January 22nd-28th

1/24: Waxing Quarter Moon in Taurus: Get grounded, go slow, and stay committed to your goals and intentions. Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn asking you to make decisions like a boss. Beware: this day may feel intense, so take your time.

1/25: Mercury sextile Jupiter: Ask for what you want. You might just get it.

1/26: Mars the planet of action moves into Sagittarius: With Mars now in Sagittarius until March 17th, you may feel fired up to achieve your vision. Good! Use this period to go after your goals with gusto.

The week kicks off with an energizing waxing Moon in Aries. Meaning that you may feel like a boss, ready take care of important business. Don’t be afraid to be assertive in your business or in your house. Now’s the time to hold your power, ask for what you need, and take action on behalf of your goals.

As the week moves on, the productive energized potential builds and Tuesday brings more “make it happen” potential. Use the upbeat, energetic tempo to push forward and tap into your grit. Positive Psychology scholar Angela Duckworth defines “grit” as the combination of passion and perseverance on behalf of long-term goals–and she’s proven grit to be a vital quality when it comes to creating personal success. So ask yourself today, “How passionate am I about what I say I want, and how I willing am I to persevere?” Stay committed and get your grit on!

By the time we reach Wednesday, we have the waxing quarter Moon in Taurus, an important time to slow down and consider what you need to feel to whole, nourished, and satisfied. Simultaneously on this action-packed day, Mercury, the planet of communication, meets up with Pluto, bringing a level of psychological intensity into the mix. So repeat positive mantras that support your knowingness that the good you desire desires you also. This intense configuration asks you to take the reins of your mind (and your life!). Make decisions that accurately reflect your needs, desires, and wants.

With a potent and powerful lunar eclipse around the corner (1/31/18), it’s so important to use this waxing quarter moon to get grounded. Take care of your home and tune into your children. Prepare for the cosmic changes upon the horizon.

Come Thursday, after Mercury’s intense meet-up with Pluto, it makes an angle of support with good-luck Jupiter. Yes, this aspect supports you and helps you find favorable support. If you need to ask for support or make a pitch, today’s your day. Otherwise, stay diligent, focused, and disciplined with your thoughts. Visualize the outcome you most desire. Believe you are worthy. (Newsflash: you are!)

Come Friday, action-oriented Mars moves out of Scorpio today and into Sagittarius, a sign it will travel in until March 17th! While this is excellent news for Sagittarians—hello, motivation and determination—no matter what your Sun sign, Mars in fire sign Sag motivates all. Between now and the middle of March, tune into your big-picture goals and muster the courage to really go for them!  

Come the weekend, take some time to connect with your family and friends. With the waxing Moon traveling from Gemini to Cancer, nourish your relationship and yourself. Next week we have a super blue moon total lunar eclipse. It’s going to be a wild ride. So spend time with your kids, getting centered for the week ahead. You’ll be glad you did. (More on that next week!)