April 2021

Let go, take initiative 

We are now in the season of activation and uplevel! It’s time to take aligned, body-first action on what you desire in your business and contribute as the valuable leaders you were born to be. 

Yay! It finally feels like you have wind under your beautiful wings to let go and easily take flight. 

In March, you were able to get into the flow of things, stretch your wings from a long winter, and dream up your big vision. 

You’re getting really clear on what you want to create, and the cosmic weather is here to support you. 

As April reveals itself we see the Sun, our vibrant creativity, and Venus, our connection to people and resources,  in powerful positions while all planets continue to move forward. That is until the very end of the month when far-away Pluto steps on the brakes to go backwards. 

Ready to let go and take initiative? 

April’s cosmic weather supports your body, mind energy to:

  • Shine brightly in your aligned leadership
  • Take massive leaps forward
  • Receive breakthroughs in community, money, messaging, accountability and your offers
  • Get real with what really holds you back that needs to be released

This month we see:

  • Sun exalted in Aries until April 19
  • Mercury flying through Aries and Taurus
  • Venus comfy cozy in home sign of Taurus starting April 14
  • Sun in peaceful Taurus
  • Mars moves into sensitive Cancer
  • Pluto Retrograde cycle begins


  • New Moon Aries 22° April 11
  • Full Moon Scorpio 7° April 26
Cosmic weather notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • For larger shifts you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs, is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift. 


Mercury enters Aries

8:41 PM

Think body-first thoughts.

What new ideas and thoughts will you affirm through your body in your business? 

A great few weeks to activate your body and mind

Mercury zips through the zodiac and cruises through quick-acting Aries until April 19, just a few weeks. While in Aries, Mercury (our thoughts, communications and way we express ourselves) can be vigorous, fast, and spirited. Aries traditionally rules our bodies and our heads, and Mercury while in Aries is a messenger to our body. Be aware that this momentum doesn’t tip the scale of balance to become impetuous or impulsive. That’s always the trick with Aries– it’s such a great energy to take flight and take lead. And when we are communicating to others to follow our lead, our energy needs to be enthusiastic without being pushy. Forward moving without frustration. All those ideas you’ve had brewing now have the cosmic energy and your body’s energy to initiate. 



3Q Moon Capricorn 14°51′

3:02 AM

Relax and sustain.

How much down time can you block off today to regenerate? 

A great day to restore and refine your ambitions.

With the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon, spend some integration time restoring alone to nourish your body, mind, and soul. It’s during this alone time you can get clear with all the goals and responsibilities you’ve put upon yourself to see if they are still consistent with your business now. Rest is a necessity for achievement. Block off time for yourself in the next few days for deep rest. 



Mars square Neptune

12:18 PM

Feel and initiate Spirit in your body to lead.

How is your body leading you to spiritual alignment in your life and business? 

With Mars in quick Gemini and Neptune in spiritual Pisces at 21°, these mutable energies are squaring off like a First Quarter Moon phase. This kind of energy is compelling us to act. If we are not consciously aware of this energy, it could feel as if we are a target of energetic jabs. And if we are in tune with this energy, it will feel like we are being nudged into a better alignment, like a deep stretch of a yin yoga pose that isn’t fully comfortable at first but as you relax into it for a few minutes, the tension releases. 

We will feel this energy for a few days leading up to and a few days after the exact square-off. It’s a great time to move your body to clear your mind and spirit. What spiritual movement is calling you? Yin Yoga? Tai Chi? Dance? Drumming? When you move your body, you will get deep insights into your next step as you combine the practical and the ideal. 



New Moon Aries 22°25′

7:31 PM

Today you plant the seeds to call in your magnetic leadership style.

What kind of leader do you want to be and what does it feel like in your body to contribute your brilliance into the world? 

In Astrology, the New Moon in Aries, shortly after Equinox, is like a New Year celebration—a rebirth as we begin again at the first sign of the zodiac. A time of revival and renewal, and in your business, reviving how you want to show up.

