June 2020


Gemini season is upon us, and there is a lot of activity in this sign in addition to the other hotspots of the zodiac such as Capricorn or Pisces. Whatever house (or houses) that Gemini resides in for your natal chart is set to experience a lot of growth and activity. Eclipse season kicks off at the top of the month as well! We’ll have a total of 3 eclipses happening back-to-back over the summer, and 2 of those 3 eclipses occur in June. For those who are very sensitive to lunar activity, plan ahead as much as possible to clear your schedule around those days so that you have the wiggle room to process any emotions or feelings of overwhelm. We also see Mercury go retrograde for the 2nd time this year in Cancer. All of Mercury’s retrogrades in 2020 are in the water signs. We already experienced Pisces, and the final one will occur in Scorpio. Neptune goes retrograde as well while Venus turns direct! You will have to pace yourself and not get carried away with either the stuck or overwhelming emotions. And finally, we have the summer solstice which kicks off a brand-new season. Trust me when I say the stop-and-start energy will be prevalent throughout the month!

List of transits is at the bottom.


On June 2nd, a square between Mars & Venus occurs. Their cycle began with a conjunction in Virgo during August of 2019. Mars rules our drive, ambition, and forward movement while Venus rules money, relationships (of all kinds), and aesthetics. Paying attention to the dance of these 2 planets over the 2-year period of their cycle is important as it relates to influences on our personal lives and businesses. This square is a push point for action. From a broader perspective, their journey together is an exploration of the archetype of Virgo: hardworking, perfecting, routines, management, physical health & wellness, problem solving, prosperity, etc. Currently, Venus retrograde in Gemini is giving the opportunity to reassess the current “environment” you’re in (this includes looking honestly at the people you’re “building” with) in light of the “why,” which Mars in Pisces is leading with. What is the vision that sets the standard for interpersonal relationships, personal & spiritual development, business, and community? Can you approach your life in a different way, one that is in alignment with this new reality that’s emerging?

On June 3rd, we see the inferior conjunction of Venus with the Sun. This is when Venus is closest to the Earth and exactly between the Earth and the Sun–essentially a Venusian eclipse. The inferior conjunction marks the time of Venus emerging out of the “dark underworld” and into the “light.” What this means for us now is that the deeper excavation work, transformational processes, and composting of “what was” that we’ve been addressing over the past year will begin to bear fruit. More obvious opportunities will present themselves, even with so many other planets being retrograde. Know that this is what has been stored up for you, not only from your own work, but as hidden blessings as well. Receive!

On June 5th is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Think of this eclipse as more of a precursor–a foreshadowing–of the areas of our life that will be highlighted as during the North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius transit. Just like with Saturn’s dip into Aquarius before going retrograde, this eclipse gives us our first glimpse into the themes of 2021. Take notes. Pay attention. There’s no need to take a big action around this time on something new–go with what you already have in play. (For example, if you’ve already been working on the launch of a project within the last 6 months, then go ahead with it. But if it’s something that you’ve only just delved into within the last few weeks, then wait.) In fact, this is the general suggestion for all eclipses!

From June 6th thru June 13th, we have the chance to make sense of the shifts in how we work, how we manage our ambitions, and how we create a new paradigm moving forward. This occurs due to the Sun squaring both Mars & Neptune, the waning Moon, and finally the conjunction of Mars & Neptune. Make no mistake: This is probably the most important week of the year as it speaks to the question on everyone’s mind: What is the “new normal”? This question is important because we are in the middle of true global change, and our answer has ramifications for the generation to come. The answer is going to come from what, if any, adjustments you’ve made in terms of how you’ve been living. Is it in integrity with the values of where you’re going next? Or are you still holding onto toxic patterns/coping mechanisms from the past? (To be clear, not every part of our lives and collective experience has to be removed.) Please take the time to check-in every single day with yourself, codify your new input/output needs, imprint your “new normal” by practicing it consciously, and commit to operating from this new reality moving forward. Lip service won’t be enough. Your lived experience is where your fuel and power is going to come from to address the bigger structural transformation that is at hand.

On June 17th, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Cancer. If this is occurring in your 3rd, 7th, or 11th house, then expect more of the typical Mercury retrograde snafus such as difficult communication, technical issues, travel hiccups, etc. If this is occurring in your 4th, 8th, or 12th house, then be prepared to be in an emotional fog (again) just like when Mercury was in Pisces earlier this year. If this is occurring in your 2nd, 6th, or 10th house, then try not to second-guess your inner truth as it relates to your decision-making for the practical matters of life. If this is occurring in your 1st, 5th, or 9th house, then guard against spiraling into low self-worth issues– instead see where there may be hindrances in your belief systems.

