May 2022

Sustainable Transformation

To say May is white hot is an understatement! There is transformative energy at play that allows you to evolve and change on your terms. 

When you think about your terms, I urge you to let go of control. Because the only thing you’ll be able to control this month is how you react and choose to harness the energy of the time. I won’t lie, May has a lot of activation and glitches, so change on your terms will be how you decide to face what comes your way. 

From an astrological perspective, sustainable transformation in your Work is about aligned timing, action, and expectations. 

Aligned timing is about working with the energy and seasons of the time. Waiting for the right moments to do, rest, wait, or go. Just like the waxing and waning of the moon, it’s not all about go go go. Aligned timing allows for restorative, regenerative productivity. 

Aligned action is about doing the things in your work that you want to do and what matters most for the most return. Not everything is necessary or urgent and simply putting out fires scatters your action and energy so it is left ineffective. Aligned action allows for focused, intentional progress forward. 

Aligned expectations is about focusing on the outcome and results you desire in your Work, ensuring you are dreaming big enough, and supporting those big dreams with how you want to feel as you evolve. We’d like to think we can control all the steps, strategies and how we will get there, but as you’ve already noticed, The Universe doesn’t work that way. 

Transformation and change will happen regardless of the how, so let go of controlling every minutia to allow the co-creative soulful process of evolution to happen. Aligned expectations allow for you to maximize on what you thought could be possible as you aim high towards those outcomes and trust in the process that your soul will lead you on, even if it might not be what you expected.  You open yourself up to be pleasantly surprised. 

May’s cosmic weather gives you the energy you need to light the spark, fan the flames, and rededicate yourself to aligned sustainable transformation. 

But to do this, you NEED to spend time observing. 

In May, we see some big shifts in energy. 

Jupiter moves into fiery Aries (along with Mars and Venus). But the reason Jupiter is so important is that it’s the only outer planet moving signs in 2022 and it’s about to whip up the energy, potentially into a firestorm. This doesn’t have to be scary if we choose to channel this energy appropriately. 

Mercury is also slowing down for our Gemini Mercury Retrograde, our second retrograde cycle, allowing us to deep dive and rethink our overthinking!

The energy of the month allows us to take deep devotional action and exceed our expectations. 

There’s no time like the present to make the big changes you’ve been waiting for. Gather what you’ve learned in April as you crossed the threshold of an opening in your soul-fed inspiration, giving you a new vision of what it means to be an abundant Entrepreneur. 

Now is the time to exceed your expectations, channel your energy constructively and receive aligned sustainable transformation. Get ready!

This month we see: 

  • Venus enters Aries (May 2)
  • Jupiter enters Aries (May 10)
  • Mercury Retrograde begins (May 10)
  • Total Lunar Eclipse! (May 15)
  • Sun enters Gemini (May 20)
  • Mercury Rx reenters Taurus (May 22)
  • Mars enters Aries (May 24)
  • Venus enters Taurus (May 28)


    • 2Q Moon Leo 18° (May 8)
  • Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 25° (May 15)
  • 4Q Moon Pisces 9° (May 22)
  • New Moon Gemini 9° (May 30)
NEW: Origin Planetary Pulse
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary pulse.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day. 
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business. 
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation. 
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • Times given are for the exact meetings. Often you’ll feel the energy days or even weeks leading up to and away from.
  • There are no prescriptive or predictive requirements, simply suggestions on how to work with (vs against) the energy of the time

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs, is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic alignment. 

Tips for reading your chart to personalize your Cosmic Weather

Watch video

  • Your natal chart is divided into 12 pie pieces called houses, and each of these house separations are unique to you.
  • The line that separates each house is called the Cusp and is the doorway into the house.
  • Each house represents an area in your life and business.
  • The zodiacs go counterclockwise, in order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.
  • Each zodiac sign contains 30°, 0° – 29°. Follow the counterclockwise motion to track the progression.
  • When there is a meeting or “activation” in the cosmic weather for which a degree is offered, find the sign and the degree on your natal chart (go to or for a free natal chart). 
  • The house that contains the degree is the house that is being activated for that transit so you can personalize the energy to your life and business.

May 2, 2022

Venus enters Aries

9:10 AM PT | 12:10 PM ET

Connect by taking lead

With what pioneers and leaders are you meant to connect?

Now through May 28, Venus (attraction and abundance) quickly sails through Aries meeting up with Chiron (wounds we heal in others) on May 15.