Aries is quick and takes lead, and in our chart, by house, shows us where in our business we are meant to show up boldly. Your Rising Sign (aka Ascendant) on the First House cusp is the archetypal energy you are born to embody in your aligned leadership style.

This is your chance to love the leader you are born to be and fall in love again with your brand identity. If you feel good and are authentic in your unique style, you become irresistible to your soul customers.

Decide today what leadership and brand identity you want in your business. The sweet spot is the intersection of what you want and what others love about you.

The house that contains Aries of 22° is the area of your business that desires a fresh intention based on how you will take aligned leadership.



Venus square Pluto

8:20 PM

Impactful emotional charisma

How are you harnessing your deep emotional magnetism? 

Close and trusting relationships are at the core of your successful business and authentic leadership. No one expects you to know everything, and your Highest Self wants you to be curious to express your vulnerability. 

Vulnerability is your key to emotional magnetism. What can you reveal about yourself that you’ve been hiding? What can you ask of others to gain clarity versus assume? Harness the energy a few days before and after the exact meeting to reveal emotional magnetism that draws in your soul relationships. 



Venus enters Taurus

11:22 AM

Building prosperity and peace

What is your true value and how are you sharing it? 

A lucky few weeks to recognize and share your value with others

Venus enters its home sign of Taurus until May 8. Here Venus is comfy, cozy, and in full embodied power. Venus, our connection to the resources (yes, money) and people to thrive in our world, appreciates everything luxurious, delicious, and sumptuous. It’s the ability to recognize, appreciate, and be gracious to these pleasures that amplifies Venus’ power to charm and attract. 

For the next few weeks while Venus is in Taurus, appreciate your physical resources by savoring each sense. Notice the value you create every day and the value you create for the people that choose to work with you. Take it all in by tuning in to your values, senses in your body, and expressing gratitude. Bring to life and amplify your power of financial success and the pleasure it can afford for you and the ones you love– purely by appreciation and embodied enjoyment of what you already have. 


Sun square Pluto

6:27 AM

Impactful creative fuel to transform

What in your creative process needs deconstruction?

For a few days before and a few days after, your creativity will be examined. If you’re not mindful of this energy, it can feel like outside forces are testing your abilities. If you’re mindful of this energy, it can feel like the creative tension needed to give your creation that extra impact. Notice the external experiences that cross your path. This is your key to see what needs deconstructing in order to distill and make better. 



Mars trine Jupiter

10:14 PM

Expansive, progressive, action-oriented ideals

What big ideas and ideals want to be activated?

A great time to feel lucky! 

For a few days before and leading up to this harmonious energy, your ideas and ideals will be in sync and will want to be acted upon. The energy is as wide as it is deep, a great energy to get your big vision out into the world and refine your big, social-impact message.  Your self-esteem may run high, so make use of this optimistic vibe. Share your visionary message, make those strategic connections, and trust in your luck. 



Mercury square Pluto

2:49 PM

Sharp penetrating thoughts

What deep inner dialog wants light?

A great day to reveal blocks that keep you stuck. 

This fleeting energy is revealing and intense. Deep emotions may come forth, a hidden gift if you are ready to understand how to use this energy. Pluto has the ability to dredge up what we try to hide, and Mercury enables us to express these hidden truths in a way that brings the unconscious to the conscious. Notice what people may say to you that triggers deep emotions. There is no need to take offense to outside communications as they are the key to give you insight as to what needs to be revealed.

If you’ve been working on mindset issues in your business, you may get the insight you need to uncover what it is that is truly holding you back from initiating your intentions. Be aware that we are all feeling this energy, so be kind to yourself and others. We are all uncovering something. 

As you become aware of these inner blocks, you will be empowered to finally let them go, Empress. 



Sun conjunct Mercury

6:50 PM

Quicksilver thoughts and creativity 

What fast creative ideas come to you now? 

