May 2021

Theme: Getting Support

Get ready, May is a BIG month, and it’s time to pour your money and your resources into your values and express your contribution to the world. 

What you will notice is that your needs have shifted significantly in the last year, and what was once true for you in terms of what you value, how you add value through your business, and how you build value may no longer be the same. 

It is during this month that you break free from all the old should’s and responsibilities and build new containers of sustainable and reciprocal value through your business. 

May’s cosmic shifts are here to support you with all of this, so you can build your worth, not by judging how much money you have in the bank, but by the contributions you pour into the world with your genuine star power.

In April, you were able to envision what it means to be a leader and start to take aligned initiative in your business. 

In May, you’re going to have the star powers on your side to recognize the old paradigms that you’ve outgrown and need to break free from and how to express your big message based on the value you contribute to the world. 

You’re getting really clear on your value and how you’re meant to contribute, and the cosmos is here to support you. 

May’s cosmic weather supports your body, mind, and energy to:

  • Know your value and invest in what you value
  • Harness beauty, imagination, and gratitude to express value
  • Break old rules to create new structures for equitable change
  • Unlearn outdated truths and let them go with a bang
  • Make space for rethinking your new truths and reality 

In May’s cosmic weather we will see:

  • Mercury enters home sign of Gemini (May 4)
  • Venus enters Gemini (May 8)
  • Jupiter enters traditional home of Pisces (May 13)
  • Saturn starts retrograde in Aquarius (May 23)
  • Mercury starts second retrograde of 2021 in Gemini (May 29)

Lunar Cycles

  • New Moon Taurus 21° May 11
  • Full Moon Lunar eclipse Sagittarius  5° May 26
Cosmic weather notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • For larger shifts you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift. 


Mercury trine Pluto

2:19 AM Pacific | 5:19 AM Eastern

Your said truths have power.

What messages are supporting impact and understanding now?

A harmonious time to fine-tune your message for grounded, practical impact! 

For a few days before and a few days after, you will have the support of the cosmos to anchor some of your messages. For example, if you’ve been struggling with your big message being unclear, this energy will give you the support you need to clarify and add impact. 

Notice, too, signals from others or the Universe that may impact and simplify your thoughts. 

Mercury at Taurus 26° is in supportive flow with Pluto at Capricorn 26°. 


Today is a big day with four cosmic shifts happening in the span of 24 hours with a focus on simplifying your thoughts in order to make a bigger impact. 

In the wee hours, Mercury squares off with Jupiter, then the Sun squares off with Saturn – all in Fixed signs. If you have strong fixed energies (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) you’ll be feeling this. 

Later in the day we have our Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius where it’s time to relax with your friends and chat the night away as Mercury enters its home sign of engaging Gemini. 

Mercury square Jupiter

2:33 AM Pacific | 5:33 AM Eastern

Communications expand their reach

What understanding now inspires your capacity to expand your vision?

A harmonious time to simplify your big message for more impact. 

Greater awareness and new found belief shows you where you need to change and simplify your communications for originality and impact. For a few days leading up to and a few days following, you may feel the urge to streamline your big messages, maybe your calls to action, your impact statements, or your unique value proposition. 

Mercury at Taurus 28° squares off with Jupiter Aquarius 28°. 

Sun square Saturn

3:02 AM Pacific | 6:02 AM Eastern

Constraints have gifts

What creative excess is holding you back? What can you limit to create more freedom?

For a few days before and after, you will find creative vibrancy in your limitations. This can be so freeing to work within tight confines and restraints. Often when we have tight frameworks from which we can operate, our creativity soars. Notice how you are being asked to work with less AND how this restriction is upping your creativity so you can create more. 

Sun at Taurus 13° squares off with Saturn at Aquarius 13°. 

Last Quarter Moon Aquarius 13°35′

12:50 PM Pacific | 3:50 PM Eastern

Relax and be with friends

What can you easily do today with friends to get some inner emotional clarity?

A supportive day to enjoy with friends.

