January 2022


2022 is just peeking over the horizon. Your vision is getting clearer, especially as you made much needed white space in your busy schedule with last month’s fertile void. In that void, creation and magic happened for your business. 

In this first month of 2022, your seeds stretch out of the darkness of the soil and reach for the sun. The seedling doesn’t work hard to reach up. It doesn’t strive or try. It believes the sun is there and can feel its warmth and hear its call. It believes it is time to grow, so it does – with ease and flow. 

As you look across the horizon desiring to see what’s ahead, how will you decide to grow? What new belief in yourself will be that warmth of the sun calling your Work forward? 

I believe this is your time to work with ease and impact in 2022 in the Origin community, in harmony with the cosmos and in active participation with the communities you build with your business. 

I believe your Work as an entrepreneur and changemaker is important and part of your personal development, aka Spiritual journey. 

It’s time to emerge. 

This month we see: 

  • Mercury enters Aquarius (January 1)
  • Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 10°18’ – Capricorn 24°22’ (January 14)
  • Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 10° ends (January 18)
  • Nodes Rx enters into Taurus/Scorpio (January 18)
  • Sun enters Aquarius (January 19)
  • Mars enters Capricorn (January 24)
  • Mercury Rx enters Capricorn (January 25)
  • Venus Rx Capricorn 26°-11° ends (January 29)


  • New Moon in Capricorn 12° (January 2)
  • Full Moon in Cancer 27° (January 17)
  • New Moon in Aquarius (January 31/February 1)


NEW: Planetary Pulse
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary pulse.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day. 
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business. 
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation. 
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no.”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

Cosmic notes: 

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all. 
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. 
  • Get curious about what you need to learn. 
  • Times given are for the exact meetings. Often you’ll feel the energy days or even weeks leading up to and away from.
  • There are no prescriptive or predictive requirements, simply suggestions on how to work with (vs. against) the energy of the time.

To personalize energies: 

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart. 
  • Your astrological house where the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic alignment. 

Tips for reading your chart to personalize your Cosmic Weather

Watch video

  • Your natal chart is divided into 12 pie pieces called houses, and each of these house separations are unique to you.
  • The line that separates each house is called the Cusp and is the doorway into the house.
  • Each house represents an area in your life and business.
  • The zodiacs go counterclockwise, in order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.
  • Each zodiac sign contains 30°, 0° – 29°. Follow the counterclockwise motion to track the progression.
  • When there is a meeting or “activation” in the cosmic weather for which a degree is offered, find the sign and the degree on your natal chart (go to or for a free natal chart). 
  • The house that contains the degree is the house that is being activated for that transit so you can personalize the energy to your life and business.

January 1, 2022 

It’s a new dawn. 

You have a refreshed vision, a new perspective and support from the cosmos to accomplish your goals. 

Capture the energy of this fresh New Year’s day into the upcoming year. 

Sun Capricorn trine Uranus Rx Taurus 10°

1:50 AM PT | 4:50 AM ET

What new vision of what you will accomplish in your business is now clear to you?

For a passing day, this harmonious and innovative energy is an auspicious start to 2022. 

Mercury enters Aquarius

11:10 PM PT | 2:10 AM + 1 ET

What new perspectives do you want to give voice to? 

Now through January 25, 2022, Mercury will spend time in free thinking Aquarius before heading back into goal-oriented Capricorn during the upcoming retrograde. Mercury loves being in Aquarius as it gets to think about the future and gets to use its quicksilver quickness to experiment with new ideas. The upcoming Mercury Rx will show you what of these new ideas will be practical in helping you accomplish your goals. 


January 2, 2022 

New Moon in Capricorn 12°

10:33 AM PT | 1:33 PM ET

It’s the first New Moon of 2022! You’ve been planning, setting your resolutions, and marking your goals. What if you were to remove all the specificity and details of your plans, strategies and tasks? You’d be left with an intention. An open, expansive intention. An intention is an open invitation to the Universe for something present and expansive with surprises that can exceed your expectations, while goals are binary and limited. Open up to an intention. Reframe a money goal such as “earn $10k a month” into an intention that asks to “easily and consistently receive at least $10k a month.” It’s subtle yet profound. 

For the intention you set today, cast it for the Ultimate Mission you want to be responsible for in your business. Claim how you want to author your expertise and commit to being the change you want in the world. 

  • What kind of expert do you want to be recognized as? 
  • What past challenges are now your creative fuel? 
  • What will be your mantra for 2022?

Intend now. 


January 8, 2022

It’s a Saturday, but a big day in the cosmos with our second quarter moon in Aries and the midpoint of the Venus Retrograde. Like the sun, your radiant creativity is involved with these two aspects tying in both the Moon and Venus. Your emotions are galvanized, so you are absolutely certain how you want to feel to be motivated. 

It’s time to take focused, aligned action on all the intentions you’ve set. One step forward in the way you want. 

Especially crystallizing for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) 

1Q Moon in Aries

10:11 AM PT | 1:11 PM ET

Act with self-love

Sun conjunct Venus Rx Capricorn 18°

4:48 PM PT | 7:48 PM ET

Re-valuing your powerful investments and co-creators

Your relationships are revealed in full light. 

