August 2021

Relationships matter. From business partnerships, business besties and your affiliations, the value of your business expands on the relationships you cultivate. 

The most important relationship after the relationship with yourself? Your committed relationships to your ideal soul customers. Your soul customers are those who you are energetically bound by a promise to transform. 

To get to know your soul customer is to first know yourself more deeply: 

  • what you’re passionate about
  • your unique energy to serve others effectively 
  • Your expert solutions to problems you were born to deliver

This month you get crystal clear about what makes you so attractive to your ideal customer so as you move towards Libra season in the next few months, you have your natal details to call in your ideal customers to work with you. 

The energy of the month is going go help you organize:

  • how you are meant to effectively serve (Virgo)
  • The types of relationships you value (Venus in Libra)
  • And shared ideas you connect over (Mercury in Libra)

August is going to feel supportive and expansive, especially compared to the oppositions of July. Some much needed restoration energy. 

This month, the Sun while in Leo, Mercury while in Virgo, and Venus while in Libra will support us while they work at their highest potential in their home signs. 

In August you will turn your purposeful passion (Leo) into practical service (Virgo) to begin organizing the details of committed relationships with your ideal customers (Libra).  

August’s cosmic weather is asking you to get organized, get healthy and get into the details of building relationships with those you are born to serve. 

This month we see: 

  • Mercury enters home sign Virgo (Aug 11)
  • Venus enters home sign Libra (Aug 15)
  • Uranus begins retrograde
  • Sun enters Virgo (Aug 22)
  • Mercury enters Libra (Aug 29)


  • New Moon in Leo 16° (Aug 8)
  • Second Full Moon Aquarius 29° (August 22)
Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • Times given are for the exact meetings. Often you’ll feel the energy days or even weeks leading up to and away from.
  • There are no prescriptive or predictive requirements, simply suggestions on how to work with (vs against) the energy of the time

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs, is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic alignment. 

Tips for reading your chart to personalize your Cosmic Weather

Watch video

  • Your natal chart is divided into 12 pie pieces called houses, and each of these house separations are unique to you
  • The line that separates each house is called the Cusp and is the doorway into the house
  • Each house represents an area in your life and business
  • The zodiacs go counterclockwise, in order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces
  • Each zodiac sign contains 30°, 0° – 29° and follow the counterclockwise motion
  • When there is a meeting or “activation” in the cosmic weather for which a degree is offered, find the sign and the degree on your natal chart (go to or for a free natal chart). 
  • The house that contains the degree is the house that is being activated for that transit so you can personalize the energy to your life and business

Week of August 1 – 7, 2021

Eye on the prize

“The road to perseverance lies by doubt” – Francis Quarles, English Poet

This week could be emotionally scattered from blissful about your innovations and the next moment questioning your brilliance. 

Both confident focused bliss and fearful sticky doubt have energetic insight for you in your business. Get curious with what these wavering emotions are keying you into. 

If you’re feeling stuck in doubt, get curious with what that doubt is asking you to do better.

Dig into self doubt and analyze its message, this is your key to mastery. 

Your perseverance could open you to the breakthroughs that happen when you dedicate yourself to work through a creative obstacle or restriction. 

If you’re feeling laser focused, keep your eye on the prize and get curious with what is enabling your focus so you can harness that again in the future.


Sun cazimi Mercury opposite Saturn today, a trifecta of creative vibrancy, communications and focus. 

A great day to crystallize creative projects and communications

Today is a culmination of three exact transits happening as a whole. This can feel like a day where you feel completely stuck in doubt OR feel laser focused in your passionate creativity. 

Sun cazimi (conjunct) Mercury

7:08 AM PT  | 10:08 AM ET

Clear passionate consciousness

What creative aligned action can you express now that your heart and mind are aligned?

Mercury the messenger is never more than a sign away from the sun, our consciousness. Today, Mercury is in the heart of the sun. A complete alignment of our soul’s consciousness and the ability to communicate that consciousness. 

Your ability to communicate clearly your passion is on fire! 

Look to your chart at the meeting point of Leo 9°. If you have any natal planets or angles in fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus) these energies will add to your creative passionate fuel. 

