July 2021

You’ve heard the metaphors of mighty trees that can weather storms because of their flexibility and deep-rootedness. In July, you are this mighty tree. Cultivating your deep inner knowledge of emotional rootedness gives you the security to stand up to the challenges of opposing forces that strengthen your creativity and tenacity to keep growing toward the stars. 

There are many challenging energies throughout July, and there are bright spots, too, to bring passion into your work. You don’t need to be afraid of the challenging energies if you understand that this is the creative tension that allows you to deepen your roots so you can know yourself. 

The lesson this month will be to not judge experiences as good or bad. We need all events to know our boundaries, what we say yes to, what we focus on, and how we prioritize our own self-care and body, so we don’t burn out to a crisp. The ultimate self-knowledge

Self-care for a business owner is a necessity as it restores your emotional and energetic cup. A full cup allows you to make the decisions that have the biggest impact from a place of faith. If your cup is empty, you will default to making decisions based on lack.

July is a potent month to find your joy, sharpen your creativity, collect data, and harness your fire into passion that shines through your work.

July’s cosmic weather is asking you to get comfortable with oppositions and get comfortable with challenges. It is your ability to hold “this and…” that allows you to be a successful and resourceful business owner. 

This month we see: 

  • Mercury enter Cancer (July 11)
  • Venus enter Virgo (July 21)
  • Sun enter Leo (July 22)
  • Mercury enter Leo (July 27)
  • Jupiter Rx re-enter Aquarius (July 28)
  • Mars enter Virgo (July 29) 


  • New Moon in Cancer 18° (July 9)
  • Full Moon inAquarius 1° (July 23)
Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • Times given are for the exact meetings. Often you’ll feel the energy days or even weeks leading up to and away from.
  • There are no prescriptive or predictive requirements, simply suggestions on how to work with instead of against the energy of the time.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic alignment. 

Tips for reading your chart to personalize your Cosmic Weather

Watch video

  • Your natal chart is divided into 12 pie pieces called houses, and all of these house separations are unique to you.
  • The line that separates each house is called the Cusp and is the doorway into the house.
  • Each house represents an area in your life and business.
  • The zodiac goes counterclockwise in order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.
  • Each zodiac sign contains 30°, 0° – 29° and follows the counterclockwise motion.
  • When there is a meeting or “activation” in the cosmic weather for which a degree is offered, find the sign and the degree on your natal chart (go to or for a free natal chart). 
  • The house that contains the degree is the house that is being activated for that transit, so you can personalize the energy to your life and business.

First week of July 

Put yourself first and stay calm. 

We start July with the 3Q Moon and a tense T-Square in the sky, something feels like it’s going to break. If we fight and resist this energy, emotions and frustrations can flare up. If we know how to weather this passing storm, we get to use this potent energy to focus on our long-term goals by assessing where we currently are with our important projects. 


Mars opposite Saturn Rx

6:08 AM Pacific | 9:08 AM Eastern

Have patience and focus on the long term.

What boundaries and structures do you need to prioritize? 

For about a week leading up to and away, you are being challenged to stand up for your authority. This doesn’t mean that you have to fight, but you are being asked to create a line in the sand so that you can remain committed to your impactful work. This line in the sand is a decision you need to make–will you commit? Or do you need to break that commitment? It’s ok to break a commitment if it no longer serves you. It’s time to decide on your long-term goals. 

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you will feel this challenge to your deep knowing more intensely. 

Mars 12° Leo opposite Saturn Rx 12° Aquarius

3Q Moon Aries 10°14′

2:11 PM Pacific | 5:11 PM Eastern

Relax as antidote to restlessness.

What can you do today to stay calm and put yourself first?

With the Aries 3Q Moon today, spend time with your anxiety coping tools and put your needs first. The energy of this day is heightened and more tense than usual. This tension builds up through the weekend with a release on Saturday. You may find yourself getting angry; if you do, note that you need to create boundaries. Or you may find yourself motivated; if you do, don’t start something new, take stock of what you have already done and what is working. 

Last-Quarter-Moon phases are for doing inner integration work in our lives and businesses. A time to reflect on what we now understand and assess how we want to continue. In your business, the 3Q Moon phase is perfect for reviewing analytics, examining progress, and surveying. There will be things you keep, things you let go, and things you modify based on what you now know. 



Mars square Uranus

6:40 PM Pacific | 9:40 PM Eastern

Notice frustrations and restraints.

What shake-ups and breakthroughs are now happening to you? 

