January 2019

Welcome to 2019, Empresses!

With the Sun blazing through nose-to-the-grindstone Capricorn, the New Year, New You vibes are strong at the start of the month. Even more so with the Sun conjoined to Capricorn’s ruling planet– taskmaster and disciplinarian Saturn. Before you jump on the ambitious, change-your-life-from-the-top-down approach to January, though, consider what YOU truly want this year– not what you think you need to accomplish to feel worthy, seen, or respected, finally. Instead, imagine what your soul most craves and what will be the most fun for you to give birth to. After all, the goals genuinely worth your time– goals that will catapult your emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth– are the goals that come from your soul’s longings, not your ego’s needs.

Think back to or revisit Meggan Watterson’s soul voice instructions. Slow your breath and drop in to listen to that quiet but wise inner voice– the voice of your soul. Ask her to guide you and listen to her direction. No matter what your desires are, you can’t go wrong with starting by following your inner truth.

In the words of Martha Beck, “As we do anything is how we do everything.” As the new year begins, consider taking a vow to do anything and everything in 2019, soulfully. It might just be a linchpin commitment. From an astrological perspective, with the year beginning with Saturn at the same degree as the Sun in Capricorn, 2019 commences with a push towards stone-cold sobriety. Meaning, the cosmos calls you home to yourself and the truth of who you are.

So, listen.

January brings two eclipses: a solar, New Moon eclipse on January 5th and a Supermoon total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21st. These potent lunar moments invite you to set your intentions for the year and clear any debris holding you back from fully pursuing them.

Further, after January 6th, there will be no significant retrograde activity. The first month of the new year brings potent, to-the-point teachings, clearing the path for a productive year ahead. If this weren’t enough, Mars, the planet of action, travels in its home domain of Aries for the whole month, meaning that January– true to the new year– activates and instigates new beginnings.

Speaking of new beginnings, the solar eclipse happening at 15 degrees of Capricorn at 8:28 pm Eastern, rubs shoulders with both Saturn and Pluto. Neither Pluto nor Saturn messes around, and both command truth, dignity, and alignment. New Moons invite rest and quiet and signify a time not only to go slow but to perhaps even momentarily cease action. Simultaneously, solar eclipses instigate new 19-year trajectories!

Eclipses are astrological wildcards and unpredictable in nature; they may feel more like a sideways elevator than a clear path to the top. However, at the time of this eclipse, Venus sends a manifestation beam to Chiron, accelerating healing. So please trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Keep your attention on both your short-term goals for the year and more significant picture potentials, maybe even 19 years away!

Tune in to your children and partners, too, who are healing in their own ways as well. Stay mindful and take good care of your health as well as your family’s. These aspects, while powerful initiators and instigators of future potential, might feel heavy and draining, so eat well and rest as much as possible.

One day later, on January 6th, Uranus awakens from its retrograde cycle, which just like the eclipse, may feel a bit jolting. (Expect the unexpected!) As Uranus stations direct, there will be no retrograde activity. None!

Come Monday the 7th, Venus, which represents the feminine, exits Scorpio (one of its least compatible signs and the one it has traveled in for longer than usual due to its late 2018 retrograde cycle). This means positive vibes may feel more natural to access. However, one day later on the 8th, Mercury, which is in Sag, squares Mars– meaning you might want to temper your desire to “call it as you see it” and stay in the seat of the observer as opposed to being bold, blunt, and to-the-point.

On Friday the 11th, the Sun conjoins Pluto. This emotional aspect dissolves shadow and emboldens truth.

My suggestion for the week is to “go slow to go fast” and stay discerning rather than impulsive. This isn’t the time to rush anything, especially conclusions. Nonetheless, actions taken now in business stick. Execute from a place of confidence. Stay soulfully strategic and commit to creating essential results.

Sunday the 13th, Neptune in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagittarius, while Mercury conjoins Saturn. To put it in English, this day asks to tune in to your intuition and claim your 2019 goals. Mercury, the planet of communication, conjoined to Saturn in Capricorn, seals the deal when it comes to commitments.

On Monday the 14th, the waxing Quarter Moon in Aries marks the halfway point between the last New Moon and upcoming Full Moon. Use this moment to check in with your body. How are you feeling? What do you need? Do the same with your children. How are they adjusting to the new year? Consider your dietary needs, energy levels, and overall resilience.

On Friday the 19th, two days before the total lunar Supermoon eclipse in Leo, Mercury in Capricorn conjoins tiny but mighty Pluto, inviting in a heavy dose of truth. Take time to journal then and dialogue with yourself to decipher direction. Listen deeply. The universe, your body, and soul are talking. Don’t miss the messages.

Come the 20th, the Sun exits Capricorn, entering into revolutionary and progressive Aquarius. At the same time, the Moon prepares for the final eclipse in Leo. Since 2017, we’ve had eclipses in Leo, and this total lunar Supermoon eclipse, which happens at 12:15 am ET on January 21st at 0 degrees of Leo, ends the cycle.

Consider this: How has my passion and understanding of my life’s purpose evolved over the last two years? How can I further commit to this? What do I need to release or let go of as I pursue a more profound sense of alignment with my soul’s goals and my business ambitions?

On January 22nd, one of my favorite days of the year, benevolent Jupiter meets up with Venus. Meaning, today boasts some serious magical powers! With the Sun charging through group-oriented Aquarius, while Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto align in goal-driven Capricorn– AND Venus and Jupiter align in Sagittarius– embrace a “live and let live” attitude. Seriously. The eclipses act like a broom, magnetizing dirt and sweeping away that which we no longer need. As the cosmos rearranges priorities for us, allow for it to happen with ease and grace. Remember, we live life with the Divine. Trust this. Our ovaries and adrenal glands aren’t responsible for everything we experience this lifetime. Lean in to the magic and mystery. Trust the co-creative process you get to engage with in the flow of life.

The remaining days of January, days uncompromised from retrograde activity, have the potential to be uber-productive.

On January 24th, Mercury moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, where it is not only exalted but incredibly intelligent. Trust ideas that flow. Then on the 25th, Mars in Aries makes a sweet trine to Jupiter. This fire trine unleashes the power to manifest! YES! You may feel really energized. If so, use the day productively and don’t neglect your body’s needs.

On January 29th, Mercury and the Sun align in Aquarius. Write your heart out this day, Empresses. Whether in your journal, on social media, or for your marketing, new ideas percolate. Show up for your muse! Now’s the time.

January, a month that might cosmically rearrange your priorities, offers you so much support. Stay in dialogue with your inner, soul-driven guidance and allow the month to easily reveal its lessons. With the help of the Universe, January has tremendous potential. Live it in good health!

Happy New Year.

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