January 2020

Happy New Year! Welcome to a new decade and year.

The month kicks off in the midst of an intense eclipse season. December ended with a solar eclipse in Capricorn and begins on a Waxing Moon. Meaning, the lunar energy is gaining momentum. Given that the upcoming Full Moon is also an eclipse, the tectonic plates of life are shifting. Before I get any further into the month ahead, I need to say, this is okay. While intense, take a look at your life right now and find gratitude for it. Everything that is happening right now needs to. While there may be uncomfortable moments, it’s in the discomfort that you’ll find your growth. So, buckle your seatbelt because the topsy-turvy turns are precisely what you need to manifest your highest destiny.

On January 2nd, we have the Waxing Quarter Moon, marking the halfway moment between the eclipses. Simultaneously, Jupiter conjoins Mercury. This combination of Jupiter and Mercury brings a blessing, so tune in. Ask for what you want. While you may feel challenged, the cosmos offers massive support for you to acknowledge your needs and leverage on behalf of what you most desire. Commit to your goals. Conjure your support. Lean into your desire.

On Friday 3rd, Mars (the planet of action) shifts from Scorpio into Sagittarius. This change ushers in an uplifted, positive, and expansive vibe. Mars in Sagittarius brings on the fire and hope, too. So, allow yourself to adjust to this change and continue to breathe life into your desires for business, love, and personal development. Also, on this same day, Mercury conjoins the South Node. Mercury on the South Node brings issues from the past to the present and provides you with the clarity required to determine the best path forward. Your intuition will come in loud and clear, so trust what you see, feel, and know at this moment.

Come Sunday the 5th, Mars trines Chiron, ushering in healing potential. YES! This fire trine pulls another lever of potential. As Mars settles into expansive Sagittarius and perfects its angle, restoration of spirit becomes possible on an even deeper level.

Come Monday the 6th, the new year kicks off in all earnest. Now’s the time to get back to your fitness and wellness routines. So set your goals and stick to your plan. If you are struggling with organizing yourself, or understanding what you need to do to move the ball forward, reach out for help. Hire a coach, set up an appointment with a therapist, or call a healer.

On the 7th, the Sun in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, again, ushering in a high-vibe cosmic dose of intuition and health-giving energy. Lean in and trust. Mercury travels close to the Sun, and it also makes the same trine to Neptune. This is a double-whammy of intuitive mojo and high-vibe potential.

On the 9th, Jupiter conjoins the South Node. Meaning actions from the past now bring forth your most needed and desired gifts. Yes! Pay attention to what’s unfolding. Like a ball of yarn unravelling, it’s important to follow the thread and begin to see exactly where it’s leading you. Allow yourself to be surprised.

On the 10th, the Full Moon in Cancer doubles as an eclipse. As a North Node eclipse, it pulls you closer to your desires. But, with Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto all traveling particularly close to one another in Capricorn alongside of the Sun, it screams intense. If things leave your life right now, let them go. Dig deep into your heart, and listen. This is not the time to take action, but rather sit back and observe. What are you learning? If the Universe is conspiring on your behalf to teach you a critical lesson, what is it? Take a moment and hear. Journal. Capture your thoughts. The stellium in stoic Capricorn emphasizes hard work, commitment, and justice. Stay focused. This Full Moon is heavily karmic and reverberates for days. Over the weekend, Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury perfect their conjunction. This brings things to the forefront that have been a long time coming. Accept exactly what shows up and recommit to your goals. But do not rush. You can’t push things right now. So, stay flexible and be present with life.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a very big deal. This conjunction defines so much of the year ahead. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, brings structure and purpose to Pluto’s lessons. Pluto’s lessons are never easy. But with these two titans of the sky working together, you can have an incredible power surge—despite the challenges and potential setbacks at play. Add in Mercury and the Sun, also very connected and influential now, and massive downloads become possible. DO. THE. WORK. Do not shy away from your spiritual practices. Get out your journal and write down your thoughts. Meditate. Exercise. Sleep. Drink water. And listen. This is a defining moment. You don’t want to miss it. Honestly, you can’t miss it, but you can stay in denial. Embrace sobriety and choose honesty as opposed to ungrounded optimism—especially on the 12th and 13th as this conjunction perfects. Again, this conjunction involves Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun.