While in Aries, Venus loves extending the invitation and opening the doors to connect with other trailblazers, risk and action takers and those that desire to be the best and the first. A bit of competition is fun for Venus in Aries as she knows that it makes her extra attractive. Venus in Aries glows up with all things edgy and risky.

In your Work, how can you use this energy to connect with other risk takers and leaders, like you, who are ready to leap into action? Because there’s no time like now to get a jump start!

Venus stays in Aries for just a few weeks (and that’s great for her, because taking the lead isn’t normally her M.O.). She would  rather wait for the invitation and will be able to relax when she returns home to her cozy home sign of Taurus on May 28. 


May 3, 2022

Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx

3:33 PM PT | 6:33 PM ET

Time to look at your evolutionary potential during this time.

It’s the first meet up of Jupiter and Pluto since their great conjunction in 2020 — (They met 3 times in that epic year, April 5,  June 30 and November 12)

Think back to where you were then. You likely were in the midst of a global lockdown and deeply contemplating your new identity as a homebody and feeling like questioning your destiny and mortality. 

Two years later, reflect on your power to mitigate intense transformation and how you will decide to see the necessary evolution that has transpired since. 

A door of opportunity is here, so that if you can recognize it, will allow you to expand on the new evolution that was forced upon you a couple of years ago. 

Notice the creativity bursting from beneath the cracks; it’s here for you to transform yourself once again with the power of these two major planets. Are you ready to continue the self transformation that the conjunction of 2020 opened?

The door is waiting for you. You simply need to see the door and knock. 

Jupiter Pisces 28° sextile Pluto Rx Capricorn 28°


May 5, 2022

Sun conjunct Uranus

12:22 AM PT | 3:22 AM ET

Creative fuel breakthroughs

What needs an uplevel in the “what” you do in your Work? 

You’ve had a lot of breakthrough energy this month and now it’s your creative juice and vitality’s turn. For the few days leading up to and past this exact meeting, you get the opportunity to uplevel what you do in your Work, especially as it pertains to the pieces that build a stable foundation. This could be your foundational offer, or this could be the Work that brings in the most return on investment. 

The Sun in your business is what you do that no one else can. Your unique approach, your unique perspective that differentiates you from others in your industry. With Uranus’ revolutionary energy, it’s time to take this “What” to the next level. 

And let’s be honest, you’ve been itching to try something new but felt scared of the risk. During this time, those fears may melt into the background. If they do, trust the feeling that comes next.

Woo hoo! We need this leap, and we get it every year as the sun passes across Uranus in the sky. Let’s take advantage of it to make your creative upgrade. 

Especially awakening for Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and Air (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) signs. 

Sun and Uranus Taurus 14°


May 8, 2022

2Q Moon Leo 18°

5:21 PM PT | 8:21 PM ET

Act with confidence

What focused creative action will allow you to commit to your intention? 

Now that you’ve learned from your past mistakes and wounds — thanks to support from Chiron in Aries — how will you add this to your creative aligned action?

It’s time to bust a move on your New Moon intentions, show the Universe you are ready by taking responsibility. What is one thing you can do, with confidence and passion, to act upon what you desire? Creativity today is adding FUN to your actions. 


May 10, 2022

Mercury Retrograde begins Gemini 4°

4:47 AM PT | 7:47 AM ET

Rethinking loving communications

This is the Mercury Rx cycle to make lots of space for in your schedule. This MRx cycle is going to feel “extra,” meaning a wee bit more intense than other Mercury Retrogrades, as not only is Mercury going  backwards in its fast-moving home sign of Gemini, but this cycle is also longer in days and shorter in distance than average. 

We will have more time than usual rethinking, rehashing, getting stuck in traffic, and miscommunicating. The lesson in all this: Slow down! Take your time! Pay attention! Get clear.  

During the retrograde cycle, Jupiter and Mars will conjoin with Venus and Chiron – all in Aries. This may lead to you feeling more impulsive and eager to take action, but with the retrograde, this may not feel as aligned as you want it to! Reminder again to be aware and slow down. Road rage and the like could be at a high. 

Around this time, also be vigilant for any interpersonal miscommunications and misunderstandings around Taurean themes of value and security. Anything you’re trying to rush through or be not fully present with may make you feel bogged down and stuck in a mental traffic jam.

If you have big Gemini energy (Sun, Moon, Rising or other angles), be extra kind to yourself at this time. You’ll have to move at what can feel like a snail’s pace, inching your way toward the finish line for your goals.