Related to the events a few days earlier where you’ve been deciding on your long-term commitments, you may be tested with some shake-ups. Do not fear the shake-ups as these can be the breakthroughs you need that jump you to your path. Things may feel like they are “happening” to you. Resist the urge to blame and judge. As these experiences might be just what you need in your committed work projects. 

If you have lots of fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you will feel this challenge to your deep inner knowing more intensely. 

Mars 13° Leo square Uranus 13° Taurus. 

Week of July 4

Be kind to yourself.

For those of you in the States, happy Independence Day. The tension of the previous week is beginning to fade; you’ve gone through most of it. You need a bit of time to slow down– it’s still not a time to rush full speed ahead. You may feel a bit restricted with your money or resources, and while your thoughts and visions for the future are moving quickly, you can’t quite capture the clarity of what needs to be communicated. Do your best to practice self-care. 


It’s a day where you are getting signals of your next big step, yet there are people and resources that you now see clearly that are in the way of your big picture in your business. Listen and decide today. Wait a few days to act on your decisions. 

Mercury square Neptune Rx

12:39 AM Pacific | 3:39 AM Eastern

Inspired unfocused thinking

What signals and symbols are sending you messages? 

Communications are not exactly clear today, but they are visionary and meaningful. You may be getting messages in the forms of symbols, sounds, or other intangible means. Pay attention to these messages, they are telling you something you need to know. If you are sending communications or doing a lot of transactions in your business, be hyper-vigilant about getting your details correct. If marketing, instead of a long email, send a song lyric to get your energy across. 

If you have lots of Mutable energy (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), you will feel this more. 

Mercury 23° Gemini square Neptune Rx 23° Pisces

Venus opposite Saturn Rx

7:36 PM Pacific | 10:36 PM Eastern

Displeasure moves quickly.

What constraints in money, resources, and partnerships do you need to trim? 

For a few days around this exact meeting, people will show their true colors, and investments may come to a critical decision point. What people and money issues are making you feel constrained? This may come as a surprise to you. Yet, you need to decide now to say goodbye to someone, maybe a business collaborator or client? Or you have to let go of an investment, maybe stopping a subscription or canceling a contract that isn’t of value for you? The space you create by saying goodbye will allow you to focus on the things that matter. Make the decision today and wait for a few days to inform the people/resources you want to let go. 

If you have lots of Fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you will feel this and need to make a decision of what or who to let go. 

Venus 12° Leo opposite Saturn Rx 12° Aquarius



Mercury leaves shadow

Clearer thoughts

What new perspectives will you now communicate? 

Mercury Retrograde ended a few weeks ago, and now Mercury has crossed the point in the sky where it retraced its steps. It is now moving forward with all the new thoughts and truths that you have recovered during the retrograde cycle. You could start to move ahead with your new communications plans or projects. Do note that Neptune is still adding a bit of unfocus, potentially making any important communications less than exact. If you can wait till after the New Moon in a few days to make any important announcements, you’ll be much more clear. 

Look at your chart from Gemini 16° – Gemini 24°, the area of your chart highlighted by Mercury Rx. If you have planets or angles in this area, those energies have a new truth that wants to be given a voice. 

Mercury Gemini 24°



Venus square Uranus

12:25 PM Pacific | 3:25 PM Eastern

Unexpected breakthrough

What social equity or money surprises come to you now? 

If you did your work and decided what/who to let go of in order to focus on the things that matter, then you could be in for a lucky breakthrough. Notice aligned people or resources that cross your path. These aligned people or resources may not be what you expected, but with this kind of energy, say yes to the unexpected and don’t judge an experience as bad – it might be the silver lining you need. It helps to know yourself and what you want to attract for breakthroughs to happen.

If you have lots of Fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you will feel this a bit more intensely. 

Venus 14° Leo square Uranus 14° Taurus



New Moon Cancer 18°

6:17 PM Pacific | 9:17 PM Eastern

Today I plant the seeds to nurture self-care, safe spaces, and inclusion in my business.

Emotional security is the foundation to your achievement and success, a deep sense of knowing what you need. 

If your emotional center is not rooted, there is nothing you can care for or nurture in your life or business in a meaningful way. 

Or others may see you as successful, but you don’t feel it. 

Or you chase success without creating a safe inner landscape.

This goes for creating emotional security for your customers, too. 

In creating inclusive safe spaces, success and results are nurtured to happen.

True healing and success can only happen in these safe spaces.

This space holding is what you create with Cancer energy. 

And creating safe spaces doesn’t take muscle power– it takes soft power. 

Cancer, a water sign, is the ultimate soft power. Nothing is softer than water, but there is nothing that can withstand it. 

What does soft power look and feel like for you? 

