September 2021

Cosmically, it is one of the quieter months of the year. Day by day there aren’t many shifts, which is wonderful for your body. You now have time to be more still and integrate all you have experienced into your body’s consciousness.  

Your body, in its dense Earthy form, needs time to process and space to ground. 

Surely you’ve heard “your body is a vessel” in different variations and perspectives. In astrology, your body is the earth element – the physical embodiment of your spirit, mind, and heart that you get to work and play with this lifetime here on Earth. 

You receive your inspiration and insight from spirit in the fiery realm. 

Then you think about what that inspiration means with mind and logic in the air realm. 

Next your emotions bring down your inspired ideas so you can feel about it in the watery realm. 

It is from this place of heart, your emotions, that your ideals can ground in your body, in the earth realm. 

Your emotions hold the key as to how your body will act. 

Will your body get stuck in inaction through procrastination? 

Will your body become inflamed in anxiety from overthinking?

Or will you allow yourself to feel through your emotions and move them through your body? 

If you can do this, you can take action that is aligned with your heart and spirit while releasing fear and anxiety from your body.

To get to know your body in this way is to look at all of your energetic bodies and how they interact. 

This interaction culminates in what you DO in your business. 

Get to know your body and give your body permission to stretch, rethink, and motivate this month.

This month you get to work with Virgo and lots of Earth energy – the energy that wants to make whole, diagnose, and integrate all the parts: body, heart, mind, and soul. 

Earthy planets to support you in September:

  • Sun in Virgo most of the month
  • Mars in Virgo early in the month
  • Pluto in Capricorn all month
  • Uranus in Taurus all month
  • Moon in Virgo (6-9), Capricorn (15-17), Taurus (24-27)

Especially while there is a Virgo Moon between Sep. 6-9, the stars will want you to tune in to your body and see it as the vessel of your whole. 

The energy of the month is going to help you embody:

  • How you are meant to effectively serve (Virgo)
  • The types of relationships you value (Venus in Libra)
  • And shared ideas you connect over (Mercury in Libra)

This month we see: 

  • Venus enters Scorpio (Sep. 10)
  • Mars enters Libra (Sep. 14)
  • Sun enters Libra (Sep. 22)
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra (Sep. 26)


  • New Moon in Virgo 14° (Sep. 6)
  • Full Moon Pisces 28° (Sep. 20)
Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • Times given are for the exact meetings. Often you’ll feel the energy days or even weeks leading up to and away from.
  • There are no prescriptive or predictive requirements, simply suggestions on how to work with (vs against) the energy of the time.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic alignment. 

Tips for reading your chart to personalize your Cosmic Weather

Watch video

  • Your natal chart is divided into 12 pie pieces called houses, and each of these house separations are unique to you.
  • The line that separates each house is called the Cusp and is the doorway into the house.
  • Each house represents an area in your life and business.
  • The zodiac signs go counterclockwise, in order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.
  • Each zodiac sign contains 30°, 0° – 29° and follows the counterclockwise motion.
  • When there is a meeting or “activation” in the cosmic weather for which a degree is offered, find the sign and the degree on your natal chart (go to or for a free natal chart). 
  • The house that contains the degree is the house that is being activated for that transit, so you can personalize the energy to your life and business.

Week of September 1 – 4, 2021

Sharing ideas

“Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how the creative human works. Collecting, connecting, sharing.” – Amanda Palmer.

This week is all about the love of shared ideas! Early in the week, Mercury completed its data collection in Virgo and moved into Libra for an extended stay. Time to start connecting your data with the people in your community over the ideas you both love. 

Communications and ideas spark the more you get out of your head and do something with it. This is not the week to think about it. Do about it to get the clarity you need. 

Clarity is in your action. 


Mars opposite Neptune Rx

10:43 PM PT | 1:43 AM + 1 ET

Spiritual momentum

How can your body show you the way out of confusion? 