  • 4/27 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 26°
  • 5/10 Station retrograde – Gemini 4°
  • 5/21 Midpoint combust – Gemini 0°
  • 6/3 Station direct – Taurus 26°
  • 6/19 Leaves shadow zone – Gemini 4°

Jupiter enters Aries 

4:22 PM PT | 7:22 PM ET

Inspired Leadership

How will you energize and fascinate yourself in a way that subsequently lights up others? 

Jupiter, a social planet, is the only one of the outer planets to change signs in 2022. Jupiter takes 12 years to trek around the sun, spending about a year in each sign. Jupiter has now zipped through Pisces to move into passionate, fast-forward-moving Aries. 

Aries in your business is about self-direction, movement forward, leadership, and initiative. 

When Jupiter, the planet of exploration, expansiveness, purpose, and justice moves into fast-acting Aries, things can go from impulsive to explosive quickly. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you know how to harness this quick and big energy. 

We can see this shift as a movement into Inspired Leadership. Where we combine the best of Jupiter and Aries together. 

If you have natal planets or energies in Aries, expect flashes of luck and abundance as Jupiter makes its way through and spreads its optimism your way. 

However you choose to express this energy in your Work, feel the heat, charge and passion to be an inspirational leader. After all, as an Entrepreneur or changemaker, you ARE a leader. Why not fascinate with passion? 


May 15, 2022

It’s a BIG DAY – remember to MAKE SPACE to breathe! We have three big transits all coming to a head today. 

  • Venus conjunct Chiron Aries 14° asks you to make peace with past hurts from attempts to take lead and connect to others through your vulnerabilities and past hurts. 
  • Sun Taurus 24° square Saturn Aquarius 24° asks you what creative limitations are asking you to lean in and master your craft? 
  • ECLIPSE! Deep dive detox

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 25°

9:14 PM PT | 12:14 +1 AM ET

Get outside and observe! For those in the eastern time zone of North America and all of South America, You’ll be able to catch the entire eclipse. For the rest of North America, Europe, Africa and New Zealand you will be able to catch parts of it. 

Alchemizing Wounds to Wisdom 

Take a deep breath. Then another. This very powerful total lunar eclipse plunges you into the depths of your heart and soul, where it’s undeniable.

Your ability to receive depends on your awareness and acceptance of your deepest emotional truth.

With both Venus forming a conjunction to Chiron, inspiring us to find the beauty in our healing and bring the value to others, and the Sun squaring Saturn to create structural tension around how things are currently done — you may feel squeezed to death and backed into a corner, yet excited and anticipatory at the same time.

You should probably know that there’s not really an opt-out of the intensity of this lunation. Saturn squares both Sun and Moon, demanding you take full responsibility for your inner and outer worlds. And with the moon so close to the South Node, emotional clearing and releasing is on the celestial agenda.

In one way, the stars are beautifully supportive of an emotional deep dive in this moment. Venus conjoins Chiron, the Wounded Healer, inviting sweet and loving self-compassion to your tender parts. Jupiter is co-present at the very first degree of Aries, expanding this self-compassion into wisdom and generosity for the collective.

With the Sun trine Pluto, there’s ample opportunity to unearth and unpack hidden truths, all of which glow with transformative power. As you bring light to your secrets, you’ll find the strength for a revolutionary act: Being Your Whole Self.

Dive in. Forgive and let go of past mistakes. Explore and release your deepest fears. Bring your shame up out of the depths and into loving kindness. Get support in healing from your traumas on all levels. As you engage, clear, and release that which pulls you under, you’ll ascend into next-level authority.

In your Work, this deep examination and reflection is a vital part of the healing that makes you more attuned to your calling. 


May 17, 2022

Mars conjunct Neptune Pisces 24°

11:33 PM PT | 2:33 AM + 1 ET

Devotional Action 

How can you dedicate your intentional action? 

Whatever you take action on today needs to be a devotional experience. If you choose to move your body, do it as an offering to connect with your higher self. If you take lead or action in your Work, do it in alignment with your spiritual co-creators, source or the Universe.  Mars, your ability to go after what you want, and Neptune, your spiritual, interconnected visions give us the energy to begin a new practice of devotional action. 

Mars and Neptune signatures are found in many souls that do integrative, somatic, or spiritual movement work, from Yoga teachers, to sacred dance facilitators, and beyond. Feel each action you take as dedication and devote yourself to creating magic in your everyday mundane tasks. 

Especially inspiring for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) 


May 19, 2022

Sun trine Pluto Rx

5:11 AM PT | 8:11 AM ET

Transformational opportunities

What creative metamorphosis is in flow? 

It’s a powerfully creative day. What pours forth from you now has the power to catalyze. You can sense that powerful transformation is now available to you, and you can sense that this is the supportive energy to change you’ve been craving. 