If you have natal planets or angles in fire signs  (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) these energies will support your creative communications. 

Sun and Mercury at Leo 9°

Mercury opposite Saturn Rx

2:50 PM PT | 5:50 PM ET

Communications mastery 

Is your pursuit of sounding smart impeding your natural ability to concentrate? 

This is a great aspect to focus and concentrate on any intellectual or writing project. Yet be aware with Saturn that discipline can sometimes go too far and make you doubt yourself. Be sure to stay balanced with your drives and focus on your goals. If doubt creeps in, thank it for reminding you to do your best. But let it go so it doesn’t take energy away by overthinking.  

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will feel this need for mastery more intensely. 

Mercury Leo 10° opposite Saturn Rx Aquarius 10°

Sun opposite Saturn Rx

11:14 PM PT | 2:14 AM + 1 ET

Limiting self doubt

What can you playfully create to build confidence? 

Your creative vibrancy (Sun) may be afflicted by feelings of doubt (Saturn) It may feel like just as you are getting somewhere with your business creative projects that your passion has fizzled. Be aware of this feeling as in a few days it will be gone. Instead, harness this Saturnian doubt and see it as encouragement to double down and dedicate yourself to the brilliance of what you do in your business, your sun. It is through focusing on the creation and keeping your eye on your long goal that you can build confidence and harness this energy. 

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will feel this need for mastery more intensely. 

Sun Leo 10°11’ opposite Saturn Rx Aquarius 10°11’



Venus trine Uranus

11:53 PM PT | 2:53 AM +1 ET

Surprise opportunities open

What social opportunities can you enthusiastically say yes to? 

Relationships matter in your business and Venus is the energy to attract your ideal customers and partners. Surprising opportunities through relationships can happen for a few days leading up to and away from this exact meeting point. Be open to meeting new people and invitations. Surprising opportunities are on the horizon. 

If you have lots of earth energy (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) you will hear opportunity knocking even more loudly. 

Venus Virgo 14°41’ trine Uranus Taurus 14°41’



Mercury square Uranus

6:57 PM PT | 9:57 PM ET

Revolutionary communications

What downloads or new evidence are you getting today? 

You may receive some announcement or pieces of data that rock your world in unexpected ways. This new info gives you another perspective of what the future could look like for you in your business. You may be disbelieving at the moment, but give it time. In a few days you can see how this missing piece is what you’ve been looking for. 

Ps: Not the best day to send out communications, your energy may not be the most aligned today. Wait a few days to output information. 

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will feel this more intensely. 

Mercury Leo 14°41’ square Uranus Taurus 14°41’


Sun square Uranus

4:57 PM PT | 7:57 PM ET

Creative breakthroughs

What influences put you on a different creative track? 

Your will is strong. This is the energy that you need to work through creative blocks and persist. You are so close to a breakthrough, do not let the feelings of restriction stop you now. Any resistance you are feeling is proof that you are close! Creative brilliance on the horizon, you got this. 

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you must persevere for your creativity more! 

Sun Leo 14°43’ square Uranus Taurus 14°43’


Week of August 8 – 14, 2021

Confidently communicate your desires

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for” – Oprah Winfrey

With the New Moon in heart-centered Leo and Mercury returning to its home sign of Virgo, this week is full of opportunities to clearly communicate what you want in your business. The answer will almost always be no if you don’t ask! This week be brave and ask for what you want. 



New Moon Leo 16°

6:50 AM PT | 9:50 AM ET

Today I plant the seeds to confidently shine brighter with heart-centered purpose in my business and brand.

Are you having fun in your business? Are you doing things that allow you to show up in your brilliance, shining brightly like the leader you are born to be? Living and working with purpose and vitality?

If you aren’t doing things that bring you pleasure and joy, then why are you doing what you do? As an entrepreneur, you understand that pleasure is directly tied to your health and success. So you owe it to yourself to bring in joy and shine brighter in your work.

Check in with your soul to understand if you’re leading with your heart. And shake off all the shoulds and expectations of others. You call the shots.

Decide today what confidence and shining brightly look like for you in your business. On your individual heart-centered terms.

