June 2019


With the Sun in Gemini, now’s the time to connect with those you love. Socialize. Write. Spread ideas. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, emphasizes the ability to communicate and communicate well. With that in mind, the start of June asks you to work on your marketing and communication strategy. Doing so early in the month supports your business immensely. Gemini also prepares us for the seasonal shift, helping us transition into summer (or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere) with agility. With the Sun’s journey coming to a climax, open up your heart to feel the breadth of your desires.

Speaking of desires, June begins with Venus making a luscious and powerful trine to Pluto. This connection happens on June 2nd, indicating and inspiring a tenacity to go after a dream, goal, or desire. Venus in the sign it rules, making a trine to Pluto, amplifies intensity. This connection can also feel sultry and sexy. Remember that your second chakra connects you to your sexuality while also correlating with money. There’s a connection between feeling pleasure in your body and calling in cash. So do allow yourself time to explore your sensuality and sexuality.

The following day on June 3rd, the Sun and Moon align at 12 degrees of Gemini at 6:01 am Eastern. This New Moon in Gemini – ruled by Mercury, which also travels in Gemini – dovetails off of what I previously noted about Gemini – it supports communication. Use this New Moon to consider the writing projects and communication strategies you wish to initiate. Allow yourself time and space to still your mind, so you can listen to (and hear) divine wisdom shining through your heart. With your business perspective in mind, this New Moon offers the perfect opportunity to fine-tune brand messaging, social media strategy, and initiate a marketing campaign. Capitalize on the energy of Gemini, the known messenger. Hone your voice and your POV.

As the month moves on and the Moon waxes full, Mars and Mercury find themselves in opposition with Saturn and Pluto. This sturdy and challenging configuration indicates that the weeks between the New Moon and the summer solstice could illuminate a power struggle. These aspects perfect on June 14th, June 16th, and June 19th; however, this entire period is impacted by the intensity of this cosmic alignment. Warning: This can feel explosive. Tempers could flare, so stay mindful and grounded – and trust. The upside here remains that you can tap into your passion, find your divine “no,” and let go of something that stands in the way of your goal or dream. And, it’s essential to manage anger well at this time. You have to feel to heal it, so don’t shy away from it. Yet, also don’t project it onto others. Stay judicious in your replies. Please note that the 19th in particular can feel incredibly intense. Mars and Mercury conjoin opposite Pluto. These are not comfortable or light transits. If you need a primal scream, take it. Be patient with others because everyone is feeling it at this time.

On June 17th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 4:30 am at 25 degrees of Sagittarius. Known as the Strawberry Moon, this Full Moon emphasizes the desire for freedom. It’s in Sagittarius, after all! Thankfully, this Full Moon occurs near expansive, good-luck Jupiter, which will likely bring a sense of happiness and joy to this Full Moon. With Mars and Mercury in direct opposition to Pluto and Mars, though, this Full Moon indicates that harsh facts might rise to the surface, too. Remain both cautious and aware yet also optimistic. If you can, create ample space in your calendar as well. Try not to overschedule yourself or your family.

Come the 20th, Mercury squares Eris, the dwarf planet of feminine discord. Mars does the same on June 22nd. This combination of Mars and Mercury squaring Eris (especially after they both opposed Pluto) amplifies the concept of tapping into your righteous anger and releasing that which you no longer need. These transits can feel like a triple-shot of espresso, so please do stay mindful of ingesting stimulants of any kind at this time.

On June 21st, we celebrate the solstice, which for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere brings the longest day of the year. The Sun officially enters into the cardinal water sign of Cancer at 11:54 am Eastern, so depending on your time zone, you may experience this on the 22nd! With the change of season here, now’s the time to evaluate how you plan to adjust routines. The Sun in Cancer emphasizes the feminine, so, Empresses, this is your time to shine. Step into the Divine Feminine archetype. On this same day, Neptune stations retrograde, meaning your dreams may feel even more pronounced. Pay close attention to your intuition and enjoy the extended daylight (or darkness, depending on your global location).

On June 24th, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, meaning you could find yourself with a case of the Monday blues. On the upside, this is the absolute perfect day to go to the beach and stare at the water. If you can, you might want to consider taking this day off and enjoying recreation instead of pressure. That said, by no means is the day a wash when it comes to productivity. If you need to tap into a more profound sense of creativity, this aspect provokes poetry. Use it to your advantage.

On June 26th, Mercury leaves moody Cancer and heads into fiery Leo. Yes. With Mercury in this upbeat and playful sign, you can expect to feel good vibes as we close out the month. With the Moon waning and the Sun in Cancer in a harmonious angle to Uranus, new ideas loom. Tap into creativity. Around the corner, in July, come the summer eclipses and Mercury heading into retrograde. Use the remainder of this month to get grounded! July will undoubtedly bring a couple of hairpin turns. Stay tuned.

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