April 2020


Welcome to your April astrology forecast. Below you will find the moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations for the month ahead. To ensure you get the most out of this material, please reference your natal chart paying particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur. This will ensure you have a more accurate representation of how various areas of life will be affected.

Keep this in mind as you read through this month’s message~

Overall, we may find it strange–and possibly difficult–to exist in what seems to be two different realities. One reality that is mired in stress and anxiety around COVID-19 and shifting global economies. One reality that is adamant about birthing and nurturing the new. We are tasked in the days and the months ahead to hold both birth and death simultaneously. Both are important. Both require our attention. However, it is irresponsible to slide exclusively into one vs. the other. This Capricorn imprint on 2020 means both a year and a generation (33-year Saturn-Pluto cycle) of mastery. We must lean INTO the middle path, the inner wisdom, and the guidance of the soul which exists from a space of Divine Neutrality. We must maintain an appropriate use of inner and outer resources. Yes, we can do this. Want to know how? Slow down.


April is part of a “cardinal” lunar month, meaning the primary moon phases are occurring in the cardinal signs, which catalyze the beginning of a new journey.

New Moon: Aries (4°) on March 24th at 2:28am PT
1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Cancer (12°) on April 1st at 3:21am PT
Full Moon: Libra (18°) on April 7th at 7:35pm PT
Last Quarter Square (Waning) Moon: Capricorn (25°) on April 14th at 3:56pm PT
New Moon: Taurus (3°) on April 22nd at 7:26pm PT.
1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Leo (10°) on April 30th at 1:38pm PT


▪ April 1st – WAXING MOON in Cancer (12°) at 3:21am PT.
▪ April 3rd – Venus moves into Gemini. Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces (19°).
▪ April 4th – Venus in Gemini (0°) trines Saturn in Aquarius (0°). Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (24°).
▪ April 7th – FULL MOON in Libra (18°) at 7:35pm PT. Mars in Aquarius (5°) square Uranus in Taurus (5°). Mercury in Pisces (24°) sextile Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn (24°).
▪ April 10th – Mercury moves into Aries.
▪ April 11th – Mercury in Aries (1°) sextile Saturn in Aquarius (1°).
▪ April 14th – WANING MOON in Capricorn (25°) at 3:56pm PT. Sun in Aries (24°) square Pluto in Capricorn (24°).
▪ April 15th – Sun in Aries (25°) square Jupiter in Capricorn (25°).
▪ April 17th – Mercury in Aries (10°) sextile Venus in Gemini (10°).
▪ April 18th – Mercury in Aries (12°) sextile Mars in Aquarius (12°).
▪ April 19th – Sun moves into Taurus.
▪ April 21st – Sun in Taurus (1°) square Saturn in Aquarius (1°).
▪ April 22nd – NEW MOON in Taurus (3°) at 7:26pm PT.
▪ April 25th – Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn (24°). Mercury in Aries (24°) square Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn (24°).
▪ April 26th – Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus (6°).
▪ April 27th – Mercury moves into Taurus.
▪ April 28th – Mercury in Taurus (1°) square Saturn in Aquarius (1°).
▪ April 30th – WAXING MOON in Leo (10°) at 1:38pm PT. Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus (6°).


On April 1st, we have the first quarter square Moon in Cancer. We can expect to see the fire of creativity expand and grow as it relates to what our goals are for the Aries lunar cycle, which began on March 24th. The deep transformation of last month has shot us out into brand-new territory. Time to explore the new.

On April 3rd, we have Venus enter Gemini, the sign where it will remain until the beginning of August due to its upcoming retrograde in May. Venus rules money and love as well as personal self-worth and value systems. Gemini is our local community and friends, siblings and chosen family, as well as how we perceive the world, how we process information, and how we express ourselves. I expect there to be strengthening of existing healthy relationships–all types, personal to professional–and a reconsideration and expansion of what we consider to be community overall. Unhealthy relationships will be forced to adjust to come to a space of greater interdependence and open-heartedness. This is a focus on “we” (i.e., what benefits all) and less on “me” (i.e., what do I get out of it). This day also sees a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. On the positive side, this will continue to give direct and clear access to spiritual information, mysteries, and development of higher sense perception. On the negative side, this can heighten fear, illusion, anxiety, and the like. Take care to not get carried away around this time!

On April 4th, Venus trines Saturn. Trines are actively beneficial aspects that provide more opportunity and blessings than sextiles do. This is the first trine of the Venus-Saturn cycle that began with their conjunction on December 11, 2019, at 18 degrees Capricorn. Pay attention to what opens for you in the days leading up to and including this day for opportunities to present. There’s a strong possibility that it will include working or connecting with a group that is creating something new for all to step into. This could be business, governmental, environmental, social, or even real estate related. Also on this day, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto, which begins a new 20-year cycle between the two. This is the first of three meetings that these two powerful planets will have in 2020. (The second one is on June 30th when they are both retrograde and the third is on November 12th). A time for healing and transformation of long-standing structures is upon us. Think of this in the context of bigger things that you can’t control individually, yet which require your active participation in order to influence the direction of change. Jupiter is a neutral player here and will amplify the power of Pluto and what is agreed to by the collective. Will you join in the creation of new systems and organizations being seeded by Venus’ transit through Gemini? Or will you maintain the status quo?

On April 7th, we have the Full Moon in Libra. Your manifestations as they relate to this Aries lunar month will start to flower at this time. See all things from an objective perspective so that you may make any necessary adjustments. The greater harvest is coming soon. Mars squares Uranus this day in addition to Mercury sextiling the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. Look to take bold, inspired action, especially if directly related to your agreement to manifest the new. Step out on faith a little bit here!