The Last Quarter Moon phase is an internal integration phase in our lives and businesses. When you slow down to review all you have done to work towards your intentions, you have the chance to internalize all that has happened. This is your time to cultivate all that you have learned and assess what you want to continue with and what you want to revise. It’s time to compost and churn back what is not needed as nourishment for the seeds you’ve planted.

With the Aquarius Last Quarter Moon, spend some time internalizing by relaxing with your friends and sharing your hopes and dreams for the future.

Mercury enters Gemini

7:49 PM Pacific | 10:49 PM Eastern

Thoughts are curious and quicksilver.

What information will you share to create dialog?

Mercury returns to its home sign of Gemini for an extended stay of 6 weeks through July 12. While at home in witty Gemini, Mercury is particularly strong while moving forward, taking care of business through sharing ideas, teaching, writing, and all things communication. You may have a ton to say and share but remember, Gemini at its highest is about being curious and listening, too. 

Your thoughts will be moving quickly, be sure to always have your planner to capture your ideas. 

In a few weeks, Mercury will begin its second retrograde cycle where you will get to rethink, reflect, and re-understand to gain more clarity. Such a crucial part of getting support is getting clear on where you need support. 



Venus trine Pluto Rx

4:25 AM Pacific | 7:25 AM Eastern

Power to manifest and overdo

What now feels gratefully easy and powerful? 

A few days leading up to and leading away, you could see deep supportive relationships and investments manifest or climax. This could be really wonderful, yet there is some caution to not go overboard. 

Energies can feel magnetic and powerful, and that feels wonderful, yet there is great potential for this enthusiasm to teeter on the compulsive or overzealous. 

Enjoy this time and notice what manifests when it comes to support from the right people and the right resources AND be wise with investing all your energies in one basket. 

Venus Taurus 26° trine Pluto Rx Capricorn 26°.  


It’s a big day with Venus squaring off with exuberant Jupiter before moving into chatty Gemini! What a great way to start your week. 

Venus square Jupiter

6:38 AM Pacific | 9:38 AM Eastern

Have some fun, be supportive and generous… mindfully

What fun, interactive tasks can be had?

Have fun, yet don’t over do it! This continues to be your theme for the days leading up to and away from this exact square-off. This feels like a social time where you get to exchange your big, socially conscious ideas with your larger communities. Where you get to share your value systems and expand on them. 

Part of Taurus season which we are still in is about putting your resources and money where your values are, so you may feel the urge to invest in some big dreams to get support. 

And yes, invest in your big dreams but not in such a way that it will overburden you. With Jupiter involved, we can sometimes break off more than we can chew. This energy can be expansive, joyful, and fun – go for it – but be mindful about what you can manage. This would not be a good time to have any buyer’s remorse. 

Venus at Taurus 29° squares with Jupiter Aquarius 29° – the final degree of Fixed signs – can cause some of the shadows of both Taurus and Aquarius to come alive. Taurus shadow may be excessive and have difficulties letting go, whereas Aquarius shadows can veer on the side of feeling excluded or too much like an outlier. If you feel this energy come up instead of the fun generosity, get curious with your personal experiences of sharing wealth or sharing your wild ideas. 

This energy passes quickly and any hard feelings will pass quickly, too. 

Venus enters Gemini

7:01 PM Pacific | 10:01 PM Eastern

Connect over shared interests and dialog.

What connections and mutual support can you make?

Now through June 3, Venus, our connection to the people and resources we need to succeed is gliding through social Gemini where it wants to connect with others through mutual support over shared ideas. When Venus is in Gemini, your values widen a bit as everything holds interest, life is so fascinating. 

This isn’t the time to commit to any single relationship or interest. Instead, use this energy to meet new people over mutual support, shared interests, join or start a writing group or a book club. 

Let your mind take the lead with connecting you to the right people and resources you need. Oh, and if you’ve had a hard time connecting over social or blocks with your communications, Venus is here to send you some love in this area. 

If you have any planetary energies or angles (Rising, Descendent, Midheaven or IC) in Gemini, over the next few weeks, lucky Venus will be sharing its love with you.  


New Moon Taurus 21°18′

12:00 PM Pacific | 3:00 PM Eastern

Today I plant the seeds of value and abundance in my business.