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

The house that contains Leo 16° is the house that is being activated. You may be one of the rising signs listed below. 

Today I plant the seeds to confidently shine brighter with heart-centered purpose in…

1H (Leo Rising): How I show up and lead⁠

2H (Cancer Rising): What I value and how I add value ⁠

3H (Gemini Rising): How I communicate and create dialog⁠

4H (Taurus Rising): The safe spaces and communities for which I gather⁠

5H (Aries Rising): My vital radiance and passion⁠

6H (Pisces Rising): Efficiency in my day-to-day operations and service⁠

7H (Aquarius Rising): My ideal client and influential collaborative relationships ⁠

8H (Capricorn Rising): My capacity to trust in investments and liabilities⁠

9H (Sagittarius Rising): My vision of possibilities and being known to a wide influential audience ⁠

10H (Scorpio Rising): My commitment to achieving maximized influential results⁠

11H (Libra Rising): My place to be the influencer in bringing together larger platforms and circles⁠

12H (Virgo Rising): More ease, flow, and restoration to avoid burnout⁠ in my brand and business



Venus opposite Neptune Rx

5:20 PM PT | 8:20 PM ET

Elevated visionary sensitivity

How can you add flow and grace to your connections? 

A great day to reach out for a coffee chat or a do a live on social 

This is such a lovely feeling, a feeling of warmth and generosity. In your business processes like networking and community building there is a sense of graciousness and connection. Use this energy to reach out to others in your business. You can offer invitations, too! Opportunities from business relationships are fruitful at this time. 

If you have mutable energy (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you are even more charming at this time. 

Venus Virgo 22° opposite Neptune Pisces 22°



Mercury opposite Jupiter Rx

6:20 PM PT | 9:20 PM ET

Big ideas illuminated

What can you expansively communicate without over exaggerating?

Your ideas are big and your thoughts are optimistic. This would be a great day to write down your ideas for your next launch or write up the results and opportunities that open up when working with you for your sales pages. Do your brainstorming and creative work today yet resist the urge to launch your new communications as you’ll need to refine your ideas a bit in the next day or so. 

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will feel this expansiveness more intensely. 

Mercury Leo 28° opposite Jupiter Rx Aquarius 28°



Mercury enters Virgo

2:57 PM PT | 5:57 PM ET

Organized effectiveness

What can you diagnose and make whole in your business? 

For only 2.5 weeks, now through August 29, Mercury speeds through its home sign of Virgo. Mercury loves being in Virgo because it can take all the data it learned through its Gemini archetype and make a plan to create it in the real world. Mercury in Virgo wants to categorize, systemize, organize, and diagnose so that it can create a prescription to put things together in your business in a whole and effective way. 

If you have your natal Mercury in Virgo, you are organized, love evidence and potently detail oriented. 

If you have any planets or angles in Virgo, as Mercury zips by you will have clarity in those energies in your business and life. 

Venus trine Pluto Rx

3:46 PM PT | 6:46 PM ET

Magnetic relationships 

What has manifested from transformational relationships in your business? 

You likely have key powerful partnerships or clients in your business. Take note of these magnetic relationships and the transformations that have resulted. As you take stock of these relationships and the results, give gratitude for these results so you can amplify this energy. After gratitude, continue the amplification by creating more opportunities to build similar relationships and results. Bonus if you write these transformations down and apply them to your marketing materials. 

If you have energies in late Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) be on the lookout for things for which you’ve put in the work come into fruition now. 

Venus Virgo 24° trine Pluto Rx Capricorn 24° 


Week of August 15 – 21, 2021

Being prepared attracts luck

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfery

The most fortunate week of the month with blessed Venus entering her home sign of Libra and the maverick Uranus stopping to go retrograde all the while calling in some lucky breaks while the creative sun illuminates expansive Jupiter. This week could shower you with luck and blessings if you’ve done your prep work. 



A big day to take action with our second quarter moon and Venus entering her home sign of Libra. 

2Q Moon Scorpio 23°

8:20 AM PT | 11:20 AM ET

Act and investigate

What will you intuit and deepen your research to activate your intention? 