How can you use safety and soft power in your business to move mountains?

Decide today what emotional security and safe spaces look like and do for you in your business. In your loving and soft-powered terms.


Week of July 11

Feelings lighten up

It’s this week you feel like you can FINALLY take some meaningful action forward. It’s been a few months since you’ve felt this fresh and optimistic. Your emotions are clear, you’re deeping your self-knowledge, and your ability to attract aligns with your ability to motivate. Now you have the opportunity, desire, and motivation to share your new wisdom with the world. 

If you are going to launch something this month, this would be your week. 


Mercury enters Cancer

1:35 PM Pacific | 4:35 PM Eastern

Communicate your feelings.

How can you authentically express your emotions in a powerful way? 

For just 2 weeks, Mercury is full-speed-ahead and in the sensitive sign of Cancer through July 27. While in Cancer, Mercury is able to get clear on your deepest needs for emotional security and communicate them. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve. In your business, it’s this authentic ability to say how you feel that connects you with those you are meant to serve. Use the next few weeks to clarify your messaging around what success feels like to you. Embody this feeling so that you can use your voice to gain visibility– securely. 

If you have planets or angles in Cancer, your ability to communicate your feelings in these areas will be crystal clear. 



Mercury trine Jupiter Rx

12:45 PM Pacific | 3:45 PM Eastern

Your sensitive words expand possibilities.

What opportunity to communicate your purpose will you harness to inspire? 

A great day to start an inspirational communication campaign or send a powerful message. You’re feeling confident, your creativity is aligned with your heart, and your loving message inspires others. Harness this energy to send your big, heart-felt message. Or work on your business purpose and vision for your brand. You’ll be able to capture your big “why.”

If you have planets or angles in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), these will be emotionally supportive.

Mercury 1° Cancer trine Jupiter Rx 1° Pisces



Venus conjunct Mars*

6:33 AM Pacific | 9:33 AM Eastern

* One of the most exciting and lucky days of the year – do something passionate! 

Passionate give and take.

What great affection will you share to attract what you desire? 

Attraction at its highest level is an energy so powerful. The perfect combination of appeal, desire, charm, and fascination. In Leo, the melding of this attraction is from this place of creativity and passion where creation is so pleasurable. In the early hours of the morning you may feel a little cool in mood, but by the afternoon you will heat up.  Your creativity is high and your ability to communicate is expansive. Do something that lights you up or you need a dose of energetic attraction.

Look to your natal chart to find Leo 19°. The house that contains this point is where in your business you have the most access to this attraction energy. If you have planets or angles near Leo 19°, these will add to your attraction. If you have planets or angles near other Fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius) 19°, they will add support to your attraction. If you have planets or angles near other Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius), they will add creative fuel to your fire!

Venus and Mars at Leo 19°



Sun trine Neptune Rx

1:49 AM Pacific | 4:49 AM Eastern

Tune in to your inspiration and generosity.

What can you create that you can pass forward? 

There is an energy of connection to superconsciousness or your intuition for a day up to and away from this exact meeting point. Your creative force, no matter what you do, seems to pour through you from beyond. Tune in to this energy and use it for good. This energy is subtle yet can be highly transformational and powerful, so use this good for you and for others. Pass it forward. Your good deed may be rewarded. 

If you have planets or angles in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), these will support your creativity and good deeds.

Sun Cancer 23° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 23°



A day to take transformative action. Choose to take action, or action will happen to you. There are two shifts today with a lot of energy to make change. 

1Q Moon Libra 25°

3:11 AM Pacific | 6:11 AM Eastern

Act and connect

Who will you reach out to in order to activate your intention? 

With the moon at the First-Quarter phase and gaining light, it is time to initiate and take action on your goals and intentions. No more planning, no more thinking. Time to act. In Libra, action is through connecting to others, be it your collaborators or ideal customers. Your people are waiting to help you somehow if you take action. Maybe you are to connect people together through an introduction, or make an ask to a collaborator to get assistance. Who are you here to help? Who is here to help you? If you know yourself well, your answers are clear. If you are still getting to know yourself, cast your connections wide. Make your connections today in your business. 

Especially activating for Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn).

Especially supportive for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). 

Sun opposite Pluto Rx

3:46 PM Pacific | 6:46 PM Eastern

Realizing and integrating your power to transform

What can you create today that transforms deep-seated emotions? 

There is something you are being asked to do in your business to help distill how you need to create emotional and physical security. The urge for self-transformation is strong. This ability to transform your sense of security has a ripple effect, something that your people sense, and an experience you can share with them in the future. Trust your intuition as to what to create. Your power and possibility to create in your business is limitless. 

