March 2020


Welcome to your March astrology forecast. Below you will find the moon dates, a list of the planetary transits, and interpretations for the month ahead. To ensure you get the most out of this material, please reference your natal chart paying particular attention to the specific houses in which the transits occur. This will ensure you have a more accurate representation of how various areas of your life will be affected.


March is part of a “mutable” lunar month, meaning the primary moon phases are occurring in the mutable signs which support: (1) the completion of your journey over the past 2 months (i.e. finish strong and complete that to-do list!), and (2) the clearing of space for something new to start in the next lunar month.

New Moon: Pisces (4°) on February 23rd at 7:32am PT.
1st Quarter Square (Waxing) Moon: Gemini (12°) on March 2nd at 11:57am PT.
Full Moon: Virgo (19°) on March 9th at 10:48am PT.
Last Quarter Square (Waning) Moon: Sagittarius (26°) on March 16th at 2:34am PT.

New Moon: Aries (4°) on March 24th at 2:28am PT.


▪ March 2 – WAXING MOON in Pisces (12°) at 7:32am PT.
▪ March 3 – Venus in Aries (28°) square Saturn in Capricorn (28°).
▪ March 4 – Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius (29°) and sextile Venus in Aries (29°). Venus moves into Taurus.
▪ March 8 – (Daylight Savings Time Begins. Spring forward!) Sun in Pisces (18°) conjunct Neptune. Venus in Taurus (4°) conjunct Uranus.
▪ March 9 – FULL MOON in Virgo (19°) at 10:48am PT. Mercury goes direct in Aquarius (28°).
▪ March 11 – Sun in Pisces (21°) sextile Jupiter in Capricorn (21°).
▪ March 14 – Mars in Capricorn (18°) sextile Neptune in Pisces (18°). Sun in Pisces (24°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (24°).
▪ March 16 – WANING MOON in Sagittarius (26°) at 2:34am PT. Mercury reenters Pisces.
▪ March 19 – SPRING EQUINOX. Sun in Pisces (29°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (29°). Sun enters Aries.
▪ March 20 – Mars in Capricorn (22°) conjunct Jupiter.
▪ March 21 – Saturn enters Aquarius.
▪ March 22 – Mercury in Pisces (4°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (4°). Venus in Taurus (19°) sextile Neptune in Pisces (19°). Mars in Capricorn (24°) conjunct Pluto.
▪ March 24 – NEW MOON in Aries (4°) at 2:28am PT.
▪ March 27 – Venus in Taurus (24°) sextile Jupiter in Capricorn (24°).
▪ March 28 – Venus in Taurus (24°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (24°).
▪ March 30 – Mars enters Aquarius.
▪ March 31 – Mars in Aquarius (0°) conjunct Saturn.


On March 2nd, we have the first quarter square Moon in Gemini. We can expect to see the motivation grow and progress advance as they relate to what our goals are for the Pisces lunar cycle, which began on February 23rd. The fog should be starting to clear from this point forward, and the fuel to expand your thoughts and ideas with others should flow much more easily.

On March 3rd, Venus squares Saturn. This marks the waxing part of their cycle which began on December 11, 2019, when they were conjunct at 18 degrees Capricorn. This current stage marks the time to put your best foot forward. Forge ahead on whatever opened up for you around mid-December as you should be seeing progress flow more easily. Stretch yourself, reach out, learn more, develop your skills. The benefits of Saturn take a while to manifest; however, when they do, they have far-reaching consequences, especially related to our personal power and authority. Success is hard-won but also incredibly lush between Venus and Saturn; it simply requires more grit and determination on your part. Dig in your heels and keep it moving!

On March 4th, Venus returns to its home sign of Taurus and remains there through April 2nd. This is the space of Venus in its highest expression of financial abundance as well as material goods, so expect an uptick in manifestation around this regardless of where it shows up in your natal chart. Prioritizing quality over quantity is huge! This transit allows for deeply healing, reinvigorating, and pampering experiences since Taurus also represents our physical body. Schedule those massages, hair and nail appointments, or solo lunch dates at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out. Additionally, pay attention to where a financial opportunity or gift may pop up as it relates to the house(s) in which this transit occurs. This same day we also see a quick sextile of Mercury to Venus right before the latter’s entry into Taurus. Given the frustration that Mercury retrograde can illicit, this aspect might offer a welcome respite or removal of an obstacle that you’ve been circling around for the past few weeks.

