Day 8

Day 8: The big “R”

Yesterday we talked about asking for help. Today we’re talking about actually receiving it.

There is help all around us, both from humans and the cosmos, at all times. Yet we feel so often like everything is up to us and there’s no one available to help!

So today’s experiment is about opening ourselves up to the help that’s already available to us.

You might think you’re already doing this. But there are some insidious ways that we deflect help that I think you’ll want to watch for.

Watch the 1:14 minute video below to find out how you can tap into a wellspring of help that’s available to you and actually receive it.

Once you’ve done today’s experiment, report in! How did it feel to receive? Did you become aware of help that was available to you that you hadn’t noticed before?
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Happy receiving!

P.S. Share what and how you received today in our Facebook community. Your receiving may be just the inspiration someone else needs to open themselves up to the help that’s available to them already.