March 2021

Well into 2021 , it’s finally starting to feel like we are moving forward!! We are officially done with our first Mercury Retrograde, the Aquarius stellium is loosening, and this month we have two planetary energies (Venus in Pisces before March 21 and Sun in Aries after March 21 ) moving into signs where they are exalted, meaning they are cozy and comfortable working in those signs. 

Yay, it finally feels like we have wind under our wings to easily be in flow with our businesses. 

In February, you were able to rethink your future and how you were meant to make change through your business. You may even have gotten a peek at what exactly you want to do. 

In March, expect things to get so much more clear – first by going into a dreamy visionary state thanks to all the Pisces and Neptunian energies – then coming out feeling much more connected to your ultimate vision. Yes, it can be this easy and aligned!!

You’re also starting to understand what needs upleveling in your business and how to create it with sustainability. You don’t have all the answers yet, but you are moving in the right direction. 

In Origin, Repeatable Marketing Systems are going to help hone this upleveling and sustainability. March really IS about ease and flow. 

As March unfolds, we see all planets moving forward and quickly through the sky. This is the only full month in all of 2021 where we have ALL forward/direct motion, meaning no planets appear to be moving backwards in retrograde. Normally this is a great thing. However, Mars, Venus (after March 21), and Mercury – our personal planets – spend their time in signs that do not necessarily feel like home. 

Because these 3 energies are personal planets, meaning they are close in proximity to Earth, we feel these archetypes intimately:

  • Mars moves into scattered Gemini where it can’t focus on its priorities. 
  • Venus spends time in assertive Aries where it can’t luxuriate. 
  • Mercury is in illogical Pisces where communication is reflected and refracted like an abstract painting or poem. 

With all this paradoxical energy, it’s like moving back into your parents’ home as an adult – where you have everything you need, but you’re not exactly welcome. Things are moving forward, but you’re certainly not in your comfort zone. 

While things don’t feel super comfortable, this is the break to make gains you’ve been waiting for!

March’s cosmic weather supports the energy to: 

  • Connect to our Divine to understand our highest purpose in our work.
  • Use our imagination and beyond-words ways to communicate.
  • Heighten our frequency to connect and create with ease and flow.
  • Find our perfect balance of leadership and partnership.

This month we see:

  • A relatively quiet month.
  • All planets are direct! 
  • Mars enters Gemini March 3 – April 22.
  • Mercury enters Pisces March 15 – April 3.
  • Venus and Sun enter Aries on Equinox, March 21.


  • New Moon in Pisces 23° on March 13.
  • Full Moon in Libra 8° on March 28.
Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn. 
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift. 


Mars enters Gemini

7:30 PM PT | 10:30 PM ET

Priorities are scattered.

What is your true motivation, and are you prioritizing the right things?

Mars enters airy, chatty Gemini through April 22, and during this time it may feel like everything is urgent. Mars isn’t super comfortable in Gemini as it has no clear way to focus its energy. While things may feel scattered, you can really dig into this energy by prioritizing sharing information and engaging with others. Think marketing, promotion, and creating dialog. Mars loves initiating and gaining momentum, and at the highest expression, Gemini loves creating dialog and getting curious. With this season, see how you can prioritize gaining info, sharing info, and taking the lead by opening up a conversation – just be sure to do as much listening as chatting!



Mercury conjunct Jupiter

7:27 PM PT | 10:27 PM ET

Your big message expands.

What vision is now clear that you have to express?

A fantastic day to get your visionary message out further or create a new message for deeper meaning.

Mercury (our communications) and Jupiter (our expansiveness) meet up exactly today in innovative, social impact-making Aquarius. Your thoughts, ideas, and what you say (Mercury) has a chance to go further, be optimistic, and change beliefs (Jupiter).

Because of this expansive energy, take today to write down your thoughts, share them on social media, send out that press release. Whatever it takes for your message to reach all the corners of the world. 

And if you don’t yet have your big message honed, today would be a great day to spend some time with pen to paper, exploring your ideas to fine-tune your message for impact.



3rd Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

5:30 PM PT | 8:30 PM ET

Relax + give thanks.

What simple offering of gratitude can you make that will change your entire vibration today?

It’s a great day to relax and create space to feel free.

You’ve been working so hard, giving it your all. Resist the urge to hustle and achieve at all costs. That’s a past pattern that is serving no one, especially you.

Your creativity is desiring connection – connection to Spirit. Make the space to do this today and tell Spirit how much you appreciate it. The Sun (our creativity) sits mid-point between Neptune (spirit) and Venus (connection/values), wanting to bring in all of this interconnectivity.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and businesses. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

For those of us looking to create repeatable marketing systems, it’s a good time to figure out the things you don’t want to do and the things that you love doing in your marketing and communications.  

With the Sagittarius 3rd quarter moon, spend some integration time relaxing and feeling free. Visit somewhere with a vast landscape or view, so you can stretch your soul and feel the expanse. Freedom, gratitude, and optimism are your keys.



Sun conjunct Neptune

4:01 PM PT | 7:01 PM ET

Vibrant powerful vision.