How do you add innovative value and how do you clearly communicate your value? 

Abundance, profit, resources, value…whatever you call it, we need it in our businesses and lives. Each of us values different things and has our own reasons for desiring a good life. And we all have it within us to create that good life in a way that feels supportive, generous, sustainable, and equitable. 

It’s up to us to understand what we want and what allows us to gain it through investing in our values. 

Equally, the value that we deliver to our customers has different meanings and it’s up to us to deliver and define our value to call in our aligned soul customers who we are designed to serve.

There are many things that go into our ability to earn the resources we need, and at the core is how we value ourselves and what we in turn contribute back to the world. 

The first step is to recognize and embody your value – this is true worthiness. If you don’t value yourself or your offerings, no one else will.

Do note that at the time of the New Moon, we all have a Chiron square Mars, so our feelings and old hurts may come up. 

If you are feeling disconnected from your value and how you add value, get curious to understand if there are still lingering doubts about your ability to take self-directed action a.k.a. leadership. 

Spending time in quiet flow states can support you for deeper understanding. 

Decide today what abundance and value-add looks like to you in your spiritual business. Then plant those seeds. 



Mercury trine Saturn

11:34 AM Pacific | 2:34 PM Eastern

Supportive time to concentration 

What communications projects need process? 

A supportive day to plan out your marketing, book outline, or other longer messaging projects. 

For a few days leading up to and away from this exact aspect, we are all feeling the need to think deeply. We have the mental space to clear out distractions and focus on creating some foundational containers we need for bigger communications projects. If you’ve been meaning to plan out your marketing project, podcast season, or next planner, this is the energy you need. 

Mercury in Gemini 13° trine Saturn Aquarius 13°. 


Jupiter enters Pisces 

3:36 PM Pacific | 6:36 PM Eastern

Expansive visions

What will you dream into being? 

Now through July 29, Jupiter makes a splash into its traditional home of visionary Pisces. Jupiter has been rushing through Aquarius to take a dip back home where it can expand on its big dreams, illuminating imagination and opening up possibilities discovered during its time in Aquarius. 

While Jupiter is in its home sign, it is super-powered and ultra-sensitive, giving you an energetic sensory boost. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, we all get a dose of Jupiter’s imaginative, magical powers. Add rainbow sprinkles and sparkles to everything! 

In July, expansive Jupiter will come back to Aquarius during its retrograde cycle and stay there till the end of the year. When Jupiter returns back to Aquarius for the rest of the year, you will have the gift of vision and imagination from Pisces that you can build into your social impact strategy. 

For the moment, while Jupiter is in Pisces for the next few weeks, expand on your work that benefits from your vast intangible imagination – anything to do with photography, video, music, and Divine Spirit. Pay attention to your sleeping and waking dreams as this is where Jupiter’s magic will beam in. 

If you have any planets or angles at 0°-2° of Pisces, as Jupiter dips its toes over the next few months, your Picsean energies will be abundantly activated! Woo hoo! 


Mercury enters Shadow – Gemini 16°

May 14 8:18p PT / 1 1:18p ET

Effective business communication review

What communications and mindset do you need to rethink in your business? 

Time to start backing things up and making space for misunderstandings – all the usual things.

We are coming up to our second Mercury Retrograde of the year, this time in Mercury’s home sign of airy Gemini. This Mercury Rx could be extra potent for many of us, so let’s get ready. 

Mercury Retrogrades are wonderful times to reflect and reset. This is not the time to resist, push through, or rush. Knowing how to work with these reset times is so supportive in working with your cycles.

As Mercury moves into the shadow zone (the area that Mercury will travel back through as it goes backwards) gives us a preview of the thinking and communication points we will get a chance to redo. 

Communication is such a vital part of business, and what you say, or don’t say, can make or break you. 

With this first phase, start to pay attention to what you say, what you think, and how you say it. What we express (or don’t express) is a clear indication of what we are thinking on the inside and gives us the keys to the mindset issues we need to resolve. 



Sun trine Pluto Rx

2:49 AM Pacific | 5:49 AM Eastern

Power to create and make

What creative intensity is building? 