For a few days leading up to and a few days away from this exact meeting, you could feel like your head is up in the clouds. Maybe this expresses as insights from Spirit, or clouded mystery where you can’t quite grasp the idea. The best way to get clarity is to move your body through taking action or devoted movement. This is not a time to get lost in your thoughts. If you decide to take action, just do one task to get the momentum up in your business. Alternately, dancing, yoga, or even walking can be a mindful, conscious act.

Physically act to move through any chaos. 

Mars Virgo 22° opposite Neptune Rx 22°

Especially enlightening if you have planets or angles in late-degree Mutable signs. 



Mercury trine Saturn Rx

6:30 PM PT | 9:30 PM ET

Focus your thoughts

What task can benefit from deep focus and concentration in your business? 

A great day to approach a demanding project. For a quick day leading up to and away from this moment, you have focus and concentration that allow you to undertake a demanding mental process. Maybe you need to figure out a budget, lead gen flow, automation, or even concentrate on a nurture sequence. Anything that demands a bit more power of your mind will be supported with this aspect. Be aware to focus on impact by doing less instead of more. Most of all, keep the energy light before it gets too heavy. A coffee work date in person or on Zoom could help keep the energy flowing for your focus. 

Mercury Libra 7° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 7°

Especially supportive if you have planets or angles in early-degree Air signs. 


Week of September 5 – 11, 2021

Know your body

“Know your powers. The power of your words, your silence, your mind, your body language, and your body itself. Control them.” – Sonya Teclai, Author + Musician

Our bodies are so powerful. They are the container for our souls, minds, and hearts. We say so much with the way we hold our containers. To control isn’t to hold with a rigid grip. Instead, control is to regulate and give authority to. The stars this week ask you to discover your inner command over your body. When you learn to give authority to your body in holistic and healthy ways, you open yourself to the flow that allows you to step into your power. 



Venus square Pluto Rx

8:07 PM PT | 11:07 PM ET

Emotional magnetism

What emotional transformations are now satisfying? 

Emotionally, it has been intense and draining, we are all at a breaking point if not already broken. Yet if we search inward, there are fruits of these struggles that are now ready to be picked. What has changed in your deep emotional landscape? What fears in your life or business have been worked out internally that help you handle things differently now? You’ve been through the ringer and see the gift of the wisdom you now have.  

Venus Libra 24° square Pluto Rx Capricorn 24°

Especially arousing if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Cardinal signs. 



A supportive day to get clear on all the details to ask for what you want to organize your business for maximum effectiveness and service to others. 

The New Moon in Virgo today is supported with beautiful flowing energies that show you now is the time to make those big transformations in your life and business. That you don’t have to do it alone, and that there is a different approach you can now make. 

Be sure to set time aside today to create your New Moon intention or ritual for your business. This is your time to get clear on what you want and ask the Universe to support you. 

The stars are aligned to help you today. 

Mars trine Pluto Rx

5:20 AM PT | 8:20 AM ET

Driven transformation

What powerful urge is now uncovered that moves you towards change? 

Harness this energy as it’s showing you where you might be repressing your energies in uncertainty or insecurity. Recognition of these energies (instead of avoidance of them) gives you information on exactly what you want to let go of to call in your true powers. Focus on what you want to bring in, this will help you easily let go.

Your body knows what it wants to transform. Listen. 

Mars Virgo 24° trine Pluto Rx Capricorn 24°

Especially grounding if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Earth signs. 

Venus trine Jupiter Rx

6:05 AM PT | 9:05 AM ET

Expansive reciprocal relationships

What relationships are you here to support? What relationships are here to support you? 

Relationships are here to help you organize your business. With the Virgo energies, you are focused on how you are serving others in ways that are also supportive to you. Remember that service to others doesn’t require martyrdom; instead, your business relationships require reciprocity. What kinds of reciprocal relationships are you building in your business? 

Venus Libra 25° trine Jupiter Rx Aquarius 25°

Especially engaging if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Air signs. 