With the moon at the 2Q phase and gaining light, it is time to initiate and take action on your goals and New Moon intentions. No more planning, no more thinking. Time to act. In Scorpio, action is through deepening your understanding through research and your own inner intuition. Part of this deepening is finding the sometimes uncomfortable truth that prevents you from achieving your highest potential. Scorpio allows you to become friends with your shadows to bring them to light so you can work through them instead of sweeping things under the rug where they collect and hold you back. Do your due diligence with Scorpio moon, there is no hiding.  

Especially activating for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Especially supportive for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) 

Venus enters Libra

9:27 PM PT | 12:27 AM + 1 ET

Connect to your people

What meaningful and committed relationships will you create? 

A great season to foster your business relationships

Now through September 10, Venus graces her beautiful home sign of Libra. Venus is our energy to connect to the people and resources we need in our lives and businesses. The sign your natal Venus is in shows what you appreciate in others. In Taurus, Venus is all about the physical things we need and in Libra, she’s all about valuable people we need that allow us to thrive. In our businesses, our people are our ideal customers and business partners that create our closest committed relationships that help our businesses grow. Relationships matter in your successful business. During this season, focus on creating win-win relationships for you, your ideal customers and business partners.

If you have your natal Venus in Libra, you value and connect with others over beauty, friendship and relationships. 

If you have planets or angles in Libra, as Venus graces through she will share her blessings with your natal energies. 



Mercury conjunct Mars

8:28 PM PT | 11:28 PM ET

Express your priorities

What needs saying to galvanize your boundaries?  

Are you stating your needs? Are they getting met? You may get frustrated or angry when your priorities are not at the top? Ultimately it is your responsibility to share expectations, policies, and responsibilities. Having expectations clear and at the center isn’t mean, it’s constructive to projects and relationships going smoothly. And you can still be assertive as well as kind. Your customers will appreciate your clarity. 

Look at your chart and discover which house contains Virgo 12°. This is the area in your business where you need to clarify and express your priorities. 

Mercury and Mars Virgo 12°



Uranus Retrograde

6:40 PM PT  |  9:40 PM ET

Reform sustainable progress

What physical resources in your life and business need upleveling?

Uranus steps on the brakes today on 14°49′ to head in reverse through January 17, 2022. Taurus is the last outer planet to join the annual retrograde train. Mostly a subtle transit, you’ll notice it the most during the change in directions. Uranus is going oh so slowly right now and for the next 6 months will crawl back only 4°, drilling into this middle area of Taurus. If you happen to be someone with planets or angles between Taurus 10° – 14°, Uranus will be revolutionizing your natal energies and asking them to innovate for a brighter future. In Taurus, this innovation likely will occur with your physical resources aka money, food, shelter and environment. Globally, we all need this more than ever as we are at critical mass with climate and environmental issues.  

If you have fixed energies (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) between 10°-14° you will feel this revolutionary energy more intensely.

If you have earth energies (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) between 10°-14° you will be in flow with this innovative change. 



Sun opposite Jupiter Rx

5:29 PM PT | 8:29 PM ET

Illuminating expansive creativity

What can you brilliantly share today?

A lucky and generous day

It feels like a lovely and expansive day. Go forth and share your brilliance, you’re feeling so generous. With Jupiter, though, be aware to not go overboard. You could work on a creative project, share what you do so well, or even revel in the brightness of the day. If your emotions are feeling intense today, it’s best to channel this energy into your focused creative work versus sharing it out with the world. Wherever you are, enjoy this brilliance. 

Sun Leo 27° opposite Jupiter Rx Aquarius 27°



Mercury trine Uranus Rx

1:06 AM PT | 4:06 AM ET

Communication breakthroughs

What opportunities can you be open to by talking it through? 

It’s a day like this that you may want to talk through some of your ideas with your trusted business besties. The gold is in the process. Through your Mecurian actions (talking, writing, organizing) opportunities could come through that revolutionize old ways of doing things. This is a short transit so make use of this energy as you have it, if you wait, it will be gone. 

If you have earth energies (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) you will feel this need to process even more. 

Mercury Virgo 14° trine Uranus Rx Taurus 14°



Mars trine Uranus Rx

11:38 PM PT | 2:38 AM + 1 ET

Confident risk taking

What opportunities can you be open to by moving it through your body? 