To help take the edge off of things, Venus moves from Aquarius into Pisces on the 13th, illuminating your dreams, visions, and spiritual prowess. This is a much-needed dose of expansive and therapeutic energy. Accept it with grace.

Venus makes a positive sextile to Uranus on the 15th while Mercury clears the last degrees of Capricorn. On the 16th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, bringing in a higher octave of thinking. This is essential as it delivers an emphasis in air, helping you to breathe and assimilate the post-eclipse reality. Embrace out-of-the-box thinking. Doing so will help you tremendously.

Come the 18th, Mercury butts up against Uranus, pushing you to see that which you need to and accept circumstances as they unfold. But really it’s a call to creativity.

On the 20th, the Sun concludes its stay in Capricorn, also moving into Aquarius. This transition from Cap to Aquarius helps break up the intensity of the eclipses even more. While there may be aftershocks still looming, in general this transition opens up new ways of thinking and being that expand your consciousness even more. With the Moon waning, now’s the time to let go of rigidity and embrace new ways of being. It’s so important to stay flexible and willing at this time. Especially as the Sun moves into its square to Uranus. Since Uranus rules Aquarius, the Universe really wants you to get honest with what you need to do to step into leadership. While this may apply to your business and entrepreneurship, honestly it’s asking you to step into a redefined sense of who you are as a woman. Now’s the time to break the mold and conjure the courage within to wholeheartedly own your truth. There’s no going back, so choose the future you most want. Thankfully, Venus in Pisces makes a sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn, bringing massaging gifts and pleasure. You are divinely supported now. While things might feel like a mixed bag, there is a way forward, and the Universe makes the path known.

With the New Moon in Aquarius happening on the 24th at 4 degrees of this evolutionary and revolutionary sign, you want to recommit to your goals. The New Moon perfects at 4:41 pm. Think over the month—what has shifted since it began? As eclipse season wraps up, take the time you need to digest how you’ve grown and the changes you’ve experienced. You are not the same person you were just a month ago. So, reclaim your goals for the year, making the necessary adjustments. Mercury sextiles Mars, illuminating potential and unleashing your ability to name and claim your goals. Meanwhile, Venus squares Mars, commanding you to stand up for your values. Regardless, it’s the New Moon, so it’s essential to set your intentions and ground into your truth! Do not skip a ritual now. It’s so important to solidify your dreams, visions, and desires. Venus’s applying conjunction to Neptune helps illuminate romance, too. Take a stand for your desires. Uranus rules this New Moon and simultaneously squares it. Its function is to shake you out of any kind of self-defeating mentality you may feel. It’s a bit bumpy, but you can gain so much right now by doing the work and sticking to your guns. It won’t be easy, but that’s no reason to shy away. Lean in. While Saturn and Pluto continue to travel close to one another in Capricorn, there’s weight. But elementally this New Moon offers balance, meaning all four elements are represented and emphasized, helping you to navigate everything as needed. The planets are functioning at high capacities, which offers high-performance potential. You’ve got this! Trust yourself.

The following weekend plays out the aspects from the New Moon, and fortunately, on Monday the 27th , Venus and Neptune perfect their conjunction. This is a five-star day for dreaming, believing, and manifesting. Pull out all the stops and go for what you want. If you have the time, work on a vision board for the year ahead. Believe. This is a good time to revisit your favorite new age books, like The Secret or anything that puts you in the spirit of manifesting. You can accomplish your goals. Even more so, spiritually speaking, you are so supported right now. Use your tools! The remaining days of the month will go fast. Use them wisely.

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