Sun (and New Moon) trine Uranus Rx

6:29 PM PT | 9:39 PM ET

Creative breakthroughs

What needs upleveling in the organization of your business? 

There is a new way of doing things. New to you. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or ground-shaking in a novel approach. It simply needs to be new to you. It’s time to uplevel and revolutionize the way you set up your business for routine, automations, or overall health. 

Sun Virgo 14° trine Uranus Rx Taurus 14°

Especially activating if you have planets or angles in middle degrees of Earth signs. 

New Moon Virgo 14°

5:52 PM PT | 8:52 PM ET

Today I plant the seeds of healthy systems that effectively serve others in my business and brand.

A healthy business is an effective system that works symbiotically for you, the business owner, for those you serve, and for those who serve you. You, as the owner of the system, get to diagnose and call in help in order for you to help yourself and others.

Whether you are called to bring in more automations so you can do more with less, or you want to build a streamlined system to serve many more people, you have the ability to chart the way to make your business whole and healthy.

Remember, you are not meant to do it alone or be a martyr. Delegate effectively. Work effectively. Build reciprocity in your business relationships

Decide today what your business looks like when it’s more healthy, systemized, and effective. Look at what has caused pain and frustration before as this is your key on where you need to start.

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

Today I plant the seeds to build healthy, new-to-me systems that allow me effectively serve others through my business’s: 

  • 1H (maybe Virgo Rising): Health-focused brand identity and leadership style
  • 2H (maybe Leo Rising): Holistic values and value add to my customers
  • 3H (maybe Cancer Rising): Organized and detailed communications and promotions
  • 4H (maybe Gemini Rising): Integrated safe spaces for emotional groundedness
  • 5H (maybe Taurus Rising): Joy and embodied pleasure from nature
  • 6H (maybe Aries Rising): Effective and daily routines that help others
  • 7H (maybe Pisces Rising): Organic, reciprocal partnerships with my ideal customers and co-creators
  • 8H (maybe Aquarius Rising): Ability to diagnose, detoxify, and heal your overall health with nature
  • 9H (maybe Capricorn Rising): Expansion and ideal vision of helping others
  • 10H (maybe Sagittarius Rising): Organized, responsibility-driven mission in my work
  • 11H (maybe Scorpio Rising): Social and environmental impact for healthy communities
  • 12H (maybe Libra Rising): Elevation above perfectionism to reach empathy for one’s highest self



Mercury enters Shadow – Libra 10°

Notice your business relationships

What kind of relationships have you created with co-creators and soul customers? 

Over the next few weeks, observe. Mercury, our ability to process, organize, and perceive, has entered the shadow zone, foreshadowing our upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Mercury has crossed the point in the sky in which it will backtrack through, meeting here again on October 18. 

This first phase of entering the shadow zone signals the themes that you will get a chance to rethink and reorganize, especially as they pertain to the relationships you have in your business.

There is nothing to do right now besides take note. The themes in relationships that present themselves now through September 26 are the themes that you will get to rethink and re-pattern. 

Be excited about what you get to discover. 

Look at your chart between Libra 10° – 25° as this is the area of your business that will be highlighted with 3 passes by Mercury. 

Mercury Retrograde Schedule

September 26, 2021 – October 18, 2021

9/7 Enters Shadow – Libra 10°

9/26 Stations Retrograde – Libra 25°

10/9 Combust – Libra 16°

10/18 Stations Direct Libra 10º

11/3 Leaves Shadow – Libra 25°



Venus enters Scorpio

1:39 PM PT | 4:34 PM ET

Connecting over authenticity and transformation

What powerful connections will you call in? 

Now through October 7, Venus graces the powerful sign of Scorpio. For the next few weeks your feelings and even love life could intensify as your passions may run deep at this time. This could be a wonderful time to deepen relationships and create more intimacy in your life and business. As your passions intensify, be aware that you are clear about your personal motivations. With this much power, it is a balancing act, especially in your relationships. Be sure you trust the people you choose. Meaning, are you connected over shared values? And are they as deeply emotionally connected as you? A mismatch in power and values would not be good for this kind of relationship building. 

