March 2019

As we get ready for the Sun to change signs on March 20th—heralding the zodiacal new year and the equinox—the Sun continues to travel in the intuitive mutable water sign of Pisces. Meaning, the majority of the month (especially the first three weeks) is about feeling your emotions intensely and hopefully sleeping, too!

On March 1st, Venus, at the tail end of Capricorn, makes a square to Uranus right before it switches signs. This sharp angle asks you to realign with what feels most authentic to you now (not who you were last year, last week, or even yesterday). With Venus, the planet that rules our values, traveling in Aquarius, the sign of revolution and evolution, until March 26th, this important transit signifies a time of soul reflection. Consider this: What motivates you as an entrepreneur? What values drive your business?

On March 2nd, Venus makes a sweet sextile to Chiron, softening the intensity of its entrance into Aquarius.

Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde for the first time in 2019 on March 5th. Given that its retrograde journey occurs in Pisces, too (Pisces’ ruler Neptune also travels here), we can expect its backward spin to help us tune in to our intuition. More than usual, you might feel the powers of your intuitive voice shining through, so please listen as Mercury stays retrograde until March 29th!

Then, mark your calendars as one day after Mercury stations retrograde on March 6th, we have the New Moon in Pisces. This New Moon happens at 11:53 am ET at 15 degrees of Pisces. At this time, the Sun and Moon conjoin mystical Neptune, too. Pisces, which is known to induce dreamlike states and enhance our spirituality, can also make things feel tired and confusing— especially when Mercury is retrograde. Meaning, this might be a day where you crave a little extra sleep. If you can, under-schedule yourself and allow for adequate self-care. A long and luscious meditation practice, yin or restorative yoga, and a New Moon ritual can go a long way today. Thankfully, Saturn, the planet of discipline and focus, forms a beautiful sextile to this New Moon, enhancing it quite a bit. Seeds planted now take root, but remember that effort and intention are different. You can intend without making effort. Simultaneously, Uranus, the planet of evolution and change, moves into Taurus—a sign it will stay in until 2025. Uranus changing signs might feel very startling, another reason to under-schedule yourself (and your kids) on this day. Please use this day to write down your dreams. Capture your desires on paper.

As we settle into Uranus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde, things will likely feel tough. So please be patient with yourself and with others. These transits ask us to find empathy, compassion, and trust!

On March 9th (early in the morning ET), the Sun makes a sextile to Saturn. This joyful and secure connection supports you to relax into the weekend even more.

On March 13th, the Sun textiles Pluto, another supportive aspect, while simultaneously squaring Jupiter. This complicated day asks you to look at where you overgive to make others happy and dial it back. Overgiving, when done with an expectation to get something in return, is a form of manipulation. So stay mindful of aligning with others to feel safe and people-pleasing!

On March 14th, the Sun and Mercury conjoin, marking one of the more intense moments of the Mercury-retrograde transit. Please stay conscientious. Give yourself ample time to get done what is needed. Go slow. The waxing quarter Moon is also perfecting at this same time (the Moon at 23 degrees of Gemini squares the Sun at 6:26 am ET). Thankfully, Mars (the planet of action) sends a beam of support to Saturn this same day! However, don’t underestimate how intense this day might feel. Go slow.

On the 15th, Mercury squares Jupiter, so again—go slow. Pay attention to the truth. With Mercury in retrograde making a hard angle to Jupiter (which expands everything), stay discerning. Bigger is not always better. Listen deeply to hear and understand your truth. Operate from a place of integrity.

On the 16th and 17th, Mercury forms a positive angle with Mars and Pluto. Yes. These days will likely feel grounding. Use them to your advantage.

The upcoming Full Moon happens the same day that the Sun moves into Aries—the day of the equinox, March 20th. This Full Supermoon occurs at 0 degrees of Libra. Known as the Worm Moon, it initiates the astrological new year. Mars, the planet of action, makes a positive angle to  Pluto, which represents power, while Mercury (still retrograde) makes a supportive angle to Saturn. Meaning, this cardinal Full Moon brings positive momentum. Take time to honor the Sun’s entrance into Aries and the Full Moon with an act of acknowledgment. This can be a formal ritual or something much more casual. No matter what you choose, take a moment and recommit to your goals for 2019!

On the day that follows the equinox, March 21st, Venus and Mars perfect their square. Since both of these planets are in fixed signs, this stubborn astrological aspect may mean that change feels hard. If so, don’t give up. Trust that this too shall pass.

On the 22nd, the Sun conjoins Chiron, which officially entered Aries last month. The Sun and Chiron together teach us that no matter what we’ve gone through, and no matter the pain we feel, we can channel it on behalf of helping others.

On the 24th, Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 16 degrees of Pisces and, due to Mercury’s station, will stay together at this degree for several days. This rare astrological occurrence means that for the remaining days of Mercury retrograde, we should prepare for strong emotional and psychological healing, possibly even breakthroughs. On the challenging side of things, we may feel confused, tired, and drained. And, on the positive side of things, this can be an incredible time of intuitive and spiritual knowing. HOWEVER: Please abstain from drinking or using any kind of drugs. This combination can amplify addictions and create a lot of confusion.

On March 28th, Mercury stations direct. While it won’t clear its retrograde shadow until April 16th, this station officially brings its retrograde motion to an end. (Meaning, Mercury won’t fully return to its average apparent speed and wrap up the Mercury-in-retrograde lessons until after it clears its shadow.)

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