February 2020

Paradigm-shifting, game-changing energy heralded a new decade, and this intensity will continue throughout the year. 2020 brings with it some of the most concentrated astrological transits of our lifetime with a heated focus on transformation. We entered a new year and decade with a top-down-mind-body-spirit reboot (even though it might not have necessarily felt like it).

To review, last month on January 10th, we had a lunar eclipse in Cancer while Saturn and Pluto conjoined at 22 degrees of Capricorn, opposite the Moon. This lunar eclipse commanded us to embrace emotional sobriety. At the same time as Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, merged forces with Pluto, which represents our shadow and death-rebirth, a new 36-year cycle began. These planets rarely conjoin, and the last time they met up in Capricorn was January of 1513—just over five-hundred years ago at the time of the Protestant Reformation. These titans of the sky herald the changing of times. Their combined forces influence structural and cultural shifts, as well as transformation on a personal level.

As February begins, it’s so important to look at your life and ask yourself what legacy around power have you lived that no longer serves you? What’s coming to an end in your life? How do you want to apply structure and discipline to your cycle of rebirth? What do you need to let die? What are you ready to commit to?

Last month’s lunar eclipse likely manifested as a need to confront deep-seated truths that lingered in the shadows for years or sudden, abrupt cataclysmic change. For some, the intensity of these transits might’ve gone unnoticed, causing you to question if you relate to astrology at all. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum of relating to these changes, the truth is that the power of Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto will reverberate throughout this month and year. It’s way less important what you did that day than what’s happening in your life right now.

How are you responding to the forces of change in your existence? What choices are you making?

And as if that’s not enough, we will also experience Pluto and Jupiter conjoining this year three times, and Saturn and Jupiter having their great conjunction on the winter solstice of 2020, too, making this year critical to our long-term health, happiness, and resilience.

So, with this in mind, we commence February—a month that thankfully offers multiple reasons to celebrate—with a chance to fully acclimate to what we will soon understand is a “lightning in a bottle” kind of year.

Thankfully, between Candlemas, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day weekend (for those of you who live in the United States), and Leap Year—come on, who’s not excited that we get an extra day this year?—February provides a jovial boost of love.

Astrologically speaking, the month begins with the Sun in Aquarius, which provokes broader thinking. Coming off of the recent New Moon in Aquarius that happened on January 24th at 4:41pm at 4 degrees of Aquarius, progressive out-of-the-box viewpoints bode well right now. Challenging the status quo (and your ego), the cosmos invites you to think beyond the limitations of how you’ve previously seen things.

To support you with this, the cross-quarter day of Candlemas unleashes healing potential. Providing a midpoint moment to our current season, it’s the halfway point of winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere and summer for those in the Southern, this seasonal turning point marks the equal distance between the solstice and the equinox. It serves as a moment to digest where we currently stand, so we can gather our inner resources and triumphantly face all that’s ahead. So please do pay attention to how you feel and what comes up for you on February 2nd. If you feel so inclined, you can also do a ritual to honor this seasonal moment, too. Create an altar and make an offering to Spirit. Develop your vision of what you’d like to see unfold and commit yourself.

At that time, on February 2nd and 3rd, Venus sextiles the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, unleashing magic to help us understand the lesson(s) that this very important transit is here to teach us. Also happening on the 3rd, Mercury exits Aquarius, entering into Pisces. As Mercury moves into mutable water (Pisces), it sextiles Uranus as well. All of this combined means that the first few days of the month count. Big time. Consider your values—what drives you as an individual—and commit to aligning yourself even more deeply with what truly motivates you in life.

To support you with this even more, on February 6th, Mars in Sagittarius makes a trine to the dwarf planet of discord, Eris, in Aries. This combination of powerhouse planetary action in fire signs unleashes the heat. Prepare to feel motivated at that time. Consider leaning into working out and exercise as a way of fueling your passion.

Speaking of fire, on the 7th, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries. Venus in Aries means business. In this sign, Venus unleashes its ferocity. It will travel in Aries until early next month, so you have all month to feel its fire. Technically, Venus isn’t at its best in Aries, yet I encourage you to leverage the potential of Venus in this position.

The theme of fire continues, especially when over this weekend we’ll experience a Full Moon in Leo. Happening at 2:33am Eastern on February 9th, the Full Moon culminates at 20 degrees. This playful Full Moon invites joy. At 20 degrees of Leo, the Moon trines Mars in Sagittarius and Eris in Aries, igniting a grand trine in fire that uplifts the mood. Meanwhile, Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries, unleashing profound healing potential. While our egos might feel impacted (the cosmos wants us to get out of our own way), the cosmic heat delivers the capacity to dive deep into our own hearts and pull out gold.

Meanwhile, Mercury—at 8 degrees of Pisces in its retrograde shadow—prepares for its first retrograde of the decade. Please do pay close attention to communication now. Everything unfolding at the time of this Full Moon provides context for what the curriculum of Mercury in retrograde will hold.

Mercury travels retrograde from February 16th through March 9th. It will station at 12 degrees of Pisces, start its retrograde cycle on the 16th, and end its journey at 28 degrees of Aquarius on the 9th. Mercury will primarily be in the intuitive realm of Pisces, making this retrograde specifically about channeling your intuition.

