August 2018

Welcome, August. Welcome, Leo energy.

Leo, our beloved lion, is a regal leader, who encourages bravery and authenticity, two highly relatable qualities for Empresses!

Given that the Sun rules Leo, it’s especially important to connect with solar energy now as the month kicks off.

The Sun, the center of the universe, never goes retrograde, continually providing stable vitality to our planet. Since the month kicks off with Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and the asteroid Chiron all retrograde, taking a bit more time to honor the stability and consistency of the Sun seems even more critical than usual.

Further, August 1st marks the cross-quarter day—the halfway point between the summer solstice and fall equinox known as Lammas.

Lammas, traditionally a time to honor the first harvest of wheat, signifies a time to bless our metaphorical and literal crops. Even though this is a time of abundant sunlight in the northern hemisphere, it’s also a season of waning, too. As life thrusts itself forward, nature’s growth cycle at its zenith begins to decline. Eight weeks from now, we’ll celebrate the autumnal equinox, entering into longer nights and the season of harvest. (Or the opposite for the southern hemisphere.)

In the spirit of Lammas, a time when farmers would take their first crop of wheat to church to be blessed, this is a time to gather your crops and bless them, affirming their abundance and ability to sustain you. Whether that’s love, finances, creativity, family, or playfulness, name what you are harvesting! And by all means, say a prayer for your continued growth!

July ended with a bang, a total lunar blood moon eclipse— the longest eclipse of the century. The start of August commands us to hit to rewind button and take a look at where we’ve already journeyed before aiming at where we’d like to go next. The recent eclipse, a south node eclipse, brought closure to a chapter that began in 1999-2000. So in the spirit of looking back, consider what’s emerging for you now that connects to choices or milestones reaching back 19 years.

Do you see a relationship? What themes emerge, if any?

The total lunar eclipse last month prominently showcased a Uranus squares retrograde Mars aspect. And this aspect perfects on the first of the month. Mars represents action and ambition, and Uranus represents disruption. This aspect (which will occur again in September) is asking for us to lean into disruption as a path to success.
Since the month begins with a waning Moon cycle, too, consider what needs to be released to open space for the new chapter emerging for you.

The waning quarter Moon occurs on August 4th, offering the perfect moment to shed that which you no longer need to step into the next level of bravery and authenticity in your life. (Both courage and authenticity are two words deeply connected to Leo values.)

Come August 6th, Venus exits Virgo and enters Libra, a sign it rules. Venus in Libra brings with it a focus on harmony, balance, and justice. It also brings attention to relationships and family. Venus travels in Libra until September 8th. At that time, it will be in its retrograde shadow preparing for the retrograde journey which will begin in all earnest in October in Scorpio, during which Venus will travel back to Libra!

The very next day, August 7th, Venus trines Mars elevating thoughts and facilitating deeper meaning. Mark this day with a gold star for dates, networking events or even getting your writing done. (The Moon will be in Gemini, too, for an added extra sense of oomph.) And to make matters even more interesting, Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, stations retrograde this day also. Uranus travels retrograde in Taurus, a sign it entered in mid-May of 2018 and will move back to Aries, stationing direct on January 6, 2019!

Ask yourself this: What lessons have you learned since May 15th? (I am guessing critical information has come through since then, so pay attention now as Uranus in retrograde is going to help you deepen your commitment to what you’ve learned!)

August 8th, the Sun and Mercury conjoin. Given that Mercury is retrograde, we can expect this day to highlight what retrograde Mercury wants us to learn. Again, pay keen attention to what’s unfolding for you then. How does it support the most profound integration of your knowledge and soul growth?

August 9th, Venus makes an awkward square to Saturn helping you to own your value (and align with your values.) Don’t back down— stay true to you!

The very next day, August 10th, Jupiter makes a sharp angle to Mercury. With the Moon now waning dark, especially as we approach the third eclipse of the season, do not give in to any drama. Things will feel tough, and that’s okay. They will also pass. (Everything is impermanent and constantly shifting.) If discomfort arises, let it. As the saying goes, this too shall pass. Slow down, take it easy, and do not overreact!

