Origin Community Guidelines

Welcome to our Origin™ Community, Empresses! We are so excited to have you all here! Please take a moment to read through these guidelines before sharing or posting in the group. Thank you so much!

1. Please NO unsolicited advice or feedback on posts. The main reason is safety. This is a safe space to share, vent or just be seen without having to always receive advice. If you’d prefer not to receive advice in a post, simply don’t ask for it. And if you have something to offer and no ask has been made, you’re always welcome to ask permission by leaving a comment like, “I have a thought I’d love to share if you’re open to it, let me know!”

Which leads to #2…

2. If you desire advice or feedback from the community, please be clear about that in your post. The reason for this guideline is to align with guideline #1 and also to strengthen our voices on how to practice asking for what we want and need.

3. Please NO self-promotion. This is one of the guidelines that keeps this space feeling safe, sacred, and clean. People can post, share and ask things without having to risk being sold to all the time.

If you would like to share something you wrote or created, please do so without a link. If you have a relevant blog post or something you created that relates to a conversation, please ask the person if they would like to see it first.

If you’ve joined Origin™ in hopes of networking or selling your stuff, this is not the space for these activities. Please remember – what is for you won’t pass you by, so know that the relationships you cultivate in here will bloom outside of here as well. This space is for community and conversation, not for self-promotion.

Some people may wonder why Kate will be sharing and promoting, and the reason is: it’s Kate’s space. We curate, cultivate, care for, and love on this community every day. If you are in here it’s likely that you listen to the podcast, have read the book, or in some way resonate with what Kate creates, so it would actually be kind of silly for us not to invite you to come deeper into the work when we’ve got opportunities to do so.

4. Make meaningful shares. If you want to share a quote or a post tell us why, or ask a question with it. This isn’t just a place to share your favorite new meme. We’re about depth in here.

5. Interacting with Kate and Team Members. Please do not private message Kate or members of the Origin team in their Facebook Direct message inboxes. All queries can be posted in the appropriate thread in FB or email to our Community Care Team at origin@katenorthrup.com If you do Direct Message a team member, it’s likely that they may not see it, or if they do they will redirect your request to our customer service email so that we have a record of all needs/questions for future reference.

We encourage you to tag Kate, but please understand that she will only be able to respond some of the time. Kate does not give sole support in this group, but she does read and engage in posts when she can.

6. Some of us might have some “OOPS” moments in the group. Comments are moderated and those that are deemed inappropriate, including general or self-promotional spam, untruths, offensive statements, or comments unrelated to the posts in the community will be deleted. We want to remember that everyone is here for positive community and support. We are all in this together! Keeping a non-judgmental and humorous mindset is super important.

7. One of the most vital pieces of Kate’s collective is the community. There’s nothing like connecting with other women who are united by similar experiences. We are here to share both our deep losses and major breakthroughs with others. The support, vulnerability, and inspiration is invaluable. We appreciate your respect, we thank you so much for taking the time to read through this post and again, welcome to Origin!

Love, Kate & Team Origin™