January 29th – February 3rd

Wednesday 1/31: Full Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon, Supermoon, Total Lunar Eclipse: Embrace change (and intensity).

Wednesday 1/31: Mercury moves into Aquarius: With Mercury now exalted in Aquarius (Mercury travels through Aquarius until 2/25), you can expect your thinking to be on point, especially when it comes to new entrepreneurial ideas.

Friday 2/2: Imbolc, a cross-quarter day marking the halfway point of your current season (winter for those in the north and summer for those in the south). Rededicate yourself to your values.

Dear Empresses, Now that we’ve fully settled into 2018, the cosmos ups the ante on change. This week the Universe comes in strong with a Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo on Wednesday morning at 8:26 am ET. With this being the second Full Moon of the month, it dubs as a Blue Moon. On top of that, because it’s particularly close to planet Earth, it’s also a supermoon. This means we can expect to feel the tides of change strongly in our lives, as this particularly potent Full Moon rolls through.

The days leading up to this, especially while the Moon moves through sensitive Cancer prior to moving into Leo at 1:52 pm ET on Tuesday, ¬†emotions may run high–so go easy on yourself. Practice self-love, self-care, and self-compassion. Come home to yourself and your body with kindness. Try to feel your feelings without becoming your emotions. Give yourself space to breathe.

As a mother, an Empress, and a female entrepreneur, you may find that the Cancer Moon will likely activate your desires for safety, abundance, nurturance. So pay attention to this. Cancer relates to home, mothering, and financial security– three things near and dear to the heart of this community.

Allow yourself time to be at home– both in your body and in your physical space. Connect with your kids. Ask them what they need. Listen to their requests. Spend time a little extra quality time with them if you can. Remember that they too will experience the eclipse, so observe the impact it has on them energetically.

You’ll start to feel the Full Moon powers on Tuesday, particularly when the Moon rises. With Mars, the planet of ambition and drive, situated at 2 degrees of Sagittarius and making a manifesting trine to the Moon, then, too, you may need to move your body physically. Assuming this makes sense for where you are menstrually, plan on getting your workout in. Though you may feel the urge to push it to your edge, I caution that you could potentially overdo it. Stay mindful, patient, and connected to the appropriate range of effort for you. You don’t need to go 110% to get results.

If things feel intense in your household, turn on the tunes and dance it out. Have a fun, playful experience with music (Leo is all about play). Put on music and dance your prayers. Let the intensity move you and invite you into a deep and full personal expression of power.

Come Wednesday, this Total Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Blue Moon might unleash a little drama (it’s in the sign of Leo, after all, and particularly close to planet Earth to boot). That said, let it be fun and express yourself with love. Since it’s a Leo Full Moon, pull out the stops when it comes to how you dress and step into your bravado. Let yourself be seen and noticed. From a practical perspective, this eclipse may ask you to release something in your life that’s not working. If you realize you’re holding onto anything too tight and you need to release it, try not to grip. Trust that it’s time to let it go. When it comes to having a spiritual practice that honors the Moon’s phases, set an altar for yourself and ask to be guided to your next right action. Notice how this Full Moon feels for you and make a vow to yourself about how you wish to evolve on your spiritual journey. Connect with your divine guidance and ask to be moved towards your highest good.

In my private practice, I noticed a trend when it comes to eclipses and women’s periods. Sometimes cycles are disrupted. So pay close attention to yours and see if there’s anything that shifts leading up to and after this eclipse.

On Thursday, check in and see if you have any signs of a Full Moon hangover. Having been teaching women for almost two decades how to work with the phases of the Moon, I can attest that it’s a real thing– especially if you don’t sleep well at the time of the Full Moon, (and many people don’t). So go easy today. Give yourself breaks. If things feel emotional, take plenty of space to purge your feelings.

As the Moon moves into Virgo later in the day (at 2:12 pm ET on 2/1), it’s a call to action to get organized. Embrace the fastidious nature of a Virgo Moon to situate (or resituate) to your post-eclipse reality. Whether anything in your life tangibly changed or not, taking time to organize your environment provides grounding.

With the first weekend of February quickly approaching, we arrive at Imbolc on February 2nd. Imbolc is a cross-quarter day that marks the halfway point of winter for those in the north, or the halfway point of summer for those in the south. Regardless of your hemisphere, it marks a turning point in the season. So use this day as a rededication to what’s most pure in your heart. Who are you? What’s your authentic truth? Let this precious cross-quarter day invite you to what you are most dedicated to this lifetime. Meditate on and commit to your values. Historically it’s a day to perform a ritual that honors your growth.

Come the weekend, the energy sustains at a powerful tempo. With Mercury now exalted in the sign of Aquarius and making an energizing angle to Mars on Saturday, your mind moves fast– and so does your intuition. While this may bring breakthroughs, be mindful of moving too fast as well. Notice if urgency is your drug of choice. Practicing meditation goes a long way. If you find yourself a little too ready with need-it-like-yesterday mania driving you, take a step back and slow down. Instead, focus on receiving guidance and pacing yourself when it comes to implementation. Trust that you have everything you need.

Then on Sunday take time to digest the week. The eclipse came and went– what impact did it have on your life? Eclipse energy can be intense physically, so spend extra time today focusing on building your immunity. Remember that rest is an essential part of productivity. Sometimes while doing nothing a lot gets accomplished, so please be certain to take care of yourself and carve out downtime as the week wraps up.