A good day to schedule an intense workout 

For a fleeting day, the Sun and Mercury meet in the sky. Like a New Moon cycle between the Sun, our creative fuel, and Mercury, our expression of our soul’s needs, we get a new start with being able to connect our creative vibrancy to the information we need to express our vibrancy in our businesses. Logic keeps up with your creativity so you can gather the information you need and communicate with others your opinions. Your thoughts are racing now, so keep a journal or voice memo nearby to capture your independent ideas. 

Do notice that if you are feeling too amped up or getting frustrated, this fleeting time will pass. Be mindful, if you get frustrated, to not take it out on yourself or anyone else. You can work out these high strung energies from your body and mind with a good all-body sweat. 



A big day astrologically with three shifts happening to support each other. There has never been a better time to take steady, confident action. 

Mercury enters Taurus

3:29 AM

Grounded peaceful communications

What sense of peace grounds your thoughts? 

You will feel a sense of relief as Mercury moves out of Aries into steady, grounded Taurus. All the intense mindset concerns you’ve experienced last week will feel less urgent and more practical. You get to let that all go as you can now think with a bit of space and ease about all the changes that need to come through in a peaceful and sensible way. Ah…relief!

Sun enters Taurus

1:33 PM

Season of embodied grounding and building

What value do you add? 

The Sun enters the beautiful, sensual, embodied sign of Taurus. For the next month you get to play with the ideals of peace and prosperity and savor all your Earthly senses. In your business, it’s a time to look at your values: what you value, how you add value, and the promises you give yourself and your co-creators. Part of these values is being able to embody and take delight in what your heart desires and make manifest the physical resources that you need to not only survive but thrive on Mother Earth. With Taurus season, one thing to be aware of is that the bounty that we get to create is to be shared and not to be hoarded. There is enough for everyone. 

1Q Moon Leo 0° 25’

11:59 PM

Act with confidence.

What will you confidently take action on today? 

It’s that time of the month to show the Universe that you are committed to your intentions. It’s time to take action. Any confident action. There is no need to worry about mistakes at this time. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and impact from your confident action. The Sun and Mercury are now in peaceful Taurus, giving you a grounded perspective, yet you are still riding high on all the inner revelations and quicksilver thoughts. So what better way than to embody and empower what you now know by taking steady, confident action? Any action that will get you a step closer to accomplishing your intention. Do it with peace, steadiness, love, passion, fun, and confidence. 



Pluto Stations Retrograde

Befriend your shadows.

What emotions are being intensified right now? 

There is nothing to do except notice. Today, Pluto stops in the sky before going on its annual backward trip across the sky. There is nothing to be fearful of with Pluto moving backward. Pluto is the great transformer and moves so slowly across the sky from way out there in the outer reaches of the solar system. For all of us on Mother Earth at this time, we will feel the need to alchemize. For most of us the feeling will be subtle. But if you have natal planets that are being activated, it is those natal energies that are being asked to transform and evolve. 



Venus conjunct Uranus

6:01 PM

Unpredictable abundance breakthroughs

What shakeups in finances and relationships are revolutionizing your world? 

For a few days leading up to and away from this meeting point, Venus (your abundance and relationship energy) and Uranus (your revolutionary energy) meet up in the sky in the earth sign of Taurus. You may get some surprises with your physical resources (yes, money!). Be careful to not judge things as good or bad– it would be too soon to say, even if the immediate outcome is a hit. When Uranus is involved, its shocks are meant to be quantum leaps to get you onto your next evolution. So if a minor setback gets you to where you are supposed to be, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it? 



Mars enters Cancer.

4:49 AM

Motivation feels moody.

How can you initiate from a place of emotional security?

