April 2019


Empresses, take advantage—with the Sun in Aries, a cardinal fire sign, April brings powerful opportunities to make significant strides on behalf of your goals. Yes! March, a month riddled with Mercury’s retrograde journey, brought a massive emphasis to emotions. As we enter April, we do so on the other side of Mercury’s retrograde spin. Though Mercury won’t clear its shadow until April 16th, we come into April with Mercury gaining strength on a daily basis! Combine this with Mars (the planet of action) in fast-acting Gemini all month, and April is a time when lots can be accomplished!

The New Moon in Aries occurs on April 5th at 4:50 am Eastern. Happening at 15 degrees of Aries, action-oriented Mars rules this New Moon. Mars, at 3 degrees of Gemini this New Moon, feels both social and inspired, allowing this time to propel networking as well as the ability to initiate new projects. With Mercury, Venus, and Neptune conjoined in Pisces while Saturn and Pluto snuggle up next to one another in Capricorn, and despite the fiery Aries influence, this New Moon has emotional levity as well. Use it to check in and ask yourself what you need before charging forward. Saturn and Pluto ask you to get clear on why you want what you want. The opportunity is to make sure your values and your ambitions are a match! Most importantly, though, use this New Moon as a launching point. Treat this New Moon the same way you do the new year. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, connotes a beginning, and this auspicious New Moon kicks off a fresh cycle. Come to it with reverence.

On April 7th, Mercury in Pisces makes a loving connection to Saturn (the planet of discipline) in Capricorn. Known as a sextile, the relationship shared between these two planets helps you to solidify your plans for the future. Be sure to make a commitment to yourself on this day! Recommit to your New Moon intentions and align your thoughts with the reality you most want to create.

On April 10th, we have an incredibly intense astrological day. The Sun in Aries makes a harsh and hard angle to Saturn, meaning you might not get your way. With the Sun squaring Saturn, it’s essential to surrender that which you don’t need and detach from your ego’s need to be right. Meanwhile, good-luck Jupiter stations retrograde, and Venus, the planet of love, conjoins Neptune in Pisces. This rich and robust day offers massive healing potential, even though it might feel a bit like a cosmic cacophony. Create space on your calendar in advance. Do not overbook or over-schedule on this day. Take time and space to care for yourself and your family.

On April 13th, the Sun squares Pluto, which again asks you to surrender the need to be right. This tough aspect might feel challenging. But the good news is that one day later, on the 14th, the Sun trines Jupiter, indicating silver linings and maybe even a potential reward, too. Yes! Also happening on the 14th, Venus and Pluto form a resourceful angle known as a sextile. All of this combined helps you to tap into your power! Prepare to feel strong. To support yourself to make the most of this transit, be sure to exercise. Doing something that physically amplifies your energy each day helps you not just to feel secure in your body but strong in your mind, too.

Then on April 15th, Venus makes a sharp angle to Jupiter. Steer clear of drama. Things can unnecessarily become bigger than usual. So slow down, tune in to your truth, and stay as even-keeled as you can!

On April 17th, Mercury leaves mystical Pisces, entering into headstrong Aries, finally. Mercury spent a much longer time in Pisces than usual due to its three-week retrograde spin. Now it moves into Aries, speeding things up!

On April 19th, we have a second Full Moon in Libra. Known as the Pink Moon, this Full Moon occurs at 29 degrees of Libra at 7:12 am Eastern and highlights an ending. What are you ready to surrender or release? With Mercury in Aries conjoining Chiron, you are offered an opportunity to embrace your healing on an even deeper level. Don’t be afraid to let go of what you no longer need. This is the time to release. Reach for what’s in the distance and simultaneously prune what you no longer need!

On April 20th, the Sun leaves Aries and enters into Taurus. Taurus represents fixed earth and offers a grounded pragmatism to feeling both embodied and rewarded. Drop into your confidence and let yourself indulge a bit of luxury. And there’s a twist here, too. On this same day, Venus leaves Pisces and heads into Aries. Meaning, as Taurus season kicks off a time of sensuality, things could feel a bit impatient. Venus, which rules Taurus, travels in Aries until May 15th! So, until then, pay close attention to your anger– the voice of rage needs to be acknowledged.

On April 22nd, the Sun in Taurus meets up with the great disruptor, Uranus– meaning that this day might feel both electric and jarring. Use it to your advantage. Sticking with the theme from the Full Moon, now’s the time to discard that which you no longer need and fully step into your intuitive knowing! Uranus will indeed bring an urgent message, so please pay close attention.

On April 23rd, Venus and Chiron conjoin in Aries. This combination inspires deep healing to the gentle rhythms that guide your life and the feminine principles that inform how you live.

On April 24th, tiny-but-mighty Pluto stations retrograde, a position it will travel in until October 3rd. Because this planet is so distant from the Sun, its retrograde impact will be felt less harshly. However, its station could feel startling, so buckle your proverbial seatbelt. The 23rd can feel a bit intense, so tread lightly.

On the 27th, Mars in Gemini makes a sharp angle to Neptune in Pisces, known as a square. This combination of Mars squaring Neptune creates the perfect conditions to take the day off. Consider scheduling yourself lightly and going to the spa as a treat to yourself. (You won’t regret it!)

The month ends with Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, stationing retrograde on April 29th. Saturn travels retrograde until September 18th, meaning the next five months will require you to dig deep, recommit to your goals and objectives, and stay the course with your desires.

All in all, April comes in with blazing guns. It’s a month when so much can be accomplished! It’s both feisty and fierce– full of potential. Set strong goals for the month; you can make sincere progress now!

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