For a few days leading up to and away, the Taurean Sun is in supportive flow with transformative Pluto. This harmonious energy may feel like clarity from unconscious energies rising up to help you with your creative force. It could feel like the understanding or resolution of deep emotions that have previously caused you shame, but now you can see how those have impacted your creative process. Pay attention and notice these deep creative forces. They are necessary in our life and add so much beautiful wisdom. 

Sun Taurus 26° trine Pluto Capricorn 26°. 


It’s a day to take creative action, but not willy-nilly action… focused action. The type of action that comes with a one-two punch! You can certainly add more value with targeted, disciplined actions with a day like today with the First Quarter Moon and Venus in flow with Saturn.

First Quarter Moon Leo 29°01′

12:13 PM Pacific | 3:13 PM Eastern

Act with confidence

What focused creative action will allow you to commit to your intention? 

It’s time to take action on your New Moon intentions and show the Universe you are ready by taking responsibility. What is one thing you can do, with confidence, to act upon what you desire? Creativity today is in your limitations. If you were to choose just one focused action, what would it be? Notice where you have constraints or where you need to create restraint. It’s in these restrictions that you have the most control and value. 

Venus trine Saturn

6:58 PM Pacific | 9:58 PM Eastern

Limitations pay off

What sense of restriction pays off increased mastery? 

For a day leading up to and away, you may be faced with limitations or have reached your boundaries. It is in this place, at the edges of your container, where you can find focus and sustainable value. Who says you can’t find joy and freedom in self-responsibility? It is by creating your own boundaries and structures that you can be truly free and grow into your authority and mastery, which increases your merit and mutual value. 

Venus Gemini 13° trine Saturn Aquarius 13°. 



Sun enters Gemini

12:37 PM Pacific | 3:37 PM Eastern

Season of sharing and engaging 

What witty dialog and messaging will you radiate this season? 

Now through June 20, the Sun, our creative vibrancy, gets the conversation started in quick-thinking Gemini. The Sun represents our solar consciousness and what we do so well – that differentiating value in our business. The Sun is our creative force and energy. While the Sun sails through Gemini, our creativity expands while establishing social connections by way of sharing ideas. Sharing ideas isn’t just spouting off facts, but instead is about casting your curiosity wide and understanding many different perspectives. Mutual reception. It’s not that Gemini changes its mind, it’s that Gemini can see different points of view and how they shift over time. 

As you focus into Gemini season, put your thinking and teaching hat on. Get curious about your message and what you want to share as you build the value of your business. As you listen to others, you get the insight you need to fine-tune your message to call in those with mutual interests. 


Two big energies collide with the Sun squaring Jupiter in mutable signs, wanting to go with the flow, while Saturn comes to a standstill before going retrograde and drilling down to see what needs to break in order to rebuild. New support systems are on their way. 

Sun square Jupiter

8:03 AM Pacific | 11:03 AM Eastern

Your potent visions and inspiration ignite.

What are your dreams or inspirational downloads envisioning for you?

Can you allow yourself to feel into this huge and expansive energy? Your creativity can be set ablaze with this visionary energy! As the Sun, our creative vitality and Jupiter, our expansive belief, square off in the sky, you are ready to fly high! Channel this energy into creative pursuits, even if the energy feels untamable. You can edit later. Be aware that this energy can flow into feeling overly generous. Be aware of what you agree to so that you don’t regret it later. However you channel this energy, ENJOY and share it with others to help up your enthusiasm. 

Sun Gemini 0° and Jupiter 0° is a fresh and potent meeting where fascination and curiosity ignite. Look to your natal chart for energies at early degrees of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as these will add to your creative fuel. If you have natal energies at early degrees of Air or Water signs, these will help you flow. 

Saturn stations Aquarius 13°30′

Pressure to break free of the old

What new support systems do you need to achieve your goals? 

A few days before Saturn appears to go backwards in the sky, Saturn drills down on 13°, barely making a move. In reality, Saturn has been on this single focused point of Aquarius 13° all of May! Saturn’s second traditional home is Aquarius. When in Aquarius, instead of building up the structures and containers in which we learn our place in the world to succeed, Saturn is breaking the rules it built so we can live free from social restraints and conditioning that hold us back through should’s and duty. 

