July 2020


The limited transits in July can give the illusion that nothing “big” is happening; however, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Cancer season is dominated by lunar aspects along with very important mid-cycle transits involving many of the “big planetary players.” Remember: 1) The journey of the Moon sheds light on our internal reality, our new emotional landscape, and a clearer idea of what we really want, 2) We are at the half-year mark of 2020. Every year there are two New Moons in a single zodiac sign, and this time we get a double dose of the Cancer cycle. What makes the second lunar month unique is that instead of the Moon phases being in cardinal signs, they will instead be in fixed signs. This will reinforce what we experienced during the Taurus lunar cycle (see April & May Cosmic Weather Reports). In terms of the other planetary aspects, we can assess objectively where we are, where we’ve been sabotaging, where we can push further, and we can course-correct as needed. There’s a lot of room to grow even in the midst of chaos. Your container is bigger now. Stretch. But remain in integrity with what’s in alignment for your life and your work. Less is more.


  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Capricorn (13°) on July 4th at 9:32pm PT.
  • Last Quarter Square (Waning) Moon: Aries (21°) on July 12th at 4:29pm PT.
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse: Cancer (28°) on July 20th at 10:33am PT.
  • 1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Scorpio (4°) on July 27th at 5:32am PT.


  • July 1 – Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn.
  • July 4 – FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn (13°) on at 9:32pm PT.
  • July 8 – Mercury retrograde in Cancer (6°) square Mars in Aries (6°).
  • July 12 – WANING MOON in Aries (21°) on at 4:29pm PT. Mercury goes direct in Cancer (5°).
  • July 14 – Sun in Cancer (22°) opposes Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn (22°).
  • July 15 – Sun in Cancer (23°) opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (23°).
  • July 20 – NEW MOON in Cancer (28°) on at 10:33am PT. Sun in Cancer (28°) opposes Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (28°).
  • July 22 – Sun enters Leo. Mercury in Cancer (10°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (10°).
  • July 27 – WAXING MOON in Scorpio (4°) on 5:32am PT. Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn (20°) sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces (20°). Venus in Gemini (20°) square Neptune retrograde in Pisces (20°). Mercury in Cancer (15°) square Mars in Aries (15°).
  • July 30 – Mercury in Cancer (20°) opposes Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn (20°). Mercury in Cancer (20°) trine Neptune retrograde in Capricorn (20°).


On July 1st, Saturn heads back into Capricorn as a part of its ongoing retrograde motion, which began on May 10th. We still have until September 28th before it goes direct again, and we are closing in on the halfway point of this transit. We may find that we have an easier time implementing important structural changes than ever before. If that’s the case, use the reprieve to gain new ground and set a new standard moving forward, one that is better in support of the vision for the future. If you’re having difficulty, use the time to dig into the places where you continue to lean out of and commit to facing it head on. Take your time and remember that the retrograde won’t last forever. What we do now has effects on the next 30 years. Think bigger, simplify, and center humanity.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse occurs on the evening of July 4th, Independence Day holiday in the United States. This eclipse is closing out the 6-month lunar cycle that began with the New Moon solar eclipse on Christmas Day 2019 at 3 degrees of Capricorn. Where did that eclipse occur in your chart? What areas of life does that correlate to? The past six months have been a time of growth and manifestation in that area while simultaneously being a place where the South Node has been excavating deep karmic patterns of limiting beliefs, behaviors, and attachments. Truly a juxtaposition of experiences! Regardless, growth should be evident if you look closely. Acknowledge how far you’ve come and affirm that you have closed an important chapter. You won’t be having a New Moon eclipse in Capricorn for another 9 years or so! Extend grace to yourself and all others.

On July 8th, Mercury squares Mars leading to a potential internal or external battle. Internally, this could look like difficulty coming to a decision as you try to determine the difference between your true instincts/intuition and your emotions. If you can wait on the decision (till the end of the month), then do so because just a few days later this week on July 12th, we’ll see the waning Moon occur in Aries (providing instinctual clarity) AND Mercury station direct (providing emotional clarity). The discernment around this distinction is crucial because one can lead you to make impulse decisions based on pure survival while the other is intimately connected to your soul purpose. It’s best not to project which you think is going to be the “right” answer and instead go on the journey of discovering it directly for yourself. If you are not able to wait on a decision, then incorporate as much linear assessment as possible (e.g., listing pros & cons, revisiting your overarching goals to see how a decision supports or detracts, etc.). Externally, this could be a volatile time between you and another. More likely than not, whatever the issue is will be trivial. Don’t take things personally.

