November 22nd, 2017

11/22: Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, stations direct today. Having been retrograde since June 16th, this mystical planet awakens, asking you to name and claim your dream.

11/25: Mercury Trine Uranus – Innovate and let your intuition guide you.

11/28: Saturn conjoins Mercury – Commitments made today last. Be mindful what you say yes to.

With Neptune – a planet deeply connected to spiritual expansion – stationing direct on Wednesday, meditation proves fruitful and compelling now as does journaling, especially when it comes to writing about intentions for the upcoming year. Take time today to consciously connect with your desired outcomes. Nourish and nurture your connection to the Divine and tap into your egg wisdom. You might be surprised at how clear and concise your intuition is right now.

Come Thursday, the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, so now’s the time to embrace gratitude for the abundance in your life. Consciously reflect on where you were last year at this time and all the joy and progress you’ve cultivated since then.

For those of you in other countries, today remains a powerful day. Utilize the waxing Aquarius Moon to keep the focus on your desired outcomes in both business and in your home life. Hold a boundary when it comes to exterior competition for your time and over-consumption that derails your focus. Embrace your unique and eclectic disposition and go after what you most want to accomplish.

On 11/23 (or 11/24 for those of you in Australia and New Zealand), Mercury – the planet of communication – makes an awkward angle to Chiron, an asteroid that promotes healing. This suggests that today might be a day that helps you move deep into forgiveness of others and yourself. Use this influence wisely. Connect with your children and your family. If you need to ask for forgiveness consider making amends today. Nourish and nurture your emotional needs.

As the waxing quarter Moon approaches on Sunday, it’s essential to pay attention to your body. With a limited emphasis on the element of earth in the sky, working to stay grounded and connected to your body supports you tremendously now. So don’t forget exercise. Prioritize taking a long walk with your family outdoors – if weather permits – or anything else that supports connecting with others and your breath at the same time.  

The waxing quarter Moon in Pisces on Sunday might reveal an inconvenient truth or two, too. If so, pay close attention and ask yourself what you are meant to learn.

Take time to plan your week and set yourself up for success. On Monday, the Moon continues to travel through Pisces, meaning that you may feel the need for a little extra sleep. If so, indulge it. Honoring your circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle) is one of the most important things to do for your health—especially this time of year.

Keep a notepad next to your bed so you can record your dreams upon waking! Don’t remember your dreams? Don’t worry. Journaling upon waking is a powerful practice – whether you remember your dreams or not – and astrologically aligned.

On Tuesday, Saturn, the planet that rules discipline and structure, conjoins Mercury, which rules communication, contributing a serious tone to the day. With Mercury retrograde right around the corner (yes, Mercury stations retrograde on 12/3 and turns direct on 12/22), now’s the time to look at the pertinent details and logistics of your life.

Is there anything that needs your attention? Take care of business and make wise commitments. Decisions made today stick. Use this power to your advantage.