We are at the midpoint of our Venus Retrograde cycle, where you’ve been pondering realigning your values, connections and relationship to money. Oooh, you’ve been feeling this cycle magnifying your deepest interpersonal and money relationships. It is now illuminated. 

Look, don’t be afraid. Be curious, befriend. 

It’s through this illumination that now, over the next few weeks you can make a plan for how you will mend any relationship gaps or galvanize the value you’ve already created for more potency. 

Venus moves forward on January 29. 

Venus Retrograde Cycle

  • 11/18 Enters Shadow – Capricorn 11°
  • 12/19 Retrograde – Capricorn 26°
  • 1/8/22 Combust – Capricorn 18°
  • 1/29/22 Direct – Capricorn 11°
  • 3/2/22 Leaves shadow Capricorn 26°29′


January 11, 2022

Mars Sagittarius 20° square Neptune Pisces 20°

1:43 PM PT | 4:34 PM ET

Magical creative vitality

For a few days leading up to and away, you feel a gentle power bubbling forth. Usually when Mars and Neptune meet, we channel our physical energy (Mars) into devotional and imaginative (Neptune) outlets. Move your body gently to integrate the inner heat and confidence. 

On this Mars day, it’s a wonderful day to get moving on your to-do list. Especially those big projects where you need to do lots of visioning and big thinking. 

Especially activating for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). 


January 14, 2022

Mercury Retrograde Begins Aquarius 10°

3:41 AM PT | 6:41 AM ET

Rethinking social impact

As Mercury stops on this one point of Aquarius 10°, be ready for all kinds of tech glitches, especially as both Mercury and Aquarius have to do with high tech. 

Remember, you do not need to fear this cycle if you learn to work with the energy of resetting, redoing, rethinking, and reorganizing. 

This is the Mercury Rx cycle where you get to rethink what kind of innovations you need in your Work to focus on your expertise. You are seeing how your Work is making a difference in your World and how your Work can further reverberate in harmony in your larger communities. You’ll reconsider how your past innovations have now created silver linings of opportunities. 

Look at the area of your chart between Aquarius 10° – Capricorn 24°, as this is the area of your chart that will be highlighted three times. If you have planets or angles in this area of your chart, they will want to chime in on this retrograde cycle. 

If you have big Saturn energy (Aquarius or Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising or Saturn on your angles), you will see how you need to focus in your efforts to maximize your impact. 

Mercury Rx Schedule:

  • 12/29/21 Enters shadow zone – Capricorn 24°
  • 1/14/22 Station retrograde – Aquarius 10°
  • 1/23/22 Midpoint combust – Aquarius 3°
  • 2/3/22 Station direct – Capricorn 24°
  • 2/24/22 Leaves shadow zone – Aquarius 10°


January 16, 2022

A powerful day of illumination, a new sense of duty

With the Sun and Pluto meeting, a once-a-year occurrence and Sun/Pluto facing off with the Moon to form our first Full Moon of 2022, we have new choices to make. 

Sun and Pluto – a powerful duo in Capricorn – ask us to uncover a new sense of priority. And when paired with the Cancer moon, the illumination is more intense, more potent, more pressing, more determined. 

The energy of the day is piercing, asking you to not just commit but to use your emotional needs to show you the way. To commit is to make a decision, a choice. Choose your emotional needs first and foremost for the most potent and impactful sense of responsibility. Yes, put your emotional needs FIRST – that is your new sense of duty. 

Sun conjunct Pluto Capricorn 26°

6:51 AM PT | 9:51 AM ET

A new obligation revealed

Full Moon Cancer 27°

3:48 PM PT | 6:48 PM ET

Celebrating your self-care

It’s time to illuminate and celebrate all the ways you’ve been nurturing your body and heart — or not. A Cancer Moon is so potent and sensitive that often we forget that its tears are its power. This ultimate soft power is a primal need for emotional security and nourishment, and it is different for each of us. But what is the same for all of us is that it’s time to prioritize these emotional needs, for they are non-negotiable when you’re doing the big and scary things to run a business. 

Celebrate all the ways you’ve tended to your emotional needs, again remembering that these are necessities, not luxuries, that allow you to shine. 

Illuminate all the ways you haven’t yet nourished yourself in this way. Release and let go of all the shoulds or can’ts that tell you that this deep love of self-care is a waste of time/money or only for the weak. 

Your rootedness to rise in your business is grounded in your loving self-care and emotional safety. Create this for yourself and make space to create it for others. 


January 19, 2022

Sun enters Aquarius

6:39 PM PT | 9:39 PM ET

Renewing your social values for an equitable future

What change do you want to be in your community and society?

It’s Aquarius season! A time to create the future now. A time to renew your vision and philosophy of the future and share that with your larger communities. Your people will connect to you when you share your unique social values and the future you want to create. Do not underestimate the power of a shared dream of humanity. 

Both Mercury and Venus are still in retrograde, so you’ve already had much rethinking and revaluing. Now it is time to craft your movement!