Only yesterday, Mercury was in flow with Uranus and now Mars is about to join the party. Mars (your will power) and Mercury (your communication power)  have essentially been working together this entire week helping you express what needs boundaries and prioritization. And now that these energies are flowing with Uranus (your innovation power) there are opportunities for change. You may feel this extra energy and drive in your body or your nervous system. Channel this physical energy so it flows. Listen to your body and nervous system as to what opportunities of change are now open. Similar to yesterday with talking things through to process, today, you may need to move your body to process. A great day to sweat it out, figure it out, and be inspired. 

If you have earth energies (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) you will feel this need to move it out even more. 

Mars Virgo 14° trine Uranus Rx Taurus 14°


Week of August 22 – 28, 2021

Charm is in the details

“There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details” – Walt Disney

On the same day as our second Aquarius Full Moon, the Sun moves into detail-oriented Virgo. There is a subtle difference in celebrating the details that make our work magical and getting stuck in the details where all we can see are flaws. It’s this week that we keep our eye on the details while we can still keep an eagle-eyed perspective to see the big picture. Pay close attention this week, the magic will happen and it will be in the details. 



A big day with the full moon in the early hours of the day and the sun moving into Virgo by the end of the day. 

Full Moon Aquarius 29°

5:02 AM PT | 8:02 AM ET

Creative luminosity 

What next level of confidence and expanded creative capacity are you grateful for? 

We get a second full moon in Aquarius. The last full moon also in Aquarius in July we were able to let go of feeling too out there to make room for your creative uniqueness. 

With this second Aquarius full moon we feel more expansive and optimistic about our creative vibrancy and revel in our uniqueness. It certainly feels celebratory with the moon next to Jupiter in Aquarius receiving the bright shine of the Leo sun. 

Look back to February 15, 2018, the New Moon at Aquarius 27°. What did you intend back then? We are at the full illumination of that cycle that began in February 2018. If you keep a new moon journal, look back to that Aquarius New Moon. What did you intend? Did you receive it? If you made money or relationship intentions, and you committed you are now manifesting those intentions. Similarly if you had intended to make a big change in your business, if you committed, this too is coming to full fruition. 

If so, celebrate and give thanks. 

If not, be honest, is it something you still desire? If so, what are the obstacles you can release that prevented you from blossoming your intentions? Remember to thank what you need to release, offer yourself forgiveness for not yet attaining your intention and decide today that you will commit to your intention. 

Full moons are illumination times where you have to be honest and look at where you are with your intentions to decide your next course of action. Part of this decision is letting go of parts that no longer serve you so you can have more energy to continue on your intention. 

Aries and Libra risings – celebrate your passion and purpose and let go of the idea that you are not creative enough to be noticed

Taurus and Scorpio risings – celebrate your self care and let go of not trusting yourself to take a break, you need downtime to to be successful

Gemini and Sagittarius risings – celebrate your marketing wins and let go of doubt that holds you back from communicating your brilliance

Cancer and Capricorn risings – celebrate your money wins and let go of money wounds that are holding you back

Leo and Aquarius risings – celebrate knowing yourself and letting go what blocks you from win-win relationships

Virgo and Pisces risings – celebrate your daily systems and let go with the need to overwork to create flow in your operations

Sun enters Virgo

2:35 PM PT | 5:35 PM ET

Assess and make whole

What does effective, sustainable, healthy growth look like for your business? 

Now through September 22 we are in the season of Virgo where we radiate our creativity through getting organized, keeping healthy, and paying attention to the details. The sun joins Mercury and Mars already in Virgo. 

Virgo’s efficiency is more than how we can make things faster and more profitable. To be in the shadow of Virgo is to pursue perfection and productivity through over thinking, over serving and over doing. 

Efficiency doesn’t take into account Virgo values such as health of the whole, sustainable productivity, restoration, absorption and steady growth. 

Instead, let’s practice the evolution of efficiency – effectiveness. 

With Virgo effectiveness you diagnose the overall health of your business and synthesize now the pieces but how everything works as a whole. The health of you, the business owner, is as important as the health of your business – your soul’s extension. 