On the same day that Mercury stations retrograde, Mars moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn, a transit that lasts until March 30th, encourages rolling up your sleeves and devoting yourself to work. Meanwhile, Mars in Capricorn will ignite the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in March, unleashing even more power. Between now and then, especially while Mercury travels retrograde, it’s essential to tune in to your heart and do the work to stay centered.

On the 18th, the Sun moves from big-picture-thinking Aquarius into intuitive and gentle Pisces. With the Sun in Pisces and Mercury also retrograde in Pisces, things will feel emotional, and this is OK. Pay attention to your dreams, visions, and desires. Heed the voice of your intuition. Your subconscious will speak to you in mighty ways now. Especially as Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. While a sextile isn’t the strongest of aspects, Jupiter in Capricorn connecting to the ruler of Pisces (in Pisces) at this critical moment in history helps us all immensely. So, pay close attention to what unfolds this week. You are being led.

The workweek ends on the 21st with Mars in Capricorn making a lovely earth trine to Uranus in Taurus, suggesting that so much can get done. But hang tight, there’s also a challenging square, too, from Mars in Capricorn to Chiron in Aries. The square to Chiron invites an in-depth look at emotional pain that’s been stifled as a means of coping. Remember, in the words of Carl Rogers, “What is most personal is universal.” Your inner world—containing your struggles, your pain, your areas of growth, your shadow, and your blind spots—is full of gold and, believe it or not, essential to your path in business. Doing your inner work helps you move forward as an entrepreneur. Let your pain open you up to your growth. These very efforts expand your leadership.

On the 22nd, the Sun in Pisces sextiles Uranus. Even with the Moon waning dark, which can often feel sullen and hard, the Sun in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus, suggesting a breakthrough in thinking, feeling, and being. Use this to your advantage. How can you be more original, unique, and authentic?

The New Moon in Pisces happens at 4 degrees of Pisces on February 23rd, at 10:31am. At this exact moment, Venus in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn. This cardinal square invites you to see drama in your life and tension in the world as invitations for more profound compassion. With a stellium in Pisces—the Sun and Moon conjoined close to retrograde Mercury and not too far from Pisces either—this New Moon unleashes the feels. Please note: There’s no planetary or zodiacal influence in the air signs, which can leave things feeling heavy. To counterbalance this, conjure air in your life. Open windows, burn incense, do transformational breathwork, journal. Do whatever you can to move through what feels stuck or stale. As I stated above, our personal development journey is the fodder to our leadership as entrepreneurs. So embrace it! A great intention to set for yourself this New Moon is to stay committed to your healing. Engaging in therapy (particularly talk therapy, which promotes communication—a key attribute of air) helps to move you through difficult emotions. It also enables you to navigate the stress of the entrepreneurial life. Tending to your mental health helps you create a stronger foundation in your business.

While a New Moon suggests a time to rest, and you will likely need to do just that at this time, engaging in a low-intensity workout may feel medicinal now, too. The New Moon sextiles Mars in Capricorn, imbuing this New Moon with physical stamina and energy. Remember, we conjure our reality not by thought alone, but through action. Loving movement helps you to embrace the future self you are stepping into. So set your intentions and then go sweat your prayers, or at least take an easy-going walk. Doing so will deepen your capacity to embody and embrace exactly what you wish to call in.

In the days that immediately follow the New Moon, Mars conjoins the South Node and opposes the North Node, while the Sun sextiles the South Node and trines the North. This configuration calls power. It asks us to stand in our strength and open our hearts to the highest possibilities of our lives. Having a physical movement practice at this place will help you even more. Combine that with a deep commitment to your vision and your values, and this is a winning combination!

On the 25th, the Mercury-in-retrograde journey comes to an apex as Mercury and the Sun conjoin. This is one of the most substantial days of the Mercury-in-retrograde journey—so yes, back everything up and take the day off if you can, but also hold space for a deep dive into your own heart. See what’s unfolding emotionally and intuitively. Don’t steamroll your feelings. Listen deeply. Others will bring things to your attention that you need to see. Stay centered and undefended. Hear what they have to say, and then decide what comes up for you as a result. There’s so much to learn on this precious day.

On the 26th, Mercury trines the North Node and sextiles Mars on the South Node. Major insights loom. Stay inquisitive. Go slow. Pace yourself, but listen deeply. What do you want to create in your business? What actions do you need to take to get there? What limiting belief holds you back from reaching this?

On the 27th, Venus in Aries conjoins Eris. This is another massive, heavy-hitting conjunction that will prompt you to feel your feelings, perhaps even anger or rage. Whatever comes up for you today, stay mindful. Also recognize that the collective will likely feel angsty, too. If you have clients or partners who are upset, give them the space they need. It’s not about you. It’s about their feelings. So allow them to process as required. This is not the time to argue; instead, observe as Venus conjoins Eris (which is intense enough) and the two of them square Pluto. This square to Pluto can feel volcanic. Take time to explore and process. Don’t jump to conclusions. Eat a blood-sugar-balanced diet to ward off any potential “hanger.” And if you don’t have the stamina for life or business—take a day or two off. Friday the 28th is a complicated and challenging day, astrologically speaking. If you need time for your mental health, please take it. Self-care is essential to growth. It’s okay to “do less” and take a step back. Managing your energy is far more important than managing your time.

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