Month of December

12/18: New Moon in Sagittarius @ 1:30 am ET – Set an intention for this next lunar cycle/next year.

12/19: Saturn in Capricorn – The disciplinarian of the zodiac moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn. Give yourself space to digest this.

12/21: The Solstice – Take time to honor this moment of time. Try doing a ritual or writing a letter of intent for the next year.

12/22: Mercury stations direct – Consider the lessons you learned over the last few weeks. What are you integrating?

Hello, Empresses! Welcome to the final weeks of 2017. As the cosmic dance continues, there are many changes ahead of us.  

Kicking off with a potent and powerful new Moon on Monday 12/18 (this might be 12/17 depending on your time zone), this new Moon (and entire week) asks you to crystallize your vision for this next lunation and the year ahead.

Review your intention from the last new Moon, and see how you are doing. What do you intend this new Moon?

The Sagittarius new Moon boasts five planets in Sagittarius and wraps up the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, which has dominated the airwaves for the last three years. Happening at the Galactic Center (the dark hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy), this new Moon offers ample mojo to intend, manifest, and create, based on the vision you’ve developed over the last three years. So please do tune into your intentions on this holy day.

The very next day, Saturn exits Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Hello, whole new era! Though this shift will feel subtle and will take time to really make its presence known, please do understand that this transition is a big one and may have an impact on how you parent, work your life, and relate to your purpose.  

Saturn – the planet that represents authority, structure, and order – enters into its home turf of earthy Capricorn, meaning you will have new lessons regarding how you wield your influence and power over the next three years.

And since Capricorn is also associated with business, you can expect Saturn moving into Capricorn to school you in entrepreneurship, too.

So what’s an Empress to do?

Appreciate the good that you have going on right now. Stop and count your blessings. Try not to future trip. Instead get grounded and centered. Pause and listen to the voice of your higher self and pay attention to the lessons (and breakthroughs) you’ve had over the last three years.

Come 2018, you’re going to want to prioritize your business structure, get down with your tax code, plan your profit strategy, think about passive income, nail your content strategy, convert your ideal client. #allthethings

But for the love of the goddess, be mindful of slipping into work addiction. Give yourself a break, take a step back, and pause for a moment. All of that will be there for you come January 1st!

Whether you are entering winter or summer, right now is a crucial turning point for everyone, and the most important thing you can do is focus on what’s going well in your life! What are you grateful for? What are you celebrating? Now’s the time to name what you love about your life!

With Saturn moving into Capricorn you will probably feel compelled to work “hard” over the next few years. So give yourself a second to catch your breath. Honor the year that is passing by and your growth. Honor the growth of your children. Honor the love in your family. Honor the passing of time. Honor you. Let yourself rejoice in who you are right now! (She’s pretty damn cool.)

Come 2018, the name of the game will be avoiding work addiction. You’ll have to stay mindful not to get too seduced by the illusion of progress that stems from overworking. After all, it’s really not progress if the effort that goes into creating your success sets you back long-term because you forgot to nourish yourself along the way.

So practice taking a step back now.

On the 21st, we experience the Solstice – the darkest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and the most extended day of the year for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Simultaneously, the Sun conjoins Saturn, so no matter where you are in the world and what percentage of daylight you experience, a Saturn/Sun conjunction brings with it a serious overtone. Give yourself a break and check in. Where are you in relation to the values that mean the most to you? What do you really want to call in this next year – not what will make your ego happy but what will make your soul happy? Say a soul prayer or perform a ritual to honor the passing of time. Involve your children and your family. Name your gratitudes together. Stay focused on what is going well. Connect with your spirituality however that makes sense for you.

Now’s the time to commit to your truth. Take a vow and honor it. You may even want to write a letter to yourself about how you wish to grow over the next year and stash it away until the next Solstice. If your children are capable of writing, have them do the same.

This is a potent time to continue to dig and articulate what’s in your heart and mind!

On an emotional level, the Saturn/Sun conjunction might feel heavy and dark, so please remain prayerful with where you intend to head. And if things feel intense and heavy, trust that this too shall pass, but don’t be afraid to dig in and look at what’s up for you, too. Give your emotions space.

The very next day, 12/22, Mercury stations direct after turning retrograde on 12/3.

Consider this: what have you learned since Mercury went retrograde earlier in the month? Trickster Mercury likely brought new realizations and aha’s to the forefront of your life these last couple of weeks, so please do pay attention and see what you learned!

On the 25th, Venus moves into Capricorn too, also conjoining Saturn. With Venus joining the party in Capricorn (and connecting with Saturn), that’s a lot of heavy earth energy.

As the cosmos swings from a heavy influence of fire into one of earth – and a direct alignment with master disciplinarian Saturn – it’s essential to understand the need to slow down. Take a step back and breathe. Go deep into your heart and connect with the biorhythms of the earth. There’s no need to rush. Stop and savor instead. Doing so will help you catch up to the rhythm of the planets.

