Day 2

Day 2: What matters to you?

Here we are on day two of The Do Less Experiment. I’m feeling more relaxed already. How are you feeling?

Today we’re going to spend a quick moment (seriously, these daily experiments are meant to take you less than 5 minutes) to identify what really matters to us.

If the whole idea is to do less so we can create more space for what matters to us, then we have to know what that is in the first place!

We can’t steer our GPS toward a destination we’ve not yet identified. So today is about identifying that destination.

Watch the 0:55 second video below for your instructions for today’s experiment!

Once you’ve done today’s experiment, share it with me on social media using #DoLessExperiment and tag me, @katenorthrup.

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I’m so looking forward to hearing about what matters to you!