If you have your natal Venus in Scorpio, you value and connect with others over trust, empowerment, and truth. Balance your intense passions with other powerful people. 

If you have planets or angles in Scorpio, as Venus graces through, it will share its blessings with your natal energies. Trust yourself to enjoy. 


Week of September 12 – 18, 2021

Inspired steps forward

“If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” – Nora Roberts

This is your week to make it rain. You feel inspired, you can feel how each small step forward in the direction you choose has a powerful impact. Show yourself you are committed to your work by taking action with the waxing Moon energy. Then our physical energy represented by Mars moves into balanced Libra. All the while our creative vitality, the Sun, activates our visionary aspirations, Neptune, and impact, Pluto. It’s a week ripe with creativity and drive. Will you act? 



1Q Moon Sagittarius 21°16′

1:39 PM PT | 4:39 PM ET

Act and inspire

What will you inspire and be grateful for to activate your intention? 

With the moon at the First Quarter phase and gaining light, it is time to initiate and take action on your goals and New Moon intentions. No more planning, no more thinking. Time to act. In Sagittarius, action is through expanding your horizons through getting inspired and offering gratitude as a kind of conscious ritual. Part of this inspiration is experiencing something new that expands and inspires your mind. Try a new cuisine, listen to a different genre of music, watch a foreign-language movie. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, loves expressions of gratitude – the more sensational, the better. Sagittarius allows you to find a new perspective and open your mind to possibilities.

Especially activating for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Especially supportive for fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) 



Mars enters Libra

5:14 PM PT | 8:14 PM ET

Take harmonious collaborative initiative

What relationships are you actively creating now? 

Now through October 30th, Mars spends its time in Venus’s home sign of Libra. Mars’ edge is subdued while in Libra. Insead, its activity and drive are  now focused on charming others and energizing relationships. Mars will be with Mercury in Libra the entire time with Mercury retrograding through Libra. This will be an interesting pairing. As you rethink your relationships (Libra Mercury Rx), you will be supported by Mars’ ability to prioritize and take action on relationship building. So wonderful to have your thoughts and actions aligned and focused on relationships for the next 6 weeks. 

If you have a natal Mars, you get motivated when you’re working in collaboration or through making things more beautiful.

If you have planets or angles in Libra, as Mars drives through, expect a boost of energy to get you going on your natal energies. 

Sun opposite Neptune Rx

2:21 AM PT | 5:21 PM ET

Imagination rekindles hidden creativity

What links between your flow and process are you now aware of? 

Today, the Sun, our creative powers, is shining its full light on Neptune, our imaginative powers. This marks the half-way point of the subtle Neptune retrograde. It’s at this point where you can see the fine balance you need between rigid routines and processes with going-with-the-flow and being open to visionary inspiration. 

Have you been over-thinking and working too hard, making you disillusioned with what you are here to do?

Or are you tapping into your intuition and consciousness to make things happen with ease and flow by getting out of your own way? 

Especially smooth going if you have planets or angles at late degrees of Mutable signs. 

Sun Virgo 21° opposite Neptune Rx Pisces 21°



It’s a day for deep emotional reflections to move you from stuck to unstoppable. 

Sun trine Pluto Rx

6:53 PM PT | 9:53 PM ET

Power of transformation

What transformation is now manifesting? 

If you can remember back to May, you had opportunities presented to you to make some lasting deep changes in your business. You may need to go back to your calendar to see what courses you were taking or the activities that may have seemed mundane at the surface. But those opportunities in May have created a deep change in your approach to what you do in your business. As a result of those deep changes, you are now seeing the fruits of that inner shift. 

In May, I asked you to “pay attention and notice these deep creative forces. They are necessary in our life and add so much beautiful wisdom.”