Later in the week, Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces on the 28th, taking you deep into the waters of your emotions. Let your inspiration (and emotions) flow! This is a positive connection preparing you for the full Moon in Cancer on 1st of the new year. With 2018 kicking off with a full Moon in the sign of the feminine, I think the Goddess is giving a nod to what this next year is going to be about. Do you feel it?

Happy New Year!


12/12  Sun/Mercury Conjunction: Back up technology! With retrograde Mercury at the same degree of the Sun, there’s an intense retrograde effect happening. However, there are positive aspects here, too. So let your intuitive guidance lead you forward.

12/15  Mercury/Venus Conjunction: With retrograde Mercury meeting up with Venus, tune in to your direct connection to your values. What is it you truly want?

12/16  Sun Trine Uranus: With the Sun in Sagittarius making a manifestation trine with Uranus in Aries, embrace the unexpected. Both of these planets are in fire signs, meaning this could lead to a motivating breakthrough.

Empresses, with Mercury retrograde in full swing and Saturn – the planet of discipline, structure, and life purpose – getting ready to switch signs, we find ourselves between worlds. Especially in the days leading up to the Sagittarius new Moon happening early in the AM on the 18th ET (and the 17th for many international empresses).

Since late December 2014, when Saturn initially moved into Sagittarius, you’ve been asked to redefine the part of your chart ruled by Sagittarius. A caveat: Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio from June 14th until September 17th – so there was a bit of “come here, go away” energy with this transit at first!

So to simplify this, you may want to consider what dominant story has unfolded in your life since late September 2015 when Saturn settled into Sag in earnest.

What has emerged – and restructured – in your life since then?

If you had to tell the story of the last 2-3 years, what would the theme be?

What was the dominant lesson you learned?

As we get ready for Saturn to change signs on 19th and the new Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th, it’s essential to decompress and digest the soul lessons you are currently integrating. With Mercury retrograde at full throttle in the sign of Sagittarius, you are asked to synthesize what the last 2-3 years have taught you. Since Saturn often leaves a gift when it changes signs, keep an eye out for what’s crystallizing now. Something is coming into form! It should be a positive solidification of your hard work over the last two years!

The new Moon arriving on 12/18 at 1:30 am ET (please convert to your time zone) has 5 planets in Sagittarius—the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and retrograde Mercury! On top of that, it’s at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, which is the point of the Galactic Center or the Black Hole that sits at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. In English? This is a potent, powerful, potentially paradigm-shifting new Moon, under which we’ll feel pulled toward our life purpose and deep intrinsic values – and simultaneously see all of the obstacles that stand in our way of achieving them.

NBD, right?

The threshold we cross as we enter 2018 isn’t just a portal into another year but a whole new potential for your life. Simultaneously, it also shines a light on shadow, too.

I say this without intending any pressure. I understand that as moms and business owners you already have enough of that.

So please don’t worry. Life has a way of leading you exactly where you need to be at exactly the right time!

While a fancy ritual with crystals and sage is always nice when it comes to a new Moon, the most important thing you can do is show up with your most refined consciousness. I promise, it’s the quality of your consciousness that counts – everything else is just an accoutrement.

So with 2017 quickly closing out, I know time feels like sand slipping through your fingers. Yet, instead of rushing around and spinning off center, I encourage you to pace yourself. Manage your energy—not your time—by focusing on really good self-care. Limit sugar. Do your best to get in some cardio or other movement. Bend time by staying focused and in the flow when it comes to your work. Repeat an affirmation to yourself that confirms that everything is getting done.

Here’s an example: “Everything is unfolding exactly as it should, and I have enough time to accomplish my goals.”

You want to arrive at this new Moon feeling somewhat centered, somewhat focused, and maybe even feeling aligned with your higher self! 🙂

Fortunately, the days leading up to that point will help you.

On Tuesday, retrograde Mercury meets up with the Sun, meaning your intuition may feel off-the-charts. So allow yourself to tap into the benefits of this often dreaded Mercury retrograde and midwife some intrinsic soul direction.

Tell your ego to step aside and see what wants to come through. Ask yourself, “Where will guidance lead me today? How can I be more aligned with my truth? If I were 5% more authentic what would I do?” Don’t be surprised if a massive a-ha! drops into your consciousness today.

But, be forewarned your technology may go off the rails. So take the good with the bad as you ride the waves of Mercury in retrograde and try to keep your sense of humor alive.

With the Moon traveling through Scorpio on Tuesday and Wednesday in the waning crescent phase, things may feel dark – especially in the Northern Hemisphere where we are days away from the winter ingress.

(Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere have way more light and are heading towards the Summer solstice, but you are still in the waning phase of the Moon, and it’s a time to release, regardless.)

If things feel heavy, don’t just complain about what no longer works for you – do something to change the situation. Loosen your grip and surrender what no longer works. Stay reflective and in tune with your truth. Use this potent waning Moon period to surrender what you no longer need.

Get clear. What do you need to leave behind in 2017?