Both you and your business must be healthy in mind, body and spirit to the best of your abilities so that you can create a business that allows you to accomplish your soul’s purpose while serving others. 

For all the Virgo Empresses, the healthiest and happiest of solar return (birthday) to you.



Venus trine Saturn Rx

5:48 AM PT | 8:48 AM ET

Commitments payoff

Where in your business is your loyal dedication being rewarded? 

Notice for surprise outcomes from commitments in your business relationships or investments. If you’ve been dedicated to some of your business relationships, maybe following up with an interested prospect, or you’ve been focused on attaining a money goal, the timing is ripe for some unexpected results. If you haven’t yet decided to commit to client, relationship or money goals, today could be a great day to make a plan. Commitment, focus, dedication is the key to success. 

If you have any planets or angles in Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) around 8° you will feel this added support.  

Venus Libra 8° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 8°



Mercury opposite Neptune Rx

6:14 PM PT | 9:14 PM ET

Listen to your intuition

What clever and imaginative ideas are being illuminated now? 

Over the last month, Mercury has been dancing with Neptune and stimulating your thinking with visionary intuition. If you are open to the signs your intuition is constantly sending you, today will feel amplified, as if your doors are wide open to receive it all. These downloads may not make sense at first, but if you stop trying to figure it out and playfully get curious, you will get an insight into your most effective creative processes. This may sound subtle, yet you get to decide today on how you can think things through. Would you rather struggle with the details or go with the flow and be inspired to do easier? Something is about to be illuminated in your process!

If you have mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) in late degrees, you’ll intuit these signs much more intensely.

Mercury Virgo 22° opposite Neptune Pisces 22°



Mercury trine Pluto Rx

7:23 AM PT | 10:23 AM ET

Words have power

What can you share that transforms? 

A great day to send a vulnerable message that inspires action to your community

It’s a day like today where you have access to deep emotional intelligence and want to share something vulnerable. Now, this isn’t for the sake of click bait or manipulation. Instead this is about sharing something deep you’ve overcome in your business that connects you to those that may be going through the same thing you’ve worked through. Your ideal customers! 

You have the ability to put words to these feelings today and use them to inspire transformation in your community.  

If you have Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) in late degrees, you’ll be able to create your messages with a feeling of support.

Mercury Virgo 24° trine Pluto Rx Capricorn 24°


Week of August 29 – 31, 2021

Sharing ideas

“Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how the creative human works. Collecting, connecting, sharing.” – Amanda Palmer.

This week is all about the love of shared ideas! In August, Mercury completed its data collection in Virgo and now moves into Libra for an extended stay. Time to start connecting your data with the people in your community over the ideas you both love. 



Mercury enters Libra

10:10 PM PT | 1:10 AM + 1 ET

Bridge communicative relationships 

What relationships can you speak to over shared ideals?

After a brief stay in its home of Virgo, Mercury joins Venus in Libra to get chatty over relationship building through the shared love of ideas, art, poetry and connection. 

Now through November 6, Mercury spends an extended stay in lovely Libra. 

Heads up, we have an upcoming Mercury Rx in Libra in late September to process how we rethink our relationships. 

Because Mercury will be spending many weeks in Libra, you get a chance to think and rethink what relationships mean in your business. Libra is about connecting to the right people that help us along our business journey. Ideal customers, affiliates, business partners, anyone with whom you have a commitment through a contract or money exchange. 

With our upcoming Mercury Retrograde, this process will be about discovering who your ideal customers are, rethinking how you connect with them, and then creating a plan of how to connect with them.

It all starts here with Mercury entering Libra so we can bring awareness to our business relationships. Get ready for a few months of deep diving into your ideal customers and partnerships. 



4Q Moon Gemini 7°

12:13 AM PT | 3:13 AM ET

Rest and get curious

What can you do today to relax and think? 

Today is a day where you get relaxed by being able to focus on your mind. Maybe you’re getting through a certification exam, or you need to deepen your knowledge, or you’re finishing up a big writing project. The energy feels perfect to get cozy and focused on finishing things. No big energetic effort needed. 

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. Where our inner consciousness catches up to what you know at an intellectual level. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

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