February 2018


February, a robust month, has the potential to revolutionize your life (I’m not exaggerating).

If you lean into your growth and lead from a place of compassionate authenticity, there’s an incredible opportunity for growth this month.

Coming off of the intensity of the total lunar supermoon eclipse in Leo on the 31st, February begins with a Waning Moon, encouraging the release of what no longer works and redundant dead weight.

It’s go time, Empresses.

Eclipses expedite evolution. Think about it: during the recent lunar eclipse, the Moon went from full, to dark and red, back to fully illuminated again. As Earth’s shadow covered the Moon, the Moon experienced a fertile void – a blackout of light – and then returned to its position of receptivity (all within a concise time frame). During that time, cosmically things shifted, and we experienced a hastening of karma.

What behavior, relationship, dynamic, habit, or block did you become aware of during the eclipse? And how do you feel called to let it go?

As we step into this next month with a Waning Moon, it’s a wonderful time to release that which no longer works.

Between now and mid-month when we have the second eclipse, cosmically it’s clean-up time. So as the Moon wanes back to new, what do you wish to release? What do you need to put out into the world to feel complete? What do you need to let go of that no longer serves you?

The next New Moon is part two of this eclipse story—a solar eclipse in Aquarius at 27 degrees on February 15th at 4:05 pm ET. This eclipse is about getting clear on your vision and seeding dreams. When the Sun and Moon align at 27 degrees of Aquarius, it’s time to initiate new beginnings. Because an eclipse is an extra potent New Moon, it’s especially important to prepare for this in advance.

The Sun and Moon conjoin right next to Mercury, emphasizing leadership and individuality as well as flowing entrepreneurial ideas. Use this to your advantage, Empresses. Out-of-the-box thinking helps you innovate and expedite your growth. This New Moon helps you to claim your vision.

Come mid-February, you’ll want to consciously own your truth and lead with authenticity.

Thankfully, this New Moon eclipse has strong healing qualities, too. Jupiter in Scorpio in a loving connection to Chiron in Pisces accentuates a soft and gentle, feminine feel. Add in Venus in Pisces (Venus moves into Pisces on February 10th), and this feels loving, kind, and compassionate. (And so close to Valentine’s Day, too.)

On the home front, pay attention to the little ones. Remember the eclipses impact them, and their experience of time (so different than what adults experience) forms their consciousness. Ask them questions about how they are doing. Tune into where they are energetically. This paradigm-shifting month may bring a massive growth spurt for them, too. So support their development and their process of becoming also.

A couple of days after the New Moon on the 17th, Mercury (the planet of communication) leaves Aquarius, a place where it is exalted, and moves into Pisces, turning up the volume on your intuition.

Then on Sunday the 18th, the Sun slips into Pisces, too. When this happens, feelings and emotions amplify and so do psychic powers. So trust yourself. You know what you are doing. You know what you need. You know how to care for yourself, your business, and your family. Tune into to your truth.

As the month ends, the Moon waxes, elevating intentions set at the time of the New Moon. So ramp up activity. And go for your dreams.

Please note: There is no Full Moon in February. So this month is about cleaning up our past and finishing things the first two weeks and then initiating new beginnings and manifestations during the second half of the month. There are no retrograde planets, so things can be done – and done well – this month. Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

(In March, Mercury and Jupiter station retrograde, but between now and then, you can make massive progress.)