May 2020


Welcome to your May astrology forecast. This month the North Node transits out of Cancer and into Gemini on May 5th/6th to begin a new growth cycle. We have spent the last 18 months striving to find the balance between personal will and external authority, our feminine nature vs our masculine one, and working in cycles instead taking a linear approach. The Gemini cycle begins a new 18-month period that centers personal relationships, collaboration, community (and local organizations), and learning new skills. It minimizes the ‘lone wolf’ and solopreneur archetypes, shuns the obsession with acquiring more conceptual knowledge (or stuff) in lieu of training in what you already know (or making use of what you already have), and enhances horizontal vs vertical growth. The Gemini nodal cycle will be a markedly social time–even in the midst of a global pandemic. Expect your social circles and strategic networks to shift often, expanding and contracting over days and weeks instead of months or years. As soon as you make a decision, you’ll find you’re questioning it later with equally valid alternatives. The wisdom of the Cancer cycle, and the previous Leo one, showed you what you care about: your heart, your passion, your drive. That will always be what you must circle back to in order to remain in integrity with your values and goals.

Below you will find the moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations for the month ahead. To ensure you get the most out of this material, please reference your natal chart, paying particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur. This will ensure you have a more accurate representation of how various areas of life will be affected.


New Moon: Taurus (3°) on April 22nd at 7:26pm PT.
1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Leo (10°) on April 30th at 1:38pm PT.
Full Moon: Scorpio (17°) on May 7th at 3:45am PT.
Last Quarter Square (Waning) Moon: Aquarius (24°) on May 14th at 7:03am PT.
New Moon: Gemini (2°) on May 22nd at 10:39am PT.
1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Virgo (9°) on May 29th at 8:30pm PT.


▪ May 3 – Venus in Gemini (20°) square Neptune in Pisces (20°).
▪ May 4 – Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus (13°).
▪ May 7 – FULL MOON in Scorpio (17°) at 3:45am PT. Mercury in Taurus (20°) sextile Neptune in Pisces (20°).
▪ May 9 – Mercury in Taurus (24°) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (24°).
▪ May 10 – Mercury in Taurus (27°) trine Jupiter in Capricorn (27°). Sun in Taurus (20°) sextile Neptune in Pisces (20°). Saturn goes retrograde at Aquarius (1°).
▪ May 11 – Mercury in Taurus (28°) square Mars in Aquarius (28°). Mercury moves into Gemini.
▪ May 12 – Mercury in Gemini (1°) trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (1°). Mars moves into Pisces. Venus goes retrograde at Gemini (21°).
▪ May 14 – WANING MOON in Aquarius (24°) at 7:03am PT. Jupiter goes retrograde at Capricorn (27°). Sun in Taurus (24°) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (24°).
▪ May 17 – Sun in Taurus (24°) trine Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn (27°).
▪ May 20 – Sun moves into Gemini. Venus retrograde in Gemini (20°) square Neptune in Pisces (20°).
▪ May 22 – NEW MOON in Gemini (2°) at 10:39am PT. Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde in Gemini (19°). Sun in Gemini (1°) trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (1°). Mercury in Gemini (20°) square Neptune in Pisces (20°).
▪ May 24 – Mars in Pisces (8°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (8°).
▪ May 28 – Mercury moves into Cancer.
▪ May 29 – WAXING MOON in Virgo (9°) at 8:30pm PT.


On May 3rd, Venus squares Neptune. This marks the waxing part of their cycle which began with their conjunction on January 27th at 16 degrees Pisces. The theme for this journey is around the amplification of feminine principles and approaches to life, i.e., working with natural rhythms, tuning in to intuitive wisdom, creativity, softness, and emotional vulnerability. This square provides an opportunity over the coming months to develop a deeper understanding of what’s been occurring within us and practice giving voice to our emotional truth. A shift to focus on developing quality interpersonal experiences with shared emotional intimacy and value systems can truly flourish.

May 4th provides us an auspicious day of the Sun conjunct Mercury. Whenever these two are together they can spark inspiration and answers to questions you may have. If you’ve been trying to make a decision on something related to the house where 13 degrees Taurus resides in your chart, then you may find you get a breakthrough around this time.

On May 7th, we have the Full Moon in Scorpio. Your manifestations as related to the Taurus lunar month which began on April 22nd will start to flower at this time. Taurus relates to our physical bodies, pleasure, money, and taking care of fundamental needs. Take pride in what you’ve accomplished and treat yourself! Also, this day through May 10th keeps Mercury busy as it has conversations with Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. This will be a good time to take the strategy(ies) you picked up from the Sun conjunction on the 4th and apply them to the areas of your life where Capricorn and Pisces reside in your natal chart. Note: This entire week will be mentally active, so use that to your advantage to get a lot of your ‘to do’ list completed.

On May 10th, Saturn stations retrograde. It won’t be until September 28th before it goes direct again, leaving us with a welcome reprieve of its ‘disciplining’ energy for 4.5 months. Retrogrades of the bigger planets ease up their influence, giving us a bit of a breather and a time of assessment on how far we’ve come, where we’re going, and what–if any–adjustments need to be made to ensure more ease and grace. Pay attention to what new inspiration has come in for you since the Spring Equinox. From that point Saturn has spent time at 0 and 1 degree of Aquarius. Where is this in your natal chart? Have you felt the pull to stretch beyond your wildest dreams and be open to something new? Over the coming months, we can take the time to really deconstruct what all of that means and, in particular, what it will take to bring it into fruition. Don’t worry about getting it all ‘right’ at the moment; remember that this is a foreshadowing of what you are to be working on and fully embodying in 2021. Start setting up the pieces–make the adjustments–to have a smooth transition.