A great day to let your imagination and fantasy soar.

What makes you feel creative, artistic, imaginative, and connected to your Divine?

It’s been a much-needed quiet time in the cosmos. As the Sun (creative vibrancy) and Neptune (visionary Spiritualist) meet in Neptune’s home of Pisces, we go through deep and meaningful interconnectedness to all.

This space is needed in our businesses. Because it is in fantasy and imagination that we have the capacity to receive the visions that help us accomplish our highest potential. 

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

Let this be your theme for today. How do you drop into the ocean, and how can you feel out into all the deep mysteries of knowingness? Is it a guided meditation? Is it watercolor? Is it singing mantras? Dive oh-so-deep today and let your creativity and vision soar. Your Spirit will guide the way if you let it.



New Moon in Pisces 23°

2:21 AM PT | 5:21 AM ET

Today I plant the seeds to bring in more ease and flow with connection to my Divine in my business and brand.

What does connection to Spirit help you envision?

Beautiful and dreamy, this New Moon is your connection to the Divine. Imagine your most divine self, showing you the past, present, and future vision. She has chosen this path that you are on of spiritual entrepreneurship. Goddess, you know entrepreneurship is for the courageous of heart. And the most courageous of hearts are those that can hold vast empathy and compassion.

When you dream of the visions for your business, how simply can you attain this vision? How in ease can you work? And what can you accomplish when in flow?

Shortly after the New Moon, Venus will meet up with Neptune, adding to the beauty, imagination, and charm.

Decide today what ease and flow look like to you in your spiritual business.

What does your connection to Spirit want you to see?

What is the biggest, dreamiest, most beautiful vision you can conjure of yourself in your business?

The house that contains Pisces 23° is the area of your business that desires a fresh intention based on surrender, ease, and flow.



Venus conjunct Neptune

8:08 PM PT | 11:08 PM ET

Creativity + imagination flows.

What is your higher octave of creativity and connectivity?

A great day to meet soul-level co-creators and customers. 

Shortly after the Pisces New Moon, Venus and Neptune are also in Pisces. Venus represents our values and ability to connect with the right people and the right resources, and Neptune is this same energy but at a higher frequency, connecting to all through the spiritual plane. When these two lovely energies meet, everything beautiful and sublime comes together in dreamy vision.

This is a great energy to feel and create great beauty. The challenge is to take that vision from so high above and bring it down to this earthly plane without losing this fleeting yet intense love.

Capture this beauty not by holding onto the last detail of what it looks like, but instead by remembering, in your heart and soul, what this big vision feels like and how you are meant to embody it through the generous work you offer through your business.



Mercury leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

Thoughts flow quickly.

What have you rethought about the future of your business?

You made it. Our first Mercury Retrograde cycle is officially done. Mercury has left the shadow zone, meaning it has left the area of the sky where it first appeared to move backwards about a month ago.

Your thoughts are now moving freely, and you most certainly have clarity of what you want for the future in your business. For the next 2 days (yes, 2 days only) get your thoughts on paper, so you can recall your ideas as Mercury will spend just a few days in Aquarius before it moves into Pisces. There Mercury, while still moving forward, will be in a state of dreaminess and abstract thinking.



Mercury enters Pisces

3:26 PM PT | 6:26 PM ET

Communication beyond words.

What non-verbal or abstract ways are you expressing your business?

Mercury, representing our thoughts, logic, and communications, has now entered Pisces. We had a short few days of crystal clear, forward thinking before splash! Pisces is anything but logical. Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, and much prefers communicating in abstract ways like through art, music, or silence. Luckily, Mercury is full-speed-ahead, spending just a few weeks (until April 3) in this watery space. While in Mercury, it’s a good time to think of nonverbal ways to communicate and share your ideas.



Mars trine Saturn

7:35 PM PT  | 10:36 PM ET

Focused motivation.

What will you prioritize that will have lasting momentum in your business?

A great day to systemize your marketing for engagement. 

In Origin, the March theme of Repeatable Marketing Systems  is 100% aligned!

Mars, our motivation and drive, is in flow with Saturn, our discipline and responsibility. With both in Air signs (Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius), you’ll want to socialize and share information. So how can you create foundational and lasting systems (Saturn) that will allow you to prioritize engagement (Mars)? Most likely across tech platforms or social media.

You don’t have to look far. Just look at what has been working for you already. Where are you getting the most engagement? What topics seem to spur conversation? Start there and build on that. You don’t have to have it all figured out today, but get those ideas on board to your team, so you can make use of this great energy!


3/21/2021 – A big cosmic day! Happy Equinox 

Sun enters Aries | Equinox

2:37 AM PT | 5:37 AM ET

Creativity rises, the season of new beginnings.

Where are you putting yourself first in your business?

Happy Equinox, everyone! This astronomical event is celebrated and symbolized all across the world. Equinox symbolizes the balance of light. Today, no matter where you are on the Earth, day equals night. Ancient societies across the globe recognized this event and placed meaning on the solstice.

