Day 14

Day 14: You did it! You did less!

Woohooo! We’re on the final day of our 14 days of doing less.

Running your day through the filter of “doing less” has the potential to profoundly impact your life, as I’m sure you’ve seen.

To celebrate our final day of the experiment, I invite you to choose your own adventure!

During the experiment, I’ve heard brilliant examples of the way our community has been doing less in ways that weren’t included in the 13 experiments I came up with.

So today is the day to use your creativity and come up with your own way to do less.

One of my girlfriends shared with me that one of her ways of doing less to create more space is to leave more time than she needs to get places. This is her way of ensuring that she’s doing less rushing.

Use this experiment today or do something else that sounds like fun to experiment with!

And then, of course, I cannot wait to hear what you chose for your experiment today because I want to add tools to my do less toolbox, too!

Please share with me on social media using #DoLessExperiment and tag me @katenorthrup. (This enters you to win our Origin™ giveaway – the winners of which will be announced tomorrow in our Facebook group!)

I also have a special message for you about what to do now that the experiment is officially over. Because really, it’s only beginning in many ways!

Watch the video below for the message.

I really want to congratulate you on honoring yourself by practicing doing less so that you can have more space for what matters most. This is not to be taken lightly. Please take a moment to breathe in a job well done… doing less.

Our journey is just beginning, really. If we want to shift our world toward more peace, more connection, and more love, we must do our best to do less. Because, as we’ve seen in these last two weeks together, doing less creates the space for more of what we want, more of what matters.

Want more?

We’ve all been told that the path to happiness is to find “balance” in our lives. Well, to be honest, I think that advice is BS. And I’ve found that for me it just makes me feel like I’m constantly missing the mark.

Last year I got a vision for a revealing, real conversation with five of the women I admire most when it comes to navigating motherhood and running a business. These are the women I turn to when I’m feeling overwhelmed or defeated in the quest to “do it all and be it all.”

I was so thrilled that they all said YES to my invitation to be part of this conversation…and it all came together seamlessly and with ease!

Please join Danielle LaPorte, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Sarah Jenks, Meggan Watterson, Liz Long, and me for:

The Myth of Balance: How to Thrive as an Entrepreneurial, Change-Making Mother

This conversation with change-making, thought-leading, entrepreneurial mothers will open your eyes and heart to a whole new way of approaching motherhood and business that is radical, restorative, and really needed in this time.

Ready to thrive as an entrepreneurial mother? Get The Myth of Balance video and audio plus resource guide.

The Myth of Balance

Please keep me posted along your doing less journey. As I said, I need this like you need this. We’re sisters walking this path together, and I want to hear how it’s going for you.

P.S. Our Facebook community isn’t going anywhere! This is a movement and we have this community to stay grounded in doing less despite the world constantly tempting us to do more. Stay connected. Keep doing less. Visit the community now to share what you did for your choose-your-own-adventure experiment today. We all want to hear about it!