July 2018

With the Sun cruising in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, a sign ruled by the Moon and profoundly correlating with the yin qualities of feminine strength for the majority of the month, July brings an emphasis to family, safety, and security. The Sun moved into Cancer on June 21st, officially commencing summer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere. Despite our global position, we all settle into a new season, ripe with potential.

Late last month on June 26th, Mars (the planet of action) stationed retrograde – a pattern it travels in for all of July and most of August, too. (Mars stations direct on August 27th, but we won’t feel Mars full-steam-ahead until October!) Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio and correlates genuinely with our drive, ambition, and determination.

Settling into the retrograde cycle of Mars during Cancer season may feel like driving a five-speed as opposed to an automatic; without Mars at its usual speed, you have to push the clutch and change the gears yourself. Disclaimer: things might feel a wee punchy. That said, most car lovers appreciate an excellent stick-shift experience, and I think as Empresses we are ready to take the wheel and treat this transit like a road trip in a red-hot five-speed (preferably in a convertible with the top down)!

Mars in retrograde has a different rhythm, but once you find the cadence, it has the potential to become incredibly healing. Put your focus on cultivating what Chinese medicine refers to as yin energy and cultivating Qi.

Spending time in nature proves exceptionally healing now. Lounging, resting,and pleasurable reading are all essential ways to cultivate your life force energy. Another way of saying this is: allow time for leisure. I know, I know. With kids, businesses, and extremely stressful political dynamics, leisure is the last thing on the list. But remember, success isn’t a race, it’s a rhythm. Resilience requires restoration. (It’s essential.) So please, do permit yourself to be 2% lazy this summer! Put your focus on what builds your internal fortitude. Eat well. Sleep. Spend time outside with those you love. Be gentle. Because of Mars in retrograde this summer, it’s not recommended to launch— to do so successfully requires a lot of personal power and likely won’t yield optimal results. Energy is better spent on cultivating strength, rather than trying to prove it to the world.

As an Empress, whether you have kids or not, you are the head of your family. With the Sun appearing for the majority of the month in Cancer, a sign that closely correlates with family, now’s the time put your focus there. Nurture your relationships. And trust that even in the hardest of moments you are not alone. You are a leader in the world. Surround yourself with a robust community. Nurture others. And most importantly, nurture yourself.

Since Mars’ energy corresponds with passion and power, it’s an important time to get in touch with our rage, or, as I’ve heard Dr. Northrup call it, righteous anger. It’s essential to feel, release, and surrender what lingers darkly inside. As we know from Dr. Northrup’s legendary work, our emotions set the stage for our health. Learning how to name our feelings and work with them productively remains essential, always, but the cosmic curriculum of summer 2018 commands that we bow down to these fundamental truths.

Don’t react, respond.

(I am a student of these same lessons myself. We are in it together!)

To that point, should you feel the call to invest in yourself this summer, now’s an excellent time for shadow work via psychotherapy, working with a skilled coach or healing arts counselor, maybe even doing something profoundly transformative like the Hoffman Process. (There are so many high-quality programs out there to consider if you want to lean into the healing opportunity the summer of 2018 provides.) The goal is to learn to stay centered amidst chaos and upheaval, without numbing out to escape. Easier said than done, but a part of the cosmic curriculum at this time.

Mars retrograde occurs primarily in Aquarius, a sign that holds true to progressive values. With an incredible amount of political upheaval in the world, we can expect Mars retrograde to teach (expertly) what we need to learn in order to grow together as a community.

As the month gets going, fascinating aspects unfold. July 2018 is massive!

July 5th brings a perfect Sun-Jupiter trine; expansive Jupiter in Scorpio makes an opulent and supportive angle to the Sun, highlighting growth and generosity. Even with Mercury, the planet of communication, traveling through Leo and forming a direct opposition to Mars, you are cosmically supported this day. Further, as the weekend comes into a full roar, we experience an applying trine between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, which perfects on the 8th. This combination of Jupiter-trine-Sun and Neptune-trine-Sun creates a grand trine in water with the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune – illuminating grace, beauty, spirituality, and emotional intelligence.

Play with your kids and have fun; this is the time to spend time with those you love, doing what you love.

On Monday, July 9th, the holiday weekend vibes in the USA (or just weekend vibes for those in other countries) quickly gives way to Monday vibes. Now that Venus, the planet of love and beauty, exits the sign of play, Leo, and enters into the sign of work and duty, Virgo, our attention shifts from vacation and holiday mode back to work. Just in time, too. Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good fortune, stations direct at 13 degrees of Scorpio after having been retrograde since March 8th! This is particularly important for Scorpios. You have a few more months with Jupiter in your sign, (it will be in Scorpio until November 8th) and with Jupiter awakening from its retrograde motion, you’re going to start to feel things perk up big time. Same is true for those with strong Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces in their charts, as well as Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, after all.