On March 8th, Daylight Savings Time begins in the United States. It’s time to set your clocks ahead by one hour. (Remember: “Spring forward, fall back.”) This is an interesting and auspicious day as there are two conjunctions happening: Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Both the Sun and Venus bring blessings and opportunities, so look to see where life opens up for you in the houses of Taurus and Pisces. Neptune and Pisces are deeply connected to the arts (music, painting, dance, writing, etc), the sharing of big ideas and visions, spirituality, and healing. You might also find that the universe sheds light on something you may have difficulty understanding or perceiving. Regardless, it is a benefit to you! Uranus acts as a fast-acting Jupiter in that it calls you to a higher perception and liberates you from the old very quickly. It is associated with lightning and can seem to be destructive, depending on the planet that it is aspecting. With Venus in Taurus, however, this will most likely be a financial blessing… just don’t expect it to look like what you thought! For instance, instead of directly receiving money, you might get something for free or have a large cost/debt removed. Be open to the way you can be taken care of by the universe!

On March 9th, we have the Full Moon in Virgo. Your output as it relates to this Pisces lunar month will be at its peak at this time. However, try not to be too critical; lean on your mastery as you do know what you’re doing. Trust yourself. Mercury also goes direct in Aquarius this day. This has been a heightened time of direct access to intuition and the higher nature within. Mercury’s dance with the Pisces archetype occurs over the course of 2.5 months. It will not officially leave and enter into Aries until April 12th! We have about 6 weeks remaining to continue working on deeper listening to that “still, small voice.” Depending on the house in which this shows up in your natal chart, you can expect to be given ingenious and simple answers to your questions, problems, and tasks as they relate to those specific areas. If in a work-related house, you may be inspired with different ways to achieve your goals in a more life-affirming way, or you may finally get clarity on your evolving career path. If in a money-related house, perhaps you may begin to open your mind to new long-term financial goals, allowing yourself to dream for something bigger and better and to take the steps to commit to that. However this shows up for you, becoming more still is the key to getting the most out of Mercury’s journey. If you try to push or prioritize the ego mind, then you’ll have a rough time with this transit overall. Center meditation at the top of the day to help you get your mind right and watch the flow of the day ahead become miraculous. Can you let it be easy?

As the Sun finishes its final days in Pisces, it sextiles Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn on the 11th, 14th, and 19th, respectively. This is the first time the Sun is aspecting these three since the conjunctions on December 27th (Jupiter) and January 10th (Saturn/Pluto). What’s incredible about this is that all three conjunctions were directly connected to the eclipses! Now the dust has settled a bit, and we can almost pull our heads out from underneath the sand. The Capricorn house(s) has had–and will continue to have–the spotlight on it for the entire year. However, these sextiles are more of a “lazy river” vibe, so don’t try to push at this time. Wherever the flow goes, you go. The time for pressing forward will come later on when the first squares pop up (mid-April) as well as when some of the first rewards reveal themselves during the first trines (mid-May), so enjoy this as much as you can. Just watch out on the 14th for the potential of high emotions or power battles popping up as Mars is showing up in the mix as well!

On March 16th, the last quarter square Moon in Sagittarius happens while Mercury reenters Pisces. You may find it difficult to truly capitalize on this stage of the lunar cycle as Mercury in Pisces is not the best with linear tasks. Give yourself extra time to wrap things up and try not to become impatient with yourself if things aren’t moving as quickly as your emotions would like.