Now through June 11, Mars spends its time in sensitive Cancer. Emotions may feel extra during this time, so it’s really important to understand what you need to feel emotionally secure. Especially in your business, you want to be making decisions based on emotional security instead of fear. If you find yourself paralyzed by fear, this is a great time to initiate understanding what it is that you need to feel emotionally secure. And if you don’t yet know OR you have old stories that may not be your own to work through, this would be a great season to get counseling or therapeutic help. You are not meant to go through this alone. This can be a powerful time where you tap into your authentic leadership and authentic drive. How empowered would you feel to let go of all the fears that hold you back and make decisions based on your true inner needs? 

Mercury conjunct Uranus

11:42 PM

Unpredictable communication breakthroughs

What thoughts, ideas, and messages rock your body?

A few days after Venus and Uranus meet up, Mercury, messenger to our soul, meets up with Uranus, giving us breakthroughs in our communications. If you’re learning something new, you are able to pick up concepts oh so quickly. And if you’ve been craving to up your education, let your intuition lead the way to finding that new concept that will rock your world. Be open to new and revolutionary ideas and be aware of the feeling of knowing it all. This energy is fleeting and unpredictable, so do not try to force or control it. Let this electricity move through your body. 



Venus square Saturn

9:22 PM

External limits test your resources and relationships.

What is limiting you right now and stretching your creativity to do less? 

A great time to make more impact by doing less

For a few days leading up to and away, you may be tested and limited. Maybe your creativity, relationship, or money matters will be tested? Asking you to prioritize, make choices, and take responsibility. While in the moment it may feel like a dampener on your parade, it is what you create in spite of these limitations that will allow you to outshine what you would have created otherwise. 



Mercury square Saturn

4:58 AM

Say less.

How can you say less or communicate without words? 

A great time to not over-explain

In certain situations like today, there is no need to over-explain or reiterate your asks. What can you do to get across your message that goes beyond words? This type of communication will have a much greater impact with energy like today. 

Mercury conjunct Venus

3:19 PM

Express your appreciation.

How can you show your thanks beyond words?

A great day to send a gift

You are still feeling the effects of Mercury squaring off with Saturn, so the desire to say less remains. Yet, your heart is full with appreciation, and that can’t go left unacknowledged. Maybe send a gift to show how grateful you are. 



Full Moon Scorpio 7°06′

8:32 PM

I empower myself by letting go.

What will you let go of? 

A powerful day to do a release ritual with the emotional Moon in sensitive Scorpio facing off all the Taurean energies of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. If there is any one day to really say goodbye to all your shadows and jealousies, today is the day. When you do, this will leave so much room for authentic empowerment, the highest elevation of Scorpio. Be truthful to yourself and look at what really keeps you from experiencing empowerment and prosperity. What or who are you jealous of? What is it about someone’s successes that triggers you? That is the key. Those triggers are indications of your desires and abilities unrealized. This may be easier said than done, but it’s time to LET GO. 



Pluto Retrograde

1:04 PM

Feel into the intensity of distillation.

What emotional truths want to come to light? 

Today Pluto shifts gears and appears to go backwards in the sky now through October. Pluto spends about 50% of the year in reverse, and because this dwarf planet is so far removed from us on Earth, its effects are subtle. For the week up to and away from this shift, we will feel the power of Pluto the most intensely. The key to working with Pluto is to dive into the intensity. If you try to avoid the intensity, Pluto will only up the heat. Notice what shadows want to come into the light. Befriend these shadows, get to know them and their hurts, and work through them. That is how you transform. 



Sun conjunct Uranus

12:54 PM

Creative fuel breakthroughs

What about your business offerings and what you do needs an uplevel? 

You’ve had a lot of breakthrough energy this month, and now it’s your creative juice and vitality’s turn. For the few days leading up to and past this exact meeting, you get the opportunity to uplevel your offerings. The Sun in our business is what we do and our unique talent/approach to what we do. With Uranus’ revolutionary energy, it’s time to uplevel what you do, woo hoo! We need this leap, and we get it every year as the Sun passes across Uranus in the sky. 


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