With the longest nights of the year upon us in the north (and for you in the south the longest days) and a dark waning crescent Scorpio Moon, too, give yourself permission to rest.

Manically busy schedules often lead to what Chinese Medicine Doctors call yin deficiency. By overriding the rhythms of nature (and our bodies), it’s easy to deplete kidney chi and run into chronic adrenal fatigue. The antidote? Work with seasonal and body rhythms. Minimize the intake of sugar and alcohol. Don’t over-caffeinate—sleep instead!

On Friday, the Sun in Sagittarius makes a harsh angle to Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces—meaning your ego might receive a curveball from your soul. If your core wound gets triggered, don’t be afraid to embrace the healing powers of your tears. (Yes, a good cry is healing.) Mercury-in-retrograde motion meets up with Venus then as well, so your personal values may feel extra clear then, too. So take advantage. With changes in consciousness afoot and potent cosmic year-end medicine here, now’s the time to reassess and realign. Make conscious and prudent decisions.

On Saturday early in the morning, the Sun in Sagittarius makes a cosmic manifesting trine with Uranus, which rules revolution and change. Be ready to midwife important soul direction via your dreams. Pay attention to clear directives upon waking. To capture this, keep a journal next to your bed and try to write your thoughts as soon as you wake up.

Come Sunday, we have the final moments before the last new Moon of 2017, which happens the day before Saturn leaves Sagittarius. It won’t return to this position in your chart until 2044. Now’s the time to crystallize (and claim) those hard-earned lessons Saturn has taught you.


12/3  Full Moon in Gemini: Pay close attention to where you are in your cycle. How’s your energy? What do you feel?

12/3  Mercury, the Planet of Communication, Goes Retrograde: Surrender to your intuition.

12/6  Mercury + Saturn Conjoin: Embrace your inner sovereign. Set boundaries. Get clear on your commitment to yourself and others.

Hello, Empresses!

With the full Moon in Gemini happening at 11 degrees, this is not your average Sunday. Mercury stations retrograde today and Neptune, the planet of spirituality, squares the Sun and Moon, forming what astrologers call a T-square.

Today may feel cranky, so stay patient with yourself and others, especially your children.

Give yourself lots of space and keep a journal handy to write as much as possible to source intrinsic clarity and direction. Get outside under the moonlight and connect to the divine feminine. Pay attention to what’s becoming illuminated in your life and get ready to shed that which no longer serves you.

Also, notice what’s occurring in your body physically. Where are you in your menstrual cycle? How are your energy levels? And what do you need from a self-care perspective?

With the end of the year upon us and the holiday season in full roar, it’s easy to succumb to the hustle. However, part of managing your energy on behalf of your success requires staying full and charged.

So aim to manage your energy, not your time today. Especially with Mercury retrograde. More than ever, it’s essential to really listen to your intuitive and body guidance.

As the work week kicks off, tidy up unfinished business before diving head-first into your next chapter. Mercury, the planet that rules communication, now retrograde asks you to pay close attention to the details and tend to the mundane. Get clear on your goals for the week and don’t brush the details under the rug. Double-check your schedule for the week to make sure you feel prepared for what’s on deck. If you are traveling, buffer your schedule with plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Preemptively identify questions in advance and make sure you have all of the information you need in advance to navigate your week successfully.

On Tuesday, the waning Moon shifts into the sign of  Cancer. Simultaneously, Chiron, the wounded healer, also stations direct, meaning potent and pertinent emotions may rise to the surface. If so, allow them!

Chiron ushers you through the wound and into an elevated place of integrated wisdom. While its lessons might not seem welcome at first, when embraced they become profound teachings. So pay attention to whatever is requiring healing in your life.

Get curious. What’s emerging from the pain? Embrace healing.

When it comes to parenting, observe what’s happening with your children. How are they emotionally? What do they need?

Come Wednesday, Mercury in retrograde motion meets up with the great disciplinarian of the zodiac, Saturn – meaning, yesterday’s healing vibes continue.

On the homefront, this may mean you need to embrace the role of the disciplinarian. I know, this might not be your favorite place, but just remember as an Empress you have sovereignty, and this means establishing boundaries. With Mercury and Saturn meeting up at the same degree, lessons crystallize now. So, stay open, aware, and available to the messages and lessons emerging.

Over the weekend, Mars (the planet of action) moves into Scorpio. Now’s the time to prioritize your ambition when it comes to how you want to feel in your career and family. Take a lead from Danielle Laporte and get clear on how you want to feel!

On Sunday 12/10, the waning quarter Moon occurs in fastidious Virgo. With Mercury continuing its retrograde motion—consider what you need to release in your life. Ask yourself this: if life went as well as it possibly could, what would that look like? Then follow up that question by asking yourself what’s blocking you from actualizing that goal. Once you reach clarity on what you want and what’s holding you back from having it, decide what you are willing to change. Retrograde Mercury makes a luscious angle to Uranus (which rules breakthrough), so you have massive potential to bust through blocks today. Commit to releasing blocks.