Wednesday the 11th, Venus in fastidious Virgo makes a perfect trine to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect invites value-based change. Given that retrograde Saturn travels at 5 degrees of Capricorn, Venus in Virgo creates an earth grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. Venus’ exact trine to Saturn will perfect on the 13th; however, you will feel it now. Given this support, reevaluate how you are spending your time and what pressure you are succumbing to that’s taking you away from the commitments that mean the most to you: children, primary relationships, self-care. With the Moon waning dark, now’s the time to get in touch with what you want. This earth trine follows up a water trine, meaning that despite Mars’ retrograde motion and the upcoming Solar Eclipse, you can firmly create, manifest, and rearrange your life, business, and family dynamics as needed.

Speaking of change, on July 12th there’s a Solar New SuperMoon Partial Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees of Cancer. (The second eclipse of the month is a Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on July 27th.) This New Moon eclipse opposes Pluto and serves up a heavy dose of truth. It occurs on July 12th at 10:47 pm ET, at 20 degrees, in the sign of the crab. Retrograde Mars forms a fixed T-Square with the north node of fate and Uranus, the planet of revolution and change. Mars-square-Uranus is a vital transit to track during the entire month. This will be massively in play at the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th and will likely emphasize large-scale disruption on a political level. Mars, after all, correlates with power. Uranus, which recently entered Taurus, is here to disrupt power dynamics.

Look at the dynamics unfolding in your life: are you under unnecessary pressure? What do you need to shake off or change? Now’s a powerful time to revisit Dr. Northrup’s most recent book, Dodging Energy Vampires, and support yourself with eliminating draining relationships and dynamics. With Pluto directly opposite this New Moon Eclipse, we are asked to see the truth and shake free oppressive dynamics.

Please note, eclipses can feel draining and wonky. While it’s a New Moon, a time of new beginnings, you’ll likely need space to rest, unwind, and potentially do nothing. Schedule it. Then notice how you feel! If you have lots of energy to do all the things. 🙂

Regardless, a New SuperMoon Solar Eclipse in Cancer invites you to set intentions for how you want to mother, nurture, and care for others. It’s about bringing your family together. Stepping into your full strength power as an Empress, mother, woman, and cultivating the skills of tenacious empathy within. Cancer also relates to safety and security, meaning this is a powerful moment to set healthy intentions for emotional well-being, confidence, and financial security. Courageously claim the woman you wish to become in a way that feels good to you.

On the 18th of July, retrograde Mars conjoins the South Node of karma. I cannot say enough how much this day matters. Retrograde Mars conjoining the South Node of past life karma while opposing the North Node of fate and destiny, will reveal, precisely, what needs to be shed in order to emerge. Take notes and keep a keen eye.

The very next day, the waxing quarter Moon marks the halfway point between two eclipses. Stay on the lookout for curveballs!

Come Saturday, July 21st, Venus in Virgo makes a sextile to Jupiter, which is now direct, meaning good luck, opulence, and growth abound. This aspect perfects on July 22nd, the same day the Sun moves into playful Leo.

The day before Mercury goes retrograde on July 25th, Venus opposes Neptune, blurring the lines. Watch out for excessive alcohol consumption and getting swept away in an illusion. Keep both feet on the ground, aligned with your truth.

July 25th brings with it intense vibes. The Sun squares Uranus, and simultaneously Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury travels retrograde from July 25th- August 18th.

With the Total Lunar Eclipse in revolutionary Aquarius on Friday the 27th fast approaching, and the Sun opposing Mars, it’s essential to manage your energy wisely. This Total Lunar Eclipse happens at 4 degrees.

Don’t react, respond. Watch your triggers. The good news is that with Venus in a trine with powerhouse Pluto, you have incredible strength to withstand and enjoy this experience, despite the challenges that present.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th occurs at 4:20 pm ET, at the 4 degrees of Aquarius. During this eclipse, the Sun and Moon form a fixed T-square with Uranus in Taurus. On top of that, the Moon conjoins retrograde Mars, so Mars also squares Uranus. Meanwhile, retrograde Mercury complicates communication. Empresses, this Full Moon will test our mettle.

Eclipses are wild cards, and this one mainly brings with it potent medicine. It’s essential to slow down, feel, honor, witness, and observe what’s unfolding within you and around you. Aquarius Moons sometimes bring an emotional disconnect, so pay close attention to your emotions. Feel them without becoming them. Put extra emphasis on your children at this time. They likely need help to understand their feelings, too.

This Moon screams revolution, both politically and personally. If it no longer works, it has to go, and this Full Moon will illuminate that precisely. It’s time to shatter any superficial visions of success (or perfection) driving you in your family or business. Go deep. Especially with Mercury now retrograde, too.

Aquarius represents progressive visions. What is it you want? What values drive you? Be kind and generous with yourself and others. The world needs it!

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