Now I ask, what has manifested? 

Sun Virgo 24° trine Pluto Rx Capricorn 24°. 

Especially harmonizing if you have planets or angles at late-degree Earth signs.

Venus square Saturn Rx

11:15 PM PT | 2:15 AM + 1 ET

Fleeting hard feelings

What inner emotions are blocking you? 

For a fleeting day, your emotions, relationships, or general feelings may feel gloomy. However, there is creative juice waiting to fuel you if you can get to the root of these hard feelings. Get curious with what feels blocked.

  • Is it self-doubt in what you do? What is self-doubt asking you to master? 
  • Is it difficulty in relationships? What is that relationship telling you about your own power or boundaries? 
  • Is it distrust? What about your own power are you not prioritizing? 

With a day like today, you get to turn lead into gold in your business if you choose to look at things in a different way. 

Venus Scorpio 7° square Saturn Rx Aquarius 7°


Week of September 19 – 25, 2021

Learn from others

“I’m a very strong believer in listening and learning from others.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the Supreme Court

It’s a big week with our Full Moon in Pisces and the Sun entering Libra. It’s a week where you deepen your self-awareness through others. Pay attention and notice this week – people’s actions are giving you deep insight into what you value and learn about yourself from relationships. 



It’s a day that feels energized and expansive – a good day to let go of overthinking and let in flow. 

Mercury trine Jupiter Rx

3:53 PM PT | 6:45 PM ET

Inspire your people with a friendly message

What can you share that entertains, inspires, or educates? 

Your message is sure to be appreciated by your people.  This happens right before our Full Moon in Pisces where Neptunian energies make things dreamy. Choose your words to be optimistic and expansive. Your message need not be serious. 

Especially inspiring if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Air signs. 

Mercury Libra 23° trine Jupiter Rx Aquarius 23°

Full Moon Pisces 28°

4:55 PM PT | 7:55 PM ET

Time to let go and rise to unite. 

Simplify and organize your life, business and energy to be more efficient, and inflow. Today’s Full Moon is amplified with powerful yet mysterious emotions. 

Near the Full Moon, the Sun will be joined with activating Mars sitting across the Moon joined with mystical Neptune. Meanwhile Mercury, our perception and communication, activates powerful Pluto and expansive Jupiter. 

Quite the energetic cocktail where you get to choose your adventure. Remember so much of your reality is based on how you choose to react to experiences in your business. 

If things feel heavy for you today, focus inward, and get out your body, mind, and spiritual tools to help you get in flow to work though doubts. 

If things feel light for you today, share your optimism with those in your community choosing sensitive words as not everyone will share your cheer. 

Look at your chart to see which houses include 28° of Pisces / Virgo. You may be the rising signs listed below: 

Pisces / Virgo Risings (1H / 7H)  – Let go and rise up to unite in your relationships. What needs releveraging in terms of me vs we?

Aquarius / Leo Risings  (2H / 8H)  – Let go and rise up to unite with your money talk and what you value. What needs rebalancing to bring in more ease and abundance? 

Capricorn / Cancer Risings  (3H / 9H)  – Let go and rise up to unite with your words that educate and inspire. What needs reprioritizing to promote your message of self-acceptance and responsibility?  

Sagittarius / Gemini Risings  (4H / 10H)  – Let go and rise up to unite with healing your mindset to heal your heart and visibility in your business. What needs revealing to allow you to be seen and accomplish your mission? 

Scorpio / Taurus Risings (5H / 11H)  – Let go and rise up to unite without the need to be so serious. What needs releasing so you can bring impact through fun in the way you change the world? 

Libra / Aries Risings (6H / 12H) – Let go and rise up to unite so that you can get out of rigid indecision and trust your intuition. What routines can you create that will allow you to go with the flow so you can work more effectively?

Especially illuminating for those of us with planets or angles in Mutable and Cardinal energies. 