Notice what is being asked to manifest. 

Especially supportive for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)


May 20, 2022

Sun enters Gemini

6:23 PM PT | 9:23 PM ET

Season of sharing engaging information

What clever dialogue and messaging will you create this season? 

Now through June 21, the Sun, our creative vibrancy, gets the conversation started in quick thinking Gemini. The Sun represents our source, natural abilities and what we do so well. In Gemini season, our source comes from cross pollinating and exploring our communities through sharing thought provoking information. You can easily share information through teaching, speaking, writing and more. Ultimately this creates engaging conversation, aka aligned marketing. 

As you focus into Gemini season, put your thinking and teaching hat on. Get curious about your message and what you want to share through your business and brand from your unique perspective. As you engage, be sure to listen to others, as you will get the insight you need to fine tune your message and communications to ignite those like minded souls. 

Happiest of solar return birthdays to the Gemini Empresses!


May 21, 2022

Sun conjunct Mercury Rx

12:18 PM PT | 3:18 PM ET

Thinking and information ablaze

How can you make space to take in all this new understanding to reflect without yet making a decision?

This is the middle point of Mercury Retrograde, like the Full Moon phase, a full illumination of your learnings for Mercury Retrograde. You may feel a surge, an overload of information, thoughts, ideas, and understanding as your perspective becomes highlighted. Things may feel intense. 

Time to pause and be present with any overwhelm that may occur. Time to be open to surprising insights. Take it all in. 

Notice what has broken down in terms of your Gemini and communications themes in your life and work. This gives you insight on your next aligned actions in your business.

After today’s combustion, you will have a clearer understanding of what needs reintegration into your business. 

There is no need to “do” right now. Simply observe. Observation, while motionless, is deeply energetic. 


  • 4/27 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 26°
  • 5/10 Station retrograde – Gemini 4°
  • 5/21 Midpoint combust – Gemini 0°
  • 6/3 Station direct – Taurus 26°
  • 6/19 Leaves shadow zone – Gemini 4°

May 22, 2022

A sweet and peaceful day with the 4Q Moon in Pisces and Mercury Rx returning to Taurus. Venus is in the spotlight adding softness. 

4Q Moon Pisces 9°

11:43 AM PT | 2:43 PM ET

Relax and flow

What inner consciousness is now aligned to your soul? 

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

With the Pisces 4Q moon, spend some inner reflective time connecting with your soul and spirit. What dreams make you feel most hopeful and optimistic? Those are the ones you want to focus on and replicate the success of.

And with Mercury Rx reentering Taurus (6:15p PT / 9:15p ET), your sense of peace extends to your thoughts so you can take this restorative time to reroot into your values. 

With Mercury Rx still metabolizing, it’s the perfect time to take it easy and perceive through your body and somatic tools your next aligned steps after you restore for the next few days. Work still needs to be done, of course, but do the work to integrate, assess and tie up loose ends instead of starting anything new. 


May 24, 2022

Mars enters Aries

4:17 PM PT | 7:17 PM ET

All the force and drive, full speed ahead

How will you make a choice to maximize your full power and leadership?

Now through July 4, Mars will return to his home sign of Aries where he is full powered in all his physical vitality. Mars is the motivator; your ability to have physical energy and drive to trailblaze. Mars likes to be the best, the first, and the fastest. He can bring natural leadership energy in your business if Mars energy can be focused in considerate ways. 

The last time Mars was in Aries, back in June 2020 – January 2021, he had an extended 7 month stay because of Mars retrograde. In that wake, we can recall the restlessness and anxiety waiting for Covid vaccines and watching the U.S. Capitol insurrection. 

This time around, Mars won’t be lingering but he does spend his time fanning the flames. As soon as Mars enters Aries, it touches up on the Moon, adding heat to your emotions. And shortly after whips up more heat while saddling up to Jupiter, the great expander. 

Mars energy requires you to channel it constructively. 

  • Take action on what YOU want.
  • Notice anxiety and channel it into excitement. 
  • Turn frustration into motivation. 
  • Alchemize anger into sacred rage that puts up your boundaries once and for all. 

Remember that you get to choose how to harness this energy towards its highest elevation. And there will be ample energy for you to practice this over the coming weeks. 

Keep an eye on yourself during this time and don’t make too many impulse decisions. 


May 25, 2022

Mercury Rx trine Pluto Rx

2:49 PM PT | 5:49 PM ET

Re-Empowering Impactful Perspective

How can you lovingly share some truth bombs? 