On July 14th and 15th, we see the Sun finally come to its opposition (halfway) point with Jupiter and Pluto. It also does so with Saturn on the 20th. The conversation (cycle) between the Sun and Jupiter began on December 27, 2019, at 5 degrees of Capricorn (right in the midst of that Christmas Day eclipse threshold) while the Sun-Pluto one happened concurrently with Saturn on January 13th at 22 degrees of Capricorn (also in the midst of the January eclipse). Powerful and packed would be an understatement with these heavy hitters! The unique Sun-Jupiter cycle is one that is infused with added “blessings” because it was trine Uranus in Taurus. Fortune favored the bold (not the risky) and the groundedness of all that earth energy should have paid dividends by now if you kept the focus on your work and created a new material standard for yourself. The Sun-Pluto-Saturn cycle is a bigger deal because it’s steeped in societal change and sets the foundation for the next 33 years. Here is some of what I forecasted for this cycle at the beginning of 2020:

“This cycle in Capricorn brings the concept of “staking our claim” to the forefront. Personal ambition, power dynamics, and governmental upheavals or crackdowns are par for the course. True transformation on a global scale is going to require a strong, autonomous populace. A time of great change is upon us, and those who lead with a new vision for the future are the architects of society. It is a role that everyone will be playing whether they realize it or not—or whether they want the responsibility for it or not. Our job is to amplify our vision and stay the course over the long haul to see that it comes to fruition (Capricorn). And the power to do so will come from the amplification of our Self/Soul love (Cancer).”

Now that we’re at the halfway/opposition point of this year’s cycle (although barely beginning the 33-year cycle), can you say that you’ve been taking the lead with a new vision? Have you remained consistent and disciplined in your actions? Is your strategy revealing success?

On July 20th, we see the second New Moon in Cancer, which gives us yet another opportunity to flesh out our internal landscape, recommit to our why, and create a more sustainable emotional foundation where we spend less time questioning our self-worth and more time manifesting like fire due to there no longer being an inner war.

This powerful week (July 14th through the 21st) culminates in the Sun’s entry into Leo on July 22nd and another inspirational boost with Mercury’s sextile to Uranus. This is the second sextile between these two planets, the first being on June 5th. Since the first sextile occurred at 8 degrees and now this one occurs at 10 degrees, you should find that you’re able to move forward now—with a bit more clarity—around whatever you were still trying to flesh out in early June. Whatever it is represents something new for you and will continue to be worked out over the next few weeks. The next time these planets meet up will be in a trine on August 25th, which will provide positive forward motion. Remain patient and trust the timing of how things unfold. Let it be easy.

July 27th is packed with three important transits. First, there is the 2nd sextile between Jupiter and Neptune while they are currently retrograde. The first occurred on February 20th at 17 degrees Capricorn and Pisces, respectively. Their cycle actually began with their conjunction in Aquarius back in 2009. (I’m sure you remember that year, right?) The new cycle will occur in 2022 when they conjoin in Pisces. But, in 2020 it’s the final dance of these two. Sextiles don’t tend to offer more than a “lazy river” flow to what’s already in process. There’s not enough fuel or power compared to a trine or square that can be generated. However, the final sextiles of a cycle can provide you with an easy vibe to ride the wave of completion on tasks or projects. This can also be a great time to take stock of how far you’ve come. Nostalgia will be heightened at this time; just don’t get carried away. If you lose momentum, then it will be harder to motivate yourself back into action. Stay the course. As usual, pay attention to what houses this occurs in in your chart as the 3rd sextile later in the year will provide one more last-minute boost in those same areas. Second, Venus squares Neptune again. Their first square occurred on May 3rd. The theme for this journey is around the amplification of feminine principles and approaches to life (e.g., working with natural rhythms, tuning into intuitive wisdom, creativity, softness, and emotional vulnerability). This square provides yet another opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of what’s been occurring within us and practice giving voice to our truth. A shift to focus on developing quality interpersonal experiences with shared values can truly flourish at this time. Lastly, Mercury once again squares Mars just like it did two weeks ago. NOW is the time to make that decision if you were able to postpone it. At the very least, you’ll be able to understand what really was going on underneath the surface for either you or another person.

We end the month on July 30th with Mercury having important check-ins with both Jupiter in Neptune. Mercury helps us make sense of big ideas, plans, etc., while showing us where “due North” is. A lot of the mental fog is on its way out now as the planet’s shift into bold Leo nears. Use this time to tighten up any loose ends. Momentum will start picking back up, and you’ll be able to navigate it with much more poise and control now!

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