Sun enters Libra

12:21 PM PT | 3:21 PM ET

Connect and build strong relationships

What does connected, friendly, collaborative growth look like for your business? 

Now through October 22/23, we are in the season of Libra where we radiate our creativity through making connections, keeping balanced, and paying attention to the beauty of collaboration. The Sun joins Mercury and Mars already in Libra to help us act and communicate on our conscious efforts. 

Libra’s connectedness is more than how we can make ourselves more beautiful and attractive. To be in the shadow of Libra is to pursue relationships through popularity and people-pleasing by accommodating others and doing things to be liked at any cost. 

People-pleasing doesn’t take into account Libran values such as commitment, intimacy, collaboration, and balance (another way of thinking of compromising without giving up a part of you).

Instead, let’s practice the evolution of Libra – collaborative relationships. Where we all win and work together towards a common goal. 

With Libra’s connectedness, you harmonize the relationships in your business and set the foundational energies of win-win situations. As we learned last month, relationships matter, and you get a fresh perspective on how to create collaborative, reciprocal relationships – the heart of your business. 

As you balance your needs and others’ needs through the relationships in your business, you deepen your self-awareness. Both you and your relationships must be equal partners in the give-and-take exchange in business for it to be collaborative. You get to decide what this balance and energetic exchange looks like for you and your business. 

For all the Libra Empresses, the most connected and beautiful solar return (birthday) to you.

Mercury square Pluto Rx

6:12 PM PT | 9:12 PM ET

Hidden meanings

What misunderstandings require deeper understanding? 


For a day leading up to and away from, be on the lookout for misunderstandings or misalignments. These miscommunications are your opportunity and creative edge to dive a bit deeper. There is something under the surface that has more significance and meaning for you. Resist the urge to react in your business and give into the misunderstanding. Turn your gut reaction into inquisitive research to dig deeper. Your result will be in this uncovering. 

Mercury Libra 24° square Pluto Rx Capricorn 24°

Especially activating if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Cardinal signs. 



Venus opposite Uranus Rx

2:41 AM PT | 5:41 AM ET

Surprise attractions

How can you be open to amazement? 

Exciting people or experiences could come knocking on your door for a day leading up to or away. Deep breath as these experiences could be ultra energizing, risky, or even maddening. As with most of these kinds of surprises, don’t judge the experience right away as good or bad.  Even if a bit uncomfortable, the experience may be what you need to make an upleveled connection that until now has remained elusive in your life or business. 

If frustration and anger are running high on a day like today, don’t keep the anger in your body, use your body tools to shake it out of your system. 

Venus Scorpio 14° opposite Uranus Rx Taurus 14°

Especially stimulating if you have planets or angles in mid degrees of Fixed signs. 



Mars trine Saturn Rx

2:50 PM PT | 5:50 PM ET

Kindly set boundaries

With whom are you motivated to create clear expectations? 

You are being asked to create boundaries, either for yourself in what you do or in your relationships. You will have a better ability to accomplish what you set after if you streamline and create clear expectations. 

Mars Libra 7° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 7°

Especially supportive if you have planets or angles in early-degree Air signs.


Week of September 26 – 30, 2021

Think twice

Mercury Retrograde starts, the second one for this year, where you get to rethink your relationships in your business. Relationships are everything in your business. 

Are your relationships with your true collaborators?

And as Venus, our power to connect, activates both Neptune and Jupiter, our feelings could be expansive, but we need to really focus in and choose our actions wisely. Otherwise, there could be repercussions from overdoing it. 



Mercury Station Retrograde – Libra 25°

10:10 PM PT | 1:10 AM + 1 ET

Rethink powerful connections

What new perspectives on relationships in your business are coming through?  

Relationships challenge you to be the best version of yourself. You need relationships in your business that inspire change in yourself and others. Relationships that show you how to take lead, even if you’ve been hurt taking initiative in the past. Relationships that let you stretch and expand your capacity to build platforms and communities of other changemakers. 