Come August 11th, the New Moon solar eclipse happens at 18 degrees of Leo. If the last eclipse closed a chapter, this eclipse opens a door. Occurring on the north node of fate and destiny at 5:57 am ET, this solar eclipse ushers in new opportunities. Honestly, the last few months have had some intense and challenging astrological configurations, and while things will remain challenging (it’s life, after all), this New Moon calls you to initiate new beginnings. However, please note, New Moons are times of quiet and rest, and eclipses (especially with so many planets retrograde at the time of the eclipse) can feel especially draining. There’s no need to force anything. Go at your own pace. Take your time acclimating. Yes, set intentions and do a ritual if you’d like. However, stay aligned with your inner guidance system. Don’t rush, push, or force. And then claim your vision! With good-luck Jupiter in an applying trine to Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Capricorn making an auspicious connection to Uranus in Taurus, this solar eclipse brings fertility. Since it illuminates the zodiac sign of Leo, a symbol so connected to leadership, please claim your intentions for your business. If everything went as well as it possibly could, what would you create? How would you live? What do you desire? Allow your heartfelt, soul-driven goals to lead you forward!

The very next day on August 12th, retrograde Mars slips back into Capricorn, bringing a dose of practicality to the day. With the Moon beginning to wax ever so slightly, notice if your energy shifts at all. Mars in Capricorn is exalted after all, so even though it’s still retrograde, my hunch is that things may feel like they pick up the pace ever so slightly now that it has shifted signs.

Come the waxing quarter Moon on August 18th, Venus makes a sextile to Mercury and one day later, Jupiter makes a trine to Neptune. Please put a gold star on this weekend! This weekend offers incredible support to manifest a dream, experience deep feelings of love, and connect to what matters the most to you. Coincidentally on August 19th, the same day as one of the most important transits of 2018 occurs (Jupiter trining Neptune is a huge deal), Mercury also stations direct, officially ending its retrograde journey! Spend time with your children, write in your journal, and if it’s spiritually appropriate for you to do so, pray. Solicit support from the divine.

On August 23rd, the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo. The Sun in Virgo emphasizes organization, structure, health, and goals. This shift commands attention to change. As mutable earth, Virgo supports leaning into routines that help your family, your business, and your self-care practices.

On August 25th, the Sun in Virgo makes a grand trine in earth with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus! Yes, this efficient energy supports building your dream. Let this weekend be both functional and fun. A grand trine in earth is all about manifestation. So allow yourself to do the work of moving in the direction of your most intended desires!

August 26th brings a spiritual Full Moon in Pisces, emphasizing imagination, empathy, and connectivity with others. Happening at 7:56 am ET, this Full Moon continues to boast yesterday’s grand trine in earth, eliciting grounded and healing vibes. This Pisces Moon forms a perfect sextile to Uranus, supporting out-of-the-box healing, too. Even with Venus in Libra making a harsh square to Pluto in Capricorn, this Full Moon offers serenity. Claim it.

On August 27th, Mars the planet of action, stations direct after having traveled retrograde for the last month. Over the upcoming weeks, Mars will slowly regain its normal speed, bringing energy and vitality back to goals, relationships, and dreams. If a relationship in your life has suffered over the last few months, start to see if/how it shifts in the weeks ahead; if you have felt depressed or lethargic, notice what changes Mars’ station will bring. It will take until the beginning of September to feel Mars at full strength again. But for now, trust that its momentum (and yours, too) will pick back up very soon.

On August 28th, Mercury’s square to Jupiter perfects once more, offering you an opportunity to understand how your ambition supports your soul’s growth and where your enthusiasm might lead you astray.

With a jam-packed month behind you and the Moon beginning to wane, consider what you need to release! How do you want to move into September? Claim your vision.

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