February 2019

With the Sun traveling through Aquarius, February encourages innovation. On the heels of last month’s eclipses, where the cosmos cleared away that which no longer belonged and asked you to dig deep and commit to what you want, February offers the opportunity to be extremely efficient and productive with both time and energy. It asks you to commit to your 2019 vision and goals with undeniable focus and clarity. Come March, Mercury (the planet of communication) will travel retrograde. Until then, though, clear skies suggest you accomplish goals this month. Take advantage!

On February 1st, Mars, the planet of action, makes a harsh and hard angle to Pluto, the planet that represents power. Working productively with this cosmic clash requires surrendering your ego’s agenda. Tune in to what theological feminist Meggan Watterson calls the Soul Voice instead. This is not the time to force anything. As much as possible, focus on being the observer. Prioritize meditation and mindfulness today. Practice patience.

On Feb 2nd, Venus makes a luscious trine to Uranus, meaning the day brings with it a healthy dose of energizing innovation. With the Moon waning back to new, now’s not the time to push too hard. However, you might find yourself feeling powerful. So carefully assess your energy level and allow your focus of the day to emerge from a clear place of knowing. (Check your should’s at the door. And do you instead.)

The New Moon in Aquarius, (which corresponds with the Lunar New Year) happens at 15 degrees of Aquarius on Feb. 4th at 4:03 pm ET. This New Moon conjoins Mercury, which is exalted in Aquarius, suggesting that fresh perspectives and new ideas go a very long way. Now’s the time to trust unique ideas. Don’t doubt yourself. However, with Mars conjoining Eris, the dwarf planet associated with feminine discord, things might feel explosive. Don’t be afraid to channel your anger as needed. With Venus, the planet of love, now in Capricorn, you are ready to do the work required to build your business the way you most desire. Sometimes to raise our vibe and move in the direction of total devotion, we have to get entirely clear on that which no longer serves us and the lingering anger from having had given our power away in the first place.

Come February 7th, the Sun makes a beautiful sextile to Jupiter, while Mercury sextiles Mars. In English? Tap into your mojo and take action on your dreams. With Mars squaring the Nodes of Fate, you are willing to do the tough work of making change happen.

Come February 9th, Mercury, the planet of communication, makes a helpful angle to Uranus the planet of evolution, revolution, and change. Channel your ideas. Take time to write today. Whether you are working on a blog or marketing copy, you might be surprised with what comes through. You can make significant progress.

February 10th, Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters into Pisces. While Mercury travels in the sign of the fish, a sign it will stay in for an exceptionally long period of time (it moves into Aries on April 17th) due to its upcoming retrograde March 5th-March 28th, you’ll be able to tune in and hear your intuition loud and clear. Prioritize your mindfulness practice! Meditation goes a long way now!

February 13th brings some seriously explosive energy. With Mars and Uranus conjoining on this day, be careful. This is not the time to move too fast, as the cosmic energy now is a little risky. If you notice other people in your life suffering from meltdowns (i.e., children, partners, friends, neighbors, and clients), give them the space they need to process their emotions. You are not to blame, nor can you “save” them from their own emotions. Let them “feel it to heal it!” Take a step back and trust that everything is unfolding as it must, and sometimes pain is part of the process. (It’s okay!) If you find yourself in the midst of a meltdown, allow it. Now’s not the time to point the finger but rather to have compassion.

February 14th, Mars (the planet of action) leaves “get it started” Aries today, heading into Taurus. Mars in Taurus brings with it a very different sensibility, asking you to slow down. Mars travels in Taurus until March 31st—the duration of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle. With Valentine’s Day here, take time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Practice embodiment.

On February 18th, the Sun leaves Aquarius and commences its journey in Pisces. Simultaneously, Chiron, the asteroid which represents healing, exits Pisces and enters Aries. In addition to this, Venus, the planet of love, conjoins Saturn, the planet of purpose. This strong and powerful day symbolizes the end of a significant cycle. As the Sun enters the last sign of the zodiac, expanding intuitive powers, take a moment and acknowledge how far you’ve come. You’ve been initiated into your next stage of growth. Own it! Seriously tend to your commitments. Show up for who and what you love!

February 19th brings the second Full Moon of the year. This full supermoon, known as the Snow Moon, happens at 10:53 am at 0 degrees in the most service-driven sign of the zodiac, Virgo. Now’s the time to connect to your “why” as a business owner. What brought you on this path in the first place? What values do you most want to honor as you journey on?

February 22nd. Today Venus conjoins Pluto while the Mercury squares Jupiter. This intense combination will provoke your shadow and ask you to get very clear on your commitments. Today’s waning Moon in Libra asks you to go deep. Don’t get hung up on things looking pretty today. Instead, dig in and do the work. It’s time to get real, let go of what’s not working, and recommit to what is!

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