During this Mercury Retrograde, as you rethink relationships, you will be sparked to rethink connections and add a new spin in your business relationships with those that share your impactful values. 

Today on Sunday, September 26, Mercury steps on the brakes and appears to come to a stop before shifting backwards. Now through October 18, Mercury will appear to be in reverse and not complete the entire retrograde cycle until November 3. When this thrice-yearly reset is complete, you will have a new view on relationships in your business and call in those that stretch you into committing to yourself and your collaborators, so you can all move past your old wounds and change the world. 

For a day before and after as Mercury drills down on Libra 25°, if you have planets or angles near 25° of Cardinal signs, this feels particularly intense as your mind begins to question as previous understandings begin to break down. This breakdown is needed so you can break through. Trust in the process. Get curious with this intensity: it’s giving you a clue at what needs to be reorganized.

For the next few weeks through November 3, see where on your chart contains Libra 10° – 25.° This is the area of your business that requires rethinking relationships. Mercury will highlight this area by highlighting it two more times. The first time started back on September 7. 

Mercury Retrograde Schedule

September 26, 2021 – October 18, 2021

9/7 Enters Shadow – Libra 10°

9/26 Stations Retrograde – Libra 25°

10/9 Combust – Libra 16°

10/18 Stations Direct Libra 10º

11/3 Leaves Shadow – Libra 25°



3Q Moon Cancer 6°09′

6:57 PM PT | 9:57 PM ET

Relax and take care

What deep hurts need releasing today? 

A great day to spend with yourself 

The Last-Quarter Moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

If your emotions are running high thinking of the past, ride this wave and do your best to move it through your body. Do not let the emotions take root in your vessel. Sometimes a good cry or scream into a pillow is so healing on a day like today. 

With the Cancer 3Q Moon, spend some integration time, taking time for self care, family time, or cozy time at home. Self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity you deserve. 



If you’ve moved any hurt feelings out of your body yesterday, you now have the emotional, spiritual and physical energy to create. Two exact aspects support your vision and willpower. 

An amazing day to charm and create

Venus trine Neptune Rx

9:14 AM PT | 12:14 PM ET

Heightened manifestation

What beauty do you now recognize? 

There is something subtle today that feels so true and powerful. This something is more energetic than tangible. It’s as if someone has 

given you rose-colored glasses, and now you can see the truth and beauty that was already there. You feel an openness, despite the challenges, that allows you to feel compassion and kindness. If you choose to do anything with this energy, be gentle, be magical, and experience the pleasures of life. When you do, your attraction and charm powers will work their magic in your business and romantic life. 

Venus Scorpio 21° trine Neptune Rx 21°

Especially magnetic if you have planets or angles in late-degree Water signs. 

Sun trine Saturn Rx

3:19 PM PT | 6:19 PM ET

Creative restrictions prove fruitful

What containers can you create to focus your creative powers?

Today you may be feeling expansive and magnetic, but you still have focused energy to work and create. To help you contain this energy, see what you can remove. See how you can create more with less. Aim for mastery instead of all the bells and whistles. 

Sun Libra 6°29’ trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 6°29’

Especially creative if you have planets or angels in early-degree Air signs. 



Venus square Jupiter Rx

4:31 PM PT | 7:31 PM ET

Shine brighter and be noticed

With whom can you share your elevated feelings? 

Venus and Jupiter, the two traditionally lucky planets, meet up today for a bit of creative friction. You may feel energized and excited, but this energy can easily turn into impulsiveness. Be aware to not over-give, overdo, overspend. Instead over-thank, over-contemplate, and over-radiate. Choose wisely how you share your feelings and with whom you share your graciousness. Today can be a fun day if you consciously work with this expansive energy. m

Again, be aware of over-exaggeration or over-spending.

Venus Scorpio 22° square Jupiter Rx Aquarius 22° 

Especially energizing if you have planets or angles in late degrees of Fixed signs.


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