Day 1

Day 1: Pay Attention

Yay! It’s day one of The Do Less Experiment! Are you ready to do less so you can have more? I know I am. Let’s dive in.

Today’s experiment is about paying attention to your energy. Most of us work as though we don’t have a body. We’re totally disconnected from how different activities and people make us feel and how they impact our energy.

Watch the short video below (less than two minutes) to find out how to do today’s experiment. It’s about fine-tuning your energetic receptors for what energizes you and what drains you, and this one is game-changing!

After you’ve done the experiment, share your insights and results on social media with #DoLessExperiment and tag me, @katenorthrup.

Remember, 5 of our Do Less Experiment MVP’s who post about their experiments on social media will win 3 months of Origin™ for free (including those who are already members!).

I can’t wait to hear your experience with this one!

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