As Saturn gets ready to shift and reform support systems during the upcoming retrograde cycle, I want you to notice what old should’s and resistance about embracing change come up for you. What part of the old system that we are leaving behind scares you? 

If you’re ready to bring on the change, get curious with what role and responsibility you want and what new support systems you need. 

As it is an outer planet, we will only feel these Saturnian shifts on a subtle level. But while Saturn comes to a stop during these few days, this is where you are likely to feel the pressure. 

Look to your natal chart at 13° of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) as these energies are adding to the creative tension now. If you have any energies at 13° of Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) these planets are supporting your role as changemaker. 



Mercury square Neptune

7:43 PM Pacific | 10:43 PM Eastern

Communicate visually or musically.

What big idea can you conjure through spirit? 

You are likely to wax poetic today or rediscover your musical/artistic side. Feel like adding a poem to your email signature? Or creating a watercolor instead of a memo? Today would be the day. Play with the dreaminess and let go of the guilt from not being able to be productive in the traditional sense. Details and specificities are not on the agenda for today. What will you create as you connect your conscious and unconscious mind today? And more importantly, how will you add this to your business in the form of value – yes, it is there!

Mercury Gemini 22° squares off with Neptune Pisces 22°. 


Saturn Rx

2:21 AM Pacific | 5:21 AM Eastern

Revisit your support systems and accountability.

What old rules and boundaries are you breaking to create new containers?

Saturn is now officially retrograde and appearing to go backwards in the sky from our place on Mother Earth now through mid October. 

Saturn’s second traditional home is Aquarius. When in Aquarius, instead of building up the structures and containers in which we learn our place in the world to succeed, Saturn is breaking the rules it built so we can live free from social restraints and conditioning that hold us back through should’s and duty. 

As Saturn retraces its steps for half the year, it is time to reform your support systems, responsibilities, and structures in your life and business. The last few days most likely brought up the fracture points in your life and business that are the easy breaking points. Don’t resist; it’s time to break the rules!

Since it is an outer planet, we will only feel this Saturnian shift on a subtle level. Look to your natal chart between Aquarius 13° – 6° as this is where Saturn will be highlighting during this retrograde cycle. If you have fixed energies in these degrees, you will likely feel this energy more than most as you’ve outgrown your old containers. 



Oooh, it’s a big day of surprising illumination, of highlighting what needs to be rethought and revisioned. However, you may not get the clarity on how to change it, just the clarity on what needs changing. 

A great day to reflect and illuminate

There are two big energies happening today, our Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius and Mercury coming to a stop before heading reverse in Gemini. 

Gemini and Sagittarius live on the same axis of education and exploration. They both love learning and expanding minds. Where Gemini loves sharing ideas with like-minded people, Sagittarius wants to dive into the depths of diversity and gain understanding of other minds. 

The Sun and Moon lunation is about illuminating and uncovering. With an eclipse, this is a wild card, woo hoo! 

As Mercury comes to a standstill, this time is about questioning and rethinking. 

Such a wonderful day to not come up with answers, but to come up with questions that need revised answers. Your old answers no longer work.  

Full Moon Eclipse Sagittarius 5°

4:14 AM Pacific | 7:14 AM Eastern

Get curious about what outdated beliefs are holding you back from living your purpose and release them into the wind.

On this Full Moon with the Gemini Sun shining down on the Sagittarius Moon in full illumination, AND Mercury drilling down in Gemini, your old beliefs are being questioned. What used to hold emotional truth about your vision and your big dreams may not fit you anymore. And that’s OK! You have reached your old potentials and it’s time to stretch into your new truth – your new creative potential. 

As you spend time today to reflect on all that is coming to light, do not be in a rush to fix things. Today is not the day for that. 

Wild cards can appear, huge illuminations, surprises, and jokers. 

Instead, get curious. Feel into what no longer fits. Expand into new spaces you are creating for yourself. 