At Angkor Wat, Cambodia, a grand Hindu (now Buddhist) temple’s central tower is crowned with the Sun on the morning of the spring equinox.

At Chichen Itza, Mexico, a Mayan pyramid casts shadows of a serpent god Kukulkan at the precise moment of the equinox.

Now, for us spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s the beginning of the astrological year, the new, the start, the need to put ourselves first and initiate.

Although we are starting Aries season, normally all about the “me” versus the “we,” shortly after Equinox, Venus (our ability to connect) also enters Aries (although Venus and the Sun don’t meet exactly for a few days), which means our vision of me is only in relationship to we.

With Aries season you get a fresh start. A rise of taking initiative on your priorities. Feel into this newness and see where you are now meant to take the lead.


Venus enters Aries

7:16 AM PT | 10:16 AM ET

Connect by taking the lead.

With what pioneers and leaders are you meant to connect?

Venus joins the Sun already in Aries. While in Aries, Venus loves connecting with other leaders, risk and action takers, and those that desire to be the best and the first. A bit of competition is fun for Venus in Aries as it gets pushed to be even better than before. Venus in Aries loves all things edgy and risky.

How can you use this energy to connect with those other spiritual entrepreneurs, like you, who are really ready to leap to their goals? Because there’s no time like now to get a jump start!

Venus stays in Aries for just a few weeks (and that’s great for Venus because taking the lead isn’t normally its M.O.) until it returns to its cozy Taurus home on April 14.


First Quarter Moon in Cancer 1°12′

7:40 AM PT  | 10:40 AM ET

Act + nourish.

What practice of self care helps move the needle forward?

It’s time to take action on your intentions! You had some big visions you planted during the New Moon in Pisces. Now it’s time to hold space for those intentions to sprout. 

Our Cancer first quarter moon is about taking action in the form of self-care. Yes, naps to make money, massages for effectiveness, Netflix for impact. Self-care and holding space on the outside may not seem like productivity. But if these acts of nourishing replenish your ability to be more energized and effective, can you see the value of that power nap? Be aware that self-care isn’t avoidance, so be sure to notice when you are filling your cup vs. ignoring your inbox. Make space in your schedule for self-care so that you can energetically, in alignment, act on your intentions.



Mercury square Mars

8:26 PM PT | 11:26 PM ET

Be patient and gain understanding.

What is your intuition or higher self wanting you to know right now?

Today Mercury in Pisces (abstract thoughts) squares off with Mars in Gemini (scattered motivation), and you just can’t figure out which way is up! It’s all good if you take it for what it is, a fleeting opportunity to throw your ideas to the wind and go with the flow. In the midst of it all, if you can quiet your mind a bit, brilliance can shine through. For now, go make a mess, scatter some paint, sing in the shower, meditate in a noisy playground, and see what comes up.



Sun conjunct Venus

11:58 PM PT | 2:58 AM + 1 ET

Shine brightly, confidently, and beautifully.

With whom will you share your brilliance and leadership?

The Sun (our vibrant creation) and Venus (our connection to others) meet in fiery Aries today. When these two luminaries meet, everything is affectionate and warm and uber-creative. In Aries, this likeability can be self-directed (yay!) and outwardly directed by gaining all the followers with charming leadership. At the same time, Mars, the ruler of Aries, is connecting with the North Node saying, this is our collective new direction and purpose, self-directed leadership in partnership with our best co-creators. We all create beautiful outcomes and win when we lead together. 



Full Moon Libra 8°

11:48 AM PT | 2:48 PM ET

Love and hurt, learn and teach, me and we.

What past loves and hurts are gifts that you are meant to transform into shareable wisdom?

The Aries Sun is illuminating the Libra Moon in all its brilliance. With this revelation we see in full light the push and pull between going at things alone or in partnership. The needs of “me” versus the needs of “we.” The need to take initiative vs. the need to be intimate.  

In one way, we can see this Full Moon as a culmination of confidently taking a step to be self-directed, knowing that our leadership is only as strong as the people who choose to stand with us. In another way, if we haven’t found our leadership, or we haven’t found our co-creators, we can decide to let go of what holds us back from what we truly want. 

Wherever you fall on that spectrum today, know that this process of lead/follow, love/hurt, initiate/intimate, is part of the human experience, one that repeats itself in our businesses and personal lives. It’s the pain and joy that comes from this ultimate place where we find ourselves in relationship to others. And, if we are honest, the wisdom that we learn from these experiences can lead to a vow to teach what we have learned.  



Mercury conjunct Neptune

8:24 PM PT | 11:24 PM ET

Be the channel to your highest self.

What are your dreams and visions wanting you to perceive?

A great evening to receive visions and understanding.

Late in the day, Mercury and Neptune meet up in Pisces, linking the conscious and unconscious. There is a visionary feeling of this fleeting moment that if you can find space to connect and receive, you will have the capacity to download messages from your Divine. While not necessarily a practical aspect for work or commerce, it is a great time to see a greater purpose and perspective. Your thought process, while not logical, is open and vast. What grander understanding might you receive about living and working in greater ease and flow? 


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