Day 10

Day 10: Multi-tasking is a myth. Do this instead.

Have you ever heard that women are amazing multi-taskers? While we do have more connections between the hemispheres of our brains than men, multi-tasking is actually a myth (unless it comes to gross motor programs like walking and chewing gum at the same time).

(You’ll learn why it’s a myth in the video below.)

You have limited time and energy. I get it! Navigating being a mom, running a business, possibly having a job, getting the laundry done, moving your body occasionally, seeing friends and family, and basic personal hygiene is A LOT!

Today, our experiment is going to help you get more bang for your buck when it comes to what you put your limited time and energy on. If you only have a few hours in the day to devote to something, don’t you want to make those hours count? Whether it comes to work, family, or taking care of ourselves, we need those hours to matter.

Watch the 1:19 minute video below to get the skinny on today’s experiment.

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How did this new way of working/being feel in your body? What did you notice? What were your results?

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To the one, true thing.

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