  • What old dreams have you already accomplished or no longer have meaning? 
  • What old patterns of not believing in yourself do you still hold onto? 
  • What truths are no longer true for you? 
  • What old stories of worthiness haunt you?
  • What beliefs of “I don’t know” do you continue to tell yourself? 

To which of the above questions do you have the most resistance? That is the one you are meant to answer. 

Mercury Station Retrograde – Gemini 24°

Misunderstandings intensify.

What thoughts and truths are not clear?

We are a few days away from Mercury shifting gears to go backwards in its home sign of Gemini. It’s during these days prior that quick-moving Mercury hits the brakes and appears to come to a stop before reversing. It’s this point in the sky that it stops where our thoughts intensify. 

At this time, your logical thinking is most likely not very clear and is taking on an almost dreamlike state. If you catch yourself daydreaming, or getting the answers you need through dreams, it’s all part of the energies of the day. 

Do your best to not have any scheduled events today, or if you have to, leave lots of room for shuffling. There is nothing to do today except notice and not expect clear answers. 

Look at your natal chart for Gemini 24°. Any energies you have near here or in Air and Mutable signs will want a say in what needs rethinking. 



Venus square Neptune

12:25 PM Pacific | 3:25 PM Easten

Creative tensions and connections

What dreamy inspirations are coming to you for support? 

For a few days leading up to and away, pay attention to serendipity, synchronicities, and everything kismet. Venus, our creator of beauty and connections, and Neptune, our connection to the Divine and spirituality, link up where outside experiences influence cosmic and spiritual connections. These kinds of connections might be running into people you know, finding resources to get your dreams together, or even a creative streak that adds priceless value to your work. All of these connections are stretching you into your highest potential of understanding and are here to support you at the highest level.

Venus Gemini 22° squares off with Neptune Pisces 22°. 



Mercury conjunct Venus Gemini 24°42′

10:13 PM Pacific | 1:13 AM + 1 Eastern

Communicate your appreciation and shared values.

What admiration can you express and teach today? 

A supportive day to send a note of gratitude or share valuable information

Support someone else through your kind words. 

Up your chances for happy coincidences and lucky breaks by expressing your appreciation and putting out into the world some valuable information. Whether you are teaching, crafting a social post, or writing an email, infuse authentic praise and respect. If you are teaching or sharing information today, go the extra mile and share something extraordinary. 

Mercury and Venus meet at Gemini 24°42′


Mercury Retrograde – Gemini 

3:34 PM Pacific | 6:34 PM Eastern

Rethinking information and truth

What communications and mindset do you get to rethink that add to your value, and how you can ask for support?

It’s official: Mercury is now in reverse, and we have many truths and understandings to re-discover. This Mercury Rx through its home sign of Gemini feels like we’ve outgrown our truths and need to redefine our understanding so that we can express ourselves in alignment to our current reality. 

For the first half of the Rx cycle, now through June 10, you’ll be discovering what you need to unlearn. It is not crucial to take action. In fact, you’ll have a better go of understanding if you give things space to present clarity on their own. You can’t rush this. Be prepared for things to take longer than expected, the need to re-explain or re-read. 

Permission to misunderstand and not be clear. 

You get this opportunity to rethink your truths and your core messaging in your business.

YAY! Time to rethink what you need in order to get support. 

Mercury will be highlighting the area of  Gemini 16° – 24° – check out what you have in your natal chart around these degrees. 



Mars trine Neptune

10:15 PM Pacific | 1:15 AM + 1 Eastern

Move your body as devotion for creative insights.

What emotions can you release from your body (emotional, physical and spiritual)?

For a few days leading up to and a few days leading away, what better way to gain some understanding and let go of the pile-up of untruths in your energetic body than to move them out?

Move your body today, a devotion to your highest good and highest potential in your work. Spirit is here to support you. 

As you move your body to release stagnant emotional energy, you make space for creative insights. 

If you’re not one to dance freeform, do some yoga or go for a meditation walk with mindful intention. Whatever you do, your body is a vessel for your spirit, so treat it as the sacred temple that it is today. Make space in your body to receive. 

Mars in Cancer 22° and Neptune at Pisces 22°. 

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