You’ll have the opportunities and reignited perspectives to drop some facts over the next few days. Look back a few weeks to April 28, the last time Mercury interacted with Pluto. You have a refreshed perspective and get to lovingly drop your truth bombs. You know the truth in your body and soul, and if you’ve been holding back from sharing your truth, you can’t hold back anymore. Do not be afraid if you change your mind or get an even clearer perspective later, for it won’t be that far from today’s truth. 

Speak with your body language too  — it may speak louder than your words today. 

Especially supportive for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) 


May 26, 2022

Venus square Pluto Rx

11:29 PM PT | 2:29 AM +1 ET

Relationship excitement

What provocations encourage you to take creative action? 

This may be a day of potent emotions and collective burnout, especially in interpersonal relationships and partnershipsIt’s the perfect time for the creative tension of

Venus (your connection and attraction) and Pluto (intense transformation). In this tension outward sparks could catalyze change that maybe you were not yet ready to face, but are now being asked to. 

This could be a challenging next few days as emotions are running high (Mars is cozying up to Jupiter, fanning the flames). 

You can fall under the weight of this all. 

OR you can rise to the occasion and face the challenge with your heart first. The more you can be true to yourself and your heart, you will always persevere. 

Shine your light by contemplating where you’re being asked to take action based on your values, who and what you most care about. 

Especially arousing for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Venus Aries 28° square Pluto Rx Capricorn 28°


May 28, 2022

Venus enters Taurus

7:46 AM PT | 10:46 AM ET

Building prosperity and peace for all

What is your true value and how are you sharing it? 

A lucky few weeks to recognize and share your value with others

Venus enters her home sign of Taurus until June 22. Here she’s comfy, cozy and capable in her full power. Venus, your connection to the resources (yes, money) and people to thrive in our world, appreciates everything luxurious, delicious and sumptuous. She’s the ability to curate, appreciate and be gracious to these pleasures that amplifies Venus’ power to charm and attract. 

For the next few weeks while Venus is in Taurus, appreciate your physical resources by savoring each sense. What lights up your touch, smell, sound, taste and aesthetics? Embody the pleasure of what surrounds you to amp up this Venusian energy. 

In your Work, notice the value you create every day, the value you offer to those that co-create and hire you, and the value that is created from the investments you make in your body and your environment. 

As you tune into your aligned values, remember to appreciate and express gratitude. This energetic amplification allows you to increase your power of financial and people attraction. Purely by appreciation and enjoyment of what you already have. 


May 29, 2022

Mars conjunct Jupiter Aries 3°

3:31 AM PT | 6:31 AM ET

Exceed your expectations

Where will you go all in? 

You’ve already been feeling this build up of heat, passion and drive. And today, we are at a peak. Mars, your motivation and vitality, and Jupiter your expansive purpose and setting a new cycle of peak performance! It’s time to go all in. 

Mars and Jupiter meet once every 2 years or so, marking the beginning of a new cycle for expansion and growth (Jupiter) of our aligned actions (Mars). Likely your motivations have changed since they last met up in May of 2020 in the sign of Capricorn. 

Today, realign your actions so you stop underestimating yourself. Decide today to be more courageous and expand in your trailblazing leadership. It’s time to exceed your expectations by going all in. 

Where are you underestimating your ability to rise to the top? Dare to think bigger today and find the power players to help. 

On the other hand, this timing is white hot, so be careful you don’t burn anyone (especially yourself).

All the Gemini in the sky is adding oxygen to the flames. Smoke mask on and persevere. 

Especially lit for Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


May 30, 2022

New Moon Gemini 9°

4:30 AM PT | 7:30 AM ET

Recalibrating Valuable Engagement 

What fresh clarity do you want from your message? 

This New Moon in Gemini is ruled by a retrograding Mercury, meaning that it’s as much a time for looking back as looking forward. You’re invited to begin by reviewing the impact of your communications: what you say and write, how you entertain and educate, how you inform and inspire.

In this moment, it’s clear that you are a vital contributor to The Conversation – in your industry, your field, and our shared world. Your voice matters, and you can channel your Higher Self to share words that facilitate comfort and peace. 

Mercury is in Taurus, along with Venus, Uranus, and the North Node, all stoking a desire to communicate with more kindness and compassion. Leading with love means speaking with care, and this lunation encourages us to find and expand the places our communications create loving connection, and to edit and eliminate the places they do not.

With Mercury square Saturn and trine Pluto, there’s gravitas and intensity in this New Moon. The mutable airiness of Gemini keeps everything flowing, but does not shake our need to reckon with the transformative power and lasting impact of our words.

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