How can I change my password?
You can reset your password right here in the membership area by clicking on ‘My Account’ From the Welcome Page.
Who do I contact for customer service and what are your general hours of support?
You can contact our support team at support@katenorthrup.com. ​Our general hours of support are between 8am – 5pm EST, Monday – Friday, and someone from our support team will be in touch within 24 hours of your email.
I've been emailing/messaging Kate and I haven't heard back. Is she getting my emails?
As much as Kate wants to read every single email, she receives dozens upon dozens a day, so her team sends her messages that need her specific attention. Trust that she is reading all of the emails, but she might not be able to reply to every single one. That’s why a concierge has been assigned to the group to care for and address questions/comments/feedback. To be sure your message is received, please use the form below or send to support@katenorthrup.com
I'd like to work with Kate one-on-one. How can I do that?
At this time, Kate no longer offers personalized coaching. If you’d like recommendations on coaches to work with, feel free to email us and we’ll refer you to the best resource for you.