On March 19th/20th, we have the Spring Equinox! For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox is the “new moon” marker, so the Spring Equinox would mark the “full moon” phase of the year. (For those in the Southern Hemisphere, this is your “new moon” phase and begins a brand new cycle.) From here on out, you should feel as though you’re running fully on all cylinders and will be expending a lot more energy out in the world. Expect socializing, traveling, collaborations, events, and the like to hold more of your focus. The challenge over the next few months is not to overextend. Burnouts can happen easily in the summer months especially. (For the Southern Hemisphere folks, you should already be feeling the slowing down creep in. Say yes to the urge to purge, deep clean, and get your affairs in order. The time for rest is near.) Because Mars is also conjunct Jupiter this day as well, you could find that you get a promotion or achievement recognized or that you connect with a new mentor/gatekeeper (or possibly become that for another person instead).

On March 21st, Saturn enters Aquarius to give a precursor experience of what the next cycle will bring. Pay attention! Saturn’s transit through Capricorn has been about the clearing, healing, and resolution of longstanding karma and the development of spiritual and personal mastery. 2020 is a year where Saturn travels through the last decan of Capricorn which is where we exercise our maturity, reap the rewards of the work that we’ve put in the last two years, and keep our course steady. As we are close to truly embarking upon a brand-new karmic cycle for the next three decades, the directive to spend 70% of our energy and attention on creating the “new” and 30% continuing to resolve the “old” is as loud as ever. Operating from the High Heart or the intuitive nature is key to receive direct revelation about what is emerging in each present moment.

There is an ideology that holds Aquarius as the rebel which seeks to tear down the “establishment.” I invite you to a different view. Saturn was the ancient “ruler” of this sign before we discovered Uranus. The gift of Saturn/Capricorn is the development of mastery and power in such a way that can stand the test of time. This is not to say that things would be unchanging, but rather that there would also be mastery of the use of time in order to shepherd growth over the long term (hence the association with institutions, contracts, or even the stock market, which produces its rewards in decades, not years). Once this level of power–for good or ill–is achieved, then the wisdom from the successes and failures over the years, coupled with a bird’s eye view of where the greater ship of humanity is going, opens the visionary mind to preemptively chart a new course ahead while also setting up the structure to support that transition.

If you know any Aquarians, then you know that they actually thrive under structure and routine while also being given the flexibility to pursue multiple interests that affect the community. The challenge that Aquarians can have at times is completing a task. The reason this is the case is that they need to be working with others with shared visions who have mastered the Aquarian within, which means subsequently that the Capricorn nature has been mastered. We’ll all be getting plenty of practice throughout this year and during Saturn’s 2.5-year transit through Aquarius (beginning mid-December) to embody the highest and best of these two archetypes!

On March 22nd, watch out for tendencies to fall back into self-destructive habits or over-indulgence in things or experiences that give instant gratification with the sextiles of Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Mercury. This is heightened with Mars-conjunct-Pluto as these two planets together amplify impulsive behavior.

On March 24th, we begin a new lunar month in the cardinal sign of Aries, which coincides with the changing of the seasons. Pay attention to the specific house in which this New Moon occurs because it will dictate where you would be best served to set a goal, not only for the lunar month but also for the Spring season as well (if you like). Aries provides a lot of motivation and creativity to get things done. This can be a beautiful feel-good time with lots of “downloads” if you let it!

More “lazy river” vibes meet us on March 27th and 28th as Venus sextiles Jupiter and Pluto. Go with the flow and let this time be easy.

Finally, on March 30th and 31st, Mars enters Aquarius and conjuncts Saturn. Talk about inspired action! If you operate in a position of leadership, then this can really be a time where you can shine and be seen as fair and just. You might also find that an opportunity to collaborate with another who is in a position of authority takes you under their wing and helps you to shine along with them. A well-thought-out vision of impact is key at this time in order to stand out. If you’ve really been allowing yourself to dive deep during the entire transit of Mars in Capricorn (which began on February 16th), then you stand to really benefit throughout the weeks ahead.

Overall, this is poised to be a month where we feel our internal energy start to return, the external activity begin to pick up, the early ROI of the trajectory we’re on show up (make adjustments now as needed!), and to raise our consciousness to perceive a new, visionary path ahead for the collective. With the flurry of activity that’s only just beginning, remember to center meditation to keep your thoughts clear and focused and your day ordered.

My Love,
Jynnette the Oracle

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