aquarius. This Waxing Quarter Moon calls for evolution, revolution, and change. How can you do things differently in your business? How can you create a more just, inclusive, and diverse brand and company? What do you need to change and how can you make improvements? On this same day, Mars in Aries makes a sextile to Uranus, supporting you to break through obstacles in innovative ways and step into an elevated version of leadership, right before it enters into Pisces. With Mars moving into Pisces, we can expect a deeply feminine tone to emerge in business over the next few weeks. To sweeten the pot even more, the Nodes of Fate move, too. With the North Node now in Cancer and the South Node now in Capricorn, the tides shift. The North Node of destiny will travel in Cancer for the next year, calling forth feminine leadership. Now’s the time to rise, ladies.

As if all of this weren’t enough to adjust to, tomorrow Venus stations direct while Mercury stations retrograde. Yup, as one planet ends its retrograde journey, another commences.

To review, Venus stationed retrograde on October 5th at 10 degrees of Scorpio and concludes its “descent into the underworld” at 25 degrees of Libra. Consider what lessons you’ve learned as they relate to love, money, personal values, and devotion to your highest calling since then. Since Venus goes retrograde so infrequently, take a moment and digest what this Venus retrograde experience taught you. Perhaps a long-held goal came to fruition? Maybe the opposite happened, and you needed to release something that was standing in your way. Regardless, consider what you learned and digest the teaching. Make a commitment or vow to yourself, stemming from the wisdom you are currently absorbing.

Then, get ready for Mercury, the planet of communication, to enter its final retrograde of 2018. Mercury travels retrograde from November 16th through December 6th, from 13 degrees of Sagittarius to 27 degrees of Scorpio. After a year of so much retrograde activity, we have one last cycle of review before we officially wrap up the year and prepare for what’s ahead in 2019.

On the 19th, Mars squares Jupiter. This transit could call forth a fighting spirit, so direct it towards your goals as opposed to people. Steer clear of conflict. Especially with Mercury in retrograde– tread lightly.

Connect with your children. Ask them how they feel, what they need, and how you can support them. What growing pains are they experiencing? How can you help them to digest their growth?

On November 21st, the Sun makes an awkward angle to Uranus known as an inconjunct. This transit could bring forth intense feelings of agitation. If out of nowhere you get the feeling you want to burn your life down, pause and check in with how you feel after Mercury stations direct (if the mood doesn’t pass sooner!). Warning: children may be extra fussy and anxious on this day.

Come the 22nd, the Sun leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius. With the Sun heading into optimistic Sagittarius and holiday season commencing, it’s time to settle into gratitude. Coincidentally, this is also Thanksgiving Day in the US.

To add more mojo to the mix, the Full Moon in Gemini on November 23rd, which happens at 12:39am, will be felt (big time) on the night of Thanksgiving Day.

This Full Moon happens at zero degrees of Gemini, and what a fun Full Moon it is. A Gemini Full Moon encourages communication and socialization, perfect for the holiday. Further, with Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, conjoined to the Sun at the time of the Full Moon, this potent lunar moment heralds the blessings of abundance. Focus on the positive. Pray for a positive change in the world. Donate your abundance to good causes and remember the less fortunate. The more we give to others, the more we stand to receive. Stay kind and generous. Then consider what you want to release this Full Moon. What’s holding you back from moving forward? What change do you want to initiate? With the holiday season now in full roar, remember: you do not have to wait until the new year to take a stand for your goals and desires. This Full Moon asks you to commit now! With Jupiter in the most favorable position, take advantage.

Then get ready on November 26th at 2:33 am ET as the Sun and Jupiter conjoin, creating what many astrologers refer to as the luckiest day of the year. Yes! Now’s the time to drop into your intention and desire for growth. Make the most of the positivity and optimism available. Work the principles of manifestation and the law of attraction—the cosmos is on your side! Even with Mercury squaring Mars today, you’ve got this! (Though stay mindful of communication snafus and arguments, too.)

On the 27th, the Sun conjoins retrograde Mercury while conjoining Jupiter. Meanwhile, Mars sends of a beam of support to Saturn, too. Aside from Mercury being retrograde, this trifecta bodes exceptionally well. However, with Mercury retrograde, it’s essential to honor and listen to your intuition before proceeding. Access your truth and most importantly, concentrate! What do you most want to call forth right now?

The month closes out with a Waning Quarter Moon in Virgo happening on the 29th at 7:18pm ET, asking us to get our proverbial ducks in a row. With the last month of the year about to commence, allow yourself to get clear on what your priorities are. The year 2018 is about to draw to a close. Use the final days of November to your advantage.

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