January 8th-14th

1/8 Monday: Venus + the Sun align at 18 degrees in Capricorn next to Pluto while making a perfect sextile to Mars + Jupiter in Scorpio– Now’s the time to charge forward with your goals.

1/9 Tuesday: Venus + Sun conjoin Pluto while Sextiling Mars– Things are going to feel intense, but use this intensity to your advantage and go after what you want!

1/10 Wednesday: Mercury enters Capricorn– Now that Mercury has wrapped up its journey in Sagittarius, there are five planets in serious-minded Capricorn. Time to get to work.

Empresses, if ever there was a time to take action in your business, this is it.

The first full work week of 2018 commences with some luxurious cosmic support. Venus, Pluto, and the Sun team up in business-oriented Capricorn at 18 degrees, in a perfect sextile to Jupiter and Mars. Please use this to your advantage when it comes to your entrepreneurial pursuits. On Tuesday the auspicious (albeit intense) alignments continue, pushing you along even further. With Pluto and Venus aligned at the same degree in Capricorn in a supportive sextile to Mars, you have the determination, grit, and resilience to conquer your goals.

Then on Wednesday, Mercury (the planet of communication) finally exits Sagittarius– a sign it has traveled in since November 5th. Having spent an extended amount of time in Sagittarius due to the most recent Mercury Retrograde, the planet of communication joins the party in ambitious, driven Capricorn. Please note that this is an important time to connect with your children. Cosmically speaking, things feel intense and competitive. This is an unusual amount of emphasis in Capricorn. Capricorn is not a sign that takes time to play– and children learn through play– so please tune in and see how they are doing.

As the work week finishes up on Friday, Mercury (the planet of communication) conjoins Saturn for the third time– clarifying lessons learned during the recent Mercury in retrograde journey. Think back to November 28, 2017, and December 6, 2017, and consider what happened then? You may just get the conclusion (and the lesson) to the sticky situation that began late last year. Get clear on the commitments you wish to make to yourself. What you choose now matters and has a long-term impact. Stay conscious and devoted to your truth.

As the weekend commences, brace yourself for the unexpected this weekend. While Venus and the Sun travel next to one another in Capricorn, they make an awkward (and challenging) angle to Uranus– the planet of surprises. This is the time to let go, surrender, and release that which isn’t working. Tune in to your body and ask it what it needs.

With the New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday the 16th at 9:17 pm ET, give yourself space and time this self-care Sunday to prepare. Spend time cleaning your home and getting organized for the week ahead. If you don’t have an altar in your home, consider making one. Focus on the intentions you’ll be creating. Given that the first New Moon of the new year is right around the corner, you certainly want to be prepared.