Sun Cancer 25° opposite Pluto Rx Capricorn 25°


Week of July 18 – 24

Practice balance and opposition.

A week where you will be challenged to balance heart vs mind and discernment vs impulse. You’ll want to make decisions based on facts and data, even though your heart wants to go all in. Tap into your body’s wisdom to help you clarify what you really want and your heart’s wisdom to help you decide on your next action in your business. Your power ultimately comes from the courage and trust you place in your heart. Business ownership is for the courageous. You will need to decide this week what needs your inner knowing and trust to let go of the blocks that prevent you from leading with your heart. 


Venus enters Virgo

5:37 PM Pacific | 8:37 PM Eastern

Connecting through wholeness

How are you serving others that allows for more connection? 

Now through August 15, Venus– our ability to connect and attract– will be gliding through the sign of Virgo. In Virgo, Venus’s attraction power comes from connecting all the dots and details, the simple pleasures of good work done in the service of others. While Venus is in Virgo, you are more discerning when it comes to your social interactions and how you spend your valuable money. You desire facts and evidence that your time and resources will be well spent or go towards making things operate more smoothly. If you are looking to invest, invest in things and experiences that will help you get more organized, effective, and healthy so you can better serve others. 

If you have planets or angles in Virgo, over the next few weeks look for lucky streaks as Venus shares its glow and attraction on your natal planets. 


Venus opposite Jupiter Rx

5:45 AM Pacific | 8:45 AM Eastern

Discernment vs impulse

What will you allow your heart to choose? 

While normally lovely planets of luck and abundance, there is a challenge at play. A decision that needs to be made. This may be a decision between 2 wonderful things in your business. Your heart wants to go all in, but your mind is over-analyzing all the ways things might not go as planned. You must make a choice. Choose hope over fear. Your choice must be expansive, so be intentional. 

Venus Virgo 0° opposite Jupiter Rx Pisces 0°

Sun enters Leo

7:26 AM Pacific | 10:26 PM Eastern

Season of confident creative vibrancy

How will you add boldness to your work? 

It’s time to lead with your heart in Leo season. Leo is all about creativity, confidence, courage, and passion. If you aren’t working in your business with bliss, then you’re not making the kind of impact you are meant to. This doesn’t have to be about pride. This is purely about planting the energy of joy and vibrancy in all that you do. Knowing yourself and what you love allows you to deepen this joy. Others can sense when you are dragging your feet or when you have no passion. Alternatively, when they DO sense your passion and shine, you and your work are irresistible! What energy are you planting in your work? Let it be confidence and joy. 

Happy Solar Return to all courageous Leo Empresses!  



Full Moon Aquarius 1°

7:37 PM Pacific | 10:37 PM  Eastern

Self-knowing is now illuminated.

What feeling of difference will you release to let in your brilliant, creative uniqueness? 

You are now faced with an emotional understanding of the blocks that have kept your creative brilliance from shining brightly. You can fully see how what you thought were your differences are actually your gifts that you are meant to radiate instead of hide. Forgive yourself for not allowing yourself to belong and be different. It’s a journey you are meant to take to appreciate your one-of-a-kind creativity. Remember, YOU are a creative being, even if you love crunching numbers or swear you don’t have a creative bone. Let go of that idea to let in your brilliance, so you can confidently shine in your work and business. 


Mercury trine Neptune Rx

9:35 AM Pacific | 12:35 PM Eastern

Intuitive understanding

What emotional understanding do you now have in your work? 

This new understanding is deeper than awareness, it’s acceptance. And it has finally presented itself to you after you have searched for so long. This acceptance is transformational wisdom. You are here to evolve. You are here to grow through your business. You now have a subtle, yet profound understanding. Use this opportunity of self-acceptance and apply it in your business. You will notice the growth. 

Mercury Cancer 22° trine Neptune Pisces 22°

Week of July 25 – 31

Channel impulsiveness into creative pursuits.

There are three planetary shifts happening in a span of three days this week. Quite the shock to our collective system. This much change in such a short span may feel rash and unsettled. Be aware of impulsiveness in your life and business. You can harness this wild energy into cultural, expressive, or artistic interests as a constructive way to channel this power. This isn’t the week to launch or commit to anything long-term. Instead use this energy to create, gather deep insights, and restore yourself for the long run.  


Mercury opposite Pluto Rx

1:15 PM Pacific | 4:15 PM Eastern

Speaking your heart has power.

What powerful truth do you need to share now? 