May we all choose hope, change, equity, and social impact in our businesses during this season. 

For all the Aquarian Empresses, the most free and innovative solar return (birthday) to you.


January 23, 2022

Sun conjunct Mercury Rx Aquarius 3°

2:28 AM PT | 5:28 AM ET

Rethinking social impact – illumination 

What new emotional understanding do you have about the future? 

Mercury is in the heart of the Sun. Your mind and soul are aligned and fully illuminated at this midpoint of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. You are halfway done with this cycle; what do you now know? What new perspective and understanding do you have with all that may have gone awry since January 14 when Mercury reversed? You have an emotional understanding now of all that has happened and needs to change. 

Mercury Rx Schedule:

  • 12/29/21 Enters shadow zone – Capricorn 24°
  • 1/14/22 Station retrograde – Aquarius 10°
  • 1/23/22 Midpoint combust – Aquarius 3°
  • 2/3/22 Station direct – Capricorn 24°
  • 2/24/22 Leaves shadow zone – Aquarius 10°


January 24, 2022

Mars enters Capricorn

7:05 PM PT | 10:05 PMET

Drive to persevere

What are you committing to through disciplined action? 

Mars loves being in Capricorn and is exalted in this go-and-get-it sign. Now through March 7, it’s time to harness this willpower on the things that matter to you most. Pour this energy into accomplishing and mastering your expertise and impact. 

If you have a natal Mars in Capricorn, you have a tremendous drive and focus. Be sure to direct your energy from a sense of self-responsibility instead of perceived duty to others in your business.  

If you have planets or angles in Capricorn, as Mars drives through, expect a boost of physical stamina activating your natal energies over the next 6 weeks. 


January 25, 2022

3Q Moon in Scorpio

5:41 AM PT | 8:41 AM ET


What will you detox from today? 

Deep restoration can be a radical act. To completely stop doing and to literally drop all your tasks to tune into yourself. To detox from all notifications and busyness. But this is what you need right now with the 3Q moon integration phase. If you take even 24 hours to regenerate, you will feel much more expansive and ready to take on even more of your purpose. 

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

Mercury Rx re-enters Capricorn

7:05 PM PT | 10:05 PM ET 

Practical, sustainable re-attunement

What strategic communications keep you on track for your goals?

Now through Valentine’s day, February 14, Mercury will spend its time back in Capricorn, leaving Aquarius while in reverse direction. In mid-December 2021, Mercury spent time in Capricorn asking you to get strategic about your messaging and sharing/teaching of information to prioritize keeping track of your goals. You’ve had some innovative perspectives come through since then, so now it’s time to weave in your new understanding into your communications strategy. 

Pragmatically potent for late Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)


January 28, 2022

Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto Capricorn 26°

8:16 PM PT | 11:16 PM ET

Your words have power – part 2

What do you need to reiterate?

Look back a month ago to right before New Year’s eve. Mercury and Pluto met at this time. You had words for saying goodbye to 2021 and welcoming 2022. Now that we are a few weeks in, you have an addendum you want to add to your powerful declarations. What do you want to rewrite and reiterate? Your words are powerfully honest and transparent at this time. Choose wisely. 

Especially compelling for late Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)


January 29, 2022

Venus Retrograde Capricorn 11° Station Direct

Reenvisioning Impactful Partnerships  

Venus has now come to a complete stop and shifted gears forward. Over the last 6 weeks since December 19, Venus has given you a deep dive into reexamining your connections and resources you need to thrive. 

Your values while Venus is in Capricorn focused on how to thrive through achieving your goals, living up to your responsibilities, and being the expert. 

What has come up for you? What do you now know about your relationships? Your money, your values, and your investments? What do you now know about your responsibility and dedication to these values? 

You now know what you need to change. Over the next month, as Venus traces forward over where she reversed, you’ll notice echoes of these themes that will give you strategies for moving things forward. 

Venus Rx Schedule

  • 11/18/21 Enters shadow zone – Capricorn 11°
  • 12/19/21 Station retrograde – Capricorn 26°
  • 1/8/22 Midpoint combust – Capricorn 18°
  • 1/29/22 Station direct – Capricorn 11°
  • 3/2/22 Leaves shadow zone – Capricorn 26° 


January 31, 2022

New Moon in Aquarius 12°

9:46 PM PT | 12:46 AM + 1 ET

Rethinking Your Social Responsibility

Today, I plant the seeds for my Work to create a lasting difference in the world in collaboration with my larger communities. 

How do you want your Work to change the world? 

Today you get to decide and declare how your Work is here to create equitable change and social impact. Your Work, when steeped in your social values that you share from the rooftops, calls in your aligned communities and changemakers. It is a big ask to declare how you want to change the world, but you don’t have to have a massive impact to make a massive change in someone’s life. 

You are being called to revolutionize how you’ve been running your business to be sure it aligns with your social values. You are being asked to give voice to your inner power. You are being asked to be the change. 

Capricorn and Aquarius Empresses, you are especially called to bring forth social responsibility in your businesses.


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