On April 10th, Mercury moves into Aries. Finally the planet that rules communication, perception, and thinking leaves the heavy, watery depths of Pisces and enters the creative and instinctual clarity of Aries. This has been a LONG 60-day transit of Mercury in detriment. Now the fog clears and we get a reprieve from the mental swings. We can take the “positive” insights and ideas and strategize much more clearly. The very next day, on April 11th, we get such an opportunity as Mercury sextiles wise elder Saturn. This would be a great time to work with a coach, mentor, or accountability group to help you crystallize your vision(s). Or maybe play that role yourself!

On April 14th and 15th, we have the waning Moon in Capricorn at the same time that the Sun squares Pluto and Jupiter. This will probably be a volatile, emotional time. There are a few reasons for this. First, the South Node is still in the sign of Capricorn, so having the Moon transit this sign will expose the deeper “stuff” that we have, especially as related to the house this is in for the natal chart. Second, this waning Moon is conjunct Pluto, which very much has to do with money, trauma, power dynamics, sexuality, and more. Third, this waning Moon is also conjunct Jupiter. Our biggest planet provides the silver lining and solutions to any potential obstacles. Increase your activities of self-care and take your time with decisions so that you make informed, balanced choices. Ultimately, the opposing energy around these days will neutralize one another. The blessing, protection, and way out is promised with the Sun since it’s still in one of its strongest signs, Aries. Our life giver overlights all chaos in the midst of the transition.

On April 17th and 18th, Mercury sextiles the “Divine Lovers” Venus and Mars. True to its nature, Mercury sits right in the middle of them and acts as the messenger between the two. This is an excellent time to check in with how you are balancing your internal masculine and feminine principles. This is also a great time to see how you are balancing your drive and ambition with your creativity and receptivity, which you (hopefully) cultivated over the past month and a half. See what needs more attention and recommit to coming back into alignment. The Spring and Summer months are high-activity months because of the added energy from the increase in sunlight–as such there is a greater potential for burnout. And of course, give some thought to all your relationships. Right now Venus leads the way ahead of Mars, so staying connected to the inner feminine needs and the heart remain the priority. Where are you honoring that in yourself? Where are you supporting that in another?

On April 19th, the Sun moves into Taurus. This zodiacal month ahead will provide some much needed grounding after all the chaos and transition of the first quarter of this year. Taurus is
associated with the bull/cow, planet Earth, our physical bodies, and money and possessions. As the most powerful beneficial planetary body, the Sun brings healing, stability, and increase. Where there may have been instability or loss recently in the area where Taurus is in the natal chart, you will find that the Sun quells the extremes, revitalizes, and yes, catalyzes growth. This can be an incredibly fruitful time. Just watch your spending, though! The Taurus archetype has a tendency to accumulate and hoard things. Enjoy the pleasure this season offers, but save some of those “seeds” for planting later, especially if it’s money.

On April 21st, the Sun squares Saturn. This is the first quarter square (waxing) part of the Sun- Saturn cycle which began in the eclipse window of January 10th-12th this year. That was a powerful weekend, remember? This provides another impetus to push forward even more as you notice the momentum building around manifesting your goals.

On April 22nd, we have the New Moon in Taurus. This is one of the best places for the Moon and can be incredibly grounding at all levels, particularly physically and emotionally. If you’re wanting to make bigger financial strides as well, then this is a great lunar month to work with, especially if related to the creation of a physical product. Of course, look to see where this is occurring in the natal chart!

On April 25th, Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn until October 4th. We have 5 months of a (welcome) easing up of the massive transformative aspects of this planet. There are still a few more years before Pluto transitions into Aquarius, so we’re not out of the Capricorn woods yet; however, the retrograde period gives us all a time to catch our breath and integrate what has occurred this far. Integration and synthesis are vital parts of every cycle. Try not to let the busy- ness of Spring pull you away from seeing and dissecting the important things that Pluto brought to your attention over the past few months. Also on this day, Mercury squares both Jupiter and Pluto. Practice your negotiation skills. Really get down to the bottom of what is being said or communicated–this includes for yourself as well. These Mercury aspects can very much kickstart the integration and synthesis process.

On April 26th, the fiery energies ignite with the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus. Opportunities galore! Uranus brings surprises and innovation while the Sun brings prosperity and protection. The last time the Sun and Uranus had a conjunction was April 22, 2019, at 2 degrees of Taurus. What was happening in your life at that time? (I suggest really looking at the 2 weeks surrounding that date.) What has transpired over the course of that yearly cycle? Did you make the most of that opportunity? Was it what you expected? What did you learn? Don’t be surprised if something else just as appealing pops up. You’re wiser and more discerning now, so do your utmost NOT to repeat mistakes from the past.

On April 27th, Mercury moves into Taurus. All those vibrant and creative ideas now have an easier time being grounded into reality. Practical action becomes easier now, so lean into those one or two areas where you can make significant headway in your goals. The very next day, on the 28th, Mercury squares Saturn, which aids in focused and disciplined strategizing and planning. This is a great day for execution.

Finally, on April 30th, we have the first quarter square Moon in Leo. We can expect to see the momentum build for our goals in the Taurus lunar cycle which began on April 22nd. There’s
even an added bonus this day with Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus. Aspects between these two are always beneficial because Uranus sparks out-of-the-box thinking and innovative insights. Use these to find new and better ways to work and/or process information and to ride the wave of the waxing Moon to manifestation.

My Love,
Jynnette the Oracle

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