May 2018

Dear Empresses,

Welcome to May!

Kicking off with a cross-quarter day known as Beltane, May 1st (or May Day) invites you to meditate on the current meaning of fertility in your life. What does fertility mean to you? What does the abundance you strive to cultivate look like in your life? How can you honor the abundance you currently have? What are you grateful for?

As we find ourselves halfway between the last equinox and the upcoming solstice, this cross-quarter day invites reflection, discernment, and commitment.

So tap into the power of Beltane and review. What’s happened in your life since the Sun moved into Aries at the time of the equinox, and where do you wish to be at the upcoming solstice?

Remember, success isn’t a race; it’s a rhythm. And leveraging seasonal rhythms supports you in achieving what you desire.

Coming off of the recent Full Moon in Scorpio, not only does May begin with the cross-quarter day, Beltane, but it’s also a Waning Gibbous Moon. Waning Moons potentially provide a beautiful time to release that which you no longer need. So, assuming it makes sense for you menstrually, now’s the time to let go of dead weight.

Last month on April 17th, right after the New Moon in Aries, Chiron (the asteroid that represents healing) exited the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and entered into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. (Chiron first came into Pisces on April 20, 2010, and then reentered on Feb 8, 2011, and has been there since.) This subtle, but oh-so-significant astrological shift changes the core curriculum of our lives.

In many ways, we have wrapped up an epoch, or at least we are starting to. Even Dr. Northrup recently addressed this in a recent newsletter.(Gotta love doctors who get Cosmic Health! Thank you, Dr. Northrup, for validating planetary impacts.) Her new book Dodging Energy Vampires complements the Chiron transit perfectly. If you haven’t got your hands on a copy yet, I highly recommend it. Also, Kate & Mike’s podcast episode with Dr. Northrup is a must listen, too. This will support a deeper understanding of the cosmic lessons we are integrating even more.

Chiron, which employs tremendous healing powers by learning to grow through pain, will travel through Aries until September 25, 2018. Aries relates to personal identity and exercising the power of self-love to hold boundaries and emerge as the leader you’re destined to become. Between now and late September, flirt with your Chiron-in-Aries lessons.

(At that time, the asteroid will retrograde back to Pisces to finish up the Chiron-in-Pisces lessons. Chiron finally enters into Aries in earnest on February 18, 2019– where it will stay until entering Taurus in 2026 and 2027.)

Consider this: what has shifted for you over the last few weeks since the wounded healer entered Aries on April 17th? Are you relating to your core needs (or core wound) any differently? In what ways do you feel more sovereign in your life? In what ways can you feel more sovereign in your life?

Then use the Waning Quarter Moon on May 7th to release, let go, and dissolve that which you no longer need. This Waning Quarter Moon in Aquarius is about breaking away from patterns that no longer serve you. After all, Aquarius relates to the disruption of the status quo in order to step into a new (and evolved) vision. Further, this Waning Quarter Moon has some incredibly provoking aspects – Venus (Aphrodite and the ruling planet of Taurus) makes a challenging square to Neptune (the ruler of Pisces). Simultaneously, Pluto – which is known to dredge up the shadow – squares Mercury, the ruler of communication. Leverage this intensity to purge that which you no longer need!  

Mother’s Day, happening on May 13th, occurs with Mercury conjoined to Uranus! Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, indicates disruption on behalf of freedom. So it’s safe to say this Mother’s Day calls for new rituals. How do you want to celebrate it? How do you want to be celebrated? Allow for newness!

Two days later on May 15th, the New Moon in Taurus commences a new lunar month. With the Sun and Moon aligned in Taurus (a fixed earth sign), this New Moon highlights the need for sensual embodiment and feminine principles of connection.

As the saying goes, Earth my body.

Allow yourself to tap into the power of your body (and universe within) as a way to fuel your creativity as a mother and entrepreneur this New Moon. This is a great New Moon to set intentions for the cultivation of resources, too – money particularly. Settle into what you want and set strong intentions for the abundance you wish to call in!

And be prepared for things to possibly feel eruptive, too. At the same time this New Moon is happening, another massive planetary shift will occur. (Yup, this month is loaded with game-changing cosmic occurrences.)

Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius and correlates with evolution and revolution, moves out of Aries– a sign it traveled in since 2010/2011. (Uranus entered Aries on May 27, 2010, and then re-entered on March 11, 2011, after retrograding back to Pisces for a few months.)

And on the same day as the New Moon in Taurus, Uranus makes its way into Taurus, too! (Uranus will stay in Taurus until November 6, 2018, when it retrogrades back to Aries for a few months).

Given Uranus’ lack of predictability, there’s no way to say what this cosmic swing will feel like or create. However, Uranus moving into the sign of the Divine Feminine – Taurus – will likely have a major impact on the dissolution of the patriarchy in all its forms. Aside from Uranus’ return to Aries from November 2018 to March 2019 to clean up lessons from the last eight years, Uranus resides in Taurus until 2025! Uranus in Taurus will bring change to how we relate to the planet, and possibly even capitalism, offering the opportunity for a strong return to feminine principles. That said, be prepared for the unexpected!

These significant galactic shifts impact everything, from how we relate to our precious planet and its finite resources to how we relate to our bodies.

On the homefront, pay attention to your children. Offer them one-on-one attention if you can. Ask them what’s emerging for them. Pay attention to their dreams and observe what evolves for them. Most importantly, give everything extra time and space!

On that note, let the remainder of the month feel nourishing. It’s time to settle into a solid and productive self-care routine. Given that you are the epicenter of your business and family, it’s essential that you feel rested and capable for those who rely on you! Trust that as you care for yourself, you’ll be better equipped to care for others.

The day after the New Moon, May 16th, Mars enters into Aquarius while squaring Uranus at zero degrees of Taurus. Do not overbook yourself this day. Allow for space as you may find you need it. Mars in Aquarius will challenge you to activate a new vision as a leader, and given that this happens very close to the New Moon, extra time to acclimate and witness your needs serves you well. Further, be sensitive and soft with your kids. They too are undergoing massive change. And slowing down does everyone a world of good.

On May 18th, Mercury makes a perfect trine to Saturn, supporting the solidification of your New Moon plans, so take extra care to settle even more deeply into your vision on this day.

On May 19th, Venus, the planet of love, exits speedy Gemini and settles into nurturing and feminine Cancer while making a perfect sextile (angle of support) to Uranus in Taurus. After what might’ve felt like a rocky week, Saturday potentially brings a more settled feeling.

On May 20th, The sun exits Taurus and enters Gemini, the sign most known for communication. Get ready to write, Empresses. With the Sun now in Gemini until late June, you can accomplish so much when it comes to speaking, blogging, and promoting your brand and business (even more so when Mercury enters Gemini on May 29th– the same day as the Full Moon in Sagittarius).

Come May 23rd, Mercury opposes good-luck Jupiter, asking you to expand how big you think! Meanwhile, the Sun in Gemini makes a manifesting angle to go-big-or-go-home Mars in Aquarius. Yes, this Waxing Moon in Virgo day might just inspire you to take yourself (and your business) even more seriously!

Then two days later on May 25th, Jupiter trines (an angle of support) Neptune while Mercury trines Pluto, too. Even with Venus opposing Saturn on May 26th (which might feel very sobering), this day brings a glorious opportunity to manifest a dream. Stay positive!

The month closes out with a Full Moon on May 29th at 9 degrees of Sagittarius. The Full Moon occurs in the sign of the Archer at 10:19 am ET, which means you’ll feel it one night before (depending on where you are in the world.) With Mercury moving into Gemini on this Full Moon day and Mars in Aquarius favorably aspecting the Sun and Moon, this energizing Full Moon amplifies vision. Tune in and ask yourself, what do I most wish to manifest next in my life?

Sagittarius, after all, represents the quest for knowledge and growth.

With 2018 almost halfway complete, now’s the time to activate your drive and determination. Come late June, Mars, the planet of action, will go on a 2-month retrograde journey. Further, during July and August of 2018, we have three eclipses, along with other heavy retrograde activity. June, a critical growth month, provides you with a substantial moment to set yourself up for a more relaxed summer! Already aligned with the success you desire in 2018? Awesome. Let down your hair and have some fun! With Gemini season in full effect, now’s the time to socialize and and network!