On May 11th, Mercury squares Mars before heading into its home sign of Gemini. This should feel really good and be a welcome opposite experience from the 2 months when Mercury was hanging out in Pisces earlier this year. There is something about Mercury in Gemini that sparks a flurry of activity: conversations, collaboration, planning, brainstorming… This is poised to be a fruitful time; just don’t get carried away or you’ll get frustrated. We’re entering a time where the big outer planets will be in retrograde motion for several months. Temper your expectations for what can be launched or considered success for the time being.

On May 12th, both Mars and Venus make significant changes. Mars moves into Pisces and Venus stations retrograde in Gemini. In general, Mars transiting a water sign is not a beneficial energy because the fire of motivation and passion gets smothered. However, this is poised to be a time of ‘the empowered feminine.’ While movement might seem slow on the surface, there is a lot getting worked out ‘behind the scenes.’ Look to see where this is occurring in your natal chart for a hint of where progress may be happening but you may not be aware of it. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior and falling into a victim mentality at this time, however. Venus’ retrogrades are always 40 days: a sacred time of introspection and empowerment. This would be a great time to allow the energy of this planet to support you wherever Gemini is in your chart. The retrograde centers the return and strengthening of operating from a place of integrity in all that you do. Given how much planetary focus there is around Gemini, there’s something here about this archetype of the Mind, Communication, and Learning that requires a closer look….at the very least to be brought to conscious awareness and actively engaged with.

On May 14th, we have the waning Moon in Aquarius which signals the remaining part of the Taurus lunar month. Finish wrapping up whatever else requires your attention as it relates to those original goals and start preparing for the new lunar month to kick off next week. This waning Moon happens at the same time as Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn for 4 months. Jupiter retrogrades are a time of finding ‘buried treasure.’ Here Jupiter presents to you blessings or opportunities you may have missed. For the first half of the retrograde, you might not even notice any change in the expansive benefits of this planet. However, usually by the second half (approximately August & September), you’ll be able to tell that things are slowing down. Fortunately, around that time Mars will be in Aries, so we’ll get our mojo back and be able to push through and create our own opportunities.

Also on May 14th & the 17th, the Sun trines Pluto and Jupiter. These transits are very supportive and can bring blessings, especially as they relate to intentions or goals you’ve set from when these cycles began back in December and January. Since both Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde, the Sun’s influence can shine through unencumbered. Notice where you may be given a “pass” on something that might have been a source of worry or a potential hindrance. Enjoy being able to slide through with a wink from the Universe.

On May 20th, the Sun enters the sign of Gemini, which means it is a time of integration and clearing. The mutable months are the final stage of each season. In this case the Gemini month marks the final weeks of Spring before the Summer Solstice in June. As such, this time gives us the space to take stock of what we began at Spring Equinox and what still requires our attention so that we can create enough space for the next 3-month season. This would not be a great time to initiate a bunch of new projects unless they are already in direct alignment with what you’ve been cultivating all Spring. Save the ‘new’ for after eclipse season if at all possible. Also on this day, Venus once again squares Neptune. Remember what happened on or around May 3rd when the first square happened? Are you getting a do-over here? Are you hashing out the same issue in the conversation with a loved one? Is the expectation matching reality? When Venus goes direct over the summer, we’ll revisit this square with Neptune for the third and final time. Respect the time it may be taking to get to the bottom of a complex emotional issue and to build trust. Nothing good that lasts happens overnight.

On May 22nd, we have the New Moon in Gemini. This begins a “mutable” lunar month, which joins the solar cycle of integration for the Spring activities and preparation for the Summer season. There is a lot of planetary support now in Gemini to clear the mental fog and get things done. Mercury supports this with its conversations with Venus (conjunction) and Neptune (square), and the Sun joins the mix with its supportive trine to Saturn. Soon we will be inundated by several eclipses back to back, which can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are an empath. Try your best to set yourself up for success in terms of tightening up routines, re-committing to systems and processes for greater efficiency, and writing a lot! The goal is to minimize the ‘tinkering’ when the summer hits so that as the eclipse curveballs come, you won’t be thrown off course.

On May 24th, Mars sextiles Uranus. This may be an unexpectedly tough, emotional day most likely due to something subconscious coming up to the surface to be released. Be gentle with yourself around this time. If you’re still not quite sure what’s going or what’s ‘wrong,’ Mercury’s transit into Cancer on May 28th may help to give thought and voice to what’s been happening underneath the surface. There is great potential for heart clearing, forgiveness, and the like. Remember we can only ever do our best with what we know.

We end the month on May 29th with the waxing Moon in Virgo. This may spark a drive to focus on personal development, health and wellness, and developing more mastery in a skill. Objectivity and facts over emotions when making decisions should be easier in the week ahead. As you achieve success, share it with others!

My Love,
Jynnette the Oracle

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