On June 18th, Mars sextiles Pluto to give us all a boost of confidence and motivation in implementing the actions we have decided to take as we head into the summer solstice on June 20th. The solstice is highlighted by a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer–the last one we’ll have for many years to come. It is both a beginning and an end: an end because it marks the final goodbye of the North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn dynamics from the past 1.5 years, a beginning because it kicks off a 6-month period for achieving a short-term goal in an area related to the house the eclipse occurs in. (Note: This may be a different house than previous Cancer eclipses.) If your goal is appropriately constructed, then you will most likely start to see a “ROI” in October/November. Some goals may take till the end of the year to complete, however. Remember: Mars goes retrograde in October so plan accordingly (i.e., be realistic)!

On June 22nd, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces for 5 months before turning direct 2 days before an eclipse at the end of November. I think this can be a wonderful couple of months where we get a break from the emotional overwhelm, triggers, spirals, etc. This is not to say that the challenges we face will disappear, of course, rather that we won’t have to struggle as much to process what’s happening or to implement action. For others this retrograde may have the opposite effect by exposing what is really going on underneath the surface, yet what we may have avoided dealing with because we’ve been enamored by the distractions offered by Pisces. Regardless, the truth will be revealed, whether positive or negative. Adjust as necessary.

On June 24th, Venus finally brings its 40-day retrograde journey to a close and goes direct in Gemini. As you come out of this time, assess what you have learned or gained, who you’ve connected with, what worked or didn’t, and where your hope lies now.

On June 27th, Mars comes home to Aries where it will remain for almost 7 months, taking us into 2021. We finally get out mojo back! Where our relationship with masculine energy–whether internal or external–has had some bumps and bruises this year, there is a clear line in the sand separating healthy vs. toxic expression at the core level in each of us. These past few months may have provided a rude awakening for how clear/balanced/self-assured you were (or not) and how others actually were. Now we move forward with a much cleaner slate and with renewed passion and drive for our new purpose, which we’ve been working on diligently in private. As we get deeper into the summer, however, be mindful not to push too far ahead as we still have the bigger planets in retrograde.

On June 28th, we have the waxing Moon in Libra amplified by Mars squaring Saturn retrograde. Today can be supportive for relationships of all kinds, especially ones where power dynamics may not be equal. Think big, think differently here– not to win but to innovate.

We end the month on June 29th with Jupiter making its second conjunction of the year with Pluto. Both planets are in retrograde circling back to April 4th. See what was happening in your life around that time and about 2 weeks afterwards for clues on what you may be seeing again this time around. If there’s still more work to be done, get to it. If not, then celebrate how far you’ve come. You deserve it!

My Love,
Jynnette the Oracle

Below you will find the Moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations for the month ahead. To ensure you get the most out of this material, please reference your natal chart, paying particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur. This will ensure you have a more accurate representation of how various areas of your life will be affected.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Sagittarius (15°) on June 5th at 12:25pm PT.3
Last Quarter Square (Waning) Moon: Pisces (22°) on June 12th at 11:24pm PT.
New Moon Solar Eclipse: Cancer (0°) on June 20th at 11:41pm PT.
1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Libra (7°) on June 28th at 1:16am PT.


▪ June 2 – Venus retrograde in Gemini (14°) square Mars in Pisces (14°).
▪ June 3 – Sun conjunct Venus retrograde in Gemini (13°).
▪ June 5 – FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius (15°) at 12:25pm PT. Mercury in Cancer (8°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (8°).
▪ June 6 – Sun in Gemini (15°) square Mars in Pisces (15°).
▪ June 11 – Sun in Gemini (20°) square Neptune in Pisces (20°).
▪ June 12 – WANING MOON in Pisces (22°) at 11:24pm PT.
▪ June 13 – Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces (20°).
▪ June 17 – Mercury retrogrades in Cancer (14°).
▪ June 18 – Mars in Pisces (24°) sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (24°).
▪ June 20 – NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE / SUMMER SOLSTICE in Cancer (0°) at 11:41pm PT. Sun moves into Cancer. Mars in Pisces (25°) sextile Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn (25°).
▪ June 22 – Neptune retrogrades in Pisces (20°).
▪ June 24 – Venus goes direct in Gemini (5°).
▪ June 27 – Mars moves into Aries.
▪ June 28 – WAXING MOON in Libra (7°) at 1:16am PT. Mars in Aries (0°) square Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (0°).
▪ June 29 – Jupiter retrograde conjunct Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (24°).

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