January 1st-6th

January 1 – Full Moon at 11 Degrees of Cancer at 9:34 pm ET: Let the magic in. Connect with this auspicious and aligned first-day-of-the-new-year Full Moon.

January 6 – Mars conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio: The planet of action meets up with the planet of good luck in Scorpio, a sign that loves to go deep. Activate a goal. Move forward on a project or a pitch.

January 6 – Mercury in Sagittarius makes a manifestation trine to Uranus: Pay attention to intuitive breakthroughs. New, innovative thought leads you forward.

Happy New Year, Empresses!

2018 kicks off with a Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees in a perfect trine to Neptune, the planet of spirituality. Hello, magic! Since Cancer, the cosmic sign of the mother, rules the Moon, this particular Full Moon bestows extra auspiciousness for conscious women on the rise – a.k.a. YOU.

With the Sun in a sextile to Neptune, too, this potent Full Moon offers plenty of mojo to conjure your desires. So spruce up your altar and create a plan to do a Full Moon ritual. (The Full Moon reaches its fullest point at 9:24 pm ET.) Envision what you wish to create this year and commit to releasing what no longer serves you. Give yourself permission to embrace feminine strength. Spend time visualizing the life you desire and the soul-driven goals you wish to accomplish in 2018.

Consider this: How you wish to mature over the next 12 months? How do you want to grow as a mother, an entrepreneur, an Empress?

With Saturn now in Capricorn, a place it will stay until 2020, the Universe asks you mature. Saturn rules our growth and Capricorn asks us to embrace a more stoic approach to life. So consider the soul growth you intend to create for yourself this year.

Come Tuesday, Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, stations direct in fire sign Aries. Having been retrograde since August 3rd, this electrifying planet perks up just for the start of the year. Get ready for what might just feel like a cosmic shot of double espresso. Even with four planets in Capricorn (the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto), you might just feel a bit of fire, too. Allow yourself to feel activated.

Should you not feel the impact of Uranus stationing direct, don’t worry – there’s plenty of other energy-invoking transits in the days ahead. So stay focused and nourish yourself (and family) as needed.

On Wednesday, the heart-opening blend of cosmic blessings continues as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, follows the Sun and makes a perfect sextile to mystical Neptune. This is a powerful day to drop into a heart-centered meditation, go to a slow flow (maybe even candlelit) yoga class, dab a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your wrist, and sink into this luscious start to the new year. Focus on what you wish to conjure this year. Do your part to let the love in. Visualize your intentions as though they’ve already happened.

Now’s the time to spend time with your children, conversing with them. What are their intentions for the new year? How do they want to lean into their growth trajectory? Hold space for the voices of their souls as they make their way through.

As the first work week of 2018 closes out, the cosmos continues to roll out positive aspects. The powerful transits keep coming all weekend. Hello, good-luck Jupiter conjoining with mighty Mars! You’ll want to take advantage of this on Friday.

Do you have a significant email to send or pitch to make? Use the Jupiter/Mars conjunction to your advantage. On Saturday this aspect perfects. Simultaneously, Mercury, which rules communication, makes a perfect trine to Uranus, the planet of breakthrough. Even with Mercury making a cranky aspect to Chiron (the wounded healer), you can stand in your resilience and go after what you want. Work on your mindset. Repeat positive affirmations. Believe in your ability to make a difference. Meditate on what you want.

Allow yourself some self-care on Sunday. After all, not only did you make it through the first week of the new year, but you survived the holidays, too. Recover and take care of you. No matter what season you are in metaphorically or literally, let yourself rest and recover on Sunday. Next week continues to offer a heavy dose of positivity. You’ll want to be primed to take advantage!