For a fleeting day you gain deep emotional perception. This focused knowledge allows you to gain not just information, but also the emotional energy of this information. You are able to speak to the things that sometimes are hidden out of your reach. You are able to understand things unsaid. This is a good time to share a deep message in writing or speaking. Tough and taboo conversations can be had now with kindness and understanding with clients and partners. You can inspire others with powerful insights on topics that are hard to discuss if you choose. 

Mercury Cancer 25° opposite Pluto Rx Capricorn 25°



Mercury enters Leo

6:12 PM Pacific | 9:12 PM Eastern

Confident prideful communications

What fun can you have with your messaging? 

From now through August 11, Mercury spends its time in courageous Leo. 

Leo communications can take on an air of know-it-all-ness. So keep in mind to engage as well as listen from your heart for your communications to feel heartfelt. Your mind is very good at expressing itself in colorful, vibrant, and playful ways. This is a great time to get creative writing projects done or add some fun to your communications. Write copy for your next launch or website. Record a few podcast episodes or reels. You are sure to have fun communicating. 


Jupiter Rx re-enters Aquarius

5:43 AM Pacific | 8:43 AM Eastern

Re-examine your vision for the future.

What inner seeking will allow you to gain outer opportunities?

In Jupiter’s retrograde motion, this social energy steps back into Aquarius. In general, Jupiter’s reverse motion is felt on a subtle collective level, so you might not even notice this energy. During Jupiter Rx, the expansiveness of Jupiter is focused inward, reconnecting and expanding your inner beliefs while challenging societal norms. There is nothing to do with this shift except notice which limiting beliefs that hold you back in your business are now dissolving. Jupiter appears to go backwards through October 17, tracing back to Aquarius 22°. 

If you have planets or angles in Aquarius in late degrees of Aquarius (29° – 22°), you will feel Jupiter expanding your natal energies, bringing you deeper meaning and beliefs that will support your overall potential. You get this opportunity every 12 years. If this is you, get curious with what evolution you experienced about 12 years ago and see how it is related to your current experiences in your business. 



A rash and impulsive day. Take heed. Mars is making a few aspects today that could heat things up. 

Mars opposite Jupiter Rx

8:50 AM Pacific | 11:50 AM Eastern

Better to be careful.

What energetic fervor do you need to rein in? 

A good thing about today is that you may have an abundance of energy. Your drive to get things done is at an all-time high. On the other hand, the build-up of energy may not have an outlet, making it feel stuck and giving you a feeling of wanting to explode. You could be feeling uber confident with the likelihood of taking careless risks. Better yet, spend today tackling a creative project, so you can use this energy in a productive way. 

Mars Leo 29° opposite Jupiter Rx Aquarius 29°

Mars enters Virgo

1:32 PM Pacific | 4:32 PM Eastern

Motivate with wholeness and organization.

What data-driven aspects of your business can you accomplish? 

Now through September 14, Mars is motivated to analyze. Use this season to motivate gathering data, poring over your metrics, and making evidence-based decisions. If you’ve been putting off reviewing your books or looking at your website traffic, this is a great time to come face to face with the data. Don’t avoid data; data doesn’t lie and can give you the facts on decisions that will make your business more efficient (and profitable). Be aware that this vigilance of Mars in Virgo can make you overthink, overwork, and over-analyze. When you begin to feel this tendency, take care of your body first. Calm your system and maintain good health to prevent your mind from going into overdrive. 

If you have planets or angles in Virgo, Mars will energize your natal planets and give you extra oomph to pay attention to the details and work effectively.  


3Q Moon Taurus 8°33′

6:16 AM Pacific | 9:19 AM Eastern

Relax and get comfortable with your body.

What can you do today to feel peaceful and prosperous? 

With the Taurus 3Q Moon today, stop pushing and rushing through things and stop to smell the roses. You may feel your creativity and ability to be confident hitting some limits, and the worst thing is to keep pushing. Give yourself a break and luxuriate. You don’t have to always be “on” in your business. It is by finding peace in yourself and connecting to your body by pampering it that you can feel the spaciousness that will wash away any limitations and boundaries you may have built up. 

You may find yourself feeling stuck in a no-win situation. If so, get curious about whether your limitations are self-imposed or the result of decisions you’ve made. That way you can change your course. If you’re feeling energized and creative, get curious with what is sparking your creativity so that you can replicate that energy again in the future. 

Last Quarter Moon phases are for doing inner integration work in your life and business. A time to reflect on what you now understand and assess how you want to continue. In your business the 3Q Moon phase is perfect for reviewing analytics, examining progress, and surveying. There will be things you keep, things